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11 Of The Best Polaroid Frame Apps To Try Out

Preserve memories for life with mesmerizing polaroid photos. Polaroid instant print cameras are well-considered for small frame photos that contain a free space at the bottom for labels.

Unfortunately, not everyone can spend a high cost to buy these cameras. Now, there is no need to spend huge amounts on an expensive Polaroid camera. Download great polaroid frame apps from the list mentioned in this handout and take amazing photos cost-effectively.

These applications are one of the latest trends among Android and iOS users. Many such apps allow admirable photo edits, add effects, and many more features. One can print the clicked photos or edit them to retro-looking images, and paste them into the album. 

Best Polaroid Frame Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Polaroid Originals

Create a perfect polaroid photo album with the free Polaroid Originals app. Users can unlock some creative tools and can get more out of their analog instant photography. The application has a news feed and gives assistance on how to take a picture-perfect photo. 

Set a timer and make it convenient to take selfies. It is one of the effective polaroid frame apps that turns digital images into instant ones through a smartphone’s screen. Use this app as a photo editor and change the characteristics of the original pic. 

Meet the Polaroid OneStep+ Camera

Within the Polaroid Lab and OneStep + camera featured by this app, one can benefit from noise triggers, light painting, portrait mode, and even manual mode. Whether one wants to turn a digital picture into a polaroid photo or wants to create a collage of two, three, or nine frames, the app is recommendable.

Shadows are a crucial part of polaroid photos. This app captures shadows and offers unique ideas for creating photos. Featuring a portrait mode, one can also use this app as a camera. 


  • With the AR feature, one can embed a second image or video into a polaroid picture. 
  • Users can store high-quality digital copies of their polaroid pictures by using an in-built scanner. 
  • The app offers brilliant quality and is user-friendly. 
  • Different modes make it trouble-free for users to get the photos in a trendy format. 


  • It is quite tricky to scan images of the smartphone.
  • Not all pictures printed come out to be perfect. 

Click here to download Polaroid Originals on Android

Click here to download Polaroid Originals on iPhone

2. 1998 Cam- Vintage Camera

Young people and even professional photographers who want to capture, edit, or share beautiful photos and videos must try this app.

This trendy camera app lets users generate stunning photos with a vintage touch. It features retro, film, vintage, landscape, mood, portrait, color boost, and more than 100 other filters. 

1998 Cam - Vintage Camera

A throwaway camera with a date stamp is useful to give wonderful photos and videos of the valuable retro feel of the analog film. Being one of the best polaroid frame apps, 1998 Cam offers prevalent film effects including kiosk, polaroid camera, and grainy filter effects.

Advanced Photo and video editor lets users change the properties of images and video. It includes warmth, brightness, vibrancy, contrast, exposure, saturation, fade, tone, grain, and sharpness. One can effortlessly import photos and videos from the phone album and can save them to the gallery after editing.


  • Users can make 90s retro-looking images and video clips with light streaks using this vintage camera.
  • The classic date and time stamp make photographs look like they were captured on school disposable cameras.
  • One can change all the effects and filters after taking the photo and save it in the gallery.
  • Realistic 3D effects and instant preview allow one to review a clear retro touch instantaneously.  
  • Users can share edited photos and videos with other apps or social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.


  • There is a lot of disturbance due to numerous advertisements in the free version.
  • When editing images, there is little control over functions.

Click here to download 1998 Cam on Android  

Click here to download 1998 Cam on iPhone

3. MolyCam

Make every moment in life as valuable and unforgettable as it is supposed to be with a retro film camera. MolyCam lets the users edit photos with impressive analog film qualities.

The application designs almost every feature in the fuji style. One can capture astonishing photos in life through the viewfinder. 

Best Polaroid Frame Apps

Bring current clicked pictures back to old times with 50+ retro film filters. By experiencing the wonderful presets in one of the amazing polaroid frame apps, one can feel the charm of retro films.

The app features more than 60 light leak effects, refined textures, and color shifts to cherish the best in a user’s life. The best part is one can create their retro film stories with diverse Instax photo frames. These frames are available with different patterns and catalogs. With just a fingertip, one can convert their boring photos into traditional ones.

