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Pros and Cons of Snapchat: The Definitive Guide

Snapchat has been one platform with impressive revenue and scores of users from across the globe. The platform has been very engaging and has been attracting a lot of finances for the same.

The platform was initially created to click pictures and send them to others, but eventually, it started with video content thoroughly. Youngsters, as well as adults, have embraced the platform.

The pros and cons of Snapchat make it one of the most creative platforms since there is an end number of filtering options allowing you to edit your classy pictures, swap your face with your partner, change your head size, reverse your videos, and wear virtual flower bands.

What Will I Learn?💁

Pros and cons of Snapchat 2022 – A Comparision

Before we show you an insight into the platform, it is significant to list the pros and cons of Snapchat to understand it better.

First, let’s have a look at the pros of social territory:

Pros of Snapchat 👍

1. User-friendly experience

 The social media platform caters an opportunity to the users to use the application in the most casual manner possible. It does not bombard the audience with purchase advertisements, just like Facebook does.

Pros and Cons of Snapchat

The platform feels intimate and allows the users to build a one-to-one relationship. Some brands use Snapchat and build a relationship with the users in a more friendly manner rather than just targeting them with their advertisements.

The personal engagement on the platform is what makes it so unique and user-friendly. Furthermore, the snaps are sent to the individuals directly, which makes it like a one-to-one engagement.  

2. The platform collects all your snaps from specific events to create customized stories

This is the most-loved feature of the platform concerning the list. The application will collect snaps of the users who were a part of the event.

Introducing Custom Stories

Once you attend an event and fill your gallery with a lot of pictures, all the collected snaps are then knitted into one beautiful story to which everyone has access. This way, everyone feels more connected to each other, diving into the pool of nostalgia.

3. Discover features of the platform

This feature incorporated by the platform allows all the users to explore the content which comes under the premium video head. With the discovery feature, the users can hit the platform with their content to increase their reach.

Using Discover on Snapchat

A team of journalists who work with this feature and post material here automatically improves awareness and range. Furthermore, on average, users spend more than 20 minutes daily, which makes sense because of the discovery feature.

4. Reaches the millennial generation

The majority of Snapchat users belong to the younger generation. A source confirms that 36% of the active users of the platform spend more time on their mobile phones than doing some activity in the United States.

This way, more advertisements and branding reach the audience. The platform’s fun filters allow the users to use filters and stickers, depicting the personal front of the business to engage the audience entertainingly. This way enables more promotions and gains scores of loyal followers.

5. Geofilters of the application

The platform offers a unique feature known as the Geofilter feature. Whenever you are in a specific area, the Geofilter is activated, which allows you to use customized stickers and fun images related to the same.

Introducing Snap Map

Some companies turn their logo into a personalized filter to enable the users to use the Geofilter. In this manner, as the users share their experiences, the companies have a better reach.

6. Direct communication with the companies

 The application allows the users to directly communicate with the business accounts by snapping them or replying to their personal stories.

Several companies and organizations run their campaigns to attract more users and even ask them to click snaps with their products and upload a story. It allows caters an opportunity to the users to become brand ambassadors of companies with all the story uploads.

7. It allows you to see who all saw your snaps

 Snapchat is the first platform that allows all its users to see who all have seen your snap. This brings the lurkers into the limelight, and they cannot get away with stalking. The platform immediately notifies you about someone you should be concerned about.

8. Less commercial content on the platform

 Facebook and other social media platforms appear to scroll more through advertisements than the main feed. Furthermore, you are bombarded with ads that are unrelated to your searches.

However, this is not the case with Snapchat. On this application, you are most likely to receive only those advertisements which you have searched before or something similar to that kind.

Whenever there are advertisements on the platform, it seems pretty much like a normal mundane user experience.

9. Privacy is the key 

Snapchat is one of the most preferred platforms since it allows you to post content you would not otherwise upload on any other social media handle. Snaps have a span of 10 seconds and then disappear.

Your Privacy on Snapchat, Explained

It also notifies you if someone has replayed your snap or taken a screenshot. This limits the users’ access to your private pictures and limits your images to yourself.

Furthermore, if the photos are saved to the server, they disappear after 30 days. Even if you upload a story, it will be removed after 24 hours. This means that everything on this platform is merely temporary.

10. Easy to get started

 Signing up for the application is easy, like creating an account for Twitter or any other social media platform. Furthermore, the platform does not ask you to share any personal data.

You even have the choice of selecting a different name other than your actual name. You can easily connect to all the users, friends, and colleagues by giving them your ID. The privacy settings of the platform are entirely intact, and no other entity can pose a threat to the same.

11. The length of the content is short 

The videos you can share with your connection can only be 10 seconds, and just like the stories, the videos will be removed after 24 hours. To save all the Snapchat videos, you must keep them in your phone gallery.

Else, you will lose all your content. This means that even if you save the pictures and videos on your phone, it will not occupy much space. Storage is not a problem when it comes to storing content.

