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15 Best Plant Care Apps To Keep Your Plants Alive

Being a plant lover is not only very exciting but very challenging as well. Taking care of different plants is never easy. You have to spend so much time if you want to take proper care of plants in your garden or lawn.

A little bit of ignorance can slowly but steadily damage the plants, and all your hard work can go in vain. Like a lot of people, if you are also finding it difficult to take care of your plants, you are at the right place!  

There are multiple plant care apps, yes apps, that can be proved more than handy to take proper care of all types of plants. We have researched and gathered some of the best apps for both Android and IOS that will help you to keep your plants healthy and happy.

All these apps are designed for various aspects of plant care. Some apps will make sure you don’t forget to water your plants. Some will frequently remind you for fertilizing sessions, while some will help you with detailed information about different types of plants.  

Want to know more about them in detail, spare a few minutes and go through this review.  

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Best Plant Care Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. LeafSnap Plant Identification

Correct identification of the plants is a very important part of plant care management. If you have a thorough idea about a particular plant, you can ensure proper care of it with all the requirements. 

LeafSnap allows you to instantly snap and identify the plants in your garden or lawn, and quickly learn the important plant care tips.  

Best Plant Care Apps

Sometimes, it can be very challenging to know about a beautiful flower or unusual-looking shrub. Instead of pondering over, and wasting time scrolling through various websites or asking your friends, you can have a thorough idea about the plants and flowers simply by snapping and uploading the pictures.  

The app can correctly identify as many as 90% of all known species of plants and flowers and can be a suitable ally for your gardening practices.  

Features of LeafSnap:-

  • Instant identification of thousands of flowers, fruits, plants, and trees  
  • Learn in detail about different plants and trees  
  • Simple, clean, and powerful user interface  
  • Very easy to snap and upload the images  
  • A huge database full of important information about plants that are constantly improving 

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.9 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5

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2. Seek by iNaturalist

Use the extraordinary power of image recognition technology and identify the flowers, plants, trees, as well as animals in your surroundings. Earn all-important badges for seeing and exploring a wide range of plants, birds, fungi, and a lot more.  

Seek by iNaturalist is a multi-featured plant care app that also helps you to identify some common insects and animals that are known for destroying the plants.

Seek by iNaturalist

You can easily learn about a wide range of organisms roaming in your habitat. Simply, capture them and upload them on the app to get detailed and thorough information.  

Collected from millions of wildlife observations, the app helps you with detailed lists of commonly recorded plants, amphibians, birds, insects, and a lot more in your area. Observe different species, and know about them to ensure the proper protection of your plants and trees.  

If you are someone who loves exploring nature and learning about it, we are sure that you will fall in love with this app.  

Features of Seek by iNaturalist:-

  • Get outside and explore nature in a completely different way  
  • A plant care app with some additional useful features  
  • Observe different plants and species, participate in various challenges, and earn badges  
  • Designed by the team of iNaturalist – an initiative from the National Geographic Society and the California Academy of Science  
  • Doesn’t collect any data without your permission  

Devices – Android & IOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.8 / 5  and 4.3/5 on Google Play Store

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

3. PictureThis – Plant Identifier

Undoubtedly one of the most complete plant care apps especially for diseased or sick plants. PictureThis is known for its unmatched accuracy of 98%, and identifies more than 1,000,000 plants per day! Yes, every day! You can easily get all your plantation questions answered by the app.  

Best Plant Care Apps 1

Whether you want to identify an unknown plant for your knowledge or want to surprise your family or friends, or you are looking for some useful plant care tips for a particular plant, the app does everything for you in a very quick time.

Simple take and upload the picture of a plant, and the app will do the rest of the things for you.  

The revolutionary AI-powered interface o the app is constantly evolving and learning from the global gardening experts, and is more than ready as a reliable plant guide for you! Picture and upload the plants around you, and discover about nature in a completely different way!  

