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How to Place Google Auto Ads on WordPress Pages Without a Plugin


WordPress is the leading and popular Content Management Software. WordPress is like software used to build websites. A website revenue depends on some monetization techniques like placing Google Ads on the pages. Let us know how to place Google Auto Ads on the site pages without using any extra plugin.

How to Place Google Auto Ads Without using Plugin

We do not recommend any WordPress plugins in general as they need to be updated every now and then. They also introduce backdoors when outdated.

  1. Login to the WordPress site using an Admin Account.
  2. Go to Appearance and then Theme Editor. Open php file by clicking.

3. Just before the </head> tag, Copy paste your Google Ads Code provided by Google Search Console like below.

We suggest you to also check one more tweak of editing functions.php to stop Comment Spam by Removing Website Field from Comment Form. WordPress tutorials like these make your website maintenance easy.

We recommend this approach instead of buying any WordPress Ads Plugin. Google Auto ads automatically expand to screen widths and offer more Click to Turn Ratio. When seen on mobiles, Google Auto Ads look very appealing.

Drupal is another Content Management Software that provides better security than WordPress. All Modules which are equivalent to Plugins in WordPress are closely managed by the Drupal Provider Website itself. Officially they certify the modules too for Timely Security Patches. WordPress is loosely managed by N number of developers who do not commit for a long time if their Plugins do not get traction.
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