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7 Best Paytm Alternatives For UPI Payments and Recharge

Digital payment wallets or mobile wallets are considered the ‘in’ thing now. This is because they offer ease of convenience.  The most popular digital payment system is Paytm. It has made a trusted name for itself from the time it was launched in 2010.

Let us learn more about Paytm and all its features and then we can look over at some of the best Paytm alternatives.

What is Paytm?🧐 – A Brief Introduction

Paytm can be rightly addressed as India’s most prominent online e-commerce platform by offering an entire range of online payments and financial solutions to customers, online retailers, and service partners.

While Paytm’s primary business is digital payments, it also serves as a payment gateway to customers and merchants.   The payment process is seamless and very convenient. 

Slowly and steadily, Paytm’s growth has been multifold.  It now has the following subsidiary:-

  • Paytm Money
  • Paytm Mall
  • Paytm labs
  • Paytm Entertainment


  • Downloads are more than 100 M+
  • The file size is 49 MB

The services offered by Paytm can be classified under these broad categories which are:

1. Recharges & Bill Payments

  • Prepaid and Postpaid mobile bill payments
  • DTH, Broadband, and Cable TV Bill recharges
  • Electricity Bill Payment
  • Credit Card and Loan EMI payments
  • Insurance payments
  • Toll operator payments such as NICE e-pay
  • Traffic Penalty Challan Payments

2. Travel

  • Book tickets for flights, train, and bus
  • Book hotel rooms
  • Obtain discounts on cab rides with Ola, Rapido, etc
  • Discounts on recharging metro card 

3. Shopping

  • Avail branch vouchers
  • Purchase Electronics, Mobile Devices, and various other Home appliances
  • eBay store
  • Health & wellness, sports, and fitness
  • Men’s & women’s fashion
  • Toys & Kids shopping

4. Post-Paid Services

  • Instant credit limit up to 1 lakh 
  • Payment can be done in one-shot or opt for EMI
  • The credit limit can be used for various purchases and bill payments
  • Can use Paytm postpaid as a credit card since it is accepted in more than 5+ lakhs of shops, establishments, apps, and websites.
  • Easy application for Paytm Postpaid services with just a single click on the Paytm app

5. Fastag Services

  • Obtain FASTAG from the Paytm service with just a few clicks
  • immediate and easy linking to the Paytm wallet

6. Banking Services

  • Offers a ‘Zero balance’ requirement
  • 2.75% annual interest on deposits
  • Unlimited free transfer between banks and instant money transfer
  • Rupay Platinum Debit/ATM card with offers
  • Facility for opening a Paytm Savings Bank account with a single click

Paytm is undoubtedly considered the best online payment service partner with all the services mentioned above and much more to offer.  This area of providing financial services has been so lucrative that many other companies have jumped into the fray.

So today, there are many good Paytm alternatives available that match the services offered by Paytm and offer much more varied services.

Best Paytm Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

1. Phonepe

As the name suggests, PhonePe is an Indian UPI payment service.  It offers recharges and money transfers. 

It was founded by Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari, and Burzin Engineer in the year 2015.  In the year 20016, PhonePe was acquired by Flipkart.  As per recent reports, there are more than 100 million users of this app. 

Best Paytm Alternatives

It offers a range of benefits such as instant cashback on every mobile recharge, bill payment, etc.  This app is available for use on Android and iOS applications.  

Many attractive offers and cashback are available when users download the PhonePe app and make the first payment.


  • Downloads are more than 100 +
  • The file size is 41 MB


  • UPI facility available
  • Bill payments accepted by all major operators
  • Send and request money anytime, Money transfer  with BHIM UPI
  • Recharge prepaid mobile services of all operators such as Jio, Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, etc
  • Get refunds and cashback, all direct to the bank account
  • Manage multiple bank accounts, check balances, etc. with more than 140+ banks
  • Recharge  Mobile, DTH, etc.
  • Buy or renew insurance policies such as Medical, personal accident, car insurance, etc.
  • Bill payments such as credit cards, gas bills, broadband bills
  • Investments in mutual funds and others
  • Make online payments for various shopping sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc., or pay online for food orders from Swiggy, Zomato.
  • Pay for online travel booking through MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, etc.
  • Scan and pay via QR code at local restaurants, shops, etc.
  • Purchase PhoneeP Gift cards across 1Lakh +stores
  • Manage and track refunds

PhonePe has also been in the news recently for launching ‘Pulse.’  It is a free product that offers insights about the people who are paying digitally. 

It gives a lot of information and understanding on the digital payments and various financial services used across the Indian states. A lot of granular data is available about how many transactions were made between users, merchants, and paying the utility bills.

These insights are made available through an API at no extra charge to benefit academics, analysts, policymakers, and other regulatory bodies. The rationale behind Pulse was to offer clarity to the people on the digital payments behavior.

