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9 Of The Best PS4 Games for Girls – Reviewed

The PS4 is highly rated among gamers of all ages. It does not come as a surprise because you can perform a wide range of activities with it. For example, you can watch DVDs that come with Blu-Ray, you can also play old PS games.

You can also add internal storage, play with your friends, not to mention, rent games with your PS, and listen to your favorite music. It can be done when you are gaming on Spotify. Not to mention, you can also have exclusive destiny DLC. 

Having said that, let us review some of the best PS4 games for girls. Maybe your young girl is growing older, and you are wondering what to get her for this birthday. You can consider getting her a PS4. 

Yes, it can be expensive. But, when you want to spend more time with your daughter and family, then a PS4 is a must. You were searching for games on a PS4 need not be a tedious task. You can easily do so with the help of some guidance. 

That is why we have come up with a list of popular games that you will find suitable for your young child. These games come with a story and are engaging. The best way to begin your search for the games is to know a few things to look for. 

As you know, girls love to hear and listen to engaging stories. On that note, you need to search for the games. This helps you to develop the experimentation and dedication in them.

A few of them include My Little Pony, Sleepovers, karaoke, and some of the games suitable for 21st-century women. 

There are some games like Call of Duty, Battlefront, not your stereotypical girls’ games. Of course, there is also Halo that has a large female fan base. These games are famous because of their ability to connect with girls and young women. 

The main reason why these games are popular is because of the fact that they come with a lead character who is a female. When that is the case, they prefer to aspire or relate to that person and become like them. 

Not to mention, they are as varied and widespread as boys, and you can give them equally famous games. In this review, we have listed some games that can help you make an excellent fit for both family, friends, or your colleague. 

Best PS4 Games for Girls: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

The Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is first on our list. But, we would like to mention that this list is not based on any rank because all of them are equally good in their way. Let us know about the Tomb Raider

Best PS4 Games for Girls

If you have seen the movie starring Angelina Jolie, who plays the character of Lara Croft, you would be amazed to know many young women were inspired to be a woman superheroes. It is without saying that the movie was able to make an impact on women globally. 

This game is based on the movie. It comes with a superhero who happens to be a woman. According to gaming experts, this one is the best Xbox One for girls. Definitive Edition is the new series of video games belonging to Tomb Raider

The concept of the game has been around since the 90s itself. Thanks to technology and several video games, the character of Lara Croft is a household name. As a young girl, you would like to delve deeper into the character of the superhero woman. 

That is the best way to understand her. She is an independent and strong woman who is full of force and compassion. She is smart and intelligent too. Features that she will need to outsmart her nemesis on an island. 

In this game, Lara Croft has to solve a very ancient mystery as well as ward those evil monsters who keep coming to get her. They do not want her to be there and solve the mystery. Can you help Lara Croft succeed in this possible, yet tricky mission? 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition that earned it a spot in our list of Best PS4 Games for Girls in 2022.


  • The graphics on the game are simply breathtaking and superb.
  • They have shown the island beautifully, and you feel as if you are stranded there. 
  • The story is good, and so are the characters.
  • This is one of the most popular games on all gaming consoles. 


  • Few users felt that the designers had gone too far with several unwanted elements. 

Overall, this game is a must-have for girls who are aged between 6-16 years or more. The visuals are realistic, and so are the characters based on it. However, as a parent, you might want to keep an eye at times because of some unwanted elements in the game.  

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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition - Review (PS4 and Xbox One)

2. My Little Pony: Magic Princess

The next game that we found suitable for your princess is well, The My Little Pony: Magic Princess. Experts have called it the best mobile game for girls. Not to mention, this game comes for free. 

So, if you are looking for a free game, then you might want to pay attention to what we have to say about it. However, just because it comes free, the features are quite impressive, and so is the game, on the whole. 

The game was earlier known as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This is a popular game for girls and is based on the “The Little Pony series.” The cartoon is already a massive hit among girls worldwide, and so are the toys based on the characters. 

Initially, the game was based on a city, where you can manage and build your own town. Of course, you could use your own characters that are on the show.

That was the fun part of it. Some users felt that the Windows 10 version of the game is quite obsolete, and hence we would recommend you play using the PS4. 

However, if you own an Apple device, then you can consider downloading it and playing. That is because the scenery and the graphics are top-notch. Not to mention, the android is also quite good. 

Today, the game comes with more features, and you have several towns and characters to manage and play with. So, you can rest assured that your girl is going to be occupied for quite some time. 

This is the ideal game for young girls who are aged between 5-14 years or more. There are also mini-games like the ball bouncing and dance rhythm.

Your daughter is bound to enjoy them. As we said, this is a free game to download and play on your PS4, Android, and iOS.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The My Little Pony: Magic Princess that earned it a spot in our list of Best PS4 Games for Girls in 2022.


