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35 of The Best Must Have PlayStation Apps in 2022

PlayStation is the talk of the town. After the release of Sony’s new console PS5, the demand for Playstations increases and every cool kid wants to get their hand on one of these.

To enjoy Playstations to their maximum you need some good apps in your arsenal. Therefore, in this article, we are going to see some of the best Playstation apps for you to try.

Best PlayStation Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

These are some of the best Playstation apps that you must download on your console.

1. Plex

Want to manage your media easily that will also allow you to use the content on any gadget, go for one of the best managing PlayStation apps, Plex (Download Here). The app is simple, useful, and has tons of organizing features.

Before actually downloading this PlayStation app, keep in mind that if you are not a minimalist person, don’t go for it. You can have Plex as a secondary Playstation app along with downloading the Plex Media Server.

Best PlayStation Apps

The media server is free and is a good addition to your console that will save all your media such as images, audios, and lists is unending. It will cost you nothing to download the app but there is a downside to it.

The prime being its limitation of streaming content on gadgets. To stream the content from the Plex media server, purchasing a plex pass subscription is necessary. Don’t get demotivated by it as the price is as low as $4.99 per month and just at $119.99, it would be yours for the lifetime.

Read this article about the availability of this app in your country.

2. Crunchyroll

Any Anime fan like me here?? If yes, I can understand the hardship you are facing in finding the app that can give you a daily dose of anime.

Crunchyroll (Download Here)is a destination for an anime lover who can binge-watch shows like Naruto Shippuden, Castlevania, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, or whatever anime you are rooting for.

Best PlayStation Apps 1

The app is all set to be played on PS4 and PS5 consoles and there is no involvement of your credit/debit card while downloading the app. But don’t get the wrong idea here, to have free access to all the shows in Crunchyroll, paying a little amount is necessary.

In the starting, you can have their 14 days free trial, and after weighing your choices, you can pay $7.99 for a monthly subscription. The best feature is that it allows streaming animes and lets you read sagas here.

Undoubtedly, Crunchyroll is one of the all-in-ones PlayStation apps that is simple, feature-packed, and cheap.

3. WWE Network

If you love watching Johncena giving five knuckles shuffle to the Rock or would love to see the king of chokeslams, Undertaker on your PlayStation console then WWE Network (Download Here) is a hub that you can download as one of the best PlayStation apps that will let you binge-watch all the fights of every wrestler.

35 of The Best Must Have PlayStation Apps in 2022

You can stream every single RAW and SmackDown episode without any hustle. You can enjoy the show to its finest level with no bleeping or uncut scenes and the app also have their exclusive reality shows and episodes.

It is an entertainment-packed Playstation app for your PlayStation console.

4. Twitch

Unarguably, claiming first place in the biggest streaming platform, Twitch (Download Here). If you are not able to trust me, just have a look at how many daily active users it has, the digits are pretty close to a million.

Best PlayStation Apps 3

A gamer will love this Playstation apps as they can watch their favorite gamer streaming online. This PS5 and PS4 app is rapidly catching more and more gamers’ attention by providing a better experience than Youtube. 

There is a caveat though and the major one is that without downloading the freestanding Twitch app, you cannot stream games of anyone else. The PS4 integrated Twitch app only gives you access to live stream your material so downloading the standalone Twitch app is necessary to stream your favorite gamer from the PS Store.

Many times we are not available and miss the live stream so for those busy crowd, streaming recorded content is available as well as live stream. Twitch is a must-have Playstation app for gamers with PS4 and PS5.

5. Share Factory

The most widely content editing tool, Share Factory (Download Here) is a hit among gamers with PS4 and now PS5 consoles. One of the most liked PlayStation apps, Share Factory does not ask much from its users.

It is easy to use, has tons of features, and a whole lof editing tools. Its editing tool is not the only reason to be added to the list, it has some cool editing tricks, coupled with a unique aesthetic, along with easy portability adds a cherry on the top.

If you want you can create content like many known gaming content creators such as Jelly, Juegagerman, DanTDM, PweDiePie, as it allows you to merge different content, add commentary, and soundtracks, and many more. 

It is flexible, easy, has gaming fitted themes, stickers and texts to make content more aesthetically appealing and there is no need to spent money as it is free. Sharing the content is fairly simple.

