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9 Best Websites For Public Domain Movies

Are movies your go-to source for entertainment?

Yes? Then this is the right place for you!

Over the past decade or so, the rise of online entertainment platforms has significantly been evident. People have shifted to Netflix, Prime, and other platforms to surf for movies or TV series. They have found an easy way to access entertainment. However, the question that remains in hand is, are these platforms affordable for everyone? 

The answer is no. The high prices that they charge for their subscriptions aren’t feasible for a significant part of the target audience, which is the younger generation. People belonging to this group are either students or those who have recently completed their studies. Either way, they are people who have limited financial resources for the time being.

So does that mean they don’t get access to movies or series? Absolutely No!

There is a way through which people can get access to movies, cartoons, and series for free without having to indulge in any unlawful activity.

Some platforms allow users to watch and even download movies and TV shows at no cost. These Websites for Public Domain Movies are said to come under the public domain.

Understanding Public Domain:-

The public domain is any artwork, whether movies, series, cartoons, books, or stories, that is not restricted by intellectual property rights.

The rights on these artworks may have been repealed, expired, or waived. The non-existence of ownership means that those artworks are no longer the property of any specific organization or individual.

All the artworks can be protected under copyright law. The copyright law protects the authenticity of any original artwork, be it a painting, a movie, or even music.

The copyright law prohibits the general public from downloading, selling, or sharing the material without the owner’s consent.

Copyright law applies to the following elements of an artwork:-

  • Picturization
  • Drama and Story
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Art
  • Graphical Characters
  • Fictional Characters

For a movie to enter the public domain, its copyrights should have expired; that is, 28 years should have passed after its launch. Expired copyrights mean the contract hasn’t been renewed after twenty-eight years. The most common reason for films to enter the public domain is that they never were registered under copyright law.

Now that we are clear with how the public domain movies work, we can look at the best five websites for Public Domain Movies

Best Websites For Public Domain Movies👌👌

1. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents (Visit Here) is like a treasure box for movie lovers. It has a variety of movies from different genres ranging from fantasy, horror, animation, and many more. The website has tons of movies and shows that are not bonded by copyright law.

Public Domain Torrents showcases a number of classic all-time favorite movies. The website is among the famous sources for accessing movies and shows for free. The website carries an extensive movie database. 

Websites for Public Domain Movies

The search mechanism on the website for finding movies is not complicated. The movies can be searched through categories that they belong to. The movies are available to download in many formats like AVI, iPod MP4, and more.

2. Archive.org

Archive.org is like a box full of exciting public domain movies. The movies can be put into segments according to the genre or year of release. The user interface of the website is easy to navigate through. It has over 32 billion types of content, including videos that can be viewed for free.

It is made by a non-profit organization. The website carries free content which can be accessed through any device with a good internet connection.

The collection of movies that are made available by the website is vast. Archive.org has over 6000 feature films.

Websites for Public Domain Movies 1

While the movies are free from copyrights, they can be downloaded in two ways. The user can either download them directly; that is, the whole film gets downloaded at one go. The second way is downloading the movie as a torrent.

A torrent is a stream of tiny bits that are sent by the head server where the main file is located. The process of downloading a movie as a torrent takes more time as compared to downloading a movie directly. The option in which way the movie can be downloaded is dependent on the film in consideration. 

The website holds thousands of movies along with their copies. This helps the user to find the same show or movie in better resolution at zero cost.

This website also hosts copyright-free TV shows and music. Unlike other public domain websites that only allow you to download the movies, Archive.org offers you both the options of either downloading the movie or watching it directly from the website. In this manner, it also helps to save a lot of memory for your device.

3. PublicDomainMovies.net

Are you one of those people who like to see previews of various movies to decide which one to watch? Public domain movies are the right option for you.

The website (Visit Here) provides an extensive information section about each movie that lets the user know about the cast, plot, and music.

9 Best Websites For Public Domain Movies

There is no doubt about the quality of movies that are available on this platform. The movies are categorized into different genres like Romance, Tragedy, Horror, Cartoon, and more.

Public Domain Movies are among the most prominent public domain movie websites. It carries films that have gained enormous fame in their times.

The user can watch the movies in high resolution directly through the website without paying any fees. However, the option to download movies is also available. 

The user interface is soothing for the eyes and simple to understand. If you are one of those people who like to hunt for movies, go through long lists of shows to find the perfect one, then this website will work well with you. The website does not have an option to search for movies.

Users will have to go through the entire collection on the website to find a suitable film. In case that you don’t wish to wait for more to see the movie and don’t want to go through this long process of research, then you can put your query on any search engine in the format “site:publicdomainmovies.net charlie Chaplin” (without quotes)”

4. Public Domain Flix

Public Domain Flix provides a number of public domain movies, series, and cartoon shows. It is suitable for an audience above the age group of 12 years. However, it is advisable for kids to have some supervision to avoid coming across any inappropriate content. 

The website conducts activities in the name of HayesTv, which provides a large number of movies to surf from. HayesTv offers a 30 day free trial period.

9 Best Websites For Public Domain Movies

There is a section for blogs and news. It is updated regularly with new content related to the entertainment industry. Such latest information surely helps users catch up with any recent developments.

