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7 Best Powtoon Alternatives To Make Stunning Videos


Are you searching for Powtoon Alternatives to create a professional video that your audience will love?🤔

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We have created an unbiased list of the top 7 alternatives that you will love to explore.

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Videos have become an important part of our lives. We love to watch videos be it for some fun or entertainment or even for some other informational purposes.

In fact, if there’s a video version of some written content, we would surely prefer that rather than reading the entire content.

This is, in fact, very evident from the fact that we are always up for watching a movie but would hardly ever read a novel on which that movie is based unless we are book lovers.

Moreover, it’s easier to understand and remember things when they are in pictorial and audio formats. As such, even when we want to learn something, our inclination is towards a video tutorial. So, videos are essentially an integral part of our life.

Now, one very known category in this area is animation. People love to watch animated videos, even if all they carry is some informational data or a tutorial. However, creating animated videos is not that easy a job. You need to have the right tools and working knowledge for the purpose.

One tool that you can put to use is Powtoon. It’s the perfect solution to all your video creation problems. It’s a cloud-based platform, so it’s available and accessible anytime, from any place, on any device as long as you have a stable network connection to remain connected to the cloud servers.

With that wonderful cloud technology backing the entire application, Powtoon is designed to have seamless video creation features that help you make the most stunning videos in a breeze.

Moreover, in addition to some regular and basic video creation features, it also comes with functionalities like doodling, slides, animation, and a lot more.

In fact, there are so many features on Powtoon that you’ll never ever get tired of exploring them. However, while it has so much to offer, it takes a lot from you as well. We’re talking about the subscription plans for the application.

Powtoon is not a free tool, and when you check out the subscription plan, they’re pretty costly. Moreover, there’s no option to be selective about the features. So, there is a huge chance that you’ll end up using a lot less but paying a lot more.

Now, this makes you wonder if there were some other options that might be free or at least cost less. Well, luckily enough, there are many options that you can try. But we have narrowed down the list to some of the best Powtoon alternatives for you to consider.

So, go on, have a read, and find the perfect video creation tool that is more economical and also meets all your needs and requirements.

Best Powtoon Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

When it comes to video creation, Powtoon is one of the best tools that you can find. However, besides video creation, there are many other features on Powtoon.

Now, this can be beneficial, except that you may not need most of them. But you still end up paying for them if you subscribe to the tool, and that’s way too costly.

Considering this factor, you would definitely want to look for some options that may be more specific to video creation and some other extremely necessary features, along with an important element of being less costly or even free, for that matter.

Well, luckily enough for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best Powtoon alternatives that you can try out. All these alternatives are much less costly and, more importantly, feature-specific to help you go over more smoothly with your video creation goals and objectives.

With all that said, let’s get to the list to see your options without any further ado.

1. Biteable

If you are someone who would like to create videos in no time at all, Biteable is the perfect option for you.

Unlike Powtoon that has a range of features, It is pretty specific to video creation, and it’s due to this undistracted specificity of the tool that it comes as one of the most amazing video creation tools, perfectly good to compete with Powtoon.

One of the major features of Biteable is its templates. The tool is flooded with video creation templates as well as animated templates.

Best Powtoon Alternatives
Animations to suit every style

Additionally, you get access to more than 85 thousand Shutterstock images that you can directly add to the slides in the videos you’re creating.

Moreover, if you wish to add audio or even music to the videos, that’s pretty sleek and easy with the readily available sound collection in the tool. With all of this, there’s really not much you have to do to create the perfect videos on Biteable.

You just need to put up the elements in your templates, create your slides, combine them, and you’re done. Besides that, you can even create videos with frames of different shapes. That may add to the appeal of the message you’re trying to convey with your video.

Also, once you create the video, you can directly share it to your social media accounts and profiles, considering that Biteable is seamlessly integrated with applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Also, if you want to download the video to your system, you can do it quickly. The application provides a very fast churn rate, and your videos get downloaded and extracted in no time at all.

The best part yet is that you can get all of this free of cost. However, in that case, you will have to compromise on the quality of the videos, and the videos will also contain the Biteable watermark. You can remove these constraints by purchasing a basic plan for just $19 a month.