Download App on Google Play Store

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2. Amazon Pay

Hearing the name itself is more than enough. Amazon Pay is yet another one of the best Paytm Alternatives. Anything associated with the word Amazon means business with surety. 

Amazon has now ventured into the online payment solution by launching Amazon Pay.  It is a cloud-hosted payment gateway that was specially created with shoppers and merchants of Amazon in mind. 

Best Paytm Alternatives 1

It is very similar to Paytm.  However, Amazon has a much more wide range of services to offer, such as sending money, recharging, bill payment, and so on.

It’s an easy-to-use and dependable solution. What makes Amazon pay more attractive is that it gives a reward for every transaction done via UPI.

Amazon payments have two different packages to offer  – the first one is ‘Pay with Amazon’ for merchants, and the second is ‘Login and Pay’ for shoppers.

The Amazon Pay app is available for download on Android, iOS, Desktop, and web-based apps.  It is best suitable for small and medium businesses.


  • Downloads are more than 100M+
  • File size depends upon the device 


  • Payment of bills
  • Recharge of various utilities
  • Booking flights and bus tickets
  • Purchase of vehicle insurance
  • Sending and receiving money via UPI
  • Credit service – pay using Amazon pay  and avail credit
  • Rewards on recharge and bill payment
  • Log in and Pay feature enables users to experience and enjoy fast checkout.
  • Information kept on Amazon is secure and safe
  • Extensive features to attract potential buyers and convert them into actual customers.
  • Merchant website integration
  • Fraud protection
  • Inline checkout
  • Pay with Amazon package helps online stores to expand their capabilities, establish their business and build a strong customer relationship
  • Log in and Pay simplifies the payment process either on mobile or through the browser. This tool helps to browse e-commerce sites, choose the items required and pay for them without the cart or checkout formalities.

Amazon has an excellent reward system to attract potential customers. It has streamlined the buying process to make it easy and straightforward.

For example, the app allows users to access data from the merchant site and streamlines the purchase process. It eliminates the need to enter basic information such as name, credit card details, address, etc.

All this is done with the utmost confidentiality and without any lapse in data security. In addition, users can enhance their loyalty through customizable repeated payments.  In short, the attractive features of Amazon Pay are its general usability, rich feature set, and mobile support.

By means of these features, Amazon has scored multiple points over Paytm. Also, users are assured the product is best, and their information is secure.  A protection plan from the store covers it.


  • Amazon pay easily integrates with various hopping sites and WordPress for receiving payment from users
  • It is simple, and payment can be remitted easily and securely, including employee salaries.
  • Cashback benefits on payments and banking services help compare the banking products and make the necessary improvements.
  • Metro cards can be recharged, and tickets  for travel, movie bookings, etc. can be made
  • Gifts can be sent to your near and dear ones
  • The support team of Amazon Pay is top-notch and very customer friendly


  • Not much advertising is done about it on various social media
  • Not much information is available about its offline feature.
  • Too frequent updates can be frustrating to many users as it consumes internet data and can cause confusion.

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3. Google Pay

Google Pay is slowly becoming the most preferred method of payment. They are very aggressively advertising their service on various media, which has led to a steady increase in their popularity.

7 Best Paytm Alternatives For UPI Payments and Recharge

Google Pay makes it super easy to send money online similar to other wallets similar to other apps like has etched its name by giving the simplest way to transfer money, recharge, and other services. 

Small amounts such as paying the local tea seller are also made possible by Google pay. It is suitable to use across all platforms such as iOS and Android etc.


  • Downloads are more than 100 M+
  • File Size depends upon the device


  • The transactions done on Google Pay are instant
  • Money can be transferred/received directly from Bank accounts
  • The Tez Shield feature promises multilayered security with 24x7 protection from fraud.  So the transactions are highly secure due to its multi-tier authentication procedures
  • Transactions, whether  small or significant, are processed instantaneously
  • The Google App is available in several Indian languages, thereby making it more accessible and acceptable to people
  • Multiple payment options are provided vide mobile numbers and through VPAs (Virtual Payment Address)
  • Rewards systems by means of scratch cards and other lucrative cash backs and offers are provided, which enhance Google Pay’s popularity.  The cashback received are directly credited to the bank account
  • The app is fully compatible with various banks and hence provides foolproof security, comprehensive network coverage, and exemplary service quality.
  • The cash mode feature enables users to transfer money to other Google Payers without  the need of entering a bank account number or mobile number
  • Provides pre-approved loans by providing approvals to users through the app in a matter of few minutes
  • Facilitates payments at retail stores such as Big Bazaar and FBB
  • Google Pay for businesses helps entrepreneurs to connect directly with customers by providing amazing deals.
  • Companies whose bank accounts are linked with Google Pay can receive payments up to Rs. 50,000/- from the customers directly
  • Can donate to specific funds of the Government
  • No hidden costs


