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5 Best Pocket Alternatives To Save Articles For Reading

Web browsing and internet surfing have been the favorite hobbies for many. People love looking out for new things and information.

However, we often don’t feel like reading something at the moment and think about catching it later. But when we look back, the article or piece we were reading seems lost.

In that scenario, it’s very regretful to have missed reading out something that could have been a great piece of information. However, technologies have made it possible for every person not to fall prey to such regretful circumstances.

With applications like Pocket, formerly known as “Read It Later,” it has become possible for anyone to save an article over the web and read it later.

So, you can just put the article in a safe place and return to it whenever you feel like it. You need not worry about the article getting lost in any manner.

Additionally, you can explore the application for more features and functionalities and have great browsing and surfing experiences.

However, this is possible only when you are ready to loosen your pockets a little. Pocket is a costly application; if you want to use it, you must subscribe for approximately $5 a month.

Now, that doesn’t seem too much on the face, but paying that much to keep some articles saved for reading in the future seems quite extravagant.

If you feel the same, then luckily enough, we’ve got some Pocket alternatives that you could try.

Best Pocket Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

The love for reading is very different, and when you enjoy picking up new things through web browsing and internet surfing, it goes to a whole new level.

However, you always do not find the time or interest to read something you found online.

Applications like Pocket are great to help you save such articles for a read later. However, as much as you love it, paying too much for these applications wouldn’t seem feasible.

Now, Pocket is a great application, but it costs a lot. So, you want to look out for some alternatives. Well, we’ve made the job easier for you.

Although not every Pocket alternative is as good as Pocket itself, you can try these alternatives. If you like them, they’ll be worth your time, and you’d save some money as well.

So, without any more talks and discussions around it, let’s move on to some of the best Pocket alternatives you can try to save articles online for a later read.

1. Instapaper – Pocket Alternatives To sync the articles and videos

If one application stands in a very similar place to Pocket, it’s Instapaper. It’s the perfect bookmark management application with all the rich functionalities and features for a seamless reading experience. 

Although it’s not a free application, you need to pay much less than Pocket. Instead of $5 a month for Pocket, you can get Instapaper for just $3 a month. This is the highest point in being inclined toward this application.

In addition to the lower pricing, the application has a brilliant user interface with easy navigation and control.

You can easily save articles to read later and, in fact, anything that you find over the web and would want to keep preserved on your device.

Be it pictures, videos, ebooks, blogs, or articles, you can use Instapaper to save them all for a read, watch, or view later.

Best Pocket Alternatives

Moreover, the reading experiences here will be phenomenal, with the ability to beautifully customize everything on the application.

You can customize the application for its themes, templates, colors, and backgrounds. With that, you’ll be able to read in a highly personalized setting that will feel more entertaining, fun, and interesting.

Moreover, you can even remove any other distractions on the screen while you read by decluttering the article within the application.

This way, you can have a more focused reading experience that feels better on your eyes.

5 Best Pocket Alternatives To Save Articles For Reading

Also, you need not be online to use this application. So, it’s a great thing to have on your device.

In case you ever get stuck in a no-network area and feel like there’s nothing to do, you can go on and read the articles that you bookmarked for later.

Also, if sometimes you don’t feel like reading, you can always hear. All you’d need to do is turn on the text-to-speech feature in the application, and the voice assistant will read the entire article to you.

This feature is particularly helpful when the articles are extremely long, but you want to know all the information quickly and without much effort.

With all these features, the application is certainly one of the best in-store and a catch for its subscription price.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

2. Raindrop – All-in-one Pocket Alternatives Bookmark Manager

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for an online bookmarks manager, Raindrop would be the best application for you.

The best part about the application is that it’s free to start. However, if you go for the free version, you’ll have limited options that will not match the Pocket level.

But subscribing to the application is not as costly as Pocket either. Its subscription costs only $2.99 a month.

This is much lower than Pocket, and you’d not feel paying this much for phenomenal reading and online articles, videos, and image management applications like Raindrop is too heavy on your budget.

Once you subscribe to the application, you can keep saving things on the application without any limits and constraints.

Be it images, videos, articles, or any webpage, you can bookmark it and put it in Raindrop for viewing, watching, and reading later.

Best Pocket Alternatives 1
Organize with ease

Moreover, using the application’s seamless customization abilities, you can add your bits of personalization for better and more interesting, entertaining, and focused reading experiences. 

Also, if you’re a person who loves keeping things in order, then you’re going to love this application. Not only can you just put the bookmarks here, but you can organize them well based on multiple criteria.

You can create different folders for your collection and categorize them according to your preferences. This way, you’ll have more sorted, and you’d be able to find the files, images, videos, and links you’re looking for much faster.

