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11 Best Photo Overlay Apps To Redefine Your Photo

Adding an overlay to photos used to be a time-consuming and complicated process for quite a long time. For many years, it was a luxury available only to well-trained professional photographers and required a high-quality camera along with photo editing software.

Luckily, there are various applications readily available for both IOS and Android users that allow adding some amazing effects to photos only by spending a few minutes on your phone.  

However, it can be a bit overwhelming task to find a suitable application to overlay on already snapped photos. And, it’s not hard to guess that’s the reason you are here!

In this review post, I am talking about 11 wonderful photo overlay apps easily available to download. These apps are going to make things super easy for you while you try to add the overlay to your photos for professional purposes or simply to showcase your photo editing skills on social media platforms.

Let’s find out why these apps are so special and why you should try using them at least once. 

Best Photo Overlay Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Ultimate Photo Mixer Blender 

My number one pick among all is the ultimate photo mixer blender simply because of some extraordinary features offered by the app. Whether you want to blend, overly, or mix pictures, or even want to add some other types of special effects, you can do it all without much fuss with this app.

Creating double exposure effects with superimposing and blending photos he’s a lot of fun on this app thanks to its unbelievably easier user interface. You can effortlessly create mesmerizing mixed pictures by overlaying two or more images on each other. 

Best Photo Overlay Apps

If you want to transform your daily photo into masterpieces of imagination and photo editing examples, you can rely on the app for unbelievable satisfaction.

While overlaying with the app, all you have to do is to select a picture from your device’s gallery, select from a wide range of already available stunning collections of pictures, and mix them the way you want!

You can play around with different types of beautiful effects and decide which one you want to go ahead with. Advanced photo editing tools like multi-exposure, planting, effects, double exposure, mixing, overlays, and many more are readily available on the app to create professional-level photo effects. 

Features of Ultimate Photo Mixer Blender:-

  • Allows you to add some creativity to your photos 
  • Various options to blend and mix photos 
  • Double exposure effects for stunning results 
  • Makes superimposing multiple photos rather easy 
  • Various overlaying options to make your social media posts stand out 

Devices – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 

2. Photo Overlays – Blender

The “Photo Overlays” application offers the easiest and simplest way to blend two or more images with multiple enhancement options along with advanced photo editing tools.

With the app, you can easily and effectively create multi-exposure images by mixing multiple photos. Whether you want to blend photos into one beautiful piece or you want to create high-quality posters, you can do it all with the app.

Best Photo Overlay Apps 1

“Photo Overlays” is your one-stop destination for all types of photo editing requirements including photo enhancing, photo blending, and applying different types of effects. 

Various photo editing tools in the app enable you to edit photos like a professional, and you of course have the option of giving double exposure with overlay options. Adjusting orientation to give the required view to your photos is as simple as it gets on this app.

Additionally, you can use the app to add text, stickers, frames, borders, and other items to give your photos the ultimate personal touch.  

Features of Photo Overlays:-

  • Advanced blending tools to mix multiple images 
  • Easy to give double exposure with an overlay 
  • Enables you to edit photos like a professional 
  • Powerful photos enhancer to improve overall photo quality 
  • Multiple appealing effects to beautify your photos

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads 

3. Photo Blend – Double Exposure Effect

One of the best photo overlay apps is designed to help you create professional-level photo effects thanks to a wide range of advanced photo editing tools like multi-exposure, double exposure, blending, effects, mixing, overlays, and more.

With the app, you can successfully create some high-quality posters simply by blending multiple photos into one. You can even try blending photos with different types of effects like mountains, nature, sunset, monuments, cities, animals, and more.  

11 Best Photo Overlay Apps To Redefine Your Photo

The app offers a wide range of blend styles along with pre-created previews and creates a perfect mix of images every time you need them. Once you are done blending your photos according to your preferences, you can always check the minutest of details with zoom and scroll options.

Beautifully categorized stickers with the colors, hue as well as opacity tools are also offered by the app. Additionally, you always have the option of adding high-quality, stylized texts to your blended photos.  

Features of Photo Blend:-

  • Allows you to create double exposure effects 
  • A wide range of blending effects to explore 
  • Zoom and scroll options to check all the details 
  • Beautifully categorized stickers 
  • Enables you to add stylized texts to photo overlays 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.8 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads 

4. Afterlight — Photo Editor

Afterlight is one of the most loved photo overlay apps designed for quick, simple, and straightforward photo overlaying. Thanks to a very simple design, paired with snappy tools, you want to transform your photos the way you want within a few seconds.

The app offers as many as 15 expertly designed adjustment tools to enhance your otherwise average photos to extreme perfection without much effort. And, there are hopping 59 filters along with 66 textures in the app especially available for Instagram users to make their posts stand out from others. 

Best Photo Overlay Apps 3

The app also allows you to crop and transform your photos with multiple easy and quick cropping tools to couple the video with as many as 15 beautiful presets. How about rotating your photos vertically or horizontally? You can do that as well with a powerful rotating tool.

