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23 Of The Best Private Roku Channels in 2022

Do you want to Expand Your Roku Streamer With New Content & Features? 🤔 These 23 Of The Best Private Roku Channels will help you with this.

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Roku has revolutionized the way online streaming content is consumed by consumers worldwide. It is a great alternative to cut down your monthly expense on cable equipment and subscriptions. All you would need is a stable internet connection and a Roku device of your choice and convenience. 

The very first model of Roku was released in association with Netflix well over a decade ago in 2008. Since then, Roku has come a long way and has become a household name in the media streaming world. 

Roku offers thousands of channels in its official store, but there is also a way to integrate third-party services into your Roku device. These are called Private Roku Channels.

You can call these private Roku channels a means of testing new products or services by the developers before releasing them to the public. 

There is one condition; anyone who knows the particular code can access these channels. Irrespective of what Roku device you use, you can access the free and premium channels along with the private channels.

Before continuing, let’s get the answer to two important questions

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(Q) How to access Roku private channels

In this Youtube video.

How to add and remove Roku channels

Today we try to bring you the very best Private Roku Channels for your viewing pleasure. Read on to find out more.

Best Private Roku Channels – Our Top Pick

1. Wilderness Channel 

You can call these private Roku channels that are dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and people who travel a lot. Or if you love to have a sneak peek at the wilderness from your couch, Wilderness channel is the place for you. 

It is developed by Cloud TV. The channel mainly focuses on content that is shot in American national parks. So, the primary audience for this channel would be all the hikers, campers, trekkers, outdoor survivors, and hunters. Wilderness channel comes free of subscription and charges. 

You can further categorize the content into three different categories.

  1. Outdoor Survival
  2. Nature Enthusiasts
  3. Hunting

Some of the popular shows to be broadcasted on the channel are America’s Wilderness, Alone in the Wilderness, and Stealth Camping. The access code to enjoy this channel is FL821095.

Click to check out Wilderness Channel

2. iTunes Podcasts – Private Roku channels To Access the iTunes library

It is a private Roku channel that gives you access to all the free podcasts that are available in the iTunes library. The advantage is that you do not have to have an iTunes account or install iTunes on your device. 

Private Roku Channels

The downside, however, is that it does not offer a list of podcasts for you to choose from, which was a feature in the past. Alternatively, there is a search box provided where you can enter a keyword of your interest.

For example, if you enter ‘Formula One’ as the keyword, you will get access to all the podcasts that have the keyword in their title.

To make it user-friendly Roku has provided a favorites button using which you can add the podcasts, you listen to regularly under one list.

So, the next time you use iTunes Podcasts, you don’t have to go through the trouble of searching for everything from scratch. However, note that any paid content from the iTunes Library would require an account and subscription.

You can access the channel by using the code ITPC free of any charges or subscriptions.

Click to check out iTunes Podcast

3. RokuMovies

Rokumovies is a private Roku channel that gives you access to a handful of public domain movies. You may find a lot of videos on the Web, which are free to access. RokuMovies focuses on such films and is free of subscription. However, it is open to donations.

Private Roku Channels

Talking about the genres of movies that are available, you may watch movies in Mystery, Martial Arts, Science fiction, Comedy, Romance, and some Horror flicks. You can watch a few Silent films as well. The only downside, however, is the limited number of movies on the channel right now. You only have access to about 140 movies in different genres as of today.

The access code to add RokuMovies is zb34ac.

Click to check out RokuMovies

4. SpaceTime Free – Top Roku private channels For astronomy

If you are someone who loves spending your time looking at the night skies, or if you are curious about astrophysics or astronomy, SpaceTime is your go-to place.

It features videos as short as 2-3 minutes to some spanning more than an hour in categories like Solar System, Deep Sky, Astrophysics, and Featurettes, to name a few.

In many cases, you can’t find the source of the videos. However, most videos featured are footage from NASA. It also adds content collected from various other space agencies for your viewing pleasure. 

