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9 Of The Best Prank Apps To Make Someone Laugh Heartily

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Prank Apps To Make Someone Laugh Heartily? 🤔

We got you covered in this list. 😎

So without further ado, let’s explore the list.

Gone are the days when pranks were made manually. The times when you throw a cushion at your friend and hide, or stick a paper at someone’s back with the words “hit me” written on it, and lots more. Those pranks made everyone laugh in those days, but right now, such pranks have become obsolete.

Due to technological advancement, new pranks have emanated, which can be performed using your smartphone.

Now you can move around with prank apps on your phone and prank anyone just to catch some fun. Everybody loves to have fun and laugh, so using your prank app will go a long way in making someone happy.

Prank Apps: What It Is

Most people are not aware that a prank does exist, so let’s break it down.

A prank app is one that has come to replace the old ways in which you prank your friends or parents in the time past. It is an application that you can install on your phone and use to prank anybody at any giving time.

There are tons of prank apps online that you can use in scaring your friends, colleagues, lover, parents, etc. the prank apps will make you laugh, while the person you are pranking will look like a fool at first, but once the person discovers it’s just a prank, they will also laugh with you.

Pranks never go out of fashion, and that’s the more reason why it has been incorporated into an app. And you must have heard that laughter is the most exceptional medicine for anyone; it has a way of making one relax and improving the flow of blood in your body.

Now you know the importance of being happy and laughing, it is time to make someone laugh heartily with the aid of a prank app.

Knowing that there are various prank apps online, this article will give you a list of the best apps that you can download and begin to make someone laugh today.

Best Prank Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌👌

1. Crack your screen prank

Best Prank Apps

The crack your screen app is only a prank app that you can use in tricking your friends that your phone screen has broken. It doesn’t harm your phone, but it is so real that your parents and friends will begin to feel sorry for you.

Cracked Screen Prank

The prank app comes with various settings, you can either shake the phone, and the screen will appear to be broken, or you touch the screen, and the broken screen will appear, the best is to set a timer as to when someone picks up the phone, and your screen will crack, making it look like it’s the person that broke the screen of your phone.

This happens to be one of the best cracks on your screen app there is online.

What makes it the best app?

It is the best crack screen prank app because, after you must have presented your screen as being cracked, it will remain that way, and your phone will still function properly until you exit the application. And also, the broken screen will appear on your locked screen and even your status bar, which makes it all the more real.


  • It has a realistic cracked screen wallpaper and the sound of breaking glass
  • It only takes shaking or touching to crack your screen
  • It automatically repairs your screen when you return to the app.

The cracked screen app is one that is so hilarious and will make your friends and family laugh so loud. You can also use it as wallpaper on your screen.

The prank is fun and an addictive one at that. It is effortless to use, and you have options to choose from. Download the app now and start pranking your friends with a broken screen phone.

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2. Fake call prank app

Best Prank Apps

The fake call prank app is the most popular and most commonly used apps when it comes to pranking someone. Most time, people use it to escape from a boring conversation or a boring meeting.

It is also often used to escape from tight situations that you may find yourself. The app is free, and the call is also free, and it can come in handy for you at any time.


  • You can use the app to simulate an incoming call, fake SMS, and missed fake calls
  • It is nicely designed and easy to use the app
  • The app allows you to schedule fake calls. You can set the time for the fake call and SMS to come in and also set it at a repeat.
  • You can choose the fake call from your contact list
  • The fake call will also appear on your call history to make it look real
  • Once you install the app on your phone, it instantly changes to call assistant
  • You can customize your fake caller id, picture, number, in-call voice, and ringtone.

If you’ve been looking for ways to escape a boring date or meeting, the fake call prank app is the best app for you. You can use it in pranking anyone and getting yourself out of an awkward situation. Download the app now and begin to catch lots of fantastic fun.

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3. Scary pranks – scare your friends

Prank Apps

This prank app is used to scare your friends. The app comes with so many tricks that you can use to scare your friend. The best part is you can video the person you want to prank so you can watch the video afterward and have a good laugh.


