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Pick the Right Fitbit for Your Fitness Goals ( Detailed Guide )


With every New Year, there comes a set of new resolutions and new purposes along with an urge to fulfill these commitments. Being healthy is a priority on each person’s new years wish list but all that holiday food can easily distract us from our resolution leading to what we call a trap of shame and guilt. So, if you want to avoid that agony after holidays, its good idea own a gadget that can keep your fitness track and thus keep you motivated.

How we can keep us from getting towards a guilt trip is to keep the record of your health-related habits i.e. eating, drinking, walking, running every day and you would feel more confident and in control. As this recording helps you recognize that you are moving towards completion of your resolution and thus towards a better healthy life.

Introducing Fitbit Ionic

To keep track, the most reliable and trustworthy brand in fitness tech, Fitbit offers some different tracking and wearable gadgets. These gadgets are of varied prices and features, and how you decide which one is best for you?

So here we come, as we will shed some light on the different features of Fitbit wearables and will tell you why it is right for your needs.

Pick the Right Fitbit for Your Fitness Goals

Fitbit Zip 

Pick the Right Fitbit for Your Fitness Goals

This is one of the oldest model introduced by Fitbit when the technology hasn’t shoot yet. Thus, the next coming devices don’t match this one.

As this is a small device and unlike now trending wrist wearing devices, this can be adjusted in your pocket, or on your bra or belt. Although it looks like an old pedometer which doesn’t make this a preference for fashion fiesta, but the plus of this device is its great battery life.

This device, with a customer friendly touchable display, will keep a trail of the steps you take, the calories you flashed,  and the distance you walked. It is a hardcore device and it also offers a battery with a watch which can live up to 6 months, so you don’t need to worry about the damage to the device or the charging issue.

Despite of its old-fashioned look, it has its plus points, as if you don’t like anything around your wrist this is the best option and don’t forget its battery timing. But, we have a lot better options with advanced features now.

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Fitbit Flex 

Pick the Right Fitbit for Your Fitness Goals ( Detailed Guide )

This is an economical all-rounder with great features. It has a sleek design and easy pattern along with the features that cover almost everything. Along with keeping track of step taken and burned calories, it also has features like sending subtle vibration after each hour to remind you of moving, and it also keep track of exercise.

You can wear this even while showering or swimming as this is waterproof and thus keep track of the calories you burned there. It has its additional advantages if you wear it while seeping as it assesses the effectiveness of your sleep patterns. You can also connect this to your phone and get notifications about messages and calls.

Its battery life depends on the functions you are using but usually lasts. 4 to 5 days. It also charges up quickly and you can get charging of two days in 30 to 40 minutes while two to three hours are good for a complete charge.

Fitbit’s this item is suitable for most because of its varied features and easy to use the system.

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Fitbit Alta 

Pick the Right Fitbit for Your Fitness Goals ( Detailed Guide )

Nowadays, this Fitbit is not worth your time and money and here is why.
It has same features as Fitbit Flex but with additional 40$. It works same as Fitbit Alex with a further feature of tap display so that you can see the notifications, time and the track record of your performance instead of synchronizing it with your phone.
This little bit change definitely doesn’t worth additional 40$. Let’s see what its sibling can do.

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Fitbit Alta HR

Pick the Right Fitbit for Your Fitness Goals ( Detailed Guide )

Fitbit Flex 2 was the best option for those who are within a budget while Fitbit Alta HR is for those who want to invest a little more towards their healthy lifestyle.

It has every feature that we discussed before, like keeping track of step taken, exercises, and burned calories, but a better than before, along with additional features.

The most important added feature is tracking of heart rate which makes it calorie burned counter even more reliable and accurate. You can keep an eye on your heart rate while exercising thus assessing how hard you are working when you need to speed up and when you need to slow down.

Heart rate zone feature also makes its sleep tracking more efficient as it will tell you the phases of your sleep cycle like light, deep, and REM sleep, thus you can understand how heart rate affects sleep pattern and its quality.

You can make it you fashion statement by having customized clock faces and trying different wristbands.

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Fitbit Charge 2 

Pick the Right Fitbit for Your Fitness Goals ( Detailed Guide )

A little bit huge with the old-fashioned look and in the same price as Alta HR, so why we even think of Charge 2? This is quite a confusion but we are here to resolve this issue for you.

Charge 2 has a big OLED screen which may make it charming for some, but this screen gives you more information as compared to Alta HR without looking to your phone. It will tell you fat burned via fat burn zone, the type of exercise you are performing and it also has a guided breathing session mode to help you gain inner peace where ever you want.

Although this is not as stylish as Alta HR neither does it has smartwatch features and the reasons for some to buy this one can be its more clear eye-friendly screen and its low price as compared to its RRP.

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Fitbit Blaze

Pick the Right Fitbit for Your Fitness Goals ( Detailed Guide )

Fitbit Blaze is the first item introduced by Fitbit in the world of smartwatches in 2016, and now it is updated with a fair price thus making this worth your time and money.

Along with the typical features, it also introduces detailed notifications form your phone and even GPS functionality through your phone. Its colored screen with touch system makes thing more apparent than before thus making it easy to keep track of your functioning. Also, it can be synced with apps like Facebook and Gmail and can send notifications. Now, you can also control your phone’s playlist via this band.

The GPS function gives you a map of your steps like walks or runs and also tells you the details like when and where you change your speed. It also has on-screen workouts of Fitstar in case you don’t want to use your phone.

It is quite a simple watch as compared to current standards and it has its specific advantages along with its reasonable price.

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Fitbit Ionic

Pick the Right Fitbit for Your Fitness Goals ( Detailed Guide )

It is the latest and coolest Fitbit. It is not just an ordinary fitness wearable but a true smartwatch.

It has built-in GPS and can store up to 300 songs thus making you to keep your phone aside.

Along with usual features, it also provides work out and coaching videos. Along with being water resistant, it monitors your style and laps thus improved swimming tracks.

It also offers guided breathing sessions much better than Charge 2 thus providing extensive services for those who want to be better.

New apps can be downloaded of even you can buy services via Fitbit Pay. Its battery life is also better i.e. up to 5 days thus no need to charge repeatedly.

Well, if you can afford it, its features are intriguing and this one is made for you.

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