12. Wide range of filters 

Snapchat filters make you look prettier, and there are several options to choose from. The filters have been designed with a vast imagination and lots of creativity. The platform not only offers beautiful filters, but it also caters to funny filters.

Pros and Cons of Snapchat

The best thing about the application is that the filters are not constant and keep changing after some time. The crazy filters are much better than the editing options given by the editing apps available on the play store.

13. Business brands

The platform is the best pick if the target audience of your brand is millennials. The tools are great for sharing advertisements for your brand and spreading them to the maximum number of people.

Plus, you have several options and filters to showcase the fun side of your business. If you are looking for business branding with zero investment, then go for Snapchat.

You can quickly increase your target base by snapping users with your products. This will enable you to build robust, knitted communication with your target audience.

14. Boost sales promotion

 Snapchat has proven to be one of the best platforms for entrepreneurs to boost their sales promotion. If you want to cater your services to a broad audience, the advertisement must reach more people.

Snapchat allows you to interact with potential customers and reach them without hassle. Furthermore, you can keep your target audience updated with new developments, products, and services.

15. Be updated in your social circle

 In today’s generation sharing visual content is more engaging than textual content. The world is no more limited to traditional texting but sharing content through pictures and videos.

Pros and Cons of Snapchat

Users use the new filters and mind-blowing effects and share them with their close social circle to keep themselves updated.

Cons of Snapchat 👎

Here are some of the cons of the social media platform to call your attention to both the pros and cons and highlight Snapchat disadvantages:

1. The platform’s audience is limited

Even though Snapchat has scores of users and has generated enough audience, its reach is limited. Average users lit between the age group of 12 to 34.

The platform is limited to several people since people above the age of 35 are rarely involved in clicking selfies and updating their close ones with their daily lives.

2. Stories are available only for 24 hours

Users have the option of saving pictures and videos. All the people who follow your content can only be available on the platform for 24 hours. This means that valuable content disappears every day.

If you want to stay updated all the time, then you must use the application every day. To ensure that your connections follow your stories daily, you must post something daily. Your content can be forgotten just within a day.

 3. Useless content is shared on Snapchat

The content shared on the platform is considered waste. The only thing you will find on the platform is users changing clothes and clicking pictures in new filters.

The platform is flooded with images and videos of users, and people merely use the effects and stickers to beautify their photos. Some people use the application to keep their family, colleagues, and friends updated with their daily lives.

If you are an information buff, then this platform is not for you. It is merely sharing monotonous content, which makes no sense.

Everything Wrong With Snapchat

 4. The temperamental interface which bugs you

Snapchat has a lot of swiping and scrolling. There are not many options available for you to select; all you can do is swipe for new content. This means that you need to keep on scrolling until you find the desired filter sticker or even picture.

The platform interacts with the movement of your hand gestures, and sometimes it can be annoying how you reach somewhere you don’t wish to. You just end up swiping aimlessly until you reach your ultimate pick, and that can be pretty annoying.

5. Not easy to search for your friends and family

On social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, your search for the person by their real name. However, Snapchat can be a little tricky here.

If you wish to add more users to your Snapchat ID, then you have three options: you should either know their Snapchat ID, ask them for the QR code, or simply use the contact information on your smartphone to track them down.

Thus, if you do not have the necessary information about them, you cannot connect with them on the platform. This leaves you with the option to mention your Snapchat ID on your other social media platforms.

6. Absence of re-sharing content

There is only one way to re-share the material to take a screenshot of the content and then re-share it. The application does not allow the users to share the content with other users.

The way you like a post and share it with your friends on Instagram, Snapchat does not offer the same. Plus, if you take a screenshot, the user to whom the content belongs is notified.

This makes it challenging to engage in community activity and build secure knitted networks. If you are trying to create a business profile on the application, Snapchat should not be your pick.

7. Vertical viewing of the video content

Watching the video content vertically seems very difficult for users who are habitual of the horizontal viewing experience. Even if you tilt your phone, the video will remain horizontal only; this results in discomfort for a few users.

Plus, you do not also get the video’s feel while watching it in the vertical view. There is an option where you can choose the horizontal platform. Still, then that would mean enabling the entire user experience horizontally.

8. An addictive platform for the millennial

The youngsters of this generation are addicted to sharing personal content. They want all their connections to be aware of what is happening in their lives, making them addicts to waste containers.

You simply waste time on the platform, switching filters and stickers to capture snap stories. The platform is about sharing unique looks with different filters to scores of users.

Everything Wrong With Instagram

9. Real identities are hidden

People in this generation are addicted to looking beautiful in the most artificial manner. No one appreciates natural and authentic beauty; they just want to look perfect.

The platform is just promoting artificial beauty and making people insecure about their flawed skin. People no more turn towards their standard camera since it reflects their true selves, and no one wants pigmented or scarred skin.

The filters and tools on the platform conceal the identity of the users, which can be very harmful to one’s self-esteem.

10. Advertisements are expensive on this platform

If you have decided to use this platform to share creative publications with the masses, it can prove very costly. You must have the fortune to purchase the Snapchat option of paid advertisements.

