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Practical Tech Gifts for College Students

Choosing gifts isn’t an easy task. After all, you want to give something worthwhile, which will be used and won’t dust in the far corner. Students are very active and busy, so the best gift for them might be quick academic writing assistance and tech gifts. Numerous writing agencies with professional writers can take care of completing college papers, but what to do with gadgets? We have collected the selection of the best tech presents for undergraduates.

Beddit Sleep Monitor

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Sound and healthy sleep is vital for students. You will work much more productively if you feel asleep.  Do you still have any doubts? Then, it’s high time to check it. This sleep-monitor device is a smart tracker that controls your sleep and can improve it gradually. It’s a thin, soft sensor strip. Thus, it’s almost invisible and won’t bother you while sleeping. 

It has an accurate tracking system that helps to get the overall view of your sleep. You can measure its duration, heart rate, breathing, snoring level, body temperature, and even humidity in your bedroom. Besides, you can set sleep tasks, and the tracker will show you appropriate notifications and reminders to achieve these goals before you go to bed.

Posture Corrector 

Correct posture is the key to the health of your whole body. Today, more and more young people have backache because they constantly sit on hard seats in the classroom or pore over the books throughout the day in an uncomfortable position.

Have you also faced that problem? Do you find it’s challenging to get a correct posture? The posture corrector is what you need! As a rule, its compact size and silent functionality make this device invisible to use. Light vibrating signals will always remind you that you need to keep your back straight.

Massage Chair

Not only are mobile devices worth attention as a practical tech gift for a college student. The items for comfortable pastimes come in handy. If you think that this thing is doomed to be a failed gift, you should stop thinking stereotypically like a massage chair is a monstrous bulky item occupying the whole dorm room. Fortunately, these days, the latest technologies allow creating compact massage chairs less than a meter in length. Besides, such chairs are elegant and match any style of the room. Giving such a present you could be sure that the birthday person will get the quality massage of every part of his body. It’s not bad to have your personal masseur ready to make you relaxed at any time.

Electric Bicycles

While you are wondering, “Who can write my paper for cheap?”, others are honing their bicycle-riding skills to save their faces when e-bikes become mainstream. All urban roads of the ideal future megacities will be full of personal electric transport like scooters and bicycles. It hasn’t happened yet, just because some people have never pedaled this two-wheeled vehicle. 

Otherwise, they would immediately feel the pleasure of an electric motor, making a trip quick and enjoyable. It has a lightweight design with a simple folding mechanism that allows you to carry it even by underground, and it can fit a dorm or a storeroom. It would be a great gift for those students who live far away from campus and need to spend hours in traffic jams.

Coffee-Machine CoffeeJack

What can’t you imagine a student without? Of course, without a cup of coffee in the morning! CoffeeJack is a new, environmentally-friendly, and compact coffee maker that doesn’t require electricity, capsules, or filters. It’s easy-to-use but able to ensure the quality of coffee at the level of prestigious cafes. If you care about the environment, you definitely need this coffee machine as its creators claim that it was created to avoid disposable cups that cause environmental damage. 

CoffeeJack allows you to make coffee anywhere you want: from your kitchen table to the mountain top. All the details of the coffee machine have been thoroughly tested for environmental friendliness and durability. It uses aluminum, strong borosilicate glass, and second-tier plastic.

Smart Ring Circular

One out of two students has a fitness bracelet that helps them monitor their physical activity. But just a few of them know that there are smart rings carrying out many more functions. Wearing smart rings, you can control your gadgets, store passwords, unlock smartphones, make contactless payments, etc. And we cannot forget that the ring collects and analyses information about the condition of your body for 24 hours and provides tips to improve your health. 

Moreover, this technical wonder can help to get to know how sleep affects your life. The monitoring data are displayed through a special application on a smartphone. You don’t need to have special skills to set up the gadget as all software updates are transmitted to the ring through the wireless network.