Key Features of PictureThis:-

  • One of the most useful apps for diseased plants  
  • AI-powered interface for accurate identification of the plants, flowers, and trees  
  • Get some very useful suggestions from the botanists in a unique, one-on-one conversation  
  • Get timely reminders, keep notes, and keep a record of the growth and diseases of plants  
  • A plant care app with maximum accuracy  

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.8 / 5  

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4. Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Ed.  

One of the most useful plant care apps at a very, very affordable price, specially designed for indoor plants, houseplants, flowers, and garden plants.

Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition is packed with a lot of unique articles, care sheets, and data for more than 1000 indoor plant species. The app is presented beautifully in a browsable and searchable format and makes the plant care routine fun.  

15 Best Plant Care Apps To Keep Your Plants Alive

Get the feeding, potting, pruning, watering, and propagating in a completely different way, and get all your plants blossoming like never before. The app is curated for both expert gardeners and newbies.  

Through the app, you can successfully learn the correct ways of taking care of 1000 different household plants with very clear and concise profiles for each plant.

Learn when to, how-to, and how much of watering, the suitable lighting for each plant, requirements of soil, and much more!  

Features of Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Ed:-

  • A huge database of more than 1000 profiles on all types of indoor plants  
  • Allows you to browse and search the plants by common names, specific names, combinations of properties, species, growth sizes, and other aspects 
  • Tailored feeding, watering, propagation, and potting advice  
  • Ask questions, request identifications, and join healthy discussions in community forums  
  • Get exclusive NASA’s recommended plants for improving air quality 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.7 / 5 | 5,000+ Downloads

Price:– $ 1.75 on Google Play Store

Download App on Google Play Store

5. Planta: Keep your plants alive

One of the best plant care apps of 2021 is here. You can join 2 million users who are already using the app successfully for their daily plant care routine. The database of the app is packed with some useful information about as many as 8 million plants! 

You can get some of the most impressive and thriving plants with the help of Planta. If you are not sure, or you have the tendency to forget, when to water the plants, the app can help you with accurate and customized reminders.

Best Plant Care Apps 3

What more? The app also helps you with some other important tips, including whether you should keep a plant in light or not when to clean and fertilize your plants, etc.  

The app also assists you in your plant care routine with a step-by-step guide on how to take care of green beauties around you.

The “light meter” feature of the app helps you to decide, whether you should keep a plant in a corner, or it require an open space with a lot of sunlight.  

Features of Planta:-

  • Accurate plant identification  
  • Light meter to decide whether a plant needs light or not  
  • Dr. Planta helps you to find out if something is wrong with the plants  
  • Plant journal to record all your plant care routines for future references  
  • Planta premium for some additional, exclusive features  

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.8 / 5

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6. PlantNet Plant Identification

One of the most unique plant app that makes plant identification a very simple, easy, and fun practice. The app is especially known for identifying wild plants with great accuracy.  

Simply snap and upload the picture of any plant, and leave everything on the app. It can be extraordinarily helpful when you don’t have a botanist with you. PlantNet is one of the very few apps that work as a very useful citizen science project.

Best Plant Care Apps 4

The photographs uploaded by users are not only used for plant identification. But they are collected and studied by experts from across the world for a better and informative understanding of the evolution of plant biodiversity.  

The app helps you to have a thorough idea about all types of plants: flowering plants, grasses, trees, ferns, vines, conifers, cacti, and wild salads, etc.

What more? The app is more than useful for the identification of a wide range of cultivated plants as well.  

Some other useful features of PlantNet:-

  • The app helps you to recognize as many as 20,000 different species of plants  
  • Filters all the results by family and genus  
  • Re-identification of a wide range of shared observations by different users  
  • Quick navigation to different taxonomic levels of plants  
  • Detailed mapping of your observations for quick reference  

Device – Android and iOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5 | 1,00,00,000+ Downloads  and 4.6/5 on Apple App Store

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7. Blossom – Plant Identification

Another very impressive app you can use for the identification of plants, flowers, trees, and set customizable plant care reminders.  

Blossom app is your reliable plant care buddy that helps you with a detailed plant care guide. Through the app, you can easily and quickly identify the flowers, trees, succulents simply by uploading the photos and getting some very important and useful plant care tips.  

