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13 Of The Best Plant Identification Apps to Identify Plants

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Thousands of plant species are discovered; for botanists and lovers worldwide, that achievement is worth celebrating.

However, as we celebrate these moments in the science world, we have been unable to keep up with names. With over 94 percent of plants and flowers in nature, with most of them looking slightly similar, you need a means of identification.

Whether you are a botanist or just like documenting the names of plants, now you can do so easily with any plant identification apps available for Android and iOS devices.

Best Plant Identification Apps to Identify Plants👌

1. PlantSnap

With over 30 million downloads, 125 million identified plants, and 500,000 snaps since its release, this plant identification app is available to android and iOS users; this app allows you to identify plants, flowers, succulents, mushrooms, and most greenery at the click of a photo.

PlantSnap has quite a funny story, the app designed by Eric came to life when he came across some plant in a friend’s backyard and couldn’t identify it, and he soon realized that most people, including plant lovers, don’t know the names of even the simplest plants they love.

PlantSnap Android instructional video Updated 060718

PlantSnap was developed to solve a problem, and it is the most accurate and comprehensive app and has accurately identified 90 percent of plants and tree species and has accumulated over 600,000 plants in its database.

How do PlantSnap works?

  • Download the app on your smartphone through Apple iTunes or Google Play Store
  • See a plant – cacti, mushroom, flower, or tree you would like to know more about
  • Take your phone and snap a picture
  • Wait for the results 


  • Receive answers in over 37 languages
  • Share your pictures with others on the PlantSnap platform
  • Ability to see your plant and the location where are most popular

Overall, PlantSnap is an excellent plant identification app that will have you snapping away throughout your neighborhood.

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2. PlantNet Plant Identification

This plant ID app allows you to identify plants from a snap. The app released in 2014 by Plantnet-project.org has over 5 million downloads, and a 4.5-star rating will help you observe and identify various wild plants from a snap.

Plantnet, an application that can identify plants 🌱😲 ?

This app can identify all natural plants, including trees, flowering plants, grasses, conifers, ferns, wild plants, and cacti, from its enormous database.

Although the app is purely educational, it is helping scientists, students, botanists, and plant lovers better understand plants worldwide.

How PlantNet identifies plants?

  • Download the app on your phone
  • Snap a clear picture (the emphasis here is to have a very polished image); the clearer the image, the more details you will get about the picture of the greenery.


  • This app will not only provide the name of the plant, but it will also give the family and class of the plant if it is on the PlantNet database.
  • It will provide the names of any plant, even if you see them by the sidewalk of a street.
  • The app is capable of identifying over 20,000 species of plants on earth; although it is a long way from the almost 400, 000 species on earth, it is still a very efficient plant identifying app
  • Ability to share pictures and data with other users of the app
  • Easy-to-use database and taxonomy, including identification by genus

Overall, this is another excellent app that is helping millions of people who want to identify greeneries without having to flip through the book’s page.

Although the app’s database needs more updating, it is a very good app for students and botanists.

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3. Plant Identification and Disease Recognition

Knowing an unknown plant is great but being in the know about the disease that is affecting a plant.

plant identification apps

As useful as the app is, it has not garnered popularity because it doesn’t provide immediate answers when a picture is sent to the app because experts analyze the picture and reply to you with an answer.

Although it does help to verify the authenticity of the plant and its origin, it takes away from being able to get answers to the plant instantly.


  • If a picture of plant disease is sent through the app, it identifies the disease and suggests how it can be cured.
  • It is a good app for household gardeners who are looking to grow their gardens without all the technicalities involved.
  • The app is especially good for basic garden plants like tomatoes, vegetables, and others.
  • It contains in-app purchases, which means you can’t access some app parts without payment.
  • Available on Android and iOS devices

Overall, plant identification and disease recognition is a great garden app for gardens to know their plants and how to cure different infections they come across with. It will also help you become a better and more efficient gardener.

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4. Garden Rag – Plants and Garden

This free app, available on iOS and Android devices by 4D media limited, is a great tool for identifying plants, managing your garden efficiently, and recognizing flowers.

