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11 Best Property Line Apps To Measure Field Area

For better accuracy and precision, there is a need to have reliable land measuring tools. In case you are buying a new property or you are planning to construct something on your land, then you can use certain land measurement tools. These tools help you to calculate land areas with efficient ease. 

Today, there are several property line apps and land measuring tools available for free, which you can use for calculating the dimensions of your land. All these apps are within your reach, just a click away! 

With these land measurement apps, you can easily know the dimensions of newly purchased land. You can also calculate the land area you plan to bring under construction. 

With fine and accurate dimensions, you can have a perfectly built apartment or building ready in no time. You can instantly get relevant information about the property or the land you want to have, or your pre-existing land. 

Along with this, you also get suitable data on the land you need. Be it its grid lines or the owner’s name, every piece of information is super easy to access. Also, these apps support various modes to measure the land, so you can painlessly choose the mode that meets your preferences and requirements. 

With diversified measuring modes, these apps have become convenient for many audiences. Here, we will be providing you with a handy list of the most beneficial apps, which you can count on anytime, for measuring your land.

Best Property Line Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area Measure is a popular land measuring app that lets you calculate any of your land dimensions easily and quickly. With GPS Field Area Measure, you do not have to have the pain of carrying a dozen papers or spreadsheets along with you if you have to measure any property. 

You can painlessly calculate the perimeter of your field by placing pointers from one end to the other. For measuring the area of your land, you can rely on the app.

Best Property Line Apps

In case you placed a wrong pointer, you can change it instead of being worried. The app has super modified features that let you perform various tasks on a single platform.

Along with this, you also have the privilege of measuring the distance between any two geographical points efficiently over your device.

To keep you updated and less bothered, all your calculations are saved on the app. This provides easy access to data at any point in time. This app makes your land measuring super easy and painless. 

Also, if you need to measure the area in your surroundings, you can turn on the GPS and get the desired results in no time. If you want to combine certain measurements, the app allows you to group them separately. This increases the efficiency of the app. 

Moreover, if you are not compatible with measuring your land in a particular unit, you can always change your units and measurements accurately. 

Other than a usual marker, you also get a smart marker that you can use to point to an exact location at times. All your important calculations and data are securely kept in the app and can be exported anytime on your device.

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2. LandGlide

The most prominent and super effective land measuring app is LandGlide. It supports some of the best features that make land measuring effortless and fun rather than trouble. 

Any property can be easily and instantly explored via the LandGlide app. You just have to point to the property you wish to gather information about, and then you merely have to tap it again. You will be provided with all the personal details like the name of the owner, the address, the municipality, etc. 

If you like a property, you can save it immediately on the app; to this, you can also add notes, or you can export the saved file externally as well.

Best Property Line Apps 1

Once downloaded, your saved property details can be accessed in offline mode. This makes the app handy to operate and has better efficiency. 

From the minutest grocery shop to the biggest bungalow, the LandGlide app has an in-hand and maintained a record of over 95% U.S. population. Therefore, easy information about every land area around you can be effortlessly extracted on the app.

You can search for an unknown property either by pointing over the place or by entering an address, name of the owner, or APN. 

All in all, you will be getting information about the land without any complexity. Moreover, you can take the help of a GPS tracker to pinpoint a location over your device.

Even the smallest corner can be tracked and recorded on the LandGlide app. Hence, LandGlide is a supportive tool if you have to measure land.

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3. Geo Measure Area Calculator

Geo Measure Area Calculator is an app to calculate the accurate perimeter and area of any field instantly. With precisely measured and perfectly calculated data, the app becomes easy to operate and functions seamlessly. 

The app allows you to enter the latitudinal and longitudinal extensions of the field or land you have to measure. This results in the user getting the actual results in hand. 

Best Property Line Apps 2

The most user-friendly feature of the app is that it offers a way to measure land in different units, so you can choose the unit that best suits your needs and preferences. Measured area and perimeter can be saved easily over the app.

 Also, you can share the saved images anywhere, anytime. The determination of the land can be done in two ways on the app. They are-

Manual Measurement:- Using the manual measurement option, you have to point the locations yourself over the map. This can be done by zooming in on the exact location of your choice and then placing the pointer over there. 

After that, you have to select your unit of measurement, and the app will do the rest. You will get the information on the marked land.

GPS Measurement:- Another way to measure land on the app is GPS Measurement. As you can get the idea, with GPS Measurement, you do not have to acknowledge much pain. All you need to do is to turn on your GPS, after which the app will automatically track your location. 

Then you simply have to move across the area you want to have measurements of, and once done, you have to click on the stop recording option. The app will bring the area into consideration and provide you with the desired results.

Geo Measure Area Calculator For Android Version 3.0

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4. HuntStand

The modernized and accurate land measuring tool, HuntStand, has vibrant built-in graphics that make the user’s experience vivid while using the app.

The app has 3D hunt area maps wherein you can view your land areas in a realistic three-dimensional view. 

Best Property Line Apps 3

Additionally, HuntStand supports trail camera functionality with AI species recognition spots. The app has 40 GB of cloud storage, where you can store all your favorite photos.