In case the investment is more than the outcome, and this platform is not worth it. Instead, go for free platforms if you have just begun with your business. Your business can turn out to be a failure if you invest too much in the paid advertisement plan.

11. The platform is not the ideal pick for marketing

Snapchat cannot be considered the best platform for your marketing skills. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, the platform does not cater to a wide range of demographics to provide your expertise.

Furthermore, it appears to be very difficult to engage with the audience since all the stories and snaps disappear within 24 hours. You should develop novel concepts daily to keep your target audience entertained. Out of sight is out of mind.

12. Lack of Analytics

The analytics of the platform are deplorable. No feature lets you celebrate your success through numbers or graphs. The only way to interact with the users is by maintaining streaks and nothing else.

📗 FAQs

Below are a few queries on the pros and cons of snapchat for 13 year olds that everyone expects to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

What are some negatives of Snapchat?

According to various technical specialists and psychologists, Snapchat has a negative mental impact on users.

Snapchat has been found to cause anxiety, depression, and loneliness. The filtered pictures also create body image disorders, eating disorders, and bullying among teenagers.

What are the pros of Snapchat?

Snapchat can reveal the creativity of the users. Although Snapchat is all about chatting with friends and sharing random snaps, it can instill friendship among users.

The app also protects the privacy of the sender as the snaps disappear after 10 seconds after the view.

Should I let my 13-year-old get Snapchat?

According to media outlets and mental health specialists, Snapchat is an appropriate app for teenagers above 16. Due to inappropriate content and marketing gimmicks, it is best not to let your 13-year-old use Snapchat.

What are the 3 benefits of Snapchat?

Like other apps, Snapchat can create a wonderful experience for friends. In addition, you can play with various geofilters, communicate directly with companies, check the snaps of your friends, and create singular stories of various events.

Is Snapchat safer than texting?

Although very little is known about the encryption of Snapchat, it is considered a safer alternative to texting.

It is difficult to comprehend the messages and your images and videos are safer due to encryption. Snapchat also protects your privacy by keeping the snap open only for 10 seconds after the view.

Can I monitor my child’s Snapchat?

Unlike other social media apps, it is difficult to keep track of your child’s feed on Snapchat. You can monitor their friend list and past snaps they have saved in the app.

You also get the option of downloading the Snap data to get access to your child’s usage.

What is the best age to install Snapchat and use it?

The platform’s interface is set up so anyone under 13 years cannot be a part of the community. Thus, the best age to join the platform is 13 years the best-suited age.

 Is the platform dangerous?

There is nothing dangerous about the platform; it all depends on how the users use the tools and services. However, concerning the new generation, they become a little addicted to the same, which is not suitable for them in the longer run.

Furthermore, there is no evidence of the chats since the platform deletes the conversation if not saved. Thus, even if someone is manipulating you or harassing you, ensure to keep the chats. Else the data will vanish. It is significant to understand the list of pros and cons of snapchat for 12 year olds very carefully.

How to use Geofilters?

The Geofilters of the application can be used for Snapchat pictures, which are exclusive to the areas. There are only certain areas where the user can use the Geofilter.

To use the filter, ensure that the Geofilter location setting is on. Click a picture and swipe left or right to enable the Geofilter.

Can I use hashtags in the Geofilters?

Snapchat does not allow the use of hashtags when it comes to Geofilters. Snapchat will deny requests if you try to use hashtags. There is a reason behind this, and the platform seeks to replace hashtags entirely from the system.


After listing the pros and cons of Snapchat, here is a simple draft to make it more understandable. Snapchat offers you a fun way to interact with your close ones.

With the filtering options and effects, you can connect with your loved ones. However, the platform even has a few detriments which you cannot afford to ignore.

Even if the platform allows you to click enchanting pictures, it prompts you to hide your true self and find flaws in yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with installing the application and exploring the options. However, ensure you do not get carried away with filters and get addicted to the platform. 

We would love to know if we could brief you about the pros and cons of Snapchat, and let us know in the comment section if you found it useful.

Let us know if we were successful enough to provide you with the platform’s necessary details so that we can help you better next time. Your reviews are of extreme importance to us. You are free to comment on your perspective too. After the immense thought process and research, we came up with the pros and cons of Snapchat. 

In no small measure, the platform is a fun way to interact with users on a full scale. The platform can be considered similar to Instagram, which gives more importance to visual content than textual content.

However, comparing the pros and cons of Snapchat to Instagram reveals the former to be a better application. 

With the advancement of technology, the platform is developing its identity even though its demographics are limited. The modern vibe created by the tools and filters on the platform paves the way for the modern generations who believe in uploading everything and keeping their loved ones updated with their activities.

Decide if you have to use the platform for commercial purposes or connection purposes with the crafted list of pros and cons of Snapchat. The choice is yours! 

Do you use Snapchat? What is the best feature you love about the platform, and how do you think it is beneficial for the millennial today?

It is your call to decide whether the application is worth your precious time or not after reading the pros and cons of Snapchat! Choose wisely. Keep reading our content for more valuable insights.