Furthermore, for more enhanced functionalities with the tool, such as providing access to multiple users and having reseller rights for the videos, you can get the higher plan for just $49 a month.

With all these features and functionalities, the tool is a catch for its subscription plan and price. It’s much less than the cost of Powtoon, so that’s definitely a plus.

Meet Biteable - The world's simplest video maker

Also, if you’re one with just some basic video creation needs, then you shall be much better of with Biteable rather than Powtoon.

2. Animaker

If you are someone who is looking to create animated videos without troubling yourself a lot as well as without spending much, then Animaker is one of the best Powtoon alternatives that you’re going to love.

This tool has got the biggest library of animated characters, designs, and texts, and all you have to do to create a perfect animation video here is to just pick out a template, drag the elements of your choice to the slides, place them in their position, and voila! You’ve got yourself an animated video.

Best Powtoon Alternatives 1
Swiss Army knife of creativity

Moreover, you can add sounds to the videos so that they look more attractive and people can relate to them more closely. Besides that, the tool also features an animation whiteboard that makes it easier for you to plan your animations before you finally put them to reality in your videos.

Additionally, the tool allows you to add transition effects, icons, and millions of other things to your videos. You can even change the fonts of your texts and add transitions and animation to those texts.

Furthermore, the tool also takes mobile responsiveness into consideration. As such, it allows video creation in a rectangular frame in a vertical layout rather than a landscape one so as to make sure that the videos play perfectly well with superior quality on all types of screens.

The best part yet is that you can do all of this with extensive customization and personalization. Also, the tool does not just support video creation; but you can even create animated memes and GIFs using the features and functionalities of this tool.

With all that, you can call Animaker a perfect animated video creation tool, far better than Powtoon, and it costs much less. The basic plan for Animaker starts at just $10 a month, which is way less than the cost you’d bear for Powtoon.

Moreover, you need not necessarily take this subscription. To start with, the tool is free to use. Definitely, there shall be restrictions in that case, but you can still do with them.

Animaker Tutorial - Animated Videos

Once you start loving the tool and understand the work you require to perform using this tool, you can eventually move to the premium plans that suit your needs the best.

3. Vyond

Although Vyond is as costly as Powtoon or even more than that, we cannot keep it out of the list considering that it’s one of the biggest competition to Powtoon with its nearly the same and even better features than Powtoon.

The tool was previously known as GoAnimate, which makes it pretty clear that it’s made just for animation. Just like Powtoon, even Vyond is a cloud-based video creation tool.

The tool has got as many as a hundred templates to choose from. You can pick out any of them based on the theme and plan for your video, and start putting the other elements together for video creation.

Make Media That Moves

The video creation tool, in addition to a huge template library, also features customizable characters and props. In fact, you can just add your picture to the tool and animate it as a character.

Moreover, you can choose from highly personalized backgrounds as well. Additionally, if you want to add images or sound to the video, you get them directly over the tool.

Also, in case you want to add an original audio clip to the video you have been creating, the tool will allow you to directly record your voiceover and place it in the video.

With all these features, you shall be able to create the most beautifully animated video that anyone shall love and enjoy.

Another great thing about this application is its security. The application is known for its brilliant security and safety features, so much so that it’s even offered for use by the US Federal Government.

Also, while it’s a very costly tool, you can see if it’s really working out for you (which it will) before you pay anything. This is possible with the 14-days free trial offered by the tool, of course, with limited functionalities.

However, that helps big time in figuring out the usefulness of the tool and deciding which plan to take up.

With all these features and functionalities in store, Vyond definitely has almost equal standing with Powtoon, thereby making it the most perfect Powtoon alternatives to existing in the market.

4. Raw Shorts – Transform Text into Animated Videos

Have you ever fancied having a video created right in front of your eyes without having to do anything at all, or perhaps just a little something? Well, there could be nothing better than this. Just imagine how easy and quick your job shall become.

Well, Raw Shorts is the tool to turn your imaginations into reality. When we talk about Raw Shorts, it’s nothing like any other tool we have got on this list.