And, of course, multiple straightening and flipping tools are also there to support your photo editing efforts. To make things even more interesting, you get more time 70 amazingly simple and adjustable frames along with how to complete a range of high-quality wallpapers. 

Features of Afterlight:-

  • 15 powerful adjustment tools in one place 
  • More than 20 adjustable original filters 
  • A complete range of natural and real light leaks 
  • Dozens of impressive overlaying options 
  • Professional level transforming and cropping tools

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.8 / 5 

5. Superimpose X 

Turn your creative ideas into a beautiful example of creativity and imagination by using a powerful photo overlaying tool – Superimpose X! If you have the potential of imagining beauties, you can get the much-needed support from superimpose X!

The app is packed with a complete range of editing capabilities from blending modes, multiple layers, adjustment layers, masking, smudge, brushes, effects, and warp, to casting shadows and clarity.

Honestly, I can say with the responsibility that superimpose X is the ultimate photo editing tool you will require especially for overlaying purposes. 

11 Best Photo Overlay Apps To Redefine Your Photo

Whether you are a professional photographer or going through those early days, you will be surprised by the power of this app right at your fingertips.

Whether it is about composing your average images with multiple layers are beautifying them with double exposure, superimposing got simpler than ever with this wonderful app!

And, the best part is, that all your creative projects are perfectly saved in a beautifully created session area. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your work if you have to leave it in the middle.  

Features of Superimpose X:-

  • Empowers you to work with multiple layers on a single photo 
  • Different creative ways to combine multiple photos 
  • Tons of advanced photo editing tools 
  • Unlimited overlaying possibilities are available 
  • Brush, warp, adjustment, and more 

Devices – iOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5 

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6. Blend Me Photo Editor 

Blend Me is one of the most admired photo overlay apps designed to blend 2 images with multiple blend effects and shapes overly. You can also mix multiple images selected from your gallery at the same time with this app.

If you are finding it difficult to enhance the overall look of your original photo, this wonderfully designed app is going to make things surprisingly simple for you!

Whether you want to add multiple overlays to your photos, you want to change or remove the background, or you simply want to play with your saved photos to have some fun, this all-in-one photo editing tool is designed for you! 

11 Best Photo Overlay Apps To Redefine Your Photo

The app offers are very unique auto blender feature and are applied very easily, and only requires you to adjust feed or opacity according to your preferences. Thanks to a powerful sheep blending tool, you can even create your photos in shapes of your choice.

The app offers different types of shapes to apply to photos including, circles, hearts, triangles, rectangles, and other types of 3D shapes. You can use these shapes to add some creativity and make your photos look more stylish and appealing.   

Features of Blend Me Photo Editor:-

  • Perfect photo blend for professional-level editing  
  • AI cutouts to redefine your average photos 
  • Beautifully rich material is available for free 
  • Amazing overlaying effects to select from  
  • Great collection of funny stickers  

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5 | 10,000,000+ Downloads 

7. Superimpose 

Superimpose is one of the most promising photo overlay apps designed to help you unleash your creativity VDR imagination and photo editing skills.

Using the app, you can effortlessly combine multiple photos to create surreal, artistic double exposure, as well as fun juxtaposed photos. The app offers a very simple photo editing workflow, which almost anyone can follow without any problem.  

Having said that, you don’t have to worry about its ability as a powerful photo editing tool, as it offers a wide range of professional-level tools suitable for both amateur and advanced photo professionals.

11 Best Photo Overlay Apps To Redefine Your Photo

If you are interested in creating complex compositions by blending multiple photos, you can do that with a lot of success with this highly effective app.  

Whether you want to blend, combine, mix, copy, cut, or paste one photo on another, are you simply want to add multiple overlays, you can delete all with this wonderfully designed and super easy tool. Creating double-exposure photos got simpler and full of fun thanks to multiple editing options provided by the app.  

Features of Superimpose:-

  • Some of the most comprehensive photo masking tools 
  • Enables you to add, remove, and change backgrounds 
  • Easy to adjust opacity the way you want 
  • Various motion blur options along with high-quality perspectives 
  • Quickly add texts with the drop shadow to any photo

Devices – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5 

8. Overlay Cut-Out Photo Editor

One of those simple yet highly effective photo overlay apps, designed especially for iOS devices, Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor is definitely not going to disappoint you if you have tried multiple apps till now.

The app enables you to unleash your creativity by smartly combining crazy blend modes with masks. You can effortlessly create professional-level photo effects with the app, and leave your friends and social media followers amazed.  

Starting with the app is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is to load an image for the background, and remove the unwanted part from the foreground image, could you please brush with simple undo steps, and add the overlay according to your differences. You can even zoom in on difficult areas and give your editing the definitive touch. 

Best Photo Overlay Apps 7

If you want to adjust the blending mode and transparency according to your choice, you can do that as well without any hassle on the app.

Whether you want to save your creations to your camera roll or want to share them on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others, you can do that right from the app.

And, if you are interested in various advanced features of the app, you can of course go for the premium subscription available at very affordable rates.  

Features of Overlay Cut Out Photo Editor:-

  • 18 stunning blending mode effects across categories 
  • Allows you to load existing photos or brand-new ones 
  • Excellent tool to superimpose multiple images 
  • Easy to erase or adjust opacity and more 
  • Enables you to instantly share your creativity on social media

Devices – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5 

9. Overlay

You can now give the ultimate artistic look to all your ordinary images using one of the most rapidly evolving photo overlay apps.

The app makes it really easy for you to add custom typography, elegant stickers, creative overlays, and beautiful layout masks to your pictures and transformed them into the best examples of imagination, creativity, and advancement of technology.

Custom typography has been one of the most demanded features of the app, and it’s surely worth having a look at! 

11 Best Photo Overlay Apps To Redefine Your Photo

You can select from a massive collection of more than 65 fonts and create custom typography the way you want. Mix, match, remove, add and experiment!

There are various pre-made typography options also available that require no editing or special knowledge. All you have to do is to pick an overlay of your choice, change transparency and color, and you are good to go! It’s simple, fast, super fun, and offers some of the most fascinating options. 

Custom stickers offer various personalization options, and you can use them to give your overlays a completely unique and mesmerizing touch.

Of course, the app also enables you to try and play with different types of masks, blend, blur, image filters, adjustment tools, as well as one-click share on social media platforms! 

Features of Overlay:-

  • Enables you to upload photos directly from your gallery 
  • Easy to edit and adjust photos for beautiful overlays 
  • A massive range of overlays, masks, and stickers are available 
  • Allows you to check out the preview before sharing 
  • Adjustable transparency for all types of overlays

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5 | 5,000,000+ Downloads 

10. Multi Layer – Photo Editor

If you love spending some time with photo editing, here is an app wonderfully designed for you! Multi Layer is a full-featured photo overlay app designed to help you compose, edit and overlay images into multiple players.

The app comes with a powerful selection tool and enhances your overlaying techniques with the magic wand tool as well as manual editing. With the app, you can easily adjust editing brightness, saturation, contrast, as well as color levels.

Additionally, you are also allowed to add different types of automatic filters to your pictures and decorate them the way you want! 

Multi Layer - intro video

And, there are of course hundreds of overlays, stickers, and picture frames to help you with endless options while editing your photos.

Using the app on my you can do all types of editing including, blending, superimposing, adjusting transparency, adding a magic wand, adjusting whitening, editing eye color, add more!

As far as ease of use is concerned, the app supports a very intuitive interface and makes everything unbelievably easy for you. Precisely, you don’t have to be a photo editing professional to enjoy this incredible app. 

Features of Multi-Layer:-

  • Full-featured photo overlay app with multiple players 
  • Easy to adjust aspect, resolution, size, and orientation 
  • Allows you to convert any part of the photo into transparent 
  • Hundreds of stunning filters across multiple categories 
  • Multiple options to add beautiful texts to your photos

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5 | 500,000+ Downloads 

11. Image & Video Overlay

You just cannot take this app lightly simply by the fact that it has got the last place on this list of extraordinary photo overlay apps. At least not when the app is downloaded more than 1 million times!

This simple but highly effective app answers all your questions related to photo overlay requirements. Using the app, you can instantly add any type of overlay effect to your photos and videos, and transform them into the perfect example of beauty and aesthetics.  

As far as starting with the app is concerned, all you have to do is to select the image or video you want to edit, and you are good to apply the overlay effects of your choice. You can simply create fast overlay images and overlay videos like never before.

Smoothness is a very important part of photo overlaying, and this app ensures you enjoy creating beautiful-looking smoother photo overlays. The Super easy and sophisticated user interface of the app also enhances your chances of editing photos like a professional.

The smaller app size doesn’t mean that you should take it lightly, as it promises to deliver big results! And, lastly, you can have instant access to all overlay exports in your phone’s gallery!  

Overlay Video & Image

Features of Image & Video Overlay:-

  • Enables you to create amazing overlays without much effort 
  • One of the very few apps to add audio overlays 
  • Ensures maximum smoothness during photo editing 
  • Multiple photo editing and erasing options are available 
  • Beautiful and adjustable text overlays to explore

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.0 / 5 | 1,000,000+ Downloads 


These are my top picks as far as the best photo overlay apps are concerned. All of these apps are highly effective and unique from one aspect or another, and it gives you serious options to not only overlay but to enjoy multiple other photo editing options.

I can assure you that you are not going to find it difficult to add overlays to your photos anymore! Try these wonderful apps out, and enhance your overall ability as a photo editor.

Whether you are a novice, a professional photographer, or you simply want to make your social media posts stand out, you can rely on these apps to get the job done!