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Protect Your Company From Malicious Attacks


As of the moment, your company could be in danger of losing millions of dollars in revenue. You and your company are not alone. Every day, there are thousands of companies who are at risk of privacy and data loss because of unprecedented attacks.

These attacks do not happen right before your eyes. Instead, it creeps up right where you can’t see it – in your Mobile Signalling Network. As previously mentioned, these attacks happen to many companies on a daily basis, causing major privacy and revenue issues.

With that said, how can you protect your business and the precious confidential data your company keeps? Cellusys (www.cellusys.com) offers a variety of protection to Signalling Operators (SS7, SigTran, and Diameter). The Signalling Firewall incorporates flexible rules system to prevent these unprecedented attacks actively.

Cellusys provides real-time protection to assist your mobile operator to fight these attacks. Additionally, a new set of rules to identify and stop any new undefined threats to your company will be provided. This is part of the valuable intelligence system that Cellusys Signalling Firewall offers.

So, how exactly does this Signalling Firewall works? The security system in place joins multiple protocols into a single platform thus providing a central point for implementing signalling security procedures. For a clearer picture, see the photo illustration below.

The Cellusys Signalling Security Solution offers a unique 4-tiered design that surpasses every other signalling security solution in today’s market. This security design includes Messaging Screening, Contextual Awareness, Near Real-time Streaming Analysis, and lastly, Reporting.

Through Message Screening, all of the information and data that enters your mobile network through messaging, calls and data are screened to ensure that there are no malicious hacking, phishing and spying software enters your network.

In Contextual Awareness, this powerful Signalling Security provides your mobile operator with a great tool to determine whether otherwise valid messages are a threat to your network or your network’s subscribers.

Next, your MNO gets the real-time Streaming Analysis which lets user-defined triggers such as GTT to be used to define a category for scoring. In the end, the resultant score will be sent to message screening rules to affect incoming message and prevent these types of messages to enter your network in the future.

Lastly, your mobile operator will get a consistent report based on the criteria mentioned above. This will help them ensure that your company and its data is protected and that there is a multi-layered protection at work 24/7 to protect you from malicious attacks.


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