15 Best Plant Care Apps To Keep Your Plants Alive

You can also set reminders to water your plants, find out useful tips on fertilizers, and get detailed reports on flowers and plants. Simply snap and upload the picture of a plant, and get additional information about it.  

Identifying the plants through Blossom is full of fun. And if you are a plant lover or a gardener, you can easily learn all the important aspects of plants and flowers around you.  

Features of Blossom:-

  • Accurate identification of more than 10,000 plants  
  • Some very useful additional information with smart plant care tips  
  • Custom plant care reminders  
  • Green log for discovering hundreds of plant care tips and video tutorials  
  • Journal for noting down the growth, development, and overall health of your plants  

Device – Android and IOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.7 / 5  

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Download App on Apple App Store

8. PlantSnap – Identify Plants

Instantly snap and identify more than 60,000 types of flowers, plants, succulents, cacti, mushrooms, trees, and more with one of the most useful plant care apps

PlantSnap doesn’t only work as a plant identifier but also teaches you how to grow and take care of particular plants and trees. You get multiple useful gardening advice and tips for thousands of different plant species.  

PlantSnap 3.0 Instructional Video -- Android Portrait

The huge “PlantSnappers community” on the app allows you to connect with millions of nature lovers from across the globe.

You can also share your ideas, tips, and photos with other users, and get some very useful gardening tips from plant lovers and gardeners. The PlantSnap app is a unique way of connecting with nature in a very fun and engaging way.  

Developers of the app are doing an extraordinary job as far as plantation across the world is concerned. They plant a tree every time a person downloads the app and becomes a registered user.

Yes, you can be a part of the extraordinary green revolution, simply by downloading and using the app!  

Some Other Great Features of PlantSnap:-

  • A global database of more than 60,000 plants and trees  
  • Instantaneous and accurate results  
  • Algorithms are updated and improved regularly for an even better experience  
  • Detailed instructions for growing and taking care of plants 

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 3.4 / 5

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

9. Plantnote – Plant Diary & Water Reminder

If you are looking for an app that can work for you as a plant journal or diary, here is one of the most suitable, all-in-one plant app for you. The Plantnote app allows you to arrange an accurate and personalized plant care routine.  

The app is packed with some extraordinary features including a diary, steaming alerts, and a huge database with key information about almost all types of plants and trees.

Best Plant Care Apps 6

Thanks to a sleek and intuitive user interface, using the app for your plant care routine becomes surprisingly simple and easy. And the more important thing is, the app is not flooded with unwanted buttons and useless stuff – a simple, yet very useful plant care app!  

You simply have to add the plants you have in your lawn or garden. The massive database of the app will analyze the plant and will serve you with everything you want to know!  

Features of Plantnote:-

  • Add all the stuff related to your plant care routines  
  • Set customized reminders so that you don’t skip anything  
  • Plant diary with some very useful photos  
  • You can add unlimited data even if you are using the free version of the app  
  • Basic information about flowers, plants, and trees  

Devices – Android and IOS

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | Ratings on Apple Store – 4.2 / 5

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

10. Plant Care Reminder – Plant Watering

Do you have the tendency to forget to water your plants or help them with fertilizers on time? No worries, here is an app for you!

Plant Care Reminder is your smart assistant for taking proper care of your plants. It is a simple, very powerful, and convenient way of being aware of all the requirements of your plants.  

15 Best Plant Care Apps To Keep Your Plants Alive

The app doesn’t only allow you to snap and upload the images of plants and trees, you can also check from a wide range of clearly visible icons especially if you have some basic ideas about your plants.

Through the app, you can easily set and customize the frequency of watering according to different plants and species.  

Whether you are struggling with timely watering, spraying, or fertilizing, the app makes things really easy for you. You can create groups and add other users to discuss various aspects of plantation and gardening. Get valuable feedback and recommendations from experienced gardeners.  