If you are looking for PlayStation apps with feature-packed, low-rate gaming content editors without sacrificing production, Share Factory is the path to chose.

6. Play Station Music

Play Station Music aka Spotify is all set to let you have a large music library. Grooving music while playing on the console is one of the relaxing methods to reduce strength and waste your lazy time, Spotify-sponsored Play Station music is all that and more.

The app is accessible on ps4 as well as ps5 and is a store for millions of songs and podcasts. To start playing songs during the gaming sessions, users are only asked to make an account on Spotify and if there is already an account then you can start by just logging in.

Spotify makes the listening experience better than many apps although it may have ads and some features are restricted, it is still one of the best PlayStation apps that gamers should not let go of.

To remove these ads, and open up these exclusive features, a mere $9.99 has to be spent to do so. I’ve personally used the app and can say that it has one of the largest music libraries in the field with almost every musician present.

Not only you can play songs but you can also follow podcasts of your idols. 

7. Netflix

I don’t know whether should I elaborate on how Netflix (Download Here) is a must-have PlayStation app or not as I think it is quite known among gamers and the overall entertainment industry. It adds charm to your already charming PS4.

Almost any kind of film, video, documentaries are present. Whether you are using PS4 or PS5, Netflix should be in your applications. It is one of the prime video streaming Playstation apps. It is not only a house for all types of movies but also for TV serials.

Not to forget, Netflix’s own original movies are blockbusters such as Always be my baby, extraction, Marriage Story, and the list is long to continue here.

It doesn’t require any card to download the app on your PlayStation but to stream, you will be asked to subscribe to their plan according to the devices you want to use Netflix on and the video quality.

The lowest rate is $8.99 a month and can go up to $15.99 per month. So choose according to the video quality you want along with the devices you want to use Netflix on. A list of Playstation apps can never be whole without adding Netflix.

8. Play Station Video

Netflix is not the only option to stream videos on Playstation as PlayStation Video is also an option to rent videos and films to watch on PlayStation.  The high-quality app has a load of movies, tv shows, and other videos in its library.

It is pretty easy to connect with other devices so either you can download the movies or stream online, it is all on you. The app is, free to download so if you are worried about cash then no need as it is not required therefore we can say that PlayStation Video is a way to go.

9. Youtube

Youtube (Download Here) is again one of the instances where I’m hundred and one percent sure that the gamers are already aware of. One of the leading streaming platforms in the world has a lot to offer. Not only Playstation but the app is available on almost any device.

There are two options to use Youtube on Playstation. The first is directly accessing Youtube from the Playstation browser and the second one is downloading the app straightly. The clear difference between them is nothing but more accessibility. 

The standalone Youtube app is a necessity irrespective of whether you are using PlayStation 4 or 5. It will cost you nothing to download the app and even stream videos if you are not affected by its ads.

To make your experience more fun and without any obstacles, you can go for Youtube Premium whose starting rate is $11.99 a month. If you wanna stream exclusive videos then only go for Premium as the free version is more than enough to enjoy yourselves with a bowl of popcorn perched on your lap. 

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10. Amazon Prime Video

A very good competitor of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video (Download Here) should be on your console. We can clearly say Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are two leading streaming platforms in the industry with over a million active users. 

It is exactly a carbon copy of Netflix but sponsored and developed by Amazon. You will have to subscribe to Amazon Prime to binge-watch their collections of movies and famous tv shows such as F.R.E.I.N.D.S, Lucifer, 3%, and its creation, The Family man, and Indian drama thriller series, Mirzapur.

If you haven’t downloaded Amazon Prime Video then download it without any further ado and subscribe to its prime version to watch all the exclusive movies whether it’s Hollywood or Bollywood movies, TV shows.

Got Amazon Prime Subscription then what are you waiting for open your PlayStation 5 and binge-watch series and movies one after another with a bowl of snacks and your loved ones.

11. HBO Max

HBO Max (Download Here) is a standout streaming channel that allows you to binge-watch what is streaming on HBO. It is different from HBO GO as it requires a TV connection to stream the content going on HBO whereas there is no such need in HBO Max.

Any F.R.E.I.N.D.S or Games of Thrones fan here? HBO MAX should be your ideal destination to go on their episodes spree. It is unarguably one of the Playstation apps that you have to have this in your console.