With over 100,000 downloads and a 3.4-star rating in Google Play, this app is proofing the ultimate handy app for gardens and nature lovers all over the place.

It identifies the plant and is also an inspirational app that enables you to combine the right plants in your garden.

GardenTags Grow Well, Together

Furthermore, gardens and plant enthusiasts get information about managing their gardens, controlling weeds, and getting a better yield from their crops.


  • Manage all your garden and plant problems with one app and a community of over 100,000 followers who will provide their own experience and knowledge for you to help build a better garden
  • Identify any plants and greenery for free by the experts
  • Catalog a new plant or flower – Garden tags allow you to get full information on the plant you have snapped and access to over 18,000 plants and flowers all over the world
  • Get expert answers and advice about how to manage your plants from the gurus of plants and flowers around the world
  • Design inspiration from an expert on how to arrange your garden and do a better job at it
  • Over 1000 garden tag experts on the ground to answer every plant question you have in your mind
  • To enjoy more from the app, it has in-app purchases
  • Ability to identify sprouts, shoots, plants, and flowers in simple and easy-to-use methods

Overall, it is an outstanding app, especially for beginners in the plant and flower identification world. Its easy and intuitive interface sets it apart from other complicated plant identification apps over the internet.

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5. PictureThis – Flower & Plant Identification

PictureThis is an accurate and fast plant identifying app that will give you answers about plants you see around your neighborhood, out on a walk, or in school, including care tips for plants and gardens and inspirations from around the world.

plant identification apps

The plants will accurately tell the identity of succulents, shrubs, cacti, flowers, trees, and more. If it has leaves and looks like a plant, PictureThis is the best app to help you identify it.

How does it work?

  • Download the app on your phone
  • See a plant or tree you think you know but can’t identify it
  • Snap a picture of the plant and get instant results

Now you can answer all the plant questions that your kids throw at you.


  • Has a database of over 10,000 species of plants and will identify a plant with 98 percent accuracy
  • It is an entertaining, educational, comprehensive app for students, teachers, gardens, nature lovers, botanists, and people who love being around plants.
  • Uses advanced AI to identify plants of all nature
  • Learn about a comparable plant from around the world
  • Get advice from a horticulturist specialist on building and managing your garden
  • Very user-friendly, with reminder tips for gardeners and how to keep their gardens looking better 
  • Catalog your pictures and share them with the community of PictureThis 
  • Create a personal collection of any unique plant you share in your gallery
  • Contain in-app purchases that may hinder you from accessing other vibrant aspects of the app without payment

Overall, PictureThis is trying to build a community of plant lovers who will share their knowledge to make the world a better place where we can live in harmony with nature, putting it in our best Plant Identification Apps list.

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6. Flora Incognita-automated Plant Identification

Get instant plant recognition not only with the name, family, and genre but with the picture.

Flora Incognita Tutorial Video

This plant identification app designed by Technische Universitat Ilmenau is available on Android with a 4.3-star rating.

Over 500,000 downloads are an easy, quick-to-use, and accurate app for people looking to know the plants and flora around them.

How does it work?

This intuitive app is really fun to use

  • Download the app; it is only 9.5MB large
  • Take a picture of a plant or flower or even a leaf you don’t recognize
  • The plant is identified with the species name, class, characteristics, distribution, and status displayed within seconds of sending the picture

This is an excellent app for identifying wild plants and you will have trouble detailing the identity of hybrids or plants bred indoors.


  • Ability to share your snaps and information on social media
  • Can accurately identify almost 5000 species of wild flora in Europe
  • It gives a detailed identification of the plant, including data on its appearance, toxicity, and others
  • The database contains more than 10,000 flora species found in Europe
  • An excellent filter system that enables you to find your plant

Although the app covers plants found mainly in Europe, it is still a good plant identification app to match your picture with a picture identity that is exactly like yours.

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7. iNaturalist

This collaboration between the National Geographic Society and the California Academy of Science is a free plant identification app designed by iNaturalist to enable people to immediately identify all types of plants and wildlife around their environment.

13 Of The Best Plant Identification Apps to Identify Plants

With over a million downloads and a 4.1-star rating on Google Play, this app, also available on iOS devices, uses artificial intelligence for accurate identification of flora and fauna in their natural habitats or otherwise.