What’s more? The app updates frequently so that one can enjoy a modern plus user-friendly interface. Users can access highlights, stickers, resize photos, and even can share their photographs with friends on social networks.


  • Users can choose what they need from the diverse list of filters and effects. 
  • One can use the MolyCam app as a photo editor and upload photos directly from their smartphones.
  • There are more than 15 photo frames available for Instax paper.
  • Flexible adjustment on ratio and portrait details featured by the app makes it effortless to use.


  • The instant photos edited do not look so actual due to the frame.
  • To get more fun filters, one has to pay.

Click here to download MolyCam on Android 

Click here to download MolyCam on iPhone


Used by over 200 million people across the world, SNOW is one of the best polaroid frame apps. It allows users to create and save custom beauty effects effortlessly.

The polaroid frames are set in the ‘frame’ section. It is better to use the shots taken on the phone camera and then edit them in the app.

Best Polaroid Frame Apps 1

Regular updates make it trouble-free to explore a diverse variety of stickers. With few taps, one can create professional photo edits. Users can try special seasonal filters to add color to everyday life. 

Featuring playful filters, entertaining effects, and fun stickers, SNOW is a perfect app to capture happy memories with loved ones. One can also take profile-worthy selfies with this camera app using stylish AR makeup features.

The app features self-destructive messages, which means all photos and videos sent can only be replayed once. The best part is that the user who shared pictures will get a notification if any of the acquaintances take a screenshot of the post. 


  • By choosing the photos that require editing, one can do whatever one wants. They can rotate, twist, apply effects, or anything to maximize the retro-style result. 
  • Instant photo and video sharing options are available.
  • One can experiment with creative and fun stickers along with numerous filters.
  • Users can benefit from animated GIFs and video notes.
  • Automatic one-time looking of videos and images makes the app awe-inspiring.


  • No feature is available for facial recognition.
  • One might feel some filters to be culturally insensitive. 

Click here to download SNOW on Android 

Click here to download SNOW on iPhone

5. VNTG- Vintage Camera

Inspired by the most iconic prompt cameras of all time, VNTG allows users to get the best vintage photos. Competing with other similar retro photo editing apps, vintage cameras offer something above and beyond that makes it cost-worthy. 

One can get instant nostalgia to feel with this application. Choose the desired camera or import photos, and transform them in a click. 

11 Of The Best Polaroid Frame Apps To Try Out

Each vintage camera involves characteristic style along with analog filters, border textures, exclusive fonts, and even some aged effects. Among various polaroid frame apps, VNTG is considered one of the cool, trouble-free, and fast applications to use. 

To personalize any of the old photographs, import them from the smartphone. After that, the user can apply colorful textures, handwritten fonts, filters, and other photo adjustment tools. The plus point is that one can save the edited photo in the gallery freely.

VNTG Print Service is also available that offers top-notch quality retro format printing. One can select instant photos, confirm the order, and then get unique and personalized prints home.  


  • A vintage camera is ideal for love gifts, travel memories, special events, and other occasions. 
  • The print service allows users to get photos with a high-quality printing format and personalized settings.
  • The app allows its users to transform old phone photos into modish retro creations.
  • Text editing, social media sharing, and other features keep amateur photographers happy.


  • There is no option available to order prints.
  • No free version of the app is accessible. 

Click here to download VNTG on Android

Click here to download VNTG on iPhone


Formerly designed for casual photographers to focus on taking pictures rather than post-production retouches, the app is now used to edit old photos.

One can take a photo directly in the NOMO application or can select any photo from the phone gallery. In every way, the user has to wait to get the same polaroid card in the digital setup.

11 Of The Best Polaroid Frame Apps To Try Out

Find all the cameras that one can purchase, download, and use by clicking on the ‘Camera’ button and the ‘Shop’ button. Once taken a picture, effects like a light leak, curves, frames, sharpening, vignette, and more get added to the image. 

To use the ‘double exposure’ effect, one can press the button ‘double exposure’ and capture two photographs. Not only two but there are also unlimited possibilities that users can try. 

