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9 Best Port Forwarding Softwares For Easy Port Forwarding

After years of using traditional routers and experiencing the same connection and potential lag issues, users may be ready to try something new: VPN.

By switching to a Virtual Private Network, you can streamline your online gaming and eliminate any potential latency issues — serious gamers should look into changing their internet service provider.  

Modems are over. With the advent of superior, more efficient broadband technologies, internet users have fallen out of favor.  Port forwarding is one such technology that is quickly replacing modems for several reasons.  

If you’re interested in moving outside the box of your network, we’ve compiled a list of 9 free port forwarding software to get you started. These solutions can be used on Windows and Mac systems, and some even run on Linux servers.

Additionally, the solutions that we’ve listed here all offer functional mobile apps, making it easier than ever to get up and running! 

Introduction to Port Forwarding 

Port forwarding is an essential security measure for gamers, allowing them to access game servers without having to worry about DDoS attacks or dangerous lag.

It also allows gamers to create secure Wi-Fi connections at home, shielding themselves from hackers and outside threats. But that’s not all; port forwarding can also give you great video calls 

Port Forwarding was started in 2012 by two best friends who shared a passion for technology, running businesses, and playing computer games.

Port forwarding is the gateway to more secure, stable, high-speed connections. It’s easy to set up and use, but you may still be unsure what it does or how to use one on your router.  

However, like any other tool on the market, it comes with one caveat: you need to use caution when utilizing it. If you don’t secure your computer and network, someone could log into it from afar and do anything they want. 

Port Forwarding Explained

Port Forwarding Types:-

Local Port Forwarding:-

Local port forwarding addresses a different issue — when your IP address is blocked (perhaps due to government censorship and the like), you can use this option to connect in a way that bypasses local censorship.

If you’re trying to use an SSH client to transfer data, this feature will be particularly helpful — by using port forwarding, you tell the server to listen for incoming requests on an IP address and port other than its regular ones.

This protocol can allow your application to access services on the SSH’s client-side, which allows you to bypass firewalls that block certain web pages. By using an SSH tunnel, you can easily forward traffic to any IP address after configuring IP forwarding correctly. 

Remote Port Forwarding:-

Remote port forwarding is an important component of many apps that use SSH. It allows the server-side of the connection to make requests on the client-side, which can be helpful for accessing services on the other side of the connection.  

Dynamic Port Forwarding:-  Dynamic port forwarding is easier to implement because it’s more common with users.

It lets providers recycle unused ports and reassign them, which reduces the number of ports that need to be set aside for new clients. Dynamic port forwarding protocol lets you access all the services at your networks, such as Remote Desktop and File Transfer Protocol.  

Best Port Forwarding Softwares – Our Pick👌

Port Forwarding is a piece of software that enables network bridging, device forwarding, and event trigger in the form of a “port trigger”.

When this software is installed on a computer, it allows other computers in a local network to access local services through the host machine. Port Forwarding software also runs on both the Windows and Mac OS platforms.

But in the end, a lot of these programs don’t provide a stable and seamless experience. This article will take a close look at the top nine port forwarding software tools that you can try.  

1. Simple Port Forwarding 

Simple Port Forwarding (Download Here) is a software application that a tech-savvy user can use to quickly and easily forward ports on a router.

It has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for tech novices to navigate the program and make changes. This Port Forwarding Software is tough to install and maintain. That’s why businesses should explore a Brand New Port Forwarding Tool from leading software developers of this industry. 

The app supports all versions of Windows operating systems. Every user has the choice to use the free version or pro version of Simple Port Forwarding.

Best Port Forwarding Softwares

The free version is suitable for most users, but the pro version is your best option if you need more features and functionality. Whether you choose the free or pro version, SPF will help you port forward your devices for a low cost.

The Simple Port Forwarding Pro version is an indispensable tool for any gamer — especially those who play across multiple devices and platforms.

Simple Port Forwarding secures the router against malicious incoming connections and prevents it from becoming an open door for hackers. It fixes all broken incoming network requests and automatically changes the default DNS server if required.

A simple interface with a friendly installation wizard will ensure that your customers can set up and run it without any prior networking knowledge. 