It is more budget-friendly than HBO Go as there is no requirement for a TV connection, you can easily connect to any other devices to start your watching spree. It has an array of its exclusive shows, movies, documentaries, and not to forget sports so you can watch the current footy games. 

The prices may be higher than most streaming platforms with starting range of $14.99 a month but you can first check their 14-days trial so if it is not up to your par you can cancel the subscription any time.

12. What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch (Download Here), the name may give you gloomy vibes but trust me it is one of the best storyline Playstation apps that a gamer must have in their console. The app has character development and its users’ interaction is as high as it can be.

The game is not always about the protagonist fighting antagonist and saving the world, sometimes it is all about the story and characters. What Remains of Edith Finch is inspired by the novel.

In the game, you will be Edith, the protagonist, the last alive member of the Finch family, trying to solve the mystery surrounding the Finch household. It is one of the mystery, cum thriller games that you should have as one of the Playstation apps.

13. Oxenfree

Oxenfree (Download Here) is a game where a group of friends is left in the forest to clear out the suspicious happening in the said forest. If you are not up to seeing your main character die then Oxenfree is one such game where no death is guaranteed.

It is more like a short story of friends who are always bantering with each other for no reason, caring at one second and thinking of killing them the other. The lines and dialogue will be going hand in hand with the gameplay so all the decisions are in the player’s hand.

The game-ending is decided on the options you will make so think before going for the options, the story plot follows the options made by you so indirectly you are the one who is writing the story f the game. It is one of the easily played games which you can play with your friends on your PlayStation 4 console. 

It can also be played on iOS and Android devices as well as on Xbox One and Switch.

14. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you love combat, blood oozing from demons, protagonist winning, and fist flying with the sounds of explosion, and not to forget a good storyline, then The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Download Here) is the way to go.

It is a fully loaded action thriller game inspired by the fantasy novel, The Witcher. The dark theme makes the game more mysterious, exhilarating, and thrilling. With adrenaline pumping through your blood, you can fight a large army of demons and enemies.

Best PlayStation Apps 4

The game is a gift for ardent readers of the novel. In the game, you have to make practical decisions that can cost someone lives just like the protagonist Butcher of Blaviken or in normal words Geralt of Rivia aka White Wolf used to make.

If what you are looking for is handling the stress as pardoning someone’s life or killing them can create a lot of stress. The game is all set to be played on Play Station 4 and  Xbox One, Switch PC, therefore we can say that it is one of the best Playstation apps.

15. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is in the market for providing hundreds of on-demand games that you can play on your Playstation console. The cloud-based streaming service is only for streaming video games and nothing else.

The advantage you get when using cloud services is that your progress is saved without actually having the progress so if you are in a rush then there will be no problem in starting the game where you left.

It has some good collections of games in its library such as saints row, Horizon Zero Dawn, Sacred Citadel, Bioshock infinite, and the list is unending.

16. PlayStation Plus

If you want to unveil absolutely everything about PlayStation and get the best of its gaming console then PlayStation Plus is the ket to get that.

It opens up exclusive online features to add charms to the gaming console and the prime one is an online multiplayer mode. The game is based on cloud storage so your game progress will be already saved thus less time-consuming.

It is one of the tools that will make broadcasting games and sharing them online easier. You want to have the latest games then PlayStation Plus is the right Playstation apps to have in your console.

17. Thumper

Thumper is a game suitable for the crowd who loves thrillers and a little bit of sadness in their life. With basic graphics and moody songs, the suspension is always consistent in the game to play on your Playstation 4.

The game likes to play mind games and want their players to be in a daze after playing the game. With the good critics, Thumper is one of the PlayStation apps that playing with them may either cause you stress or relive.

18. Peacock

Want to have a platform that not only streams movies and videos but almost everything including sports, news, and trending episodes. Peacock is unarguable, one of the largest and leading streaming platforms in the world and competitive rivals to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

It is perfect for an all-in-one entertainment center that you can use on your PlayStation 4.

With its large library containing everything, you would not require to download any other PlayStation apps for specific channels. Its own exclusive movies are never out of the style therefore enjoyment is ensured in the app.

19. Outer wilds

Outer Wild in simple words we can say is a mesh-up of many known PlayStation apps. OG players of some games collectively such as Majora’s Mask, No Man’s sky would love to play Outer Wilds.