Enhanced satellite images can be super easily obtained on HuntStand. Though the images are of lower resolution, they are perfect. 

HuntStand has a range of over 100 different shapes, icons, and lines that make land measurements precise and accurate. The app comes with inbuilt super-enhanced features that make the app one of a kind. 

Another extraordinary feature of the app is that it lets you have weather reports of your area. With weather maps, you can explain the output of the weather condition of a place.

All your surrounding areas or property details can be accessed on the app with the owner’s name, exact location, etc. 

Mapping on the app can be multilayered, meaning that you can place one boundary measure over the other with different or same colors, and thus you can preview the exactly measured land area of your choice. With the availability of different colors, the app becomes vibrant and versatile. 

Overall, HuntStand is a multipurpose and multifunctional app that acts as a one-stop platform for measuring your land, getting satellite views of your land, and also have an instant and handy weather forecast ready in no time.

HuntStand Hunting App Overview

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5. onX Hunt

An app quite similar to HuntStand is onxHunt. It is an innovative and intelligent app that provides you with a platform to get instant land measurements easily and effortlessly.

From any point to the other, an accurate measurement and tracking path is provided by the app for free. In case you are planning a trek or a hunt, an onX hunt can be relied upon! 

11 Best Property Line Apps To Measure Field Area

The app allows offline access to the locations that you have marked on the app. This makes the app user efficient and best suited at the locations where the network does not work properly. 

Along with this, you can immediately access any location via the GPS tracking option offered by the app. It is a great mapping tool, and it has been enhanced over time.

Be it a private or a public land boundary; you can have instant information about a land area on the app. The areas and images gathered on the app can be saved and exported painlessly. 

Apart from this, the users get all-time functional customer service on the app. Customer service responds to your issues in no time, and it also provides you with an effortless solution to the problem. The app also supports inbuilt tools, which are add-ons to the users. 

All in all, the app is meant for those who wish to go on hunting or trekking, or even if you have to calculate the land area, be it a public or private one, you can simply count on the app.

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6. Area Calculator for Land

Area Calculator for Land is a simple and troubleless property line app to use. The app has a sorted user interface and it works primarily based on calculating and measuring land area. 

On the app, you can edit and trace land areas accordingly. You just have to mark points on the map chronologically and the area covered under the points will be calculated in no time on the app. 

11 Best Property Line Apps To Measure Field Area

Other than that, you can also get an area marked by using the GPS tracker. Turning the GPS on and moving around an area will get it marked automatically, and then you can acknowledge the area of that desired piece of land easily and instantly. 

Apart from this, the app can also be brought into use for measuring the distance between any two points. You only have to mark the points on the map, and the app will calculate the distance between them.

This helps you to travel across places easily, and you can also make sure to reach your destination before your fuel finishes! 

During emergencies, you are free to share your location via the app. This is an extremely supportive feature. The app is suitable for aged people as it is super easy and handy to operate. 

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7. AND Measure (Area and Distance)

For effective and accurate measurements of an area or a distance, you can go for the AND Measure app. It allows you to measure almost everything on a map. Any desired area or distance can be considered on the app, and then it can be calculated accordingly. 

Along with the estimated boundary, the factors such as the name of the owner and his details can also be accessed on the app. The app supports an uncomplicated user interface, thereby making the app super easy and extremely efficient to operate. 

AndMeasure Promo Video

If you travel to an unknown place or wish to go hunting, every distance can be calculated and viewed on the app. Using the app, you can smoothly survey land. With precise calculations, the user doesn’t get laid back while going to an unknown place. 

A wide-ranging survey, such as watering trips, shooting areas, and driving range, can also be estimated effortlessly on the app. Moreover, with variant measuring modes, you can calculate and measure the land area in the mode that best suits your needs.

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8. Map Pad GPS Land Surveys and Measurements

Map Pad GPS Land Surveys and Measurements is an accurate and precise land surveying and measuring app using which you can super easily calculate any land area.

You can effortlessly search a land area by its location and get the desired results handy and instantly. Your favorite search locations can also be saved on the app and shared externally. 

Best Property Line Apps 6

It supports most file formats, so the assigned work gets done conveniently. Along with the location searched, you get certain other details, such as the owner of the property, the particular address, and the property’s boundary. 

Moreover, you can zoom in on the map to have the exact location of your device. Other than that, you can draw various shapes on the map area or the location. This makes the app versatile and better in its functioning. 

Not only the area but boundary lines can also be tracked through the app. Precisely, you can use this app to manage boundary lines with ease. 

Effortless calculations and results are on the go with this app; this increases the credibility and convenience of the app. Thus, the app attracts users to it. With a simple interface, the app is handy and painless to use.

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9. BaseMap

Another one on the list of property line apps is BaseMap. The app offers twin features to its users- one being a land surveying app and the other being a boundary line calculator. 

Additionally, you can easily get weather forecast results instantly on the app. You can have the exact direction of your desired location.

11 Best Property Line Apps To Measure Field Area

This app is helpful for those wandering around unknown places, as they can easily follow the directions given by the app, and thus they can reach their destination. 