Key Features:-

  • Play across multiple devices and platforms 
  • Automatic Program Updates 
  • Save Ports List To Share Easily 
  • 2500 Routers Supported 
  • 700+ supported games 

2. PortMapper 

PortMapper (Download Here) is a free, simple, and lightweight application that is designed to help users create port forwards on their router. Just enter your public IP address, enter the public port you want to forward, and PortMapper will do the rest.

For security and privacy, you want to monitor all ports. But this task can be challenging because many ports use both TCP and UDP — and you’d need an effective tool that can monitor them both.

Best Port Forwarding Softwares 1

The good news is that you can monitor all ports with ease by using TCP and UDP detection — a feature that comes with the Windows Firewall Control app.

Simply type the IP address or a web URL, pick a port to map, and you can begin accessing all of your favorite FTP server files from any location.

PortMapper lets you set IP addresses that are not allowed to access your web server, which allows you to create a more secure environment.

Whether you’re setting up a public website or want to grant access to only certain IP addresses, PortMapper can help you keep unwanted visitors away.

And the best part is it’s easy to install on older Windows platforms, like Windows 95; it has no dependencies on other software on your computer. 

Key Features:-

  • Manage presets of multiple port mappings 
  • Monitor all ports using TCP and UDP detection 
  • Limit access to certain IP/networks 

3. Port Map 

Portmap (Download Here) is the only Port Forwarding software one needs to set up. Using Portmap, you can access any resource on your computer through any other program on your computer.

With its easy-to-navigate interface, streamlined setup process, and secure remote connections, Portmap is the best solution for setting up remote resources.  

Portmap is a smart router app that lets you share files, manage and access media, and watch videos — all with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Its powerful features and sleek design make it the perfect tool for anyone who needs to forward ports or share their media across a local network. The tool works with all modern routers and is updated every month to support the latest devices. 

Key Features:-

  • Support all OS 
  • Limit access to certain IP/networks 
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • They can specify which virtual host to connect 

4. UPNP PortMapper 

UPNP PortMapper (Download Here) is a cloud-based solution that allows users to port forward on their computer from any place in the world using any device.

Users can add and remove ports, as well as access servers such as SSH, web, game server, and more. With this UPNP port mapper software, you will be able to easily map your router’s UPNP ports on windows.

9 Best Port Forwarding Softwares For Easy Port Forwarding

There is support for the Google Chrome browser by providing an extension for your browser. UPnP PortMapper is the easiest way to map your home router.

It supports all devices that support UPnP, including routers, NAS servers, webcams, printers, network-attached storage, and more! With the click of a button, you’ll be able to access your router’s interface and make changes quickly.

And if you find yourself with any issues along the way, customer service is there to help you out. PortMapper is a powerful port forwarding software in which users can add, edit and delete their port mappings in a Linux operating system.

Using this process, you can easily add or remove port mappings with just one click. This system is designed to store the IP addresses that you want to add to a database and retrieve them automatically when mapping new ports. 

Key Features:-

  • Manage port mappings of a UPnP enabled router 
  • Manage presets of multiple port mappings 
  • Apply presets 

5. PFConfig 

As internet access has become a staple of modern life, routers have become as common in our homes as refrigerators. However, the task of configuring these devices is far more complex than it seems at first glance, especially for beginners.

With PFConfig (Download Here), users can configure their network’s settings without having to read long manuals or visit support forums created by other people. The program also allows you to create backup copies of all your settings and restore them if necessary. 

PFConfig is a reliable and efficient network configuration tool that allows you to forward ports, troubleshoot connection issues, and even diagnose WiFi problems.

Easy to use and optimized for beginners, it comes in handy in the event where you need to forward a port through your router. Meanwhile, its advanced features let experienced users tweak their network settings in an instant. 

Using this app is simple, as all you have to do is download it and install it on your computer. 

Key Features:-

  • Handles Multiple Routers 
  • Finds Router Automatically 
  • Tests both TCP and UDP 
  • Makes Faster Downloads  
  • Configures Router’s Firewall 

6. Port Forward Network Utilities 

Port Forward Network Utilities (Visit Here) helps users to access the services they desire from behind a router. It’s easy to use and can help users connect to the internet without changing any settings on their router or opening any ports.

Port Forward Network Utilities is an automated software that is easy to use and requires zero technical knowledge to set up. Forwarding ports on your home router is an involved process that’s often harder than it should be.

Port Forward Software Tour

It requires logging into the web-based control panels, searching for technical solutions, and manually inputting specific ports.