The tool does not have any template or characters or props or background or, in fact, anything that a normal video creation tool possesses in its features and functionalities list.

Instead, this tool is unique enough to move on to leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning for the creation of the most stellar and stunning animated videos. It’s this artificial intelligence technology of the tool that does all the job while you sit back and relax.

7 Best Powtoon Alternatives To Make Stunning Videos

What you need to do is provide the tool with a script for the video you want to create. Once the in-built artificial intelligence machinery processes that script, it shall start creating your video with superb and most interactive animated elements such as characters, texts, icons, and a lot more.

Additionally, the tool shall add a voiceover to the video, too, based on the script you provided. Moreover, while it does everything, it ensures that a high level of customization is maintained in the creation and designing of the video so that it sets a personal appeal.

Once the video is made, you can just play it, review it, and assign changes through a script if you feel like it. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the video you see, you can give it another go by making the necessary changes and tweaks in your script.

With all this, it’s the perfect tool to meet your needs and requirements for video creation in the easiest and most convenient manner. You really don’t need to do anything, but you get everything.

Moreover, even on the pricing front, Raw Shorts is less costly in comparison with Powtoon. However, the difference is not very vast, and Raw Shorts limits the number of videos that you can create even in its premium plan. So, you might want to be careful about that.

Nonetheless, the tool does offer a limited-time free trial period wherein you can use the tool as you like and determine its usability for yourself so as to decide on the subscription plan that will suit you the best.

Make an Animated Video Online

So, you can check the tool for its features and functionalities, count on how many videos you will need to create, look into other factors as well, and then finally make a decision if at all you want a subscription plan and if yes, then which one of the options available.

5. VideoScribe

Another one of the best Powtoon alternatives is VideoScribe. One of the major highlights of this tool is that, unlike other tools that work on cloud-based servers, VideoScribe is a desktop-based platform. So, basically, you need to download the application to your device before you can start using it.

Now, while it will take up a little space on your hard drive, one major benefit of a desktop application is that you don’t need an internet connection to work on it. So, as long as you have your system, you can create videos on VideoScribe without any interruption.

Now, talking about creating videos on this application, it’s basically an application that works through whiteboard animation and doodling.

So, all you have to do is enter your video script or text on the whiteboard, select the right templates, and leave the rest of the job to be done automatically by the tool.

Say hello to VideoScribe!

However, when it comes to choosing a template, the choice with you is really limited. Nonetheless, you can create your own video templates in the application with amazing customization and personalization.

Moreover, it’s just the main template for which you don’t have many options. As far as the doodling text is concerned, you can choose from more than a thousand pre-designed templates in the application library.

Also, as you create the videos, you can add sound and audio to them while also making sure that the voiceovers that you’re adding remain in perfect sync with the progress of the video.

With all those features mentioned, it’s a surprise that this tool comes at the cost of merely $17 a month. Also, you can decide if you actually want to bear this cost or not after thoroughly examining and using the application for its entire free trial period.

With all of this, it’s a pretty amazing tool, one that you can use both online and offline and have your videos created in a matter of a few hours without even actually putting too much effort into the creation, designing, or anything at all for that matter.

That being said, the tool is without a doubt a useful Powtoon Alternatives, and you would surely want to try it out to save some costs, time, and effort altogether.

6. Moovly

Another cloud-based video creation tool that can pose a strong and tough competition to Powtoon is Moovly.

Just like Powtoon, even Moovly is designed to help you create a wide range and variety of videos within no time at all, and that too without putting in much effort.

Be it a presentation video, tutorial video, animation, graphic, or just about anything else, Moovly is equipped to help you create the most stunning videos ever.

7 Best Powtoon Alternatives To Make Stunning Videos

You just need to select a template from a collection of more than a hundred of them and then start adding up elements to your video slides and timelines.

You can choose from a range of images, video clips, and soundtracks available in the application itself. Moreover, you can add your personal audio to the video by giving a voiceover.

Another great thing about this application is its integration with social media platforms. As such, the videos you create on Moovly are ready to be directly posted to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Not only that, you can post the videos on websites as well.

With all of this, it’s also worth noticing that the application really keeps things easy, sleek, and smooth for you. You need not have any video creation or animation knowledge for creating videos on this tool.