Adding on to this, you also know about the public and private land ownership over an area. This includes information about the property, its owner, and other needfuls.

The most enhancing and effective feature of the app is its inbuilt wind data calculator, using which you can get information regarding wind direction. This supports you during times of hunting or trekking. 

Moreover, the app allows you to access offline maps. In remote areas and the ones where it’s hard to get a network signal, this app performs well. Fast-speed maps can be accessed and tracked without an internet connection or signal on the app. 

Adding to this, you can track handy records of sowing and harvesting dates of your crop instantly and with ease. With modified features and prominent functioning, the app is reliable for its users. 

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10. Regrid Property Map and Survey

Regrid property map and survey is a significant land measuring and property line app. With Regrid you can trace property lines effortlessly. 

This app offers the most detailed information on land or a plot among all the property line apps. The desired property can be searched in no time by entering the zip code. This makes the app an incredible way to find out details of a property. 

Best Property Line Apps 8

Though the app is free to operate, having a pro version for a minimal price range allows you to take advantage of the better built-in features of the app. A wide-ranging collection of data is available on the app. It covers major areas all over the U.S. 

Other than this, you can also survey and bookmark properties on the app. While surveying and searching for a property, you get acknowledged to several details such as the owner’s name, tax status, country-provided acres, mailing address, mailing address zip, and a lot more. 

With enough information and data, it becomes convenient for a user to plan his surveys accordingly. Overall, the app can be prominently used for surveying and land measurements.

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How accurate are property line apps?

Certain property line apps are updated as per the latest information, while others still have old data.

So, we have made sure to provide you with the best-categorized property line apps, the ones that have kept reliable data in their records. Lastly, you can test these apps to know how relevant they are. 

What is the best app for finding property lines? 

LandGlide, GPS Fields Area Measure, HuntStand, onX Hunt, BaseMap, etc. are among the best applications for finding property lines with a lot of accuracies and without much problem and give a completely different aspect to the measurement of property lines. 

Is LandGlide app free? 

Yes, the LandGlige app is available free of cost with limited features. However, if you want to get the best out of this wonderful property line application, you have to check out various in-app purchases available at $9.99 – $99.99 per item.  

Can Google Maps show property lines? 

The Google Maps application is not sufficient to check property lines. However, you can check property lines and parcel boundaries in the Google Earth application without fuss.  

Are LandGlide property lines accurate? 

Yes, property lines in LandGlide are quite accurate. Although it is not very uncommon for property lines to be 3.4 feet off as these lines are usually approximations, and finding the exact value is not very easy.  

What is the best free app for finding property lines? 

GPS Fields Area Measure, LandGlide, Geo Measure Area Calculator, HuntStand, onX Hunt, etc., are among the best free apps for finding property lines with decent accuracy.  

How do I survey land with my smartphone? 

You can download any property line app to survey land with your smartphone. Some of the best apps to mention are BaseMap, Map and GPS Land Surveys and Measurements, LandGlide, onX Hunt, Area Calculator for Land, etc.  

Can I use my iPhone to find property lines? 

Yes, you can use your iPhone to find property lines by downloading any third-party apps easily available. Some great property line apps are GPS Fields Area Measure, LandGlide, Geo Measure Area Calculator, HuntStand, etc.

What is the most accurate way to survey land? 

Surveying lands with the help of GPS technology are considered to be highly accurate mainly because of the sophisticated system.

GPS technology utilizes an advanced satellite network to communicate with the receivers on the ground, giving you nearly accurate results.

To get the best out of GPS for land surveys, you can try using applications like HuntStand, onX Hunt, Area Calculator for Land, AND Measure (Area and Distance), Map Pad GPS Land Surveys and Measurements, etc.  

Is there an app that surveyors use? 

Surveyors use a wide range of property line apps like Apglos Survey Wizard, onX Hunt, HuntStand, BaseMap, Regrid Property Map and Survey, Area Calculator for Land, etc.  

Is there an app to measure land area? 

Yes, there are some reliable apps to measure land area easily. These include GPS Fields Area Measure, Measure Map, Map Area Calculator, Property Survey GPS, OneSoil Scouting, etc. 

Which property line app is the most accurate? 

Honestly speaking, all the above-listed property line apps have their unique features and benefits.

You can accordingly opt for the one that matches your requirements. Other than that, LandGlide is best suited as a property line app. 

Is there any free property line app? 

Most of the apps that we have discussed are freely accessible to users. So you can always count on any of these to measure your land precisely. 

Can I survey my property? 

Yes, it is possible to survey your property easily and effectively by using the property line apps. Usually, these apps work with utmost accuracy to provide you with the best results. 

Are there any apps to find property pins? 

Yes, leading ahead of others, LandGlide is a mobile app that allows you to find property pins and access boundaries nationally. Instantly, you can have the desired information about a property, its owners, and the address. 


Whenever you want to access information regarding land or its measurements, you can have these property line apps installed over your device immediately, and that too for free! In no time, you can get accurate and trustworthy information about the required piece of land.

You simply have to open your GPS tracker and then you can have several details ready, which otherwise would have been troublesome to find out. Concluding, you can choose any of the property line apps according to your preferences.

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