Features of Plant Care Reminder:-

  • Set customized reminders and notifications according to your plant care routine  
  • Simple, impressive, and light user interface  
  • Add widgets to your home screens for quick and easy navigation  
  • Save and upload your customized list of plants, crops, seeds, and flowers  
  • Create reports for different types of plants and share them with others  

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5 | 1,00,000+ Downloads

Download App on Google Play Store

11. Plantix – Your Crop Doctor

One of the best plant app especially if you are interested in farming. The app instantly diagnoses some of the common crop diseases. Using the app, you can diagnose the diseases, heal your plants, and reap the rewards of your hard work.  

Plantix successfully converts your Android mobile phone into a very effective crop diagnosis tool, through which you can accurately detect the diseases and pests in your crops without going through lengthy and strenuous processes. The app helps you with complete solutions for all the problems related to plants’ health.  

The app can detect and identify more than 30 different types of crops and detect more than 400 damages and diseases related to plants. All you have to do is to snap the images from all angles and upload them on the app – that’s it!  

Features of Plantix:-

  • Detects and diagnoses all types of crop-related diseases  
  • Helps you to give proper treatment to your plants  
  • Timely alerts for plant diseases  
  • You can ask crop-related questions and get satisfying answers from 500+ plant experts  
  • Get some very useful plantation and cultivation tips 

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.4 / 5 | 1,00,00,000+ Downloads

Download App on Google Play Store

12. My Garden: Inspiration To Grow

The My Garden app helps you with all your plant care routines and serves you with the much-needed information that can be proved a great difference between “plant care” and “productive plant care.

The app first learns about your preferences, what type of plants you want to have in your garden or lawn, how much time you need to spend taking care of your plants.

15 Best Plant Care Apps To Keep Your Plants Alive

The app also collects basic information about your location, including temperature and growing season, and suggests to you the best ways of plantation and post-plantation care.  

Monitoring your plants can’t be easier than this! The app easily identifies hundreds of different species of plants. It smartly detects, which plants are grown for decoration, and which ones are for cultivation.

Then, it gives you special advice for each plant, so that you can get the best out of your hard work and time invested in the plant are.  

Features of My Garden:-

  • A very innovative app that identifies different types of plants  
  • Helps you with special tips curated for different species and plants  
  • Go through different plant projects shared by thousands of users  
  • Save your favorite projects to the “My Garden” section for future reference 
  • Fresh tips for new species and crops  

Devices – Android and IOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.3 / 5  and 3.8/5 on Google Play Store

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

13. Vera: Plant Care Made Simple

Vera by Bloomscape is one of the most exciting plant care apps that helps you to keep your plants happy and healthy. You can use the app for creating a plant care schedule.

You won’t leave your plants hanging precariously anymore! Set up the customizable watering reminders, and special fertilizing follow-ups for all types of plants.  

Best Plant Care Apps 9

Vera also allows you to track the growth and health of the plants. View and arrange all your plants in one place, and create unique profiles for each of them with their names, photos, and date on which you’ve adopted them. Log all your plant care activities in the app for future reference.  

Record all the steps of growth in the journal. Get rid of all the worries related to unwanted pests, and keep yourself mesmerized with the beauty of nature every morning.  

Features of Vera:-

  • The app reminds you for watering, fertilizer, and light your plants 
  • An attractive journal for recording and tracking the growth of all plants  
  • Some very useful articles and blogs on plant care  
  • Get caring tips for any plant before adopting or buying  
  • Very clean, simple, and bug-free user interface  

Devices – Android and IOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.3 / 5  and 4.0/5 on Google Play Store

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store

14. Plant Queens – best free plant care apps

Plant Queens is one of the most exciting apps for plant lovers and gardeners who want a trusted ally to take care of their plants.

The simple yet very useful plant care app makes it very easy for you to track all your plant care routines thanks to timely reminders and notifications.  

15 Best Plant Care Apps To Keep Your Plants Alive

You can always track when you have to water your plants. The app reminds you of the right time for fertilization, soil analysis, rotating, and repotting, etc.

In short, the app won’t let you miss anything related to your plant care efforts with its simple notification system.  

If you are not sure what plant you should add to your lawn, garden, or farm, you can use the “plant identification” feature of the app, and get detailed information about a particular plant.  