Port Forward Network Utilities makes this process easier with its user-friendly software toolkit packed with powerful tools to improve security, optimize your connection, and more. 

Key Features:-

  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 
  • Configures Access For Web Cameras 
  • Increase security 
  • Quick and easy configuration 
  • More routers are added every day 

7. Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac 

Port Forwarding Wizard (Visit Here) is a Mac application that lets you create port forwarding rules so you can enjoy your PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and other online games from any computer on the same network.

9 Best Port Forwarding Softwares For Easy Port Forwarding

It’s suitable for all versions of macOS including Snow Leopard, Lion, etc. With the UPnP standard incorporated into this app, it works seamlessly with your router to allow your information to pass through without a hitch.

macOS is one of the best-operating systems in the world — and also one of the most secure and stable. However, it’s not perfect. While it offers nearly all the tools you need to run a business, there are some security flaws that could bring your business down.

Only when your MacOs’s security is in check will you be able to focus on business. So we recommend an application called Port Forwarding Wizard. 

You can set up port forwarding in just a few steps using Port Forward Wizard. To get started, click the button below and select your router from the list (if you can see your model number or brand, it has been detected; otherwise you may still proceed to use the wizard).

The next screen will show all of your active ports and their descriptions — if needed, simply add a new port and enter its description, IP address, and Game/App.  

Key Features:-

  • Can add additional Port 
  • Apps works best with all MacOs 
  • Easy access services behind firewalls. 


AUTAPF (Download Here) is a simple, easy-to-use tool that allows administrators to set up port forwarding without the need for expensive software or extensive technical training.

With its intuitive interface, anyone on your team can manage port forwarding, ensuring that your network is always protected.

The program’s many features allow users to quickly & securely forward ports for all kinds of applications; it can even help users choose the best port for their specific needs.

9 Best Port Forwarding Softwares For Easy Port Forwarding

If your computer goes down or crashes, AUTAPF will take over and monitor all the network interfaces to make sure they are up and running.

If it detects a problem, AUTAPF will alert you through your chosen alerting tools via email, SMS, Push Notifications or any other way you want. If it’s a critical issue, AUTAPF can even send out an emergency page to everyone in your company.

With an intuitive interface, you can use AUTAPF to view the status of your network gateways at any given time. You can check out the number of active threads or sessions on your network, plus see how much bandwidth is being used.

AUTAPF is an open-source pcap-like framework for auto-correlation in a probabilistic fashion. It also lets you split and multiplex UDP packets in several directions, capture data from UDP packets using a dynamic code port, and supports IPv6 and scalable fingerprints. 

Key Features:-

  • IP address can filter clients  
  • Full support for ScopeIDs and  IPv6. 
  • Forward multiple ports simultaneously 

9. Router Port Forwarding 

Router Port Forwarding (Download Here) is the most powerful port forwarding software for Windows. It not only detects multiple routers on your network, but also makes it easy to add, delete, and view entries.

9 Best Port Forwarding Softwares For Easy Port Forwarding

It has specific features that make it easy to access the router login page and to re-login if you’re logged out due to inactivity. Instead of trying to remember the router password or setting up a static IP address, you can log in with just a click! 

Just launch this software and you’re set. Router Port Forwarding is almost as simple as it sounds. Router Port Forwarding provides you with a tool for creating open ports.

The program supports Port Triggering, which means you can set your own rules for opening ports. With the Port Check function, you can see if the ports are opened properly, so it’s easy to troubleshoot problems.

This app starts by detecting the router automatically, but it also has a function that can search for other routers in your network if necessary.  

Key Features:-

  • Detects multiple Routers  
  • Add and Delete entries easily 
  • Supports Post Triggering 

The best port forwarding software means that you get to choose between options that you know will be the best for your situation. Go ahead and test them all — download free trial versions and pick the one that’s the best for what you need.

This software makes you capable of removing all your internet connection-related issues by doing everything for you. It can be used to diagnose the issue and fix port forwarding, troubleshoot the issue, etc.

This software is definitely helpful if you want to enjoy the services uninterruptedly. Choosing a port forwarding device can be a bit of a challenge.

While there are several options, only a few stand out. Finding the best port forwarding software among them may take some time, but it’s well worth the effort if you want to get the most out of your device.