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Powerful Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Important For Business

This is the age of YouTube and video content. Every day, content marketers are realizing the immense benefits of video marketing, which is why they are including videos in their digital marketing plans. The top Youtubers are making millions of dollars every year. Many businesses are using video content very effectively to reach out to their customers and make sales.

From advertising a service or product, to expanding their reach, and improving engagement with the customers… video content marketing offers many advantages. However, there is stiff competition out there, because everyone is making video content now. This is why it is important to frame an efficient strategy that can improve brand image, drive sales, and improve conversions.

Let us now take a deeper look at the advantages of video marketing for business – 

  1. It Builds Brand Credibility

Every brand wants to earn the trust of its customers. The business wants to establish itself as an authoritative and credible brand that can help the customers. Videos deliver key information and also help the brand connect with its target audience. It engages the audience and also triggers emotions, which helps in building a long-term relationship.

  1. Educates The Customer About Services And Products

Create a series of videos to explain your new service or product. If you are launching a new product or service, there is no better way to educate your audience than to create a series of explainer videos. Many people now prefer watching a video compared to other forms of content. You must do video marketing when so many of your customers are watching video content. You can compress a video and upload to YouTube. If the video size is more than 128GB, YouTube recommends that you use a video editor to compress it before you upload.

You can upload a product demo presentation or you can give a presentation of how it works. There are so many possibilities.

  1. Improves Sales and Conversions

In a competitive market, businesses will do anything to improve their conversion rate. When you add a video to the landing page, it increases the chance that the traffic will convert into paying customers. There is a simple logic behind this – a video is a powerful tool that can convince visitors that you are offering value.

When the traffic sees the video that explains how the product works or the benefits of the service, they feel more confident about buying.

  1. Video Improves Trust

Trust is the key to success, which is why all businesses want to build trust. Content marketing works to build this trust and create a long-term relationship. Stop selling and build credibility and trust. People will come to your business. You don’t have to go to them.

Videos are more likely to engage and ignite emotions. Promotional videos can also build trust. An effective video can present your business/product/service in a conversational way.

  1. It Will Help You On Google

Google takes a close look at websites, watching how much time visitors spend on the pages, the conversion rate, user experience, and several other things. When you post a video, the visitors to your website will be spending more time on the page because it takes longer to see a video compared to reading text. This tells the search engine that your website must be offering something of value. Google will then hike up your search engine rank.

Google also owns YouTube. When you have a high rank on the search engine, it may also give your video a better position on YouTube.

  1. Video Helps Mobile Users

“Mobile first” is the right strategy for online marketers now. That’s because, a lot of people are spending a lot of time using their mobile devices and the numbers are growing daily.

Many consumers are also watching videos from their mobile devices. YouTube reports that mobile video consumption is going up by a whopping 100 percent every year. People love watching videos on the go. The number of smartphone users is also going up. This means, the video audience is becoming bigger and bigger. Also, those who use smartphones are very likely to connect with brands that broadcast videos.

  1. Improves Social Sharing

If they love something, they will want to share it on social media, whether it is a video or an image. A video is more likely to be shared because it is more engaging and informative. If you follow TikTok, you will know how videos can go viral, almost overnight.

When you create an insightful and engaging video, the audience is going to love watching it. They will then share it with their connections, which means, you can easily reach out to a broader audience at no extra cost.

Do it correctly, and you will be able to attract more customers and improve your ROI. Video marketing can also help you achieve specific goals.