Another major highlight of this application is its ability to collaborate with others. So, this application will be perfect for you if you like to work in teams and need to share online articles and web pages with your colleagues.

Even if you enjoy sharing things with your friends, the application will be helpful, and you won’t have to go through the hassles of copying the links or downloading specific media for sharing the same.

You can use the application and carry on with the sharing partly directly from them.

With all of these features and functionalities, going for the paid version rather than the free one seems worth it.

You can give it a try with the free version for some days and then move ahead to purchasing a subscription if you feel. Either way, you’ll not regret giving your time and space to this application.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

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3. Evernote – Pocket alternatives To Remember everything important

Evernote is one name anyone in the habit of reading and taking notes might have heard of and used. Besides, this is a great application for saving and bookmarking links later.

Unlike other applications that save things in different files and folders, Evernote saves them in digital notebooks.

These digital notebooks are much similar to folders, but they make things more accessible and easier to find.

Whatever you’re looking for, you can go through the tags and find the file you need in no time at all.

5 Best Pocket Alternatives To Save Articles For Reading

Talking about tags, it’s pretty clear that Evernote manages everything and organizes everything.

You can save the links and files systematically per your specific and personal preferences. This makes it easy for you to get on with the reading on the application.

In addition to saving articles and notes for later reads, the application is also designed to store your pictures and videos.

So, if you love some video or picture you’ve been watching online, you can just put it into your Evernote account, and the application will embed the same in a separate notebook.

Another great feature of the application is its ability to work offline. All your notebooks from Evernote are available offline.

So, if you’re facing trouble with the networks and cannot find anything else to do, you can access your notebooks and use your spare time to read the things you have probably saved for situations like these.

The best part is that you get all of this for free. In that sense, it looks like the perfect alternative to Pocket because you get everything you need without spending any money.

However, you can have the best from this application by paying for a subscription, and although not necessary, paying as little as $3.99 a month can open you up to a new set of features and functionalities on Evernote.

This amount is less than the subscription amount you would pay for Pocket.

Beginners Guide To Using The Evernote Web Clipper

Considering all these things, the application is great, and you’ll surely not regret trying it.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

4. PaperSpan – Pocket alternatives To Read & Listen to web articles

Another great and brilliant alternative to Pocket is PaperSpan despite its outdated user interface, which gives tough competition to Pocket, especially regarding the cost you’d have to bear for the application.

For starters, you won’t have to bear any costs if you’re okay with using the tool under some limitations.

However, if you want to go premium, you have to pay just $8.99 a year, much less than the $44.99 a year you’d pay for Pocket.

Now, moving on to talking about the application’s features, you’ll love the things it has in store.

The features and functionalities are much in tandem with those of Pocket, and some are even better.

Best Pocket Alternatives 3

You can read in a clutter-free environment with a clean and sleek view. This encourages a more focused reading, and you stay interested and engaged throughout the article.

In addition to forming a more focused reading habit, the application lets you track those habits.

As such, you can get all the insights you need about the reading you’ve been doing over the application.

The application would show you what you’ve been reading, how much time you took to read a certain article if that was good enough reading time and many other things like that.

With these insights, you’d easily be able to improve your reading time and habits, which will help you big time for many things.

Another great thing about the application is how easy it makes organizing your articles. It’s like a beautifully designed and arranged personal library.

The application would automatically sort and categorize the articles you save. So, you’d get separate folders for different categories and genres. This way, you can pick out whatever you want to read.

5 Best Pocket Alternatives To Save Articles For Reading

Besides that, you can even have the application speak up the articles for you. So, if you don’t feel like reading or want to gather the information in the saved articles on the go, you can tune into the text-to-speech feature of the application, plug in your earphones, and start listening.

The best part is that you can do it all, even in a no-network zone. All the articles on PaperSpan are available to you, even in offline settings.

So, if you don’t want to be disturbed by notifications or other distractions as you read, you can turn off the data and enjoy the phenomenal reading experience on PaperSpan.

With all that said about the application, it seems perfect for any person who loves reading and wants to enjoy that love in fun, focused, interesting, and non-costly manner.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

5. Wallabag – Cost Effective pocket alternatives

So far, along with the list, we’ve mentioned Pocket alternatives that cost less; however, Wallabag goes beyond that and offers everything for free.

Of course, there would be in-app purchases, but that’s your choice, and you won’t face limitations even if you don’t make those purchases.

With that, Wallabag is a strong competitor to Pocket even though its user interface and other features and functionalities are not as appealing as the original application itself.