  • You can make use of the content that is for free. 
  • The characters and songs are based on the My Little Pony TV series.
  • The list of the locations is also based on the My Little Pony TV series. 
  • The game visuals are entirely satisfactory. 


  • Since it is free, you have to bear with the countless advertisements that keep popping up from time to time. 

The My Little Pony: Magic Princess is a suitable game for your girl, and she will be obsessed with it. Any girl who loves to play with dolls is going to adore this cute game of ponies and other fascinating characters. 

3. Overwatch: Legendary Edition

Third, on our list of the best PS4 games for girls is Overwatch. Gamers have claimed it to be the best online game for girls. Let us find out why. The game was launched in the year 2016. This is a first-person online video game. 

PS4 Games for Girls

Most of the shooter video games come with a boy superhero and user base. Not to mention, they are dominated by boys and men. No surprises there.

Unlike them, this particular game, since it is first-person, it gives a sense of ownership to the person who is playing the video game. 

Apart from that, it also comes with a wide range of features, including comic books, animated shorts, and Funko Pop figures. The best part about this game is that you can use it in VR. When you play the game through the Internet, you do not have to become surprised when you come across girls and women joining in the fun. 

According to recent research on social media, similar games are taking over girls and women aged more than 10 years.

They, too, want to join in and have some fun with the big machines. On the whole, it is a fun game that comes with its own graphics and exciting storyline. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Overwatch that earned it a spot in our list of Best PS4 Games for Girls in 2022.


  • The visuals are excellent and thrilling for the gaming sessions. 
  • You have plenty of women streamers on social media.
  • There are plenty of skins for your characters. 
  • The game does not encourage violence but is a stress reliever. 


  • It comes with no mode to play without the Internet. 

The shooting games do not have to be boys-oriented anymore. With games like Overwatch, you can find several women shooters blasting their way through the enemies. Not to mention, these games are exhilarating to play. 

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4. Disneyland Adventures

Who does not like to play games based on Disneyland Adventures? Whether you are a girl, boy, or even an adult, for that matter, Disneyland has always caused some attraction. It is quite apparent from the fact that millions of tourists show up at Disneyland every year. 

9 Of The Best PS4 Games for Girls - Reviewed

Experts have felt that this is the most fun-filled and adventurous game for Disney fans. Now, this game does not have to be female-oriented only. It is also suitable for boys as well as adults. Perhaps a weekend time with the family you could say. 

There is no denying that we all love the characters from Disney. This is the best video game meant for those thronging the Disney parks. The only difference is that you get to do everything in the video game itself. 

Exciting, isn’t it? You are offered a beautiful recreation of the theme park right in the comfort of your home. The rides, attractions, and characters are stunning. In fact, the characters come talking and playing with you. 

These characters are found in their respective locations in the game. You can walk around enjoying the fresh air and breeze. For those of you who use the Xbox One with Kinect sensor can control the motions of the characters and play with them. 

This is exceptionally useful for small children and kids who will be fascinated with it. Not to mention, when you want them to play around, then this is the best option that you have. Having said that, you can control it using the PC and keyboard. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of Disneyland Adventures that earned it a spot in our list of Best PS4 Games for Girls in 2022.


  • The Kinect sensor offers you great fun and excitement for younger players.
  • On the Xbox Play Anywhere, you can unlock for free using Windows 10.
  • The graphics are superb and make it a sensible thing. 
  • Even adults find this game quite thrilling. 


  • Few rides can be slow and tedious to view for adults.

Overall, this game is not only meant for those of you who love to visit Disneyland. You could be a girl, boy, or even an adult. When you want to view everything at home itself, then this is the game to go to. 

5. Ori and the Blind Forest

Fifth on our list in search of the best PS4 games for girls gives us Ori and the Blind Forest. Gaming experts call it the best game for girls on Windows 10. If you own a Windows 10 device or android smartphone, then you may want to take note of this game. 

The core concept of this game is using your imagination and coming up with your own ideas. The game is suitable for inspiring the gamers, be it a girl or a boy, to think beyond their level of imagination. 

That is what these kinds of game do to you. Ori and the Blind Forest has some of the best graphics you can ever get to see even on high-definition games. The art style and design is a great concept. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Ori and the Blind Forest that earned it a spot in our list of Best PS4 Games for Girls in 2022.


  • The visuals are mind-boggling and stunning, to say the least. 
  • The soundtrack is just amazing. 
  • The design and environment to play are thrilling. 
  • Kids are provided with enhanced creativity. 


  • It is not available on Nintendo Switch.

Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the best technically sound games you can come across. This game is suitable for gamers who are aged between 8-16 years. When you want to provide that oomph factor in your gaming, then this is it. 

