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Powerful New Gmail Features You Need to Start Using Right Now


Google recently has given the Gmail UI and promised a number of us it period well the new Gmail and all of its features are finally here.

 Gmail UI looks a lot better than using it I just cannot go back to the old one that just looks out in the new UI is modern clean and polish material design guidelines which is awesome the new loading screen is way cooler along with the new look it has a ton of new features as you can see.

Before get started if you are still using old Gmail classic view, you are easily able to switch this to New Gmail UI.

Click on the ‘gear icon’ in the top right corner of your mailbox. Here, you’ll see an option that says ‘Try the new Gmail.‘ Click on it, and you’ll be taken to the new Gmail UI.

Powerful New Gmail Features

1.View Inline Attachments

With New Gmail UI, You don’t need to download your attachment file to download and view the file, just click on the attachment and it will show your file in Gmail itself.

For many, it’s really awesome feature as because we don’t want to download each and every file in PC.

2.Soonze Email

Deleting marking in email is read or smoothening not really simple but losing something new and something about wanted so let’s talk about this new speech there are times when I get an email that’s actually important to me but I want to get back to it later on and that with the new snooze feature comes in really handy I need now then just click on the snooze button from the power controls and smooth an email for later today tomorrow this weekend or next week or just pick a date and time that’s convenient to you.

there’s also this news until Sunday option which is great for not so important emails that you just want to push out of your inbox and get back to sometime later all of this new emails going to the news label obviously we can just go ahead and check all the emails afternoon.

All of these snooze emails go to “snooze folder

3.Confidential Mode

I’m pretty sure you send private information Like bank account details, Aadhaar info, Social Security number by email and you must of wondered is it safe to do so well nothing say with Aadhar but when it comes to price information Like bank account details

Gmail new confidential mode has you covered work basically when your composing an email you cancel confidential mode on which will let you set an expiration date for named after which it will self-destruct you can set an expiration date from one day to 5 years.

To use Confidential mode, Click on the ‘Compose ” email, now you have one lock icon on the below-left side, it will prompt you to enable it.

if you are super paranoid you can make it more secure with a password that Google will send to the recipient via SMS the recipient will receive the email to unlink store by Google so it should be pretty secure and if that’s not secure enough for you I guess this don’t send it over email at are you too.

4.Smart replies

Gmail now offers ‘Smart replies’ to help you respond to messages more quickly. You may have already seen this in the mobile app. Open a message and scroll to the bottom to see a selection of quick responses. 1 Click one to add it to a reply. You can then customize it
as required.


5. Choose a View

If you find the default ‘density’ view too spacious, you can switch to a different layout. Click the cog and select ‘Display density’. In the window that appears, you can switch to
Comfortable or Compact. 1 A preview pane above shows what the change will look like. 2

6. Quickly add extra recipients

Another new feature lets you quickly add extra recipients to an email directly within the body text. Simply type ‘+’ and start typing someone’s name.  Matches from your contacts appear and you can select one to add it to the recipient list.

Powerful New Gmail Features You Need to Start Using Right Now

7.New ‘hovercard’

If you hover your mouse over a contact’s name, email address or icon, a new ‘hovercard’ appears, which displays their information and lets you email them, schedule an event, message them via Hangouts or start a video chat. You can also add them to contacts
or edit their details.

8.Easy Navigation Icon

There are icons on the right-hand side for Calendar, Keep and Tasks. Click one of these and a sidebar opens,  where you can access that service without leaving Gmail. You can switch between services in the sidebar by clicking one of the other icons. Click
the X to close the pane.

9.Offline Mode

Gmail has also introduced an Offline mode that lets you write emails, search your inbox and delete messages without needing an internet connection or installing an extension. Anything you do in Offline mode will sync when you get back online. You need Chrome 61 or higher to use the feature, which you can turn on by going to Settings, Offline and ticking ‘Enable offline mail‘.


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Hope this article “Powerful New Gmail Features You Need to Start Using Right Now” helps you to find out Powerful New Gmail Features. If you have any query, feel free to comment.


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