But as we mention, the application being free of cost is not the only factor for it being on our list of the best Pocket alternatives.

The application is pretty good and sleek when it comes to its usage. You can easily understand the application and get the hang of it quickly.

5 Best Pocket Alternatives To Save Articles For Reading

It sure lacks customization abilities, but you can still enjoy a seamless reading experience over it, considering that it grants a clutter-free view wherein you can have a more focused reading.

Moreover, while the interface is not very good, it will still ensure that your eyes don’t hurt as you read through the articles.

Also, while the application lacks advanced features and functionalities, it offers a medium to integrate those features with the ability to easily and seamlessly import data from other applications like it, for instance, from Pocket, Instapaper, Pinboard, and more.

Considering that fact, it’s not that bad to try, either. What’s more, is that’s not it about this bookmarks management application. A major highlight of this particular application is that it’s available as an add-on.

You can easily find Wallabag extensions for browsers like Chrome and Firefox. So, you can install the extension, activate it on your browser, and have more ease and smoothness in using this application.

With the add-on over your browser, it will become much faster and easier to save and bookmark links. Moreover, the access to the articles and links you save will be directly from the browser. So, that would be very fast and easy, and you’ll love a reading experience like that.

Now, when we talk about access to the articles in your collection, another good thing is that you’ll be able to select the genre you want to read and directly get to it.

This is possible because Wallabag allows you to create separate tags for the articles.

So, you can know exactly what genre a certain piece belongs to and ensure you don’t waste time finding the articles you want to read.

With all of that, you’d love to try out the application, and the slightly unpleasant user interface will not become that big an issue after all.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store


Now, we’ve detailed five of the best Pocket alternatives for you. However, we are sure that you still have some questions about the Pocket application itself and probably about how you’d choose the right alternative from this list of the best five.

Is there a better app than Pocket?

Some pocket alternatives that you may want to consider include:-

Instapaper: This app allows you to save articles and other content for later reading and provides a range of formatting and customization options.

Evernote: This app allows you to save and organize a wide range of content, including notes, documents, web articles, and more.

OneNote: This app, part of the Microsoft Office suite, allows you to save and organize notes, web articles, and other types of content in a flexible and customizable way.

Readability: This app focuses on saving and formatting web articles for later reading and provides a range of customization options.

The perfect app for you will ultimately rely on your requirements and tastes. Several different apps may better fit your needs, even though Pocket is a well-respected and popular software.

Which is better Pocket or Instapaper?

Users of the apps Pocket and Instapaper can save articles, movies, and other content for later consumption.

These frequently used applications come with various features that simplify saving and organizing information for later enjoyment.

Here are a few key differences between the two apps:-

User interface:- While Instapaper’s user interface is more conventional and text-focused, pockets are more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing.

Customization options:- Compared to Pocket, Instapaper provides a wider range of customization options for formatting and decorating saved articles.

Platform availability:- Unlike Instapaper, which is exclusively accessible on iOS and the web, Pocket is accessible on a larger range of devices, including Android, iOS, the web, and several browser extensions.

Which app is most suitable for you will ultimately rely on your preferences and requirements.

Depending on your particular needs, one of the well-known and respected programs Pocket or Instapaper, can be an excellent alternative.

Are Pocket extensions safe?

Security updates and other upgrades are often released for pocket extensions, making them safe to use.

However, it is crucial to use caution when using Pocket and to take security and privacy precautions as with any software or extension.

Here are a few tips for using Pocket safely:-

1. Create a secure, one-time password for your Pocket account, and keep it to yourself.

2. Pay close attention to the stuff you save to Pocket and decide if it is suitable or pertinent to your requirements.

3. To manage who can see and share your saved content, use Pocket’s privacy settings.

4. Add two-factor authentication to your settings to increase security.

By adhering to these best practices, you can ensure that using Pocket is safe and secure. You can get help from Pocket customer care if you have any worries regarding your account’s security or your information’s privacy.

Why is Pocket better than bookmarks?

Users can save web pages and other items for later viewing using tools like bookmarks and pockets.

However, there are a few key differences between the two:-

Syncing:- With Pocket, you may store content on one device and access it later from any other device that has the program installed.

For instance, if you want to save something on your desktop and read it later on your phone, this can be helpful.

While bookmarks are often not synchronized between devices, they are typically only accessible on the device where they were originally generated.

Organization:- Pocket lets you arrange your saved stuff into folders and tags to make identifying and retrieving certain items simpler.

You might need to use your browser’s search feature to identify a certain bookmark because bookmarks normally don’t provide as much organization functionality.

Formatting:- Long articles or papers can be read more easily with Pocket’s various formatting and customization options for saved information. No formatting or modification options are available for bookmarks.