You can add SpaceTime to your channel list by using the access code CN6MRTG without any charges or subscriptions.

Click to check out SpaceTime Free

5. Lode Runner Remake For Roku

Lode Runner is a classic game from the 80s we all know and love. It is a beautiful remake of the 80’s game for your enjoyment. The original game was developed and published by Broderbund.

You can play the game either in vertical mode or horizontal mode based on your convenience. However, you will require an enhanced gaming remote to play this classic remake.

Lode Runner Remake for Roku (v0.11)

There are three levels in the game – Classic, Championship, and Professional. You can choose whichever suits you the best. Further, it has hundreds of different levels with varying complexities.

You don’t have to pay any subscription charges by using this access code.

Add lode Runner remake to your list by using the access code LodeRunnerPreview

Click to check out LodeRunner Remake for Roku

6. Update My Channels

It is a free private Roku channel that allows you to update the content on your Roku device. Some of us may be updating the Roku channels manually. This channel serves as a better alternative that checks for updates in Roku content automatically.

Another advantage of this channel is that all the Roku content gets updated on its own in the background. It makes sure that you have the latest content on your Roku device. 

Access the channel for free by using the access code UpdateMyChannels.

Click to check out Update My Channels

7. Relax Time

Relax time is a private Roku channel that is available free of subscription charges. If you are somebody that enjoys natural scenery and relaxing sounds, this is your go-to channel.

Some videos also contain music in the background while others just have scenic imagery with sounds of nature.

Most of the videos on this channel are shot using stationary cameras. These are placed in locations like a forest, oceans, or rivers for a long duration.

This channel is bound to create a peaceful environment in your home. The video length varies anywhere from half an hour to 8 hours.

You can enjoy this channel without any subscription or are charged by using the access code VRQHQ.

Click to check out Relax Time

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8. The Silent Movie Channel 

The silent movie channel is a private Roku channel that focuses on bringing you silent movies from the early 20th century. It contains movies from many different countries and many different genres.

To name a few, you can find movies in drama, science fiction, adventure, horror, animation, comedy, etc. Some of the popular actors featured in these movies are Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Harold Lloyd. Be sure to check back for new content as the developers update the channel with a new films regularly.

It is an excellent channel to follow if you are somebody that loves old flicks. 

You can access this channel for free without any subscription charges by using the access code ROLLEM.

Click to check out The Silent Movie Channel

9. Red Bull TV 

Red Bull has been a popular name in adrenaline-filled sports like rally, motorsports, skiing, and high diving. Red Bull TV is an essential part of the company’s marketing strategy.

23 Of The Best Private Roku Channels in 2022

You can check out the latest events and happenings in the sports as mentioned above on this channel. It comes without any subscription charges to the user. 

If you have a Roku account, use the access code REDBULLTV to access a wide variety of sports content.

Click to check out Red Bull TV

10. MultiLive (Weedbox.net)

MultiLive is a private Roku channel offering live streams from popular European TV channels from Berlin, Netherlands, Cyprus, Haiti and Lëtzebuerg.

To access all the available streams use the up-down button on your Roku device remote. Many of you may be curious about TV content outside of the USA. This channel is a breath of fresh air amongst your other Roku channels. 

It is available free of subscription charges if you use the access code DNLMPK.

Click to check out MultiLive

11. RokuCast 

RokuCast is a unique private Roku channel. It is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to cast hTML5 content directly from your personal computer to your Roku device. However, the installation process may be a little tedious.

The process requires you to download the free Google Chrome extension from GitHub first. After this, you have to unzip the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions that pop up on your screen.

Once the installation is completed, you will see an extension on the browser. Upon clicking on this extension, you can and see the list of castable content available for your viewing pleasure. By clicking upon the cast button, you can view the content directly on your Roku device. 

You can access this channel by using the access code CL9D5D.

Click to check out RokuCast.