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Ori and the Blind Forest Review

6. My Little Riding Champion

Sixth on our list of PS4 games for girls, we come across the game known as, “The My Little Riding Champion.” Yes, you are right; it deals with horses.

The game is quite simple to play. When you love movies like Black Beauty and other horse-based movies, you are bound to have an affinity for this game. 

9 Of The Best PS4 Games for Girls - Reviewed

You are part of a riding club that is based in a village. You need to choose a horse to help them win the next competition. It is that simple. All you need to do is choose a horse of your liking and get started. 

You need to train it then and get to know it better. This helps your chances of winning the next competition. Users can take it around the countryside with some breathtaking views and graphics. 

It almost gives you a feeling that you are actually strolling in the countryside. You can go out together and accomplish several missions. Not to mention, each time you win, you are provided with new accessories and equipment to wear. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The My Little Riding Champion that earned it a spot in our list of Best PS4 Games for Girls in 2022.


  • There are plenty of horses for you to try out. 
  • You feel an emotional connection with the horses because you take care of them. 
  • There are several options to customize. 
  • The countryside provides you with an abundance to explore long rides. 
  • You have more than 10 hours of playing the game with training, missions, and rides. 
  • There are several rewards and competitions. 
  • It is a single-player game mode. 
  • The game has a compact size of 3GB.
  • It supports remote play for added emotional touch. 
  • The HD visual is 720p,1080p


  • However, there is no multiplayer option that is sorely missed. 

This game is one of the best we have reviewed so far, graphics and bonding-wise. While other games do not give you a sense of accomplishment, this one does. There is no reason why you should try out The My Little Riding Champion. 

7. Celeste

We have another exciting game lined up for your girl, called Celeste. This is a women-oriented game, and your girl would be delighted and inspired to play it with flair. Experts have named it as a fun retro game for girls. 

9 Of The Best PS4 Games for Girls - Reviewed

The heroine of this game is Madeline. You, as the gamer, have to help her out climb up to the mountain Celeste Mountain. However, that is easier said than done because she has to overcome several demons on the way. 

This game is from the designers of the hit game, TowerFall. So, you can expect this video game to be exciting too. For those of you who like the movie or cartoon Jack and the Beanstalk, then you would find this game concept exciting. 

There is a beautiful narrative to the story, and at times, you feel as if the character is talking to you in real life. It helps you in self-discovery as to who you are and drives your passion for excelling in something. 

In this game, too, at times, you may feel lost and lonely. But, you have to push yourself to accomplish the goal of climbing up the mountain. The game comes with several secrets and incredible challenges that can seem challenging to crack. 

However, some chapters are extremely tough to open up. The music is merely fantastic and gives you that added touch and flair you need for your gaming sessions. Users have commended the designers for the realistic theme for girls aged 4 and above. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Celeste that earned it a spot in our list of Best PS4 Games for Girls in 2022.


  • This is a female-based game and is enjoyable, to say the least. 
  • The graphics are amazing and thrilling. 
  • The storyline is deceptive, at times adding some spice. 
  • The theme is excellent and improves you to exceed the next level. 


  • There is a multiplayer gaming session missing in this game. 

Celeste is a game that you should definitely consider when you own a PS4. The game comes with its share of hits and misses. Since this is a female-oriented game, your princess will have no qualms in playing the game with enthusiasm. 

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8. Life is Strange

Next on our list of best PS4 games for girls is Life is Strange. This is a fun game, especially for teenage girls who are aged 14 and above. The game itself is strange because it plays the life of a student who is in her teenage life. 

9 Of The Best PS4 Games for Girls - Reviewed

She has the power of being able to turn back time. This is a very unusual power, and she must use it wisely. Otherwise, she is going to land up in trouble. The manner in which the dialogues have been written and readout is merely remarkable. 

You feel a sense of realism in there, and it is as if they are talking to actually. The game goes on with solving mysteries and getting into relationships. But, you also have the environment that the girl gets to be brought up. 

However, few parents are concerned that some content in the game is mildly sexual in nature and might not be suitable for younger girls. Not to mention, the trendy language too may not always be ideal. 

The game is highly recommended for teenage girls who watch dramas and movies like Riverdale, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and The 100. This game can really teach your daughter several things in teenage life and bring her a sense of responsibility. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Life is Strange that earned it a spot in our list of Best PS4 Games for Girls in 2022.


  • Gamers feel as if they are watching a drama. 
  • The game is useful for teenage girls as it helps them overcome their fears and sadness.
  • The acting of the models and voice allocation is excellent. 


  • There is some sexual and violent content; hence parental guidance is advised. 

Life is Strange is a beautiful, action-packed game ideal for teenage girls. If you have a girl who is growing up into her 14th birthday, then this game might be just suitable for her.

