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11 Of The Best Putlocker Alternative Options To Try

There is no denying the fact that watching movies online is a trend. Everybody prefers doing it this way. The need to travel down to your nearest cinema theatre, park your car, book a seat, and worse, wait in those long queues is no longer required. 

You can just about watch it anywhere you want to, including the washroom. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a device. It could be a PC or a smartphone. 

One look on the internet, and you can find yourself with tons of free streaming sites. Using these sites, you can watch movies online for free. Using these streaming sites is also quite easy because you need to search for what you want and good to go. 

Are these sites legal, safe, and can you use them to watch movies

We have all the answers. Please relax and read on. 

There seems to be an ongoing war between hosting companies and law enforcement agencies regarding free streaming sites. One particular free streaming site that was severely hit due to the takedown was Putlocker. 

We are sure that most of our readers would have used Putlocker for viewing movies and TV shows. There is no denying that Putlocker is one of the best streaming sites that were present on the internet. 

So, can you do something when your favorite streaming site has been taken down? 

The good news is that you can make use of Putlocker alternative sites. Yes, there are several streaming sites, but don’t be swayed by them. Not all of them are genuine, and most of them are fakes. 

These fake streaming sites come with a lot of viruses and malware. Not to mention, they can ruin your device like a PC or smartphone. No worries because we have found some excellent streaming sites that we have compiled for you.

We have gone through the reviews, internet rankings, and other crucial factors before placing them in here. 

You can rest assured that they are safe, usable, and fast. Before you read further, please heed a small warning from us. 

These streaming sites come free of cost and are convenient for use. On the same note, these sites come with their risks. Hackers can find a way past their encryption and cause unwanted trouble. 

The best way to escape from their clutches is to make use of a VPN. A VPN can hide your location such that your activities on the internet browser are hidden from them. 

You do not want to find yourself visiting the wrong streaming site. We can help you avoid visiting those streaming sites. You need to just go through our Putlocker alternative list.

Best Putlocker Alternative: Our Top Picks 👌

These are some of the best Putlocker alternative sites that are beautifully designed, simple to navigate, and have plenty of streaming content that is very addictive.

You know that once you have gone through the streaming sites, you can find some great movies to watch.

1. 123Movies

123Movies is one of the most popular streaming movies online, and there is a good chance that most of you would have heard this name. It is famous for its extensive list of films and videos that are viewed by millions globally. 

Best Putlocker Alternative

123Movies contains the most extensive library among all the streaming services that we found currently working as of 2020. This is a fantastic website that can satisfy all your streaming requirements. 

There is no registration required for viewing movies from the website. Once you log on to the site, you will be astounded to see how organized things are on it. Not to mention, the user interface is easy to navigate.  

The site offers you the movies and shows you want to watch based on the year of release, number of viewers, and their alphabetical order. It enables you to find your favorite show or movie if you cannot make up your mind.

You may not want to be misled by its name because it is suitable for watching movies, in addition to other requirements. The streaming website consists of a massive collection of shows that run live, including both Asian as well as Western hits, dramas, and cartoons. 

If you prefer watching anime, then there is no need to become disappointed because you have plenty of it too. We were also happy with the fact that the website comes with very few advertisements. 

This is one of the major drawbacks on live streaming sites, plenty of advertisements. It can be quite annoying and ruin an otherwise peