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11 Of The Best Photo Scanner with Feeder

Using a photo scanner with a feeder, you can now liven your old photographs. 

With the advent of technology, there are plenty of photo scanners with feeders to choose from in the market. You can find most of them provided by manufacturers of a good reputation like Epson, Canon, and Plustek.

The photo scanners come with numerous features and exceptional design. Most of them are lightweight and come with an automatic feeder for high-speed scanning. If you pay close attention to some of them, you will notice the critical features you are looking for. 

A photo scanner is a device that is a must in today’s hectic world. That is because it can help you to digitize all your photos. Not only that, but you can also scan documents of different sizes and save them easily. 

Why a photo scanner with a feeder? Well, they are similar to a scanner but are much smaller, and on par with a conventional scanner. Their pricing and resolution are almost identical to them. Finding the right one can be a tedious thing to do.

That is why we have come up with a list of the best photo scanner with feeder 2022. They can be compatible with your Windows and MacBook. They can also scan at a rapid pace. Some of them come with a distinctive feature of 600 dpi to 1,200 dpi. 

Few photo scanners come with duplex and wireless scanning. Once you have reached the end of the review, you will be able to understand all there is to know about photo scanners. 

How to choose the best photo scanner

The following characteristics are crucial to be embedded in a photo scanner with feeder. 

Speed of the scan:-

The speed of the scanner is essential. Most of the devices mentioned here can quickly scan a single page in less than 10 seconds. Speed is vital because it can help you complete your tasks quickly. 

Whether you are a student or a working professional, you want to complete your tasks efficiently. You do not want to waste time scanning. Hence, choosing a fast photo scanner is the right decision. 

Automatic feeder:-

When you are into scanning photos of a small volume, then it is alright if the feeder is manual. But, when you have to scan more documents and photos, then having an automatic feeder is extremely useful. 

Not to mention, not having a feeder is also fine. When your photos need digitalization, then you require a feeder that is capable of more. Though, it is not a very important detail, noting this can make your life easier when scanning photos. 

Resolution of the photo scanner:-

The resolution need not make or break the deal. But, having a low resolution can immensely affect the quality of the photos or scanned documents. The whole purpose of this device is to be able to have scanned documents that are durable. 

For that, you need an excellent resolution of 600 dpi or more. When it comes to artwork, then you should be particular about the resolution. You may not want to go below 600 dpi resolution because most of the devices produced today come with a similar figure. 

Connectivity of the device:-

A photo scanner has functional connectivity with several devices. That is the hallmark of a sublime device. When you can connect with several devices, you can make use of it. 

We have provided you with devices that come with several connectivity capabilities. It helps you to work in a flexible manner. This is a small factor, but when you are able to find a device that comes with more options, you won’t regret it.

Best Photo Scanner with Feeder: Our Top Picks 👌

1. Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo Scanner

Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo Scanner is a product from the stable of Epson. In this segment, we felt that Epson is the reigning king. We were stunned with the high-quality images and flexibility that it provided for usage at home and office.

Best Photo Scanner with Feeder
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The device comes with a sublime 6400 x 9600 dpi resolution. You can quickly scan your old photos and images and liven them. It has a transparency unit that can scan slides and negatives too. 

We found that it can scan documents of all sizes. You can scan documents like photos, receipts, ID cards, and invoices. It comes with a one-touch restoration of colors, which enables you to restore photos effortlessly. 

We liked the feature of the Digital ICE to get rid of dust and scratches. It also helps in preserving the quality of the old photos. You can honestly give a new lease of life to damaged or old photos. There is also an optical character reader that can convert the documents for editing purposes. 

Users can also search for them anytime they require. For so many advanced features, it is priced at less than $600. The pricing is quite reasonable for a high-featured device. This device is suitable for small firms or businesses. 


  • The resolution is a powerful 6400 x 9600 dpi.
  • You can scan documents of different sizes effortlessly. 
  • Using Digital ICE, you can get rid of dust, dirt, tears, and creases from the photos. 
  • Using the one-touch feature, old photos can be restored. 
  • There is a LED light that ensures the low consumption of energy to work. 
  • The scanned documents can be converted into editable text


  • It is priced slightly on the expensive side. 

Epson Perfection V600 is our top-rank photo scanner for the right reasons. It is a feature-rich photo scanner that comes with everything that you will need. If you are alright with the fact that it is priced slightly higher, then you should go for this device.  

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Epson Perfection V600 scanner blogger review


2. Canon CanoScan Lide 400 Slim Scanner

Canon CanoScan Lide 400 Slim Scanner is next on our list. A list in this segment without the name Canon is undoubtedly incomplete. Canon is a name that signifies stability, durability, and reliability. 

Best Photo Scanner with Feeder
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It is these values instilled in their products that have made the manufacturer still a reputed name in America. We were surprised at the high speeds of 8 seconds per page and the connectivity on a Windows laptop. 

It was hassle-free. The device was able to enliven old photographs and bring out the best in them. That was done with the 4800 x 4800 dpi resolution, dust removal, and color restoration feature. 

We also enjoyed using the new functionality known as ‘EZ’ buttons. Using the auto scan mode, it was able to detect your scans. With the scan and save feature, PDF documents become easily searched and edited. 

One user based in Louisiana had to say this about the Canon Lide 400 scanner. She was able to connect the scanner on her Windows laptop effortlessly. She has tried everything with enthusiasm on the photo scanner and is quite impressed. 

A noteworthy fact is that the user scanned a paper having punch holes, but the scanned page came out peerless. I bought it for her with the Canon Lide 400 scanner. The device comes with a product rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars and costs less than $100.


  • The scanning speeds are matchless at 8 seconds for one page. 
  • You can easily connect to your PC or laptop using a USB cable. 
  • Detailed photos can be enhanced with the 4800 x 4800 dpi resolution.
  • There is also restoration of color and dirt removal features. 
  • A new function named ‘EZ’ button enables you to do auto scan mode. 
  • It is made by a reputed maker. 


  • Few MacBook users faced connectivity issues with the device. 

Canon CanoScan Lide 400 is your answer to a matchless device that comes with everything for scanning photos and other documents. The speed of the scan, the resolution, the EZ button, and connectivity abilities, make it a wannabe unit in your home office. 

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3. Plustek Photo Scanner – ephoto Z300

Plustek Photo Scanner – ephoto Z300 is next on our list of photo scanner with feeder. This is the ideal photo scanner that comes with supreme features. You are given a new dimension in the segment. 

11 Of The Best Photo Scanner with Feeder
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We liked the ability of this device to work quickly and efficiently at 600 dpi. This is suitable for those of you working in stores and small firms. You can effortlessly get your job done and declutter your desk in no time. 

For scanning a small size document, it takes less than 3 seconds. If you place a large document, then it scans it in less than 5 seconds. It totals you with several 1000 photos in less than a few hours. 

This is a high-capacity device that is not meant for individual users. We also liked the fact that it comes as a flatbed scanner. We felt that the image enhancement feature in this unit is quite admirable. 

It supports both Windows and MacBook users. We were not surprised by the fact that it comes highly rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is priced at less than $200, which is affordable. 


  • The working style is simple and easy. 
  • Users can scan at 600 dpi resolution. 
  • The scanning is quite quick at 3 seconds for small-sized documents. 
  • It is an efficient unit for a small business. 
  • The device is as good as a flatbed scanner. 
  • Old photos can be restored with the functions. 


  • The speed slows down once in a while. 

Plustek Photo Scanner is a worthy purchase for your home office as you can easily share your photos, create your paint, scan your necessary application forms, bills, receipts, and lots more. If you are in search of a feature-rich and affordable unit, then it is this. 

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Plustek ePhoto Z300 Tutorial Video – ePhoto QuickStart


4. ClearClick Photo & Document Scanner

ClearClick Photo & Document Scanner may come with a 3.7 product rating on Amazon. But you do not want to get fooled by it. At times, the brands that you least expect to shine tend to surprise you the most. 

That is the same as the ClearClick device. With a low price of less than $150, you can do everything that you wish. Documents can be scanned at your own will in the format that you prefer. 

11 Of The Best Photo Scanner with Feeder
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We recommend you use JPG and PDF formats that are commonly used in the segment. The automatic feeder is also worth a mention here. It is quite large at less than 9inches and, you can place both small and large-sized documents. 

The LCD screen is also present, but it is less than 2inches, so viewability is slightly bad there. However, the direct scan OCR software works sublimely, and you can convert your scanned documents into text if you want. 

The manufacturer also has provided a 1-year warranty on the product. That means that they are confident about what they have made for consumers. 


  • It can convert scanned documents into JPG and PDF format. 
  • The automatic feeder is large enough for taking small and big size papers.
  • The scanned document is saved on the MicroSD memory card.
  • It can convert the scanned files into text using the DirectScan OCR software. 
  • The device has a 1-year warranty and technical support in America. 


  • The LCD screen is less than 2inches which can make viewing difficult. 

ClearClick Photo & Document unit is your answer to prayers for a reliable photo scanner. When you are on the lookout for a cheap, power-packed, and efficient unit, then this is the product that you should have next to you on your desk. 

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5. Epson Perfection V500

Epson Perfection V500 Negative & Document Scanner is your perfect answer to a flexible device on your desk. 

Let us read why that is the case. You can enhance documents effortlessly using this photo scanner with feeder. It comes with a first-rate 6400 x 9600 dpi, and you can get documents of the size 17 Inches x 22 Inches. 

11 Of The Best Photo Scanner with Feeder
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Additionally, you can get rid of the dirt and scratches from the photos quickly. We were also highly impressed with the removal of creases and tears from the photos. This is ideal for photographers, video editors, and graphic designers. 

This is an Epson product, and you have the right to expect more of it. There is a transparency unit, the ability to slide scan, and features having negatives for the panoramic film. You can achieve immense productivity using this unit. 

Thanks to the LED light source, there is no need for warming up because it can begin work immediately. It also enables low power consumption. The scanned documents can be easily converted into text that can be edited with the FineReader Sprint Plus OCR.

It is priced less than $550 in the market as of now, which is quite affordable. 


  • It has an exceptional resolution of 6400 x 9600 dpi.
  • The sharpness of old photos can be enhanced drastically. 
  • The dirt and tear can be easily removed from the films. 
  • The images that are faded can be livened with the Digital ICE. 
  • It has a transparency unit for the images to be enhanced. 
  • It comes with a LED light source. 
  • The scanned documents can be converted into text that is editable. 


  • The pricing is a bit dampener here. 

Epson Perfection V500 is the best option for crisp photo enlargements. Apart from that, you can also scan negatives, medium format, and slides film. It comes with a resolution of 6400 x 9600 dpi and an LED light source for instant scanning. 

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6. Ambir ImageScan Pro 820ix 20ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner

Have you always wanted a device that comes with exceptional features? A photo scanner with feeder with all the ability to tick all the boxes would be the Ambir ImageScan Pro 820ix 20ppm High-Speed ADF Scanner.

Best Photo Scanner with Feeder
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The unit is the size of a toaster with intense functionalities. We also liked the fact that the device is extremely versatile. The automatic feeder is quick, and you can scan a barrage of documents using it. 

Some of them could be photos, insurance cards, identification cards, and others. The sheer speed of the scanning is admirable with the duplex scanning in a single time. The device can be used in banks, grocery stores, and hospitals.

The TWAIN driver provides it with immense compatibility with a wide range of software and hardware as well. The device comes with a low product rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. Do not get misled by that. 

Features like duplex scanning and TWAIN driver are something that you do not often hear in the same-priced bracket of less than $350. 


  • The compact size of the unit is admirable. 
  • The device can take documents of all sizes comfortably. 
  • It comes with a duplex scanning function. 
  • It comes made using professional-grade quality material. 
  • The enhanced TWAIN driver is able to provide compatibility to applications and systems.


  • Few users felt that it has compatibility issues. 

Ambir ImageScan Pro 820ix 20ppm is a high-powered photo scanner with feeder. It comes with all the features that you can ask for. The lightweight, portable, and compact units have unique features like duplex scanning and TWAIN drivers for improved compatibility.  

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7. Canon CanoScan Color Image Scanner

Canon CanoScan Color Image Scanner provides you with what you are looking for in an enhanced manner. There is an auto-scan mode giving you exceptional scanning of the photographs. 

Best Photo Scanner with Feeder
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It has 3-levels to provide you a new dimension in photo scanning. You will love the dirt and dust removal feature of the photo scanner. The old photos get life thanks to these features and advanced technology. 

The LED light source consumes low power and does not need any warm-up. This helps you to work faster and complete your projects quickly. It also has an auto-document feature that automatically edits the texts and photos placed for the scan. 

This is one of those devices that comes with a magnificent resolution of 9600 dpi. We were pleasantly amazed at the clear digitization of the images. The device can connect with the Windows PC and laptop. 

It comes with 7 buttons that are easy to use. You can scan and design PDF files effortlessly. We were also delighted to use the 35mm film function for making your photos new. With the auto document fix, images and text are sharp and clear. 

It is priced less than $800, which cannot be termed as expensive. But, when you are dealing with a Canon device, you ought to be willing to shell out some money. 


  • The automatic feature in the device is exceptional for editing images. 
  • The LED light source consumes low power.
  • It does not require any warm-up. 
  • It comes with dust and scratch-resistant features for clean images. 
  • The unit has a sublime resolution of 9600 dpi. 
  • It also has retouching technology for auto-editing of images. 
  • The gutter shadow correction feature removes the shadows in the images. 
  • With the USB 2.0, you can connect effortlessly on Windows PC or laptop. 


  • The device is priced slightly high. 

Canon CanoScan Color Image Scanner is a feature-rich device. It comes with marvelous features like a massive 9600 dpi resolution, LED light source, retouch technology, and a gutter shadow correction capability. If you are alright with the pricing, then you must order the product today. 

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8. Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner 

Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner is a product by VuPoint Solutions. In this segment, it may not be a familiar name, but we were highly impressed with the device’s performance.

11 Of The Best Photo Scanner with Feeder
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Hence, we decided to review this photo scanner with feeder. The device comes with a product rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. It is priced cheaply at less than $150. The unit can organize and archive files for you to reference later.  

The scanned files can be saved on a MicroSD 32GB memory card. You do not have to worry about saving files or losing them as a result. Its LCD screen is 1.5inch that provides you with excellent clarity. 

We also liked the battery, which is rechargeable and is a lithium polymer. The chances of it getting in low power are nil. This is an extremely portable device, and you can quickly finish your scans. 


  • It can organize and archive files for your reference. 
  • Users can save files on the MicroSD 32GB memory card.
  • The LCD screen is 1.5inch that provides you with ample clarity. 
  • The battery is a lithium polymer that can be recharged. 
  • It is a portable device.
  • This is a quick device that can take quick scans. 
  • The quality of the device is first-rate. 
  • The price is low and affordable. 


  • It can give output only in JPEG and PDF formats. 

Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand is suitable for grocery stores and small businesses. When you are okay working using PDF and JPEG formats, then you must consider this device.

It is affordable, has a MicroSD card of 32GB, a portable, lithium battery that is rechargeable, and comes with an LCD screen of 1.5 inches. You cannot ignore these features of a high-quality photo scanner with feeder that is priced extremely low. 