The uncomplicated user interface makes the user’s job easier. You can enjoy watching the movies for free without even signing up. The website provides superior quality movies, shows, and articles that are not governed by copyright law.

The website is suitable for you if you are not looking to download any movie. The website only provides the option to stream movies on the websites. Each film or TV show has a well-written description that helps users find their perfect movie.

5. Classic Cinema Online

We have the perfect fit for fans of the classics. As the name clearly suggests, Classic Cinema Online (Visit Here) is a source of many classic movies, cartoons, and even shows.

The website provides these classics at zero cost. The movies, TV shows, or cartoons are available in high resolutions. Users can either download or stream directly from the website.

Websites for Public Domain Movies 4

The design of the website is easy to understand. The movies are categorized into two main groups, movie billboards, and silents.

In turn, these two categories have subcategories in the form of genres like documentaries, comedy, romance, and so on. The search option is straightforward. You have to either type the name of the movie or the director’s name, and you can find a list of related movies as well.

There is also a blog section on the website that is helpful for movie lovers, as they keep giving new movie reviews from time to time. All in all, the users have a fantastic experience using this website.

6. Infodigi’s Public Domain Resource

The website provides a detailed list in alphabetical order from A to Z  of movies that exist in the public domain. Infodigi’s public domain resource (Visit Here) comprises movies that were released as early as 1934. If you are someone who loves to watch movies from old times, then this site is the best fit for you.

If you study art and cinematography and want to learn about the way movies were made at the beginning of the entertainment industry, then this is the site for you.

9 Best Websites For Public Domain Movies

The user interface is very basic. There is no option for searching for movies. The user has to go through the list that is published on the website. Apart from providing free movies, the website also includes music and images that are available in the public domain.

One key point to remember while using this website is that it might be unsafe to surf through it due to its lack of professional design. To avoid any viruses or frauds, make sure to use anti-virus on your devices.

Another point to keep in mind is in certain situations; some movies can get their copyright contracts renewed even though they exist in the public domain.

So if you plan to share or sell one of the films that exist on the website make sure to check if the copyright law is applicable or not. If applicable, you can end up in jail for possessing and distributing copyrighted artwork.

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7. TubiTv

TubiTv is more of an application that has to be installed on smartphones. Like Netflix and Amazon Prime, TubiTv is also a streaming platform. It has a wide variety of movies and TV shows.

So then, what is different?

The essential point about TubiTv is that it is absolutely free for users!  It earns its revenues by running commercials on the platform. It is the same as a television, just that it is in your smartphone and can be accessed anywhere and any time.

Websites for Public Domain Movies 6

TubiTv can work on various devices like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, and others. It also has the feature to sync between the devices so you can watch on any device and whenever it is convenient for you.

8. Popcornflix

Another application on the list is Popcorflix. You can stream movies at no cost from any of your devices at any point in the day. Took a short break from work? Get your earphones and head to Popcornflix for some mind-chilling and fun-filled content.

The app has a good number of feature-length movies so that you never have to watch a movie in bits and pieces. The company is ad-supported. They earn their revenue by running ads in between films. It can be a bit irritating, but then you are getting to watch a lot of movies for free!

The application is suitable for both iOS and Android.

Best movies available on public domain websites

Now you know the websites where you can download or stream movies for free. If you are thinking of taking a movie break but aren’t sure about which one to watch, here are a few suggestions.

  • The Night of the Living Dead
  • The Last Man on Earth
  • His Girl Friday
  • Charade
  • The Little Princess
  • Carnival of souls
  • Road to Bali
  • Detour


If you are a movie lover, then you can go to any of these six websites to begin a marathon of movies or TV shows. If you only intend to watch movies, you can try Classic Cinema Online. In case you want to download movies in high resolution, you can go for Public Domain Torrents.

Most of the audience who look for movies in the public domain belong to a younger age group. It is therefore advisable to make sure that a secured internet connection is used to avoid becoming a part of any scam.

Another point that should be remembered while browsing these websites is that one should always be present in case a child is accessing these websites for watching cartoons. As there is an extensive range of content available on the sites, one can come across harmful movies which will negatively affect the child.

Platforms that provide access to works of various artists for free help to educate the audience as well. There might be a large percentage of people who watch movies with the sole purpose of being entertained and feeling light-hearted.

But there is a fragment that learns from the pieces. Public Domain platforms provide such masterpieces for free, thereby making them accessible for people all around the globe. With the help of these platforms, the public can view content that wouldn’t have been possible to reach through paid subscriptions.

If you are someone who likes watching series or movies on smartphones as well, then you can install any of the apps that are mentioned in the article. Both of these applications provide fresh content regularly so that you never go out of watching movies or series.

In the time of hike in the usage of online streaming platforms, free movies are a great source of attraction. As the audience demands more entertainment, the subscription prices also increase.

This is a significant disadvantage of paid platforms. In such situations, it is the public domain websites that come to the rescue. 

The public domain platforms help keep the essence of movies and TV shows alive. It is due to these websites that movies and TV shows from the golden era are still relevant in today’s time.