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PDF Shaper Free: Do amazing things with PDFs


PDF Shaper Free is a lightweight PDF-manipulation tool that lets you perform a range of useful actions not supported by most free PDF viewers. Here we show you how to use this versatile free tool to password-protect your sensitive documents, extract text from a PDF
and add a watermark.

PDF Shaper Free Do amazing things with PDFs

Do amazing things with PDFs

Install and run PDF Shaper Free, then click Security. Click Encrypt, then Add and find the PDFs you want to protect. In the Options tab,  choose an owner password, which gives you permission to edit and decrypt the document, and a user password, which lets others view but not decrypt it.

PDF Shaper Free Do amazing things with PDFs


Select the permissions you want recipients to have, then click Process and choose where you want to save the encrypted files. When recipients try to open the PDF, they will be asked for a password in whatever program they use. To remove encryption, click Decrypt.

PDF Shaper Free Do amazing things with PDFs

Click the Documents tab and you’ll see options to convert a PDF to a TXT or RTF file. You can also convert PDFs to images and vice versa. Next, click the Content tab, where you’ll see options to merge several PDFs into a single file; or split one document into separate PDFs.

PDF Shaper Free Do amazing things with PDFs

There are also tools for extracting text and extracting or removing images (which can reduce the size of a large PDF). To extract text, choose that option and click Open to select the PDF you want. The text appears in a window. You can edit it before copying or saving it as a TXT file.

The Pages tab includes tools to rotate, crop, extract or delete pages from PDFs. You can also add a watermark. To extract some pages, click Extract Pages,  then select
Add and use the Options tab to specify the range of pages you want to save, before clicking Process.

To add a watermark, click Watermark and select one or more PDF files. In the Options tab,  browse for the image you want to use and choose its position. As with the page-extraction tool, you can choose a range of pages if you only want to add the watermark to a few of them.

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