The tool has an extremely easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface, and anyone can get the hang of it within minutes.

Moreover, in addition to video creation, the tool also supports video editing. So, if you have already got a video that needs some basic editing, you got the solution with Moovly.

Online Video Maker for Business and Education l Moovly

So, the tool is absolutely great and stunning and is a fantastic alternative to Powtoon. However, the one problem that exists with this application is that it’s extremely costly, almost as costly as Powtoon.

So, if the cost of the video editing tool was the only factor that you were seeking an alternative, then Moovly would not be the choice that you want to make.

Nonetheless, you can take a free trial. You never know when you start liking one application over the other. If, after your trial, you feel that it’s indeed a better option, you can just seek out the plans and take the one that best fits your needs and requirements. 

7. Doodly

Are you someone who likes to doodle a lot? Well, what if we say that this skill will come in very handy for your video creation needs and requirements? All you need is Doodly.

Doodly is another cloud-based video creation tool that comes as a good alternative to Powtoon.

Although it doesn’t have as many features as Powtoon and is, in fact, very feature-specific, restricting its video creation to just whiteboard animation and doodling, it still poses a good competition, especially when a minimalistic tool to meet some basic yet intuitive and interesting video creation needs is all you seek.

7 Best Powtoon Alternatives To Make Stunning Videos

You can just doodle on your whiteboard animator in the application, and the tool shall convert the doodle into an interesting video all by itself. Moreover, creating the doodle is not that tricky. You need not use a pen tab or stylus or even essentially have a touchscreen device to use Doodly. 

Even your normal and basic PC will help you create the most stunning videos with your raw doodles, considering that the tool is equipped with high-end drawing and picturization technology.

Moreover, if you do not wish to draw the doodle all by yourself from scratch, you can just go ahead and select a design from the pre-existing templates and then customize the selected doodle based on your personalized and specific needs and requirements.

Besides that, you can also add sound to your videos created on Doodly. You can select a sound from the library or even give a voiceover for the video.

Once you add the voiceover, you can make adjustments and settings to perfectly sync the audio and video to play in tandem with each other. 

The only possible issue is that this is a paid tool, and you need to bear the cost even before you can start using it. Also, the cost is not very less, but it’s not very high either.

The tool is available at $39 a month. So, if you can afford that, Doodly is a Powtoon alternative that’s worth a shot.

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✅Frequently Asked Questions

So far, we have mentioned some of the best Powtoon alternatives. However, while you may be clear about the tools on our list, you might still be left with some questions about Powtoon itself.

So, here we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the tool. Go on, have a read, and clear any possible doubt that may be popping up in your head.

1. Is there no free version of Powtoon?

Well, Powtoon is a costly application; however, you can still use it for free. Besides its premium plans with all the advanced features and functionalities, there is a free version of the Powtoon application available.

However, this version is not really going to do you much good considering the fact that it has only the most basic features and functionalities that are good to produce only low quality and substandard videos.

2. Does Powtoon have customization features and functionalities?

Yes, definitely. Powtoon is equipped with end-to-end customization features and functionalities that you can use to create your own video templates from scratch, add custom audios, and even create your own personalized animated characters.

However, these customization features are open for use only by the A-list subscribers of the application. It’s the highest subscription plan of Powtoon. However, if you take it, you shall not regret it even a tad tiny bit.

3. Is it possible to work in groups on Powtoon by adding more people to use the application?

Well, collaboration features are available in the higher plans of the application. So, in case you want to add more people, you will have to move to the higher plan.

Once you have the appropriate plan supporting collaboration features, you can easily add more people to the tool by selecting the video to which you want to add more people, clicking the collaboration option, and finally inviting the concerned people.

Final Words

So, that was all about the best Powtoon alternatives. Video creation is a tricky job, but all these tools are great to make the entire task smooth and easy for you. We hope that you found the article interesting and helpful and are all set to determine the tool that shall suit you the best.

Be sure to compare the prices, features, and functionalities, and most importantly, ensure that you look into your specific needs and requirements before making a decision.

Happy Creativity and Creations!