  • Call from hell – ask your friend to pick up the call for you and watch how the person will get a high scream from hell that can make him/her jump out of their skin
  • Guard the phone – you can drop your phone on the table or ask someone to pick up your phone and snap you, once the person touches your phone a ghost will appear on the screen, and with a terrifying scream
  • Hell camera – the hell camera will make your victim turn white because of the scary face that will appear on your screen
  • Cute cat – this feature seems impossible, but it’s only a prank that looks real. Ask someone to rub on the cat on the screen of your phone about five times and watch the cat jump out and scream at the person. Watch the person’s reaction and get a good laugh
  • Fake game – all you need do is prepare the fake game and ask your friend to play it and watch the look on their face
  • It also comes with a color-blind feature.

The pranks found in this app can be terrifying and may not be suitable for people who have high blood pressure, heart-related issues, or pregnant women.

Because the app can scare the living daylight out of anyone, make sure to keep this prank away from children also to avoid them having nightmares and sleepless nights. You can always use the prank app on your friends that you know can take a joke healthily.

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4. Razor prank

You can use the razor prank app to mimic a hair trimmer or a clipper. Use the fun app to prank your family or friends. The prank looks very real and can be used on children also. Making them believe it’s a practical clipper and that you are trying to shave their hair.

Son Pranks Mom With Fake Hair Buzzer



  • It comes with a high-quality sound that changes when you move your phone closer to a person’s head.
  • It vibrates just like a real clipper
  • It comes with a proximity sensor that allows you to get an authentic experience

How to use the app

  • You only need to tap on the razor or clipper for it to come on, then it will start vibrating and making a sound like a real clipper
  • You will get your device close to the hair of the person you are pranking, and the sound will change making it look like you are cutting the person’s hair
  • When you are done pranking and you want to stop the razor, all you need is to tap on the razor, and the noise will cease.

Whether you are trying to catch some fun or prank, someone, this app is the real deal. You can try the app with a girl and see how she reacts to your prank. Her reaction will undoubtedly make you laugh hard because most ladies are scared of losing their hair.

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5. MagicCall voice changer app

Best Prank Apps

Have some exciting fun with the voice changer app. The prank app allows you to have fun with your friends by changing your voice while making calls.

The app will help you improve your sound and sometimes include a romantic song, or the kind of songs they sing in James bond movies will play in the background while you are making a call.


  • Using the app, you can enjoy the real-time voice changer feature
  • You can decide to use a child’s voice, cartoon voice changer, or a female voice changer
  • You can switch between voices while on a call
  • When you first register, you will earn free credit
  • You can test your voice first before making the call to be sure of how it will sound
  • It is easy to use and happens to be the cheapest way you can make a funny call
  • You can always play sound emoticon like a kiss or a slap while on call

Take your fun to another level while on call, change your voice to whichever you want, and also include some background noises like raining noise to deceive someone that it is raining.

You can also use a happy birthday sound if it is the person’s birthday, you can use a traffic noise or a music concert in the background while talking to your friends.

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6. Fart sounds prank app

The fart sound app will make you laugh so loud, especially with the look on your friend’s face. The prank app contains lots of fart sounds that you can either listen to or prank someone with it. The fart sounds are so real, and it comes with over fifty fart sounds.

como hacer bromas a tus amigos con Fart Sound Free



  • It has a clean user interface
  • You can easily interact with the app
  • It has a timer that you can use in setting the time you want the fart sound to come up
  • It includes more than fifty high-quality farts sound
  • It has random farts that you can easily select from

Are you tired and bored? Or do you wish to make someone laugh? Then you’ve got the right medicine this fart app will take away all your boredom and put a smile on your face and that of someone else.

You can set the timer and the fart sound and put the phone in your pocket. When the time comes, the fart sound will explode from your pocket, and the person you are pranking will think it’s a real fart. The reaction on the person’s face alone will make you burst into ripples of laughter.

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7. Virus maker prank app

Most people are terrified of having a virus infect their phones because they are scared of losing valuable information. Prank your friends into thinking their phone has been infected with a virus and see how they will react to it.

The virus maker prank app will enable you to simulate the virus on the screen of your phone. You can download the app on your friend’s phone and make it look like they have a virus on their phone. Even an anti-virus app cannot detect this virus prank app.