  • Good reward systems such as cashback and gift vouchers
  • An app with zero investment  which is ideal for business purposes
  • Easy payment method by scanning QR code
  • Notifications about the expiry  of recharges etc. are sent in advance
  • Balance check  made easy by just entering UPI pin
  • Self money transfer  to other accounts made easy  when linked by Google pay
  • Utility bills payment made simple and easy
  • Keeps the record of the amount sent and when sent


  • When a payment fails, then the money is held for around 5-7 business days
  • Minor delays in payment such as failing to credit the receiver on time
  • A bad network will affect the performance of Google Pay 

It can be rightly said that Google Pay has revolutionized the payments market in India. It has employed its vast features and easy money transactions to attract users across all economic states. When compared with similar payment apps, Google Apps’ interface and user experience are considered the best.

Google pay gives the best performance. It provides perfect compatibility with small businesses that do not have a POS machine to swipe cards.

Also, people have a blind trust in anything associated with Google. So the use of Google Pay services is extensively spread, and so is its hold on popularity.

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4. Jiomoney Wallet

The Jio money wallet needs no introduction.  It is an Indian online wallet application offered by Jio.  It is making the buzz all over India. As per recent statistics, more than 10 million users are currently using this app.  

7 Best Paytm Alternatives For UPI Payments and Recharge

JioMoney Wallet offers a range of services such as quick recharges, booking train tickets, and more.  Just load the money into the Jiomoney wallet using a debit/credit card or even a net banking service.

After that, you can enjoy making all types of transactions through the JioMoney Wallet. Like other similar apps, this app also has great reward offers such as cashback and coupons. 

Jio SIM users can automatically install the JioMoney app on their mobile. For non-Jio SIM users can download the app from the app store. To recharge the JioMoney wallet, there is no need for a bank account. This app can be downloaded on iOS and Android.


  • The file size is 20 MB
  • Downloads information is not available


  • Recharges done instantly 
  • Can send money to other JioMoney users
  • Great deals and offers from various JioMoney partners, eCommerce payments
  • Cashbacks and other rewards on recharges and bill payments
  • Train tickets etc. can be booked using this app
  • Loyalty cards
  • Barcode scanning at various merchant stores for faster payment
  • Pay bills online and also recharge mobile/DTH etc. in one single app
  • Insurance premium can be paid in just a few seconds
  • Make payments to Jio dealers using the JioMoney app since Jio smartphones are used in most rural areas.


  • JioMoney Wallet is accepted at all Reliance outlets such as Reliance  Retail, Reliance Digital, Reliance Fresh, and Reliance Jewels.
  • Bookmarking feature for frequently visited merchants thereby making access easier and faster
  • Transaction History records can be accessed in a flash, eliminating the need to preserve old bills and receipts.


  • Jiomoney wallet is accepted only a few sites

To summarize, JioMoney helps to make secure cash-free transactions anytime and from anywhere.  All credit/debit cards and bank accounts can be securely stored and conveniently used for fast payments. Reliance Industries was one of the ten companies that received a license to set up a payments bank from the RBI.

As per a recent news update, Jio Money Management had talks with more than 10 million small merchant retailers across 400,000 villages to sign up with them. 

It is expected that the JIO Money ecosystem will be an enthusiastic partner for creating a digitally enabled and strong Indian economy.

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5. Mobikwik

Another popular mobile recharge service provider is Mobikwik.  It is also one of the best PayTm alternatives with an online wallet that specializes in transactions done in the digital field.

For example, Mobikwik enables recharge, bill payments, money transfers, and so on.  Today more than 10 million users are using the Mobikwik app, and the numbers are steadily rising.

MobiKwik ZIP - Spend Now on your Bill Payments & just Pay Later! (Hindi- 20 Secs)

Launched in 2009, it is considered one of the most self-contained mobile payment networks with over 32 million users.

In addition, there are many benefits of using this service as it offers supercash as a cashback reward.  The app works well  with Android, iOS, and Windows


  • Downloads have been around 50 M+
  • The file size is about 22 MB


  • Recharge enabled on any mobile operator bill payments can be done such as for Electricity, water, gas and so on
  • DTH recharges possible 
  • Instant personal loans
  • Money transfer is simplified
  • E-wallet allows loading money using bank cards, net banking, and door to door financial services
  • Expense tracker feature to help users to set expense budgets with SMS data to analyze and control spending
  • Zero pick-up charge for cash pick-ups. 
  • Check pending transactions
  • Large and small credit loans are provided without any collateral or mortgage.
  • The ‘Zip’ feature has the spend now pay later facility. If there is no balance in your digital wallet, you can add a credit up to Rs. 30000/- at zero cost.  Payment can be made after 15 days.  So no need to worry about having no cash in your wallet
  • Request money from your reliable contacts if money is urgently required


  • Offers the most significant number of cashback benefits amounting to around 30% – 50%
  • During specific festivals, the cashback is even more 
  • Partnership with more than 12 electricity boards in 8 Indian states
  • Highly encrypted wallet system thereby minimizing the risk of burglary
  • SuperCash reward system wherein 10-15 % of SuperCash Money can be used as a discount on various payments
  • Cashless bus rides wherein users can enjoy a cashback of rs.100 on1st booking on Mobikwik


  • Cash pick up facility available in only some cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur

As per confirmed reports,  there has been a 40% increase in the number of online activities as reported by Mobikwik. This was after the Government decided to ban 500 and 1000 rupee notes. 

