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Play station 4 top five lesser-known features

PlayStation has become favorite gaming system for many gamers. In this article, we will mention some of the top five less known features of PS4.

1) Blu-Ray 3D support for the Play station Virtual reality

Play station 4 top five lesser-known features

Doing twofold obligation as conventional Blu-ray players have been for some time. PS VR proprietors are unveiling a new moment treat. Besides an improved determination in the Cinematic mode.

This helped outline rates at bring down screen sizes, refresh 4.5.0 will likewise convey Blu-ray 3D bolster for the PS VR. Never again will you have to those low specs.

Tie on your PlayStation VR headsets and you will have the capacity to appreciate complete, stereoscopic Blu-ray 3D through your PlayStation 4.

Without a doubt, it is a costly approach to achieve 3D viewing. At the same time, for the existing VR proprietors or those needing 3D that does not originate from a sickly level board, this is one strong arrangement.

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2) External HDD support

Play station 4 top five lesser-known features

This one is basic, truly: on the off chance that you are short in the storage room, you will now have the capacity to add an outside hard crash into the PS4 for additional space.

Truth be told, there is a decent shot with a USB 3.0 capacity gadget will play pleasant with your PS4 after the device 4.5 update version. However, Sony is not putting forth any assurances.

When it has downloaded, essentially stick your crash into the reassuring, and configuration it the gadgets menu. You are prepared to fill them with recreations, applications and then some.

Drives in the vicinity of 256GB and an astounding 8TB in limit will be upheld, which implies you will have the capacity to immeasurably grow your PS4’s stockpiling easily.

Likewise, it will be conceivable to existing diversions and applications over to the new drive, as well.

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3) PS4 Pro Boost mode

Play station 4 top features

Did you purchase another play station 4 pro? At that point, the more seasoned old games and graphics will definitely play better and well.

All because of the new and better Boost Mode, presented in the PS4 4.5 version update. Generally, Boost Mode in PS4 is Sony’s response to this pro model of PS4.

As opposed to requiring the modifying of whole diversions, Boost Mode governs the PS4 to run old games. Those created previously PS4 was released. It was at higher edge frame rates, and in addition, possibly cutting burden times.

You will notice some glitches at times while playing old games. At the point, simply turn Boost off. Then the PlayStation Pro will imitate a standard PS4 model. It is not a good solution for your problem but it helps.

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4) Better communication system

The PlayStation has a better communication system when compared to previous versions of PlayStation. They offer chat support to the gamers.

This stream chat option is available after updating the device to 4.5 software version. You can even make use of voice support from in the chat section.

This will help in remote play. It will ensure that you can play the game by sitting on your sofa. When you connect to PSN, a new icon will display as soon as you log in to the server.

You can even create different custom posts on the activity feed option with screenshots, texts.

This will help you to connect to the community. You can even use the option of quick reply, GIF support in share factory and moving snaps.

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5) Custom wallpaper

This is a new addition to the PlayStation where you can change the wallpaper or the background of the system when you get bored looking at it or it is not anymore looking good.

You can even choose wallpapers from the server, store or from the local drive. The update released will enable this feature on your PS device. You should update it to 4.5 version.

However, you can only use the snapshot, which you took from a game. The snapshot is saved on your drive. You can set the profile as well.