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Proxies to Stream Netflix and YouTube


The fact that you have been searching for this information is a proof enough that you do not belong to those 400 million people who have access to all the data the two streaming giants, YouTube and Netflix, put up on their sites. For people living in the US, gaining access to these sites for unlimited video content is a piece of cake. Things, however, will be different when people from outside the US e.g: China, who would want to gain access to this content. This is where proxies come into play.

Proxies are used to unblock the websites and content which is otherwise restricted due to geographical location. There are various ways to use these proxies to gain stream the unlimited and unrestricted content on YouTube and Netflix.

Proxies for Netflix

Let us take a look at some of the most common types of proxies that are being used to access Netflix from anywhere in the world.


Virtual Private Networks have a list of private IPs they use to mask your IP. It is one of the simplest, yet most effective manner when it comes to masking the identity of the system you are using to access this site from. Some of the paid yet the best VPNs for bypass Netflix are:

  • ExpressVPN: It may not be the cheapest but this British based service provider is still the best.
  • NordVPN: with over 61 servers, it is a great choice for Netflix
  • VyprVPN: High performance and a three-day trial period makes it perfect for testing
  • Strong VPN: It allows only two connections to devices simultaneously but doesn’t compromise on performance at all.
  • Hotspot Shield: With limited configurability, it has one of the best speeds.

Smart DNS

It is much similar to VPN but only smarter. Unlike VPN, it doesn’t send your data continuously but only when the website like Netflix begins to check your country of origin. Since it doesn’t require buffering, it is quicker and much better for buffering. However, it isn’t very secure and thus not a replacement for VPN proxy.

Private Proxy

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Netflix would continue to hop locations and continue to put up restrictions? Sooner or later, the normal VPN and Smart DNS would fail. Having the private proxy on such occasions would bring greater benefit. They are dedicated IPs that are allocated for your private use only.

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They are much more private and secure in their use and if used in the correct way can allow you to access Netflix of various countries.  The best part is that most of these service providers give you new IPs every month to make sure that even if caught by Netflix, you still can make use of the private proxy service.

Proxies for YouTube

Unlike Netflix, YouTube has fewer restrictions and roadblocks you would have to encounter. All of the methods that have been mentioned above seem to work perfectly on YouTube as well.

Difference between Netflix and YouTube’s geo-restriction

Although they both block content from the users’, the way the blocking is implemented varies. Netflix may detect you’re using a VPN and would hide the content that you do not have access to. In a way, if you are accessing Netflix from Australia, you will never know what content you might have had access to had you been in the US. It is not until that you would use a proxy to imitate the IP of the US, that you will be able to view that content.

YouTube, on the other hand, simply blocks the content without giving you any clear indication about which geo-location you would have to be from to be able to view it. This means that VPN would not be the ideal solution for YouTube since you would have to use different IPs before finding the one that would have the desired content unblocked for you. In this scenario, you can use Unblock YouTube or Clip converter to access the particular video it is blocking for you. This method is simpler and much quicker.

So, if you are looking to bypass the restrictions placed by YouTube and Netflix in terms of geolocation, the methods given above will serve as the perfect guide. Do let us know the one that works best for you in the comments below. Keep streaming and keep following us for more tech updates.




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