The app also tells you about various harmful elements responsible for different plant-related diseases, and how you can get rid of them. It also tells you when to bring the plants inside, and when to keep them outside according to weather changes.  

Features of Plant Queens:-

  • Get detailed information about any plant simply by uploading the pictures  
  • Note down the progress of all the plants  
  • Set daily reminders for a healthy and effective plant care routine  
  • Sync your data to other devices without much fuss  
  • Give feedback for an even better user experience  

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.3 / 5 | 1,000+ Downloads  

Download App on Google Play Store

15. Lovely – Plants care and Inspiration

Lovely is last but the least on our list of best plant apps. Whether you want to help yourself with an exclusive plant collection, or you are looking for useful plant care tips, articles, inspirational pictures, or reminders, the app helps you with almost everything you expect from a reliable plant care app.  

15 Best Plant Care Apps To Keep Your Plants Alive

Using the app, you can create customized plant collections, add different names to different collections, set daily plant care reminders, add photos to track the progress of your plants – all at one place!

Get very useful plant care tips and recommendations from plant experts for more than 300 different types of indoor plants.  

Features of Lovely:-

  • Set up customizable plant care reminders and routines  
  • Add notes and photos to the journal for tracking the progress of your plants  
  • Automatic entries to the journal for fertilization, watering, and other plant care routines  
  • Handpicked plant and gardening articles related to basics, design, and trends  
  • Get inspiring tips and ideas on how to plant effectively.  

Device – Android

Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.1 / 5 | 1,000+ Downloads

Download App on Google Play Store

While exploring the Best Plant Care Apps To Keep Your Plants Alive, I found an awesome video on “18 AWESOME HACKS TO GROW YOUR OWN PLANTS” which is worth watching.✅✅🤩



What is the best free app for plants?

Apps like iNaturalist, PlantNet, and PlantSnap are among the best free applications for plants for a wide range of purposes.

Is there an app that tells you how do you take care of plants?

Yes, Planta is an amazingly effective and easy to use application, and tells you how to take good care of your plants.

What is the best plant app 2022?

LeafSnap is the best plant application in 2022, and offers customized caring tips for your plans simply by snapping and uploading the pictures. There are as many as 90% of species available on the app and is more than just suitable for all your gardening purposes.

What is the best free plant care app for iPhone?

Planta is among the best and highly effective plant care application for IOS devices including iPhone, and helps you with right plant identification, light meter, detecting various problems in your plants, as well as an exclusive plant journal to record everything related to your plant.

Is there a free plant app?

FlowerChecker, Picture This, and Plantix are a few free plant applications you can use and take care of your plants without any hassle.

How much does Planta app cost?

In app purchases in the planta app range from $7.99 to $36.99 depending on what you are purchasing. There are so many great it is tough to explore in the app.

Why are my plants dying app?

PicturThis can be a reliable application to find out the reason behind poor health of your plants. The app supports you to detect different types of plant diseases as well. Only a quick snap of your plant is more than just enough to find out what’s wrong with it.

Is plant parent a free app?

Most of the features of plant parent are available free of cost. However, there are multiple in app purchases available too.

Is the Plantin app worth it?

Yes, Plantin is a decent application, and definitely worth using it if you are finding it difficult to grow your plants at home. With Plantin, you also get all the important information related to type, species, and family of a particular plant.

Is PlantNet app totally free?

Yes, PlantNet is completely free of cost and doesn’t even offer in-app purchases.

Is LeafSnap a free app?

No, only selected features of LeafSnap are free of cost. To get access to all the features, you have to go for in-app purchases worth $1.99 to $21.99 per item

To Sum Things Up  

These are some of the best plant care apps you can find easily on Google Play Store or Apple Store. LifeSnap Plant Identification sitting pretty well on the top due to its extraordinary features. But other apps are not far behind and can be proved more than handy in your daily plant care routines.  

So, if you have been finding it difficult to manage your plant care routines, give these apps a try! We promise that you will get a completely different plant care experience, and things are surely going to change for good!

Shoot in your questions and queries in the comments section. We will be more than happy to answer! Happy plantation! Happy gardening!