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Phone tracking apps to keep an eye out for cheating spouses


The internet has come so far that i’d be surprised if there wasn’t already an app available fir almost everything you can think of. And today we’re going to talk about apps that could save real-life relationships. Yes, you heard that right.

There are tonnes if hidden phone tracking apps out there on the internet catering to all sorts of people, including parents looking to keep an eye on their kids, employers who suspect their employees, and even partners who suspect that their spouses may be cheating on them.

These phone tracking app are loaded with amazing detective type features which give you access to SMS and phone call monitoring, internet usage and history tracking, Social media mirroring, and GPS location tracking, to name a few.

But, if definitely isn’t as easy as reading this article is. All sorts of apps have all sorts of various features, therefore it’s hard to comment on which would be the best suited tracker for catching cheating spouse – wifes/husbands, girlfriends/boyfriends as they all vary from each other in many features and ways, compatibility in terms of Operating systems, prices, etc. Let’s take a look-


Flexispy FlexiSpy is definitely the one online tracking app that you should go for if you’re looking for just the basic features you’d need access to, for spying on a cheating spouse, and it’s available across all smartphone operating systems. Some of the features of FlexiSpy include a call tracing feature, a GPS tracing, stealth mode, Viber and BBM spy and even SMS interception. You can get FLEXISPY’S premium version for $69, $99 and $149 for 1, 3 and 12 months subscription respectively.


In comparison to FlexiSpy Mobisteatlth definitely has a more vast array of services, and also works on desktop computer operating systems along with mobile phones. Some of it’s pretty decent features include the likes pf email mirroring and spying, text message monitoring, call tracing/tracking, internet surfing history monitoring, real-time location tracing, WhatsApp chats spyware, and even BBM monitoring.

Mobisteatlth runs as smooth as it gets, on all operating systems, be it iOS or Android,Symbian or Windows. However, it won’t be easily available on non-jailbroken IPhones.

Lots of married men and women never jailbreak their spouse’s phone, and most don’t even know how to, Mobisteatlth can be a bit tough with iOSdevices unless you know how to jailbreak and have the time to get it  done without your spouse noticing. As far as we can say, this is definitely a major disadvantage as compared to the others in this list, if you want to check your spouse’s phone stealthily. There isn’t any trial subscription, however there’s a $20 package for 2 weeks. 3 and 6 months packages would cost you $80 and $120 respectively.


After Mobisteatlth’s little compatibility problem, Spyera will seem very impressive to you, give that it actually is compatible across desktop computers, iOS devices, Android devices, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phones, without any extra hassle lile jailbreaking needed in any case. Spyera has so many useful and quick features that it makes it my favourite app on the list for catching an unfaithful spous.

It has call spy option, message, VoIP and IM monitoring, social media and gallery tracker. What makes Spyrera so well known in the phone tracking apps world is the fact that it is highly useful for various instant messaging and social media apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts,Hike, iMessage and Snapchat, most of which almost everyone uses these days, and so does your partner. You can get it’s subscription now for $50, $60 and $70 for 3, 6, and 12 months respectively on desktop computers and the mobile phone app starts from $150.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is available for smartphones and that maybe a huge disadvantage for you if you are one of those users who’re looking for apps and services you could use on your phone/computer. However, Highster has pretty neat features like monitoring calls, messages, email monitoring, GPS, multimedia tracking among other to name a few. Unlike most of the other services, Highster Mobile will cost you a one-time fee of $70, which seems like a fair deal compared to other phone tracking apps on this list.


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