35 of The Best Must Have PlayStation Apps in 2022

It has all the elements that enthusiast of the outer world demands, from the relation of previous cosmonauts with the planet they went to along with finding the mystery and clearing and studying the knowledge that previous travelers have already left behind.

If you have PlayStation 4 in your entertainment center then Outer World is the way to go.

20. Red Bull TV

If you like something that is trying to better itself for its users then Red Bull TV is one such platform that amazes its users with its updates.

If you want to have a destination that can give every juicy gossip regarding the entertainment industry or would do anything to find exciting movies to binge-watch on the weekends then Red Bull is to be sought out.

It not only got you covered in movies but also in music so you can listen to songs from their huge library. It is a platform that has prepared themselves to ensure that their users will never get bored as sports is one of the department that is also present.

With an easy and user-friendly interface, enjoyment is at its peak with this PlayStation app. In the simplest term, Red Bull Tv has to have in your console as it provides you a whole package that will make you waste your lazy day and give you a dose of everything.

21. Hulu

Completing the list of PlayStation Apps without Hulu (Download Here) will never be complete and it is one of the PlayStation apps that you can play on both PlayStation 4 and 5. The streaming service is quite famous in the United Kingdom.

It is a hub for people who love shows like Family Guru, the Simpsons, the golden girls, This Is Us,  the infamous Keeping Up With Kardashians, as well as cult classic movies including Good Will Hunting. Do not miss watching Hulu’s original such as Future Man, the handmaid’s tale, and many more.

It is a movie hub with loads of movies, TV shows, and its originals. The best thing about this Playstation is that you can get add many streaming platforms such as Showtime, HBO Max, Cinemax, and Starz.

You can start streaming with its free trial and if you want you can cancel your subscription any time you want. It also presents offer such as a bundle of the streaming platforms together including Disney, Hulu, and ESPPN+.

22. The Last Guardian

Well if you like nature and want to experience a relationship between humans and the mythical hybrid creatures then The Last Guardian (Download Here) will not disappoint you. In this game, you as a player will play with an animal who is half-bird and half mammal, known as Trico.

In this game, the pair have to unsolve the mystery of the castle, the nest. They have to clear the myth and find the reality of themselves together. It is a mystery cum traveling action game that a nature-loving gamer should add to their gaming collection.

The game has puzzles that will rattle your mind with fewer hints as to what to do and if you can handle all these with an adorable partner then The Last Guardian should be one of the Playstation apps in your console.

23. Disney+

We talked about almost every possible streaming platform that you can use on your PlayStation and we can not commit such a hideous crime of not involving Disney+ in the list of Playstation apps.

35 of The Best Must Have PlayStation Apps in 2022

Who and by Who I literally mean who doesn’t like Disney classics and getting unlimited movie choices at a single place by just spending less than $20, yes, yes, and yes, I’ll personally recommend you to spend that much.

You can enjoy Disney cult classics including Simba, Star Wars, Tron, Atlantis, Beauty and the Beast, and many more. We would not want you to miss some coming marvels projects such as WnadaVision, The Falcon, Winter Soldiers, Loki, etc.

Disney+’s library has a wide collection of marvel films, from all the 4 installments of the Avenger series to Drak Pheonix, Moana, Frozen, Cars, and the most loved movie Ratatouille. It is a whole package as you can not only stream movies and TV shows but can also watch sports as well as News. 

Disney+ has a special department for kids so if you have kids you can watch movies with them.

24. Vevo

There will be few names popping up on your screen when talking about streaming music videos and one such rare platform is Vevo that you can download on your Playstation 4 to stream unlimited music videos of your favorite singers.

Whether you like rock, r&b, classic, it would not matter as its large music library has every sort of music. Just like Spotify, you can have your own playlist of all your favorite songs that you can easily listen to whenever.

Not many offer you live shows and original videos and guess what, Vevo fills that bracket for you.

25. Spider-Man/Spider-Man: Miles Morales

If you have a Playstation console then it will definitely say downloading Spider-Man games is one of the best decisions you will ever make. It is a must-have PlayStation app that completes the excitement you were missing while playing games.

Shooting webs from the wrist, saving New York City from thugs, and having adrenal rushes when nearly saved from death experiences is what you are looking for then Spider-Man is the right game.

the game is a hit from its released timing and has gained good and positive critics from the gamers and is loved as much as comics and movies are loved.

26. IGN

A special news center for keeping a tab on any recently launched games then IGN is the right place. The PlayStation app has news from anything to everything regarding games. If you are not sure whether to download the app or not then you can also look up their game reviews to clear the doubt.

IGN is the best bet when it comes to having customized gaming services and getting helpful news and views. It has remote play and easy to switch video quality. When wrapping up I can say that IGN is one of the Playstation apps that is ready to give you the latest news regarding games and previews of them.

27. Apple TV

You will take my side if I say that the web version of Apple TV is pretty lame and not quite at the standard of Apple’s apps. 

35 of The Best Must Have PlayStation Apps in 2022

With it supporting 4k and HDR visual quality, you can stream Apple TV’s original movies and TV shows on better quality, just have to connect your Playstation with your advanced tv and you are all set for your binging spree.

It is available on your iPhones as well but streaming at a bigger device is more entertaining thus you can consider Apple TV among Playstation apps, also if you have the latest Playstation 5 console, you can use Apple TV on it.

28. Final Fantasy VII Remake

The most loved story of 1996 is converted into a 50-hour game, ain’t it awesome, Final Fantasy VII remake (Download Here) is one of the PlayStation apps that if you did not have downloaded it yet you should download right now.

Till the end, the suspension is maintained, and there are many alterations in the recently launched game as compared to the number of characters present in the game those days. Well, you can give it a shot if you loved the previous version. It can be an addition to your Playstation apps and games.

29. Within

You can have the best out of your PlayStation 5 and VR headset with this app, Within. It is a platform where you can see various VR  content and a whole lot of immersive experiences to get the right knowledge.

From matured and experienced content creators to a rookie, you can not only stream their content but also documentaries, as well as real-life VR clips, stories, and animations.WITHIN brings out the best of the best VR clips to your PlayStation.

It is much needed PlayStation apps for kids.

30. WeatherNation

If you want to know how your surrounding weather will be for the coming days then WeatherNation is the best solution that you can consider among Playstation apps. It provides an accurate weather report at your tips.

It would be great to know in advance whether it will be a rainy day or sunny so you won’t have to cancel your plans if there is a chance of rain. It has better weather insights to present will you so you will be altered before something hits you up.

31. Crackle

If what above-mentioned streaming platforms are not your cup of tea then Crackle is the right path to select. It has an ever-growing library of umpteenth movies and TV shows for the crowd who love going on a movies spree.

It provides you set of super-duper hits movies and television and the prime feature of this streaming platform is that you will have all the features at absolutely no cost. 

32. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a destination for people who love binge-watching TV serials and movies. It is a total package that comes with a library full of hits movies and TV shows. Its collection of genres varies from comedy, lifestyle, classic, to drama.

The best part of Tubi TV is that you can serve through any type of drama whether it’s Korean drama, British movies, or even animes. It is not seen in many streaming platforms that allow you to stream almost any kind of movies, and any genre.

33. PlutoTV

PlutoTV is all you need to stream movies, listen to the news, watch live sports. So, just download the application, prepare some popcorn and jump onto your couch to enjoy the amazingness of this app.

It has tons of live channels, including but not limited to CNBC, Skynews, Bloomberg. So, you can watch hours and hours of live TV while chugging down some soft drinks.

Talking about the UI, there’s nothing wrong here. It has a simple UI with a dark background making it perfect for the night. Navigating it quite effortless as well.

34. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer, as the name suggests, is for BBC lovers. It is more so a channel than an app but has some features that you won’t find in an app, such as Recommendations.

The app has one of the best AI systems that allows the user to get very personal recommendations and since the app is based on just one broadcasting company, you are not getting any fishy recommendations.

Another feature that may force you to download this app for your children is Parental Control. BBC iPlayer has one of the best parental control because of it focusing on one service and knowing every schedule of it.

35. VRV

VRV is a one-stop shop for you if all you need is a streaming service to watch some shows. It has tons of channels and a plethora of shows.

However, the quality is decent at best. Although it promises to have some of the best shows it doesn’t actually have. So, keep this in mind before gettings its subscription.

These were some of the best Playstation apps for you to try.