As an educative app, iNaturalist lets you know more about your community. With over 400,000 scientists and naturalists ready to inform you about your discovery, you will soon become a passionate nature lover after using this app.

It is also a helpful app to introduce your kids to nature and the love of plants.


  • Identify species within or outside your community
  • Save and catalog your findings
  • Share them with your friends or the iNaturalist community
  • Get instant advice and suggestions on your find
  • Be part of an interactive community that is part of the discussion to identify plants for other.

Overall, this app is an excellent app for learners and scientists alike. It is also a very stable and reliable way to know more about the community of plants and animals around your neighborhood without flipping through the pages of a book.

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8. Medicinal Plants and their uses

This isn’t your usual know-it-all plant app; this app help identifies details about medicinal plants, how to use them, which part is useable, and other details you may require for the plant of choice.

13 Of The Best Plant Identification Apps to Identify Plants

Developed for Android users only, this app has over 50,000 downloads with a 4.3-star rating. It is an excellent app for users looking for a holistic cure to a disease or trying to improve their health and overall well-being using medicinal plants.


  • Get detailed information on the plants rather than browsing through the internet.
  • Allow you to make easy and fast identification anywhere and time
  • User-friendly app and intuitive interface
  • Well-cataloged menu to simplify the search for a plant through its database
  • Get full details of the medicinal plant’s uses, what to avoid, side effects, and others at a snap.

Overall, a handy app to help you come to terms with medicinal shrubs, bushes, and plants around you.

Download on Google Play Store

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9. Plant Lens – Plant and Flower Identification

Created for Android users alone, this free app enables you to identify plants, flowers, and trees around your neighborhood or when you are out hiking or nature trailing.

plant identification apps

With so many plants and trees discovered daily, it can be frustrating when you see a unique plant but can’t immediately identify it.

Now you have an app that will allow you to do that and more at the snap of your finger.

This plant identification app with a 4.4-star rating has over 10,000 downloads with rave reviews on the user-friendly interface and quick and fast identification, which adds to our best Plant Identification Apps list.

How does it work?

  • Download the app on your mobile device
  • You see a plant relaxing in nature, but what to know more about it
  • Take a picture and get immediate answers in seconds.
  • This app will easily identify the flora, including class, family, genre, and species.


  • Can identify more than 60,000 plants with 92 percent accuracy
  • Provides even the smallest of details for the picture sent
  • Allows you to mark waypoints locations where you found the plant
  • Record and save all plants you find in your collection
  • Identifies trees, flowers, succulents, mushrooms, and leaves easily
  • Great app for gardeners, nature lovers, students, kids, and botanists

Now you don’t have to wonder anymore; with Plant Lens, all information about the flora in your neighborhood will have a name.

Download on Google Play Store

10. Agrobase Plant Identification App

For gardens and farmers, being able to identify an intruder plant among your plants is a plus, this free app available only on Google Play is the plant tracking device in the palm of your hands.

plant identification apps

With over 100,000 downloads and a 4.1-star rating, this app will identify plants, weeds, pests, diseases, and more from a good picture.

For farmers, gardens, and agronomists, it couldn’t get any better with this plant identification app.


  • It has an extensive plant and plant disease database that accurately is the plant and the disease in your field. It also goes as far as to proffer solutions enabling you to handle the infestation and improve crop yield.
  • A great app for vegetable, fruit, nuts, horticulturist, and livestock farmers
  • Get top advice from renowned agriculturists and growers on effectively controlling weeds on your farm.
  • It provides you with products description giving farmers a good insight into how to choose seeds that will make better yields
  • Connects farmers with suppliers of pest control chemicals to help manage a pest problem
  • Contain in-app purchases and ads

Hands down, the best plant identification app for farmers with information concerning everything will enable you to build a successful farming habit and yield.

Download on Google Play Store

11. What’s that flower?

This is another plant identification app available for Android users alone that enables you to identify flowers around your vicinity without the aid of a photo.

13 Of The Best Plant Identification Apps to Identify Plants

Yes, this educational app allows you to observe and know more about the flower before you get an answer.

How does it work?