Compared to bookmarks, Pocket is a more feature-rich and practical tool for saving and organizing web information.

It is especially helpful if you wish to access your saved content from other devices or require more formatting and organization options.

Does Pocket still exist?

Users can continue saving articles, videos, and other information using the active and popular Pocket app.

The web, numerous browser extensions, Android, iOS, and other platforms all support Pocket. The app’s user base is substantial, engaged, and frequently updated with new functions and enhancements.

Organizing and saving stuff that you wish to read or watch later is simple and beneficial with the help of Pocket.

In addition to syncing material between devices, it is particularly helpful for saving articles and other long-form content that you might not have time to read or watch immediately.

Is Pocket still good?

Many people use Pocket because it is usually regarded as excellent and trustworthy software and is popular worldwide.

The application’s user-friendly design and several functions make it simple to save and arrange information for later consumption.

When you don’t have time to read or view lengthy information immediately, Pocket saves it and transfers it between devices.

Which is better, Pocket or Evernote?

Evernote and Pocket let users save and organize stuff, but they differ in some important ways that may make one more appropriate for your requirements.

Here are a few key differences between the two apps:-

Purpose:- Evernote is a more multifaceted app that lets you save and organize various content types, including notes, documents, web articles, and more.

In contrast to Pocket, which primarily focuses on saving and organizing articles, videos, and other long-form content for later viewing, Evernote is more general-purpose.

Formatting:- Long articles or papers can be read more easily with Pocket’s various formatting and customization options for saved information.

Evernote primarily stores and manages notes and text-based content, offering basic formatting possibilities.

Collaboration:- Compared to Pocket, Evernote offers more sophisticated collaboration options, such as sharing notes and notebooks with other users.

The best app for you depends on your needs and tastes. The main purpose of Pocket may be to save and organize long-form content for subsequent perusal.

Evernote can be a better option if you require a more all-around program for storing and managing various information kinds.

Is Pocket worth buying?

If you routinely save stuff for later viewing and want a tool to make it easier to retrieve and organize, Pocket might be a wise choice.

However, Pocket could not be financially worthwhile if you don’t require such a tool or would rather use another app or technique to save content.

Does Pocket sell data?

According to Pocket’s privacy statement, the business may use particular user data to offer and enhance its services.

Users’ content saved to Pocket, reading and watching histories, and information about their browser and device may all be included.

However, Pocket only uses this information internally to enhance the app, offers individualized recommendations, and does not sell it to outside parties.

Pocket protects user privacy and does not divulge user information to outside parties.

You can ask the company’s customer support staff for more information if you have any questions about the privacy and security of your data when using Pocket.

Can I read Pocket offline?

Before using it, you must first enable Offline Mode in the app’s settings. After that, you must download the content you want to access offline.

You can read and watch your saved content even when you are not connected to the internet once Offline Mode is enabled and you have downloaded the content you wish to access.

Pocket’s Offline Mode is a handy feature that lets you view your stored information whenever and wherever you like, even if you do not have an internet connection.

This is especially helpful when traveling or internet access is scarce or unpredictable.

Well, we’ve attempted to answer some of the questions we often encounter about these bookmarks management applications. Have a read!

(Q) Is the Pocket application the best for bookmarks management?

Well, the application is the best, without a doubt. It’s one of the first bookmarks management applications, and none of the other applications is as feature-rich as Pocket. The only issue with Pocket is its high pricing. Other than that, it’s for sure the best you could get.

(Q) Would it be worth paying the higher price for Pocket?

If you’re an avid reader who loves to research and explore and wants to use as many features and functionalities as possible for a phenomenal reading experience, it would be worth paying the higher price. The Pocket application is worth it.

However, if you want a simple application that would meet your needs for keeping some links saved so that you can go through them later, then any of the alternatives to the Pocket application would be a better choice.

So, whether the application is worth it depends on your personal preferences and needs.

(Q) What are the major things to consider when looking for a bookmarks management application?

The most important things you must consider when looking for a bookmarks management application are its user interface, ease, and simplicity.

Besides that, you must look into the view it provides for reading and ensure that it’s distraction-free and soothing to your eyes. It would also be great if you would look for the applications’ customization abilities and features to categorically sort the articles and links that you save to it.

Besides that, you want to consider the pricing and be sure it is worth the value.

Final Words on the pocket alternatives list

So, that’s all about the best Pocket alternatives. Each is unique and brilliant; your choice would depend on your preferences and needs.

We hope that you found the article helpful and are excited to explore and find the best bookmarks management applications for providing you with the most amazing and out-of-the-world reading experiences.