The UI is simple yet stunning, and the app camera captures every little detail beautifully. Anyone who loves photography cannot go wrong with some of the effective polaroid frame apps like NOMO. 


  • Users will get a natural-looking picture without a terrible or dull glare.
  • The app is an emulator of film cameras and possesses a wide number of cameras.
  • Without looking overbroad on the filters, one can add a certain look to the pictures.
  • NOMO PRO memberships permit users to use all the new cameras unlimitedly. 


  • No feature is available to organize cameras in a way to group them.
  • It is quite expensive as some cameras involve purchases and subscriptions. 

Click here to download NOMO on an Android device

Click here to download NOMO on iPhone

7. Nichi: Collage and Stories Maker

Storytellers can now create beautiful stories using templates on Nichi. The app name comes from some Japanese word pronunciation that brings the hope of helping users to record everyday life.

Being a toolkit for narrators, the app permits users to cherish emotion, every single detail, and feel the wonder of time. 

Best Polaroid Frame Apps 4

One can create attractive collage layouts for an Instagram story with Nichi. It is one of the best Instagram status and stories editor apps that offers a wide range of templates and frames. With polaroid frame apps, users can get more likes and followers on their IG stories. 

By using golden, chroma, gradient, glitter, or magic writing texture, one can become a mood board writer. It is convenient to change the background color, move and zoom the photo stickers, and simulate distinct paper textures.  

Multiple clip art images, sketches, and tapes are available to decorate Insta stories incredibly. The app features a photo cut tool that enables users to make custom stickers and combine them with fashion preset stickers. 


  • Users can create extraordinary stories, complete layouts, and even cover headlines.
  • It is a free app for story writers to highlight their stories with white borders, text, and some special fonts.
  • One can use free stickers, text, templates, frames, and brush features to create and customize stories on a blank canvas.
  • Elegant templates and well-designed frames allow storytellers to attract a large number of viewers towards their fascinated stories.
  • One can make their pictures trendy or old-fashioned in every way using a layout background.


  • There is no undo feature, which makes it messy while positioning the image.
  • One cannot add stickers or templates without an internet connection. 

Click here to download Nichi on android 

Click here to download Nichi on iPhone

8. InFrame – Photo Editor & Pics Frame

Turn boring photos into awesome artworks with easy-to-use polaroid frame apps. InFrame helps users to upgrade the beauty of their photos to high levels. One can make their photograph look like it was taken by professionals with tons of features available on this app. 

11 Of The Best Polaroid Frame Apps To Try Out

Convey the current mood to others without a word with different filters. Along with it, there are different color schemes as every color narrates a distinct story. One can highlight their subject using blur style. From the color picker, users can modify background colors that match an image in a better way.

With bountiful fonts and colors, one can add text to record the story behind the ig post. It involves time, moment, watermark, and more. One can also add their signature to let the world know whom this unique post belongs to. 

By touching any part of the image, users can move, scale, and rotate it. The app provides the user with an entire freestyle operation to achieve the desired goal effortlessly. It can combine up to 9 images to create an astounding collage in a plethora of styles. 


  • A handy layout permits the user to move, scale, and even crop the image with any position and proportion. 
  • Users can make their photos outstanding in plentiful posts using high-standard frames and exclusive filters.
  • Save the edited photos to camera roll and share them to various social media platforms like Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and more. 
  • One-stop photo editor offers abundant editing tools from zoom in and out with gesture and one-step retouch ability.


  • The app sometimes becomes slow while saving an image.
  • Filter selection may become a task for some users.

Click here to download InFrame on Android

Click here to download InFrame on iPhone

9. StoryArt – Insta story editor for Instagram

Unfold wonderful stories and make them a piece of art with StoryArt. It is a story collage editor app offering more than 3000 stunning templates and a flawless IG highlight cover maker. These templates include different styles like a digital wave, ripped paper, film, and more.

Best Polaroid Frame Apps 6

One cannot miss over 500 highlight cover templates to beautify their profile. Processional filters let users adjust their photos in simple steps. It involves Morandi, amber, cocoa, and many others. Stretch out to customize Instagram reels and stories through post templates with different ratios.

