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How To Prevent People From Forwarding Your Gmail Emails


The Forward option provided by email services is a useful way to quickly pass on information to someone else, but it also poses privacy concerns – what if an unscrupulous person forwards sensitive content on to other people? It may sound paranoid, but such is the stuff that ‘viral emails’ are made of – for infamous examples – which can lead to public humiliation, disciplinary action and even relationshiD breakdown.

Prevent People From Forwarding Your Gmail Emails

Gmail’s recent redesign addresses such concerns with a welcome feature called ‘Confidential mode‘, which offers several measures for preventing people from sharing your emails without your permission.

When you activate the feature by clicking the ‘Turn confidential mode on‘ button at the bottom of a Compose window, it disables the recipient’s ability to forward, copy/ paste and download the content of your message.

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For extra security, you can set the email to expire after a specific length of time (such as one day, week or month), and if that still seems risky, you can lock it with a passcode that the recipient is sent separately, and needs to enter to open the message.


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