At times, kids tend to be more influenced by games and their voices, rather than elders reprimanding them. 

9. Horizon Zero Dawn

If you are a fan of movies where you take the lead, then Horizon Zero Dawn is meant for you. Though this game is suitable for girls of all ages, it comes with its own frills and flaws. Gamers have said it to be the best game to play on the PS4 for girls. 

Horizon Zero Dawn - Celebrating One Year | PS4

This game comes with excellent visuals, storytelling, and a female hero in the likes of Tomb Raider. If you loved that game, then this game is even better because you got a wide range of characters as well as horizons to conquer. 

The concept is simple. There is a lead, which is called Aloy. She is a hunter, and it has taken on a mysterious journey of culture, and gets to meet different creatures. Users were amazed and thrilled to find that the game was able to keep them enthralled the whole time. 

Though this is a single-player game, you will not feel bored or generic anytime. The graphics offering you mountain ranges, climatic conditions, and the jungles is something to be surprised. You get to experience both day and night. 

The weather conditions are intense and fantastic. You have adapted to the climatic conditions or perish. Gamers get to see some of the lost civilizations in Horizon Zero Dawn. You also come across secrets and ruins of ancient kingdoms undisturbed for generations.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Horizon Zero Dawn that earned it a spot in our list of Best PS4 Games for Girls in 2022.


  • This is a female-oriented video game. 
  • There is a heroine called Aloy, a strong character in the game. 
  • The graphics are just amazing. 
  • You are also given climatic conditions to adapt to. 


  • The game comes only on PS4 gaming consoles.

Overall, Horizon Zero Dawn is an excellent video game that is suitable for girls of ages above 12 years. Though it slightly bends towards violence, it teaches you responsibility and how to adapt to the different climatic conditions on hand. 

📗FAQ’s on PS4 Games for Girls

Below are a couple of queries on PS4 Games for Girls that everyone is expecting to answer and I did include the same for my readers.

(Q) What games are worth buying for ps4?

The PS4 designed and produced by Sony has always been on the radar of several gamers since it was released in the market. That is because several new games are up for release. A few of them include Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last of Us Part II, and a few other games. 

You also have games like Nioh 2 and Ghost of Tsushima, and both released the next year. Most of the players are already waiting in anticipation.

(Q) Do girls also play games on ps4?

On the contrary, women spend more time on PS4 than men. According to research done in several countries like America and the UK, women players were found to be spending more time on these gaming stations, than men. 

Probably because of the fact that men like active physical games like baseball, basketball, and rugby. Women, on the other hand, prefer to be at home and play what is available. It is not surprising to see their parents or friends giving them the PS4. 

(Q) On your PS4 can you play used games? 

Yes, you can play used games on the PS4. This was always a possibility, and Sony always makes sure that console wars do not dominate with this factor. They wisely used this as a marketing plan for them. 

In the year 2013, Sony put up an advertisement for used games played on their PS. As you can see, it benefitted their brand value, and many users who owned the PS became even more excited about them. 

(Q) Can you use the ps4 without the Internet?

The PS4 can be used without the Internet. This is another fantastic feature of the PS. However, most of the players are not aware of that. They feel that they need the Internet. Probably they realized that even developing countries did not have proper access to the Internet. 

They want to make the PS4 more user-friendly and accessible for the individual using it. They could be an adult, a boy, or a girl. This is a good move by Sony, ensuring that the PS4 works just fine without the Internet. 

(Q) Why should you purchase the ps4?

The PS4 comes with all the qualities you can expect from a gaming station. The gaming station comes with a sense of fulfillment that makes you feel that it was worth your money. Whether you plan on purchasing food, electronic gadgets, or video games, you place an investment. 

It is understandable because they cost several hundred dollars, which is a substantial amount for many families. Hence, you can always decide on the PS4 or the Xbox. Both are exceptional gaming stations, and you won’t be disappointed with either of them. 

On the whole 

We have come to the end of our list of PS4 games for girls. However, we would like to reiterate that these games are also suitable for the entire family. Why should your little princess only have all the fun, when you all can join in too. 

Most of the games that we have listed are good, they come with decent graphics and are exciting. Like you read, they come with their pros and cons too. Most of them are affordable too. 

However, a few of them can be slightly on the expensive side. But, we also suggest that you spend your time in research to find out the best game on PS4. You never know; you might land on a few exciting games that we might have missed out in hindsight. 

We highly recommend both Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and the My Little Pony: Magic Princess. These games are enjoyable and exciting on the PS4. You can play these games with your little girl. 

But, all the games that we have listed are equally fun and adventurous. When your girl is sort of the adventurous kind, then you can encourage her in that segment too. These games are not only meant for girls but also for boys. 

Even adults can join in the fun during weekends and free time. We hope that you found our post useful for your best PS4 games for girls helpful.