12. Weather Radar 

Roku pretty much has content spread across all kinds of things. So, why not a channel dedicated to the weather forecast? Weather radar was previously known as weather graphics.

Private Roku Channels

Weather radar provides you insights on live weather conditions, be it local or national weather graphics. The information displayed is collected from the US national weather service. 

By using the direction buttons on your Roku remote, you can navigate and select a particular local location for local weather reports. You can also set a default location so that every time you log in to the channel, it will show you the weather report for the default location selected by you.

However, the downside to this channel is that you cannot select multiple locations. Some of the National Vector graphics provided on this channel are: 

National Hurricane Centre- Atlantic: It shows you a map of Atlantic tropical cyclones. By hovering your mouse over the graphics, you can get detailed weather information. 

National Hurricane Centre-Pacific: It shows you a map of pacific tropical cyclones with two days cyclone formation chance. 

National overview: It shows the map of the Continental United States. 

You can access weather radar without any subscription charges or fees by using the access code radar.

Click to check out Weather Radar

13. Clikia 

Clikia offers advertisement-free online radio stations, on-demand videos, and a variety of live-stream videos. However, the free content may be limited in quantity, and there are packages available if you are willing to spend some money on the subscriptions.

23 Of The Best Private Roku Channels in 2022

These subscriptions once activated get auto-renewed unless the subscription is cancelled. With Clikia you can access a large number of movies as well. 

You can use the code clikialive to access the channel.

Click to check out Clikia

14. Freejack TV – Private Roku channels For conspiracy theories

If you are someone who finds yourself interested in conspiracy theories, Freejack TV offers a great deal of content on the same. You can find live streams, movies, talk shows and video series on various conspiracy theories.

23 Of The Best Private Roku Channels in 2022

Most of the content is free for all users. But you may not be able to access a few movies, for which you may have to pay a nominal subscription charge. Some of the popular talk shows available in Freejack TV are feet to the Fire, jungle apocalypse, and American Intelligence report.

Video series like StarLeaf and rap news also find their way into Freejack TV.

Some of the popular live streams are as follows: 

  • Infowars TV 
  • Paranoia radio 
  • Revolution Radio (studio a ) 
  • Revolution Radio (studio b ) 

The rental store is available only to paid subscribers. You can access the channel by using the access code YQJ5B.

Click to check out Freejack TV

15. EuroRoku 

EuroRoku is a private Roku channel that has well over a hundred live streaming channels from European TV stations. You can find live streams from countries like France, Bulgaria, Holland, Spain. Germany and Moldova.

To find the complete list of channels you can visit the website euroroku.com. You can also find instructions on how to create an account and setting up EuroRoku on your device. 

The access code for adding this channel to your list is euroroku.

Click to check out EuroRoku

16. Home Movies

Home Movies is a private Roku channel that features a new home movie that is recorded on a super 8, 8mm or 16mm film. Today with the advent of the internet and Smartphones, we record a significant share of our daily lives on cameras. But before these advances in Technology, home movies were recorded using film.

Plenty of recorded home movies covering essential events like family celebrations for vacations are available on unedited films. It can be used for various purposes like education, advertisement, and entertainment.

Projects like Prelinger archives are making attempts to resurrect such old home videos for such purposes. Prelinger now contains a library of more than 60000 search videos. The home movies channel uploads one home video every week on its channel.

Notably, most of the films did not have an option of sound recording. So, you will be watching silent movies for the most part. Some of the available titles are Wyoming Vacation 1978 and Fastonn. Minnesota 1950.

This channel is developed by Fire Mountain Digital LLC, and you can use the access code HomeMovies to add this channel to your list.

Click to check out HomeMovies

17. Syntrix 

Syntrix allows you to access files either in audio or video format stored in locations like Google Drive or Dropbox. By using an Android application, you can make a playlist of songs or movies which can be accessed by opening the Syntrix channel on your Roku device. 

You can access this channel free of cost using the access code synctrixbeta.

Click to check out Syntrix.