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9. Epson FastFoto FF-640 Hi-Speed Photo Scanning System with Automatic Photo-Feeder

Epson FastFoto FF-640 Hi-Speed Photo Scanning System with Automatic Photo-Feeder might be low-ranked, but its scanning functionalities are among the best in the market. Based on our testing, we were highly impressed with it. 

11 Of The Best Photo Scanner with Feeder
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When you want to take your editing capabilities to a new high, you can do so with the Epson FastFoto FF-640. You will instantly be drawn to the elegant design that helps it to scan photos seamlessly.

The unit can also easily take up fragile and large photographs and give them a new life. Users can scan close to 30 photos with 300 dpi. That is possible because of the automatic feeder that comes in-built for accommodating 30 images. 

This device is suitable for photo editors, photographers, video designers, software professionals, and the like. 

The device has a product rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is priced at less than $1000, which can be expensive for individual users. 


  • This is one of the fastest photo scanners with feeder in the world. 
  • The scanning of photos comes at 600 dpi.
  • Users can scan documents of various sizes and thicknesses. 
  • It helps you to save, organize, and restore old images. 
  • It has an automatic feeder that can comfortably accommodate 30 photos at the same time. 


  • It is expensive. If you own a farm or small business, then it is okay. 

Epson FastFoto FF-640 is a phenomenal product that comes with superior performance. You do not often get to hear so many scans done under a minute. The scanning resolution is at 600 dpi, it scans different sized documents, and the automatic feeder takes 30 photos at one time. 

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10. Plustek A3 Flatbed Scanner OS 1180

Last on our list of photo scanner with feeder is this impressive model from Plustek. When you require a device for scanning large documents, then this is your best bet. Please do not be misled because of its low ranking. 

Best Photo Scanner with Feeder
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It is an excellent performer. Plustek A3 Flatbed Scanner OS 1180 is a compact-sized device, offering you with scanning of two letter-sized pages, legal documents, and newspapers. We were impressed with its LED light source that makes it work instantly. 

This saves you time, and you are provided with quick results. Additionally, it comes with powerful OCR functionality. You will be able to scan images at any time you want. We also liked the sleek design that does not take a lot of storage space.

This photo scanner with feeder supports both Windows and MacBook devices. So, you do not have to worry about compatibility. One user based in California said that this is the best unit for scanning books, papers, textbooks, and the like. 

But he was convinced about the color scanning capabilities. However, the user was satisfied with the regular color scanning ability of the device. It is priced less than $350, which is priced reasonably well in the market. 


  • The unit can scan different sizes of papers. 
  • It does not require warming up due to the LED light source. 
  • The device helps you save power. 
  • It helps you to work hassle-free operation with the one-touch button. 
  • The software is powerful and has enhanced OCR accuracy. 
  • The unit can help share files quickly on other devices. 
  • The scanning is decent at 48-bit color or 16-bit grayscale. 


  • Few users feel that the device may not offer you high-color scanning. 

Plustek A3 is one of the best options you have for a lightweight, superb, high-performance, and feature-rich device. The unit does not require warm-up due to the LED light source, the software is sublime, and the scanning quality is excellent. 

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By way of conclusion 

We have ended our discussion on the photo scanner with feeder 2022. We hope that you found something to your liking. Perhaps, you can read through it again, if you haven’t. We have given you all that you need to know about these tremendous devices. 

Did we find something noteworthy? This is going to be extremely hard to answer. That is because most of them are fabulous and top-notch. We really cannot pinpoint anyone and claim it to be the best.

We can only suggest that you choose a reputed brand like Epson if you are irresolute in your decision. For others, who are specific about features, then we have mentioned splendid photo scanners like Vupoint Solutions and Canon CanoScan. 

When you want to purchase the best photo scanner with a feeder today, use several sources of information. The internet has plenty of information on them. We strongly suggest that you spend some time on them, along with this guide.

This ensures that you do not miss out on anything. 

Happy shopping for a photo scanner with feeder!