  • To identify a flower you just found
  • Select the color of the flower
  • Choose the habitat where the flower was found
  • Enter the number of petals on the flower
  • Check through the over 900 options available on the app to find the flower that you are looking at or just discovered

This is about it; you learn about the flowers by being part of the research process.

Download on Google Play Store

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12. Garden Answer Plant Identifier

Available on Google Play Store and iOS devices, this plant identification app will enable you to instantly know the details of a plant after answering a few questions.

My Garden Answers: Identify Your Plant Instantly

This app is fabulous for gardeners who want to know more about a strange plant that just appeared among their garden plants.

How does it work?

  • Download the app on your smartphone
  • Snap a picture of the plants
  • Submit the image and get an accurate description and details of the plant.

Below are some of the features of the Garden Answer Plant Identifier that earned it a spot on our Best Plant Identification Apps list.


  • Ability to recognize over 20,000 plants accurately
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface
  • Ability to identify and provide the result within minutes
  • Save your matches and share them with others
  • best free plant identification app
  • free plant identification app for android

If you are a gardener or love threading down bush parts looking for the uniqueness of nature, this app will enable you to do just that without any stress.

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13. PlantIn: Plant Identification

Need plant advice but clueless about the exact identity of your species or variety? Worry no more, as the perfect app is here for you.

It combines plant identification and personalized care and treatment for herbs, trees, bushes, succulents, weeds, or flowering plants.

plan indertifyer new

With MyPlantIn Plant Identifier, you will always have a botanist on your mobile phone. Consisting of more than 9.2 million users worldwide, this plant-identifying software is the second most used app in America for education topics.

This AI-based app was born more than two years ago and has helped countless novice and expert gardeners recognize their rare plants.

How Does PlantIn Identifier Work?

MyPlantIn plant identifier uses state-of-the-art technology to match the photos based on existing photo archives of model plants. It works in three basic steps:

  • Simply download the app.
  • Describe the plant issue and a short description of its care history. The more detailed the explanation is, the more accurate the identification and recommendation will be.
  • Snap a photo, and in less than a second, you now have the identity of your plant.
  • Get personalized recommendations according to the plant species 24/7 from expert botanists, gardeners, and plant pathologists.
New update – PlantIn

The app boasts several features, not just advanced plant recognition technology but plant consultancy and disease identification. In the following, the detailed features are listed:


  • Identify plants around you by simply pointing the camera at the plant.
  • If you want expert help from experienced gardeners, upload a close-up, and a distant angled shot of the plant. The team of botanists and plant pathologists will take care of your case and make a 
  • Check your plant’s needs by pointing the camera at your plant.
  • Get a timely notification on your planting schedules.
  • Receive cannabis consultancy straight from their experts.
  • Access to plant-specific blogs written by 50+ experts.
  • free plant identification app for iPhone

To sum up, the MyPlantIn Plant identification tool lets you discover the world of plants, not just their identification but their proper care and maintenance.

Download on Google Play Store

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 Benefits of using a Plant Identification Apps
  • It helps you recognize and know more about a plant
  • It provides answers to diseases and infections that affect plants
  • It proffers solutions on how best to treat infection and eliminate weeds and other strange plants in your garden or farm
  • Get expert advice from plant specialists, horticulturists

As you will observe, nature is such an interesting part of our life that we need to study and know more about it.

The plant identification apps are various ways buddy and professional botanists or nature lovers can have an immense understanding of their immediate environment.

The following apps are some of the best online; they will enable you to identify the plant, including the family, genre a species with their habitat.

Others are for home gardeners who would love to know about invasions happening in their gardens and how best to tackle them.

It doesn’t matter why you need a plant identification app, but if you work around plants, it is the best way to get accurate information without wasting too much time going through books and the internet.

Plant Identification apps are an excellent way to introduce your children to nature; they allow them to develop an interest and give them a true insight into the various plants around them. 

They can quickly identify the names of trees, flowers, shoots, and all plants that nature has to offer.

Do you have any experience with plant identification apps, or are you looking for one to start our journey into the green planet, choose an app, and start identifying? You never know when you will discover a new plant and have your name written in the pages of science history.

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