18. Science Fiction And Beer 

Is there a better way to end a long day other than watching a science fiction movie and a cold beer? Although the channel cannot provide you with free beer, it provides you with several science fiction movies you can enjoy. Some of the titles available are are

  • Invasion of The Bee girls 
  • Robot monster 
  • Voyage to the end of the universe 

It also has a video titled – my beer equipment which provides you with a rundown on how to make beer. 

You can add this channel to your list by using the access code TZG6P92.

Click to check out Science Fiction and Beer.

19. Nowhere TV – Oldest Private Roku channels

Nowhere TV happens to be one of the oldest private Roku channels to exist. Initially, it started as a single channel with not much variety in content.

Today it is your source for quality audio and video podcasts. Apart from podcasts, you can also find content like newscasts, a few on-demand videos and not to mention TV shows.

Nowhere TV does not require any subscription and is available free of cost to all users. You need to know the access code to access the enormous amount of entertainment available. 

On Nowhere TV you will find content from motorsports, NHL, MLB, and content that is along the same lines. Also, you can find content from HBO, BBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS, to name a few.

Since it operates by providing you with content from sources that are available online, it is entirely legal. Most of all, it is fun to use and a channel you should surely check out.

If you are not aware of the access code, it is H9DWC.

Click to check out Nowhere TV

20. The Odeon Theatre 

The Odeon Theatre is one of the Unique movie channels you will find on Roku. It is different from the other channels on Roku because it showcases only independent and Cult movies. Further, it only uploads a single movie every week on Wednesdays. 

One of the movies that are being showcased in the channel is the 1953 classic beat the devil starring Jennifer Jones and Humphrey bogart.

At the beginning of each movie, you will find a preview that gives you a little bit of trivia about the movie that is playing and also a brief introduction about the channel and its contents. 

You can access the channel by using the code odeon.

Click to check out The Odeon Theatre

21. Spanish Time – Private Roku channels For Spanish Content

Spanish time is a private Roku channel that has over 150 Spanish channels. However, you will have to create an account to access the content on Spanish time even though you can add the channel for free.

The channel includes many live stream programs from some countries like Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Spain, to name a few. The different genre categorizations available on the channel are as follows:

  • Children 
  • Culture 
  • Sports 
  • Entertainment

You can find the full list of channels by visiting their website. The access code for this channel is spanishtime.

Click to check out Spanish Time

22. Complete Playthrough Video Games 

As the name suggests, Complete Playthrough Video Games is a private Roku channel offering a collection of video game playthroughs. Some of the video games included are as follows: 

Metroid zero mission 

  • Super Metroid 
  • Super Mario 
  • Legend of Zelda 
  • Blackthorne 
  • The punisher 

There are no charges to access this channel, and you can access the content by using the code 5P5QQJ.

Click to check out Complete Playthrough Video Games

23. Prince of Persia Remake for Roku

It is a remake of the classic Prince of Persia game from 1989. The story of the game is set in Persia. A wizard by the name of Jaffar tries to invade the Kingdom while the sultan is on a foreign trip.

While the Sultan’s daughter tries to stop him, he locks her down and sentences her to die unless she marries him. 

On the other hand, the Princess is in love with the lead character, who is imprisoned in a Dungeon. The mission of the game is to make sure that the lead role escapes from the prison and defeats Jaffar before it’s too late for the Princess to save her life. 

Prince of Persia for Roku - Remake Demo (v0.12)

The home screen of the game will show you three different modes, namely control mode, gaming mode and Mods and cheats. These modes will provide you with all the information you need to play the game. 

You can access this game on Roku by using the access code PoPPreview.

Click to check out Prince Of Persia Remake

Conclusion on private Roku channels

So, these are some of our choices for the best Private Roku Channels out there on the Web. Roku is a cost-effective alternative for high-priced entertainment suites available today.

You also have to consider the vast content that is available at the user’s dispense just at the cost of a stable internet connection. I hope you enjoyed this! Cheers!