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Personal Wireless Lighting with Just a Touch on Your Phone – LifeHue


We use technology in every aspect of our lives and nowadays many of us choose to use smart lighting in our homes for setting the perfect mood for every moment. This type of lighting is amazing but if you don’t use the right app for controlling can be quite confusing. There are many apps that offer you to manage your lights by preference and because of that to help you find the best one, we did our research and found a great wireless lighting tool. Let’s discuss it.

What is LifeHue?

Developed for android users this lifestyle app is especially created as a personal wireless app that helps users to easily set and control the lights in their homes for every scene and every mood to create a pleasant ambient for every occasion. Very simple and easy for using, the app is allowing its users to manage and pick their favorite light from many different lights with just a touch on the screen, without much effort. By using the app, users will be able to improve the light in every scene of their home, enjoying the pleasant ambient chosen by their own preference.

Standout Features

As a wireless lighting tool for android, users are offered to use the app to efficiently and easily have the total control over the lighting in their homes, pick and set the perfect light for every scene and every occasion. With simple and easy customization of the app’s settings users are able to control the Phillips hue lights in their home by choice, setting the lights and controlling the brightness. Also, the app is saving the last light setting used by the user. On the app, users will find 19 preset static and dynamic light modes from which they can choose their favorite one. The app is also offering multiple skins, samples and modes of lighting for every taste. On the app now are available new features for users as the new album of nature lights, the premium scenes that are requiring in-app purchase and the 3 new light designs that are seamlessly changing automatically.

Download the app now on Google Play for free.

Google Play Download Link:  LifeHue



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