  • It comes with four different types of viruses for you to build
  • Dead pixels – the person you are pranking will think the pixels on his screen are gradually burning out, and you can always increase the speed
  • Terminal – a terminal will appear on the screen of your phone, and it will look like a simulator is breaking into your phone. It will look like a hacker has penetrated your phone. and moved all your documents from both your phone memory and your memory card, and every data was erased. It will look genuine, but as you know, it’s only a prank.
  • Blue screen of death – the blue screen of death will appear on your phone screen, making it look like your phone has been damaged completely, and all your documents are gone.

All of this is only a prank, but it will make the person you are pranking believe that his or her phone has been tampered with and has been taking over by a virus.

The virus can be easily removed by simply shaking your phone or by pressing the icon on the phone. To input the virus, you only need to set the timer, choose the virus you want, and run the virus. The app is straightforward to use.

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8. Lie detector test prank

Best Prank Apps

The lie detector prank app will make you prank your friends and make them look like a fool at first, but when they discover it is only a prank, they will also get a good laugh.

The game is a funny name that detects if you are telling the truth or you are lying. Then you make set the app to make it look like your friend is lying when, in fact, they are telling the truth.

How to use:-

The app uses a fingerprint scanner, which lets the person you are about to prank, place their fingerprint on the scanner. You can use your volume button to detect lies or truth.

You use the upper volume button for truth and the lower volume button for lies. Since it’s a prank app, when your friend places his hand on the scanner, you can press the lower button to make it look like he is lying.


  • It comes with excellent graphics that includes a fingerprint scanner, display panel, indicator light, and also control buttons
  • It comes with a beautiful fingerprint scan animation and an electric signal diagram

Have fun pranking your friends and making them look like a liar. The look on their faces when the lie detector app indicates that they are lying will make you laugh so hard.

Be careful because if they find out it’s only a prank, they might get mad at you at first, but they will laugh alongside you.

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9. Fake call girlfriend prank

The fake call girlfriend app is one that has been used countless times by so many people. It is an app that makes you fake a call from a girlfriend that doesn’t exist.

prank girlfriend - prank call from girlfriend

If you want to annoy your real girlfriend and make her believe you are cheating on her, this is the perfect app for you. Receive calls from a fake girlfriend and let your girlfriend wallow in jealousy.

How to use:-

  • For a quick prank, all you need do is to tap the call now button
  • Then for a more advanced prank, you can schedule a time for the incoming call, you can make it a time when your original girlfriend is around to make it more interesting.
  • You can tap a character from the app to choose a picture of your imaginary girlfriend
  • To customize your prank and make it more interesting, you can tap on the caller and select any image from your gallery, and also set a name and number to make it real.
  • You can select a unique ringtone for your fake girlfriend from your music library
  • To restore your original ringtone, you can tap on the set default ringtone button
  • To make the prank more fun and exciting, you can record or add voices.

Below are some of the features of the Fake call girlfriend prank app that earned it a spot in our list of good Prank Apps.


  • The app allows you to schedule a time when you want to receive your fake girlfriend’s incoming call
  • You can set a female, nice, and sexy voice that will talk back while you are talking to make it very real
  • The app comes with various characters in the gallery, so you can easily choose a character that will be displayed on the screen of your phone.
  • To make the prank better, you can change the caller id and the number.

The fake call girlfriend prank app is a fascinating app; it is free and compatible with all Android devices. The app is a simulator, and the incoming call is only a prank and not real.

You can imagine how your girlfriend will react if she sees you answering another girl’s call, it is inevitable that the look on her face will make you laugh so hard that you will want to cry. And when she discovers it was just a prank, she will laugh with relief.

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Playing pranks have gotten better with the numerous prank apps online. The idea you used to have about pranks is old-fashioned now, get the latest pranks by using the prank apps. You can scare your friends, or make them laugh with various pranks.

Laughter is soothing to the soul, and making someone laugh is like healing the person of heart disease. These apps to prank your friends will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

When you prank your friends, try to stay far away from them, so they don’t try to hit you when they discovered you had pranked them.

Don’t wait till it’s April fool’ Day before you prank your friends and family and no need to use the old prank ways. Now you have the prank apps on your fingertips and a more sophisticated prank that will look so real.

You don’t need to surf through the net to find the best prank apps; the apps listed above are some of the best you can find. Make a decision now to download any of the prank apps that you will wish to use.

So if you think your life has been boring for a very long time, and you long to laugh again, use the prank apps to make your life more fun and exciting. Prank someone today and put a smile on your face and that of the person.