Mobikwik offers a lot of exceptional benefits. With Mobikwik, users can save around 1% every year by investing in direct plans and more than 3000 mutual fund schemes with no charges.

This app has no hidden costs, no paperwork, and takes just around 5 minutes to open an account.  To avail large credit amounts, all needed is personal details for verification, and the app will show the eligible amount.

There is a hassle-free application process, after which the loan amount will be loaded into the Mobikwik wallet.  Please note that the interest will be charged only on the withdrawn amount.

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6. Freecharge

As the app’s title suggests, Freecharge provides recharge and bill payment services without any additional cost. 

Like the apps discussed above, Freecharge is an online payment provider and a good contender for Paytm’s alternative.  To date, it has been installed by more than 10 million users.

A Payment App Offering New Age Financial Services

The USP of Freecharge is that it will send an SMS notification with all details for every transaction made.  Also, cashback can be earned by applying the promo code. 

The recent additional feature is the ‘pay later service, wherein a seamless one-click payment can be made. These transactions can be for purchases or payments. 

The transactions can be made using your smartphone, tablet, or even smartwatch.  The app is compatible with download on Android and iOS.


  • Seamless mobile recharges, and DTH recharges
  • Easy and instant recharging process and a hassle-free online experience.
  • Easy UPI payments and bill payments around-the-clock
  • Google Play store recharge
  • Donations can be made instantly to leading NGOs such as the Akshaya  Patra Foundation, Magic Bus India Foundation, Maitri India, etc.  Many more such NGOs are being added regularly to the FreeCharge network
  • Split Bill option. No more trying to figure out how much each one needs to pay when out for lunch/dinner with friends.  The split Bill option on FreeCharge makes this tedious task more manageable.
  • Mutual funds investments are simplified
  • Chat n Pay service for social payments to friends, family, and merchants in less than 5 seconds
  • P2P & P2M payments are made in a matter of seconds.  Using P2M(Person to Merchant), small shopkeepers can be located, view, and chat, product images can be exchanged and paid on the chat once the order is delivered.  All that is required is either their phone number or merchant code.  This eliminates the lengthy card/account details.
  • Safe and secure transaction with Freecharge’s patented ‘On-the=go-pin’ technology
  • Scan and Pay using BHIM UPI QR code. No need to furnish phone number details to use this feature.


  • After registering on FreeCharge App, digital payments can be made in less than 1 minute
  • Simple voucher redemption with no complex terms and conditions
  • Best discounts  and vouchers
  • Smooth interface which is easy to understand and use
  • Providing coupons to customers regularly
  • Planning and scheduling month-end payment with the Bill Reminders options wherein recurring payments are reminded two days prior to the due date, and payments can be made from the FreeCharge Wallet in less than 10 seconds.


  • Some gas providers are not included in the cashback benefits
  • Transactions have failed due to unknown reasons 

Initially, the app’s first version was not very attractive.  However, after being acquired by SnapDeal, it has undergone a drastic transformation. 

Freecharge is on a mission to get the merchants in the organized and unorganized sector to be an essential part of the digital payments ecosystem.

It has been noted that FreeCharge has been heavily patronized by startups, SMEs, Agencies, and Enterprises.  Its focus is more on creating a great user experience.

Many users absolutely love its ease of use.  In addition, it has turned out extremely reliable. This, in turn, helps in an easier transition from cash to e-cash.  Overall, FreeCharge is committed to assisting India to move closer to an e-cash economy.

Download App on Google Play Store

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With more than 350 million downloads, Paytm undoubtedly is the most commonly used payment app In India.  From street vendors to commercial establishments, the use of Paytm is spread all over India. 

While Paytm continues to have its share of loyal customers, the Paytm alternatives are also slowly and steadily attracting customers, such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and others discussed above.

Paytm alternatives are slowly and steadily gaining a stronghold in the digital payments field by offering a diverse range of features and attractive discounts. 

But as read and understood from the above article, there is no one perfect Paytm alternative that brings all services under one app. 

However, as a user, you have a lot of choices and can select the best in this range by choosing the app which serves your interest best. Most of the apps discussed above are available for download in the various App Stores such as Playstore, Appstore, etc.