One can become an outstanding storyteller using polaroid frame apps like StoryArt. Wonderful filters and a professional toolbox allow users to edit any image or video to make them amazing. Users can show their WhatsApp status, quizzes, and captions with a unique style of hype-type text. 


  • One can write down their thoughts and mood with unique font styles.
  • Users can turn their photos into a creative analog film using vintage film filters. Additionally, one can find some stunning polaroid frames to create awesome polaroid-style photographs. 
  • By using glitter and sparkle effects, one can make the story chic shine in astonishing ways. 
  • High-quality Tezza and Vsco filters fit perfectly into any event story.


  • There is a limited color selection.
  • Most of the animations featured are purchased only to use.

Click here to download StoryArt on Android

Click here to download StoryArt on iPhone

10. Mojito – Story Art Maker, Story editor

Remix photos and videos and create extraordinary stories with the best IG story editor. Mojito is an Instagram story editor, which helps users to edit pictures and stories with more than 500 templates. This story maker helps users create beautiful layouts and stories on a blank canvas.

11 Of The Best Polaroid Frame Apps To Try Out

One can customize Insta stories with stickers, text, brush features, and templates. Users can find breathtaking polaroid effects to create Polaroid-style collages and put on retro effects on them. 

Mojito is a free tool for storytellers to create story collages with white borders, marvelous styles, and special fonts. Being one of the remarkable polaroid frame apps, it features well-designed animated story templates with fonts and filters. 

Be it a life vlog or IG story, one can edit and export them in high resolution to share on social networks. Users can choose among 5 fonts of advanced text tools and set a positive atmosphere for their story.


  • One can add predefined story templates and choose among different themes like travel, love, romance, memory, and others to edit an image.
  • Users get a chance to use dozens of background images like the ocean, marble, plant textures, sky, and more.
  • Choose among a diverse range of handwritten fonts and tell ig story feasibly with alignment and texture features.
  • Beautiful stickers like shapes, retro styles, stamps, and others allow users to decorate their Instagram stories attractively.
  • Polaroid effects get updated frequently to beautify old images.


  • Wide template selection becomes confusing sometimes.
  • Limited animations are available. 

Click here to download Mojito on Android

Click here to download Mojito on iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) How can one turn ordinary photographs into polaroid displays?

There are numerous applications available on both Android as well as iPhone app stores that turn photos into Polaroid.

One has to download the application, import the picture from the gallery, and then apply desirable effects featured by the app. To transform photos into polaroid displays, choose the polaroid frame option, set the effect level, and then click Save.  

(Q) Can one make a photo collage using digital polaroid editing apps?

Yes, polaroid frame apps allow users to make a photo collage of two, three, four, up to nine photos. 

(Q) How are the Polaroid Frame Apps beneficial?

Applications designed for polaroid frames empower users to explore analog instant photography. Whether you are an expert or a casual photographer, these apps are helpful to take polaroid photos like a pro.

Some of the apps involve features to resize, darken, and lighten certain areas by importing photos simply from the gallery. One can add ready-made effects plus capture the best moments of life by using instant photo frame apps.

(Q) Which polaroid frame application is best to choose?

One can find multiple applications available on the play and app store to create and edit photos. The features of these apps vary between different frames; however, the main difference is design and style.

Almost every app offers ease of use, adjustment, control, and top-notch picture quality. Still, one can choose that offers high-quality vintage filters, retro effects, a wide variety of templates, and exclusive fonts. Moreover, some of the apps are not available for free.  


The above-mentioned Polaroid Frame Apps shows that there is nothing that can stop you from having splendid retro photos. These applications let their users capture every moment of life in a retro style or edit the previous ones into a polaroid.

You can blur textures, show story indications, and add background images to photographs. With polaroid photos from these apps, one can feel the nostalgic 80s and 90s era. The best part is that these applications are available for both iOS as well as Android users.

Whether you want to make pictures cold with dark effects or warm with bright filters, polaroid frame applications have everything set.