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9 Best PlayStation Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2022 

Are you a huge fan of PlayStation? Are you always in search of news and updates related to PlayStation 5?

Are you interested in consuming all the information related to the popular games played on one of the largest gaming platforms? If yes, I think you will like this review of the best PlayStation blogs.

I have rounded up all the amazing blogs and websites dealing solely with PlayStation. Whether you are engaged in playing the latest PS5 or simply an admirer of PlayStation nostalgia, you are in for some very exciting and informative content.

Let’s find out in detail about my top 9 sites focused on making the life of PlayStation lovers even more exciting! 

Best PlayStation Blogs and Websites 👌👌

1. PlayStation Blog  

PlayStation Blog (Visit Here) has to be the epitome among all the different sources, including blogs, websites, YouTube channels, Twitter handles, and Facebook pages discussing the PlayStation primarily.

Since Sony itself runs the official blog, you are always in for genuine, unbiased opinions on games and developers.

The website wears a very decent look with the simplest of user interfaces highlighting various important sections, including PS 4, PS 5, PS VR, and PS Vita.

Best PlayStation Blogs and Websites

You get a plethora of information from the website, including the latest news related to games, upcoming launches, pros and cons of already available games, expert opinions, detailed guides, and much more. 

The app also offers trending stories around the most loved games and updates related to changes in gameplay, features, modes, controls, and others.

The review posts on the website are only uploaded by experienced gaming professionals, that too, after extensively reviewing the games.

It doesn’t matter what information you want about PlayStation; this website has got you covered! The font, images, and overall look of the blog look sophisticated and professional.

I can say with some assurance that this website is an official source of information from the gaming platform itself. 

What Makes PlayStation Blog Special? 

  • Very clean and sophisticated user interface 
  • All the information is provided only by genuine gaming professionals 
  • The blog is updated regularly with the latest news 
  • A weekly podcast for PlayStation enthusiasts 
  • Highly recommended behind-the-scenes game secrets 

2. Push Square 

Regarding the genuine information related to PlayStation, the Push Square website will always be a point of discussion. A blue-colored, simple, and clean look is the biggest highlight of the blog.

The upper part deals with various important sections related to PlayStation, including news, reviews, features, videos, games, guides, and forums.

A very striking search bar is added to the top right that allows you to search whatever you want relevant to PlayStation.  

Best PlayStation Blogs and Websites 1

The “news” section lists multiple subsections, i.e., daily news, latest news, this week, last week, this month, and achieves. Regarding reviews of different games, the website only concerns the most relevant content.

Genuineness is one of the biggest highlights of this blog, and you can completely rely on it to get the most relevant information. The website also covers various major gaming websites like pure Xbox, Nintendo, and Eurogamer.  

Whether you want to be on top of high-quality news, reporting on the latest industry developments, or get informed about upcoming game releases or sales figures, this website is more than just enough for you.

It also features a massive collection of reviews, previews, videos, guides, quizzes, and polls to keep you always engaged.

If that’s not enough to excite you, you can try exploring multiple active forums to discuss everything related to PlayStation with like-minded people easily. 

Positives of Push Square:-

  • A very simple and enhanced look without any distraction 
  • Multiple tabs dealing with the different important aspects of PlayStation 
  • Reviews, guides, previews, videos, quizzes, and more  
  • Active forums for fans to discuss everything about PlayStation 
  • Genuine, unbiased gaming reviews by professionals 

3. PlayStation Universe (PSU) 

PlayStation Universe is another extremely useful website full of important information about all the game releases, recent news and developments, features, guides, reviews, and more.

You get genuine and honest reviews of the latest PS5 games and can decide easily whether to invest in a game. There are separate sections for PS5 and PS5 Plus games with only relevant content for real PlayStation fans.

The website constantly publishes an extraordinary number of stories and helps you with deep information about development, in-game events, changes around PS plus, newly launched games, and much more! 

9 Best PlayStation Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2022 

If you are interested in checking reviews and comparisons of the newly launched titles, you don’t have to go anywhere except the PlayStation universe.

The website also features a dedicated section of wallpaper collections for crazy PlayStation gamers to spice up their desktop beautifully.

Last, you can check out various active forums on the site to share your important thoughts related to PlayStation. 

Features of PlayStation Universe (PSU):-

  • An enhanced, uninterrupted user interface 
  • A surprising number of stories are regularly published 
  • Detailed information about in-game events, changes, new launches, and more 
  • A massive collection of Wallpapers, especially for crazy PlayStation fans 
  • An active forum for sharing your thoughts 

4. PLAYSTATION Trophies  

PLAYSTATION Trophies” is next on my list of the best PlayStation blogs. The website is highly popular among PlayStation lovers mainly because of its highly interactive forum, specially created for seasoned gamers.

Best PlayStation Blogs and Websites 3

The forum keeps you engaged with continuous discussion around the latest releases, developments, major in-game changes, and reviews.

With the website, you are always on top of the relevant information and can easily showcase your knowledge about the most popular games and stories around them. 

The website wears a very classy look and gives you a wonderful feel thanks to its interactive theme all around the sections of the website.

The “trophies” section is one of the most important aspects of this website. It keeps you updated with information about the leading PlayStation gamers across different titles and, more importantly, different regions. 

Constantly running video advertisements is one of the biggest negatives about the website, and it didn’t look very pleasant at the least.

However, there is no lack of information as far as everything around PlayStation is concerned. If you can deal with constantly disturbing video advertisements on the homepage, you are in for some very exciting things on the website. 

Features of PlayStation Trophies:-

  • Especially dedicated to the global trophy data. 
  • It also deals in upcoming releases, reviews, interviews, and more 
  • Important trophy guides for crazy PlayStation lovers 
  • A dedicated section dealing with global leaderboards 
  • A dark theme is also included 
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5. PlayStation Lifestyle  

Another PlayStation website (Visit Here) deals in almost everything related to the gaming platform. In addition to the latest news, the app offers detailed reviews, forums, admiral, as well as videos not only related to PS5 but PS4 and PS VR also.

You can access all the channels on the website, including Mandatory, Coming Soon, Game Revolution, Sher Dog, and Super Hero Hype.

PlayStation Lifestyle, Music Feeds, and Live Outdoors. The website wears a sophisticated black-and-blue look and is pleasing to the eyes.

9 Best PlayStation Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2022 

Whether you want to use it in a light theme or you prefer a dark theme, you get both options, and can easily switch by a button on top of the home screen.

The app serves you the latest news surrounding PlayStation and covers major industry rumors, recently launched games, gameplay videos, and much more.  

Honesty is something I have liked the most about the website, as it honestly reviews all the games and makes it fairly easy for you to decide based on pros and cons.

The website is not only about gaming but also talks exclusively about popular hardware like SSDs compatible with PS5.

All in all, PlayStation Lifestyle can be a great source of the latest information about PlayStation and all other relevant topics. 

Features of PlayStation Lifestyle:-

  • Wears a very simple and sophisticated look 
  • Deals extensively with PlayStation news as well as rumors 
  • Honest gaming reviews with pros and cons 
  • It helps you check out the quick overview of various games 
  • Dedicated tabs dealing with various important topics 

6. Reddit r/PS5  

one of the simplest PlayStation blogs, r/PS5 is specially designed for those still new to the world of PlayStation.

Created and managed by a very popular blogging site Reddit, you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of the content published on this blog.

If you are a die-hard PlayStation fan, you are always welcome not only to join already going discussions but can also opt for starting a new one.  

The website covers various important sources of information, including Wikipedia, Twitter, Sony official, discord, and the latest PlayStation collections.

Best PlayStation Blogs and Websites 5

Simplicity is one of this blog’s major highlights, allowing you to browse whatever you want with utmost ease and without worrying about disruptions and leggings.

You don’t have to be a PlayStation expert to be a part of the discussion on this blog, as it allows everyone to have a say.  

On the website, you can seamlessly check out the latest developments in the PlayStation industry, sudden changes in terms and conditions by the Sony team, exciting offers on the latest PlayStation games, and many other things.

The PlayStation blog by Redditt has a community of more than two million exciting PlayStation fans, with dozens of sections dealing with the latest news, reviews, videos, previews, and more.  

And, without any surprise, you can always comment on the content shared by fellow PlayStation fans. It can be tricky to navigate, but undeniably a wonderful source of information for crazy PlayStation lovers. 

Features of r/PS5:-

  • Exclusively curated by the leading blogging site, Redditt 
  • Deals expertly in the latest news and developments around the industry  
  • Allows all the users to get engaged in the discussions  
  • Reviews, previews, and videos across various categories  
  • Collects information from the most legitimate sources 

7. IGN  

IGN is not primarily a PlayStation blog but is surely out there as one of the leading gaming forums for all the information related to PlayStation and other major gaming platforms.

A dedicated “PlayStation” section on the website exclusively deals with everything related to the PlayStation industry.

You can easily see detailed reviews of the latest gaming titles and decide whether you should invest in them.  

In addition to the latest news, the app also supports you with everything trending in the industry, exciting videos covering many unique topics, articles published by highly experienced PlayStation professionals, and reviews by a dedicated team of writers.

As far as the website’s overall look is concerned, it is comparably below average but meets all the expectations of a decent blogging site.  

9 Best PlayStation Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2022 

If you are unsatisfied with the written content, you always have the option of exploring dozens of short videos to have at least an experience of what you will get from specific games.

It might not be a website for PlayStation only, but it is surely packed with exciting content relevant to it – even more than some Sony-specific websites!

Whether you are searching for the latest news, developments, changes, videos, screenshots, and exciting deals, you can expect almost everything from the blog.  

Features of IGN:-

  • Latest news and developments in the PlayStation world  
  • Short video reviews to help you understand upcoming titles  
  • Exclusive articles published by PlayStation experts  
  • A massive source of information covering multiple topics  
  • It also talks about mods and hardware manufacturing  
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7. GameSpot  

Like IGN, GameSpot is not a website specifically for PlayStation but is doing wonderfully well in providing relevant information.

The popular gaming website is known for offering various modifications and cheat codes to successfully check out the demos of upcoming PlayStation and other computer games.

The website helps you with discussion forums, reviews, downloads, and many other details about almost all the upcoming games.

In addition to video console games, you can also find important information related to mobile games. 

9 Best PlayStation Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2022 

The website allows you to join the discussion forums and also get access to some special features.

Premium membership is available at $30 per year, including hassle-free and faster downloads, exclusive access to various live events, and much more.

Launched in 1996, the website is very popular among professional gamers mainly because of its highly informative and genuine reviews.

So, if you are into PlayStation, you should definitely check this website at least once!  

Features of GameSpot:-

  • An extensive blog covering a lot of different games  
  • It makes understanding upcoming games easier and more exciting 
  • Exciting deals exclusively available for PlayStation lovers 
  • Informative videos recorded by the experts only  
  • PlayStation themes for both Android phones and Windows desktop  

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What Happens If You Spend 100 Hours Playing Video Games

8. Video Games Chronicle  

Video Games Chronicle is one of the largest sources of information not only for PlayStation lovers but for those interested in other exciting games.

It is not similar to other PlayStation blogs discussed above but perfectly delivers exclusive news, critiques, and insights for knowledgeable gamers and audiences.

Best PlayStation Blogs and Websites 8

The website can be the ultimate source of information for gamers, aspiring creators, informed consumers, and even industry professionals.

If you search for reliable reporting covering the global gaming industry without a nonsense approach, this website can be your best option. 

The gaming website only hires highly experienced journalists and content creators for its genuine content and doesn’t believe in empty rhetoric or clickbait.

It is a relatively new entrant in the gaming industry but has successfully made a mark as one of the most trusted platforms for seasoned gamers.

The website constantly posts recent PlayStation news, so you always have something to look at.

Whether you want to know about the next PlayStation games, are aiming to find out in detail about the latest game trailers, or have reader comments, this blog is more than just suitable for you! 

Features of Video Games Chronicle:-

  • Clean and interactive user interface 
  • Always takes care of the genuineness and quality of the content 
  • Complete information available regarding millions of different games 
  • Exclusive news, reviews, comparisons, and more 
  • Complete transparency in affiliate link policy 

9. PS Deals  

PS Deals is the last, but undeniably not the least, on my list of the best PlayStation blogs. As the name suggests, the website specifically deals with various exciting deals available in the PlayStation world.

The website lets you always stay on top of all the PlayStation games prices and helps you decide whether you should purchase a particular game.

Once you have signed up on the website, it will keep you updated and open instant notifications whenever a game is launched, or its price is announced.

Through the website, you can easily explore almost all the games offered by the official PlayStation website. 

Important details, including price stats, reviews, add-ons, ratings, cheats, screenshots, release dates, what’s inside, etc., are all readily available on the website.

The most exciting thing about the website is that it gives you multiple personalization options through which you can get the experience based on your preferences.

The website also allows you to sync all your details with mobile applications. You can seamlessly sync all the details across multiple devices, including settings, subscriptions, sync lists, and more. 

Features of PS Deals:-

  • Keeps you updated with all the latest news through instant notifications 
  • A wide range of PlayStation games to explore 
  • Price drop notifications through email 
  • Multiple personalization options are available 
  • The premium subscription gives you access to multiple stores 
To Sum it Up  

These are my top 9 PlayStation blogs dealing in almost everything related to the PlayStation world. The official PlayStation website is the best, from my point of view, but other websites are also very useful.

Whether you want to see information about upcoming PlayStation launches, want to keep track of official prices, are you are even interested in reading various articles, reviews, or genuine opinions, you don’t have to find out any other website or blog.

These nine blogs will help you with everything related to PlayStation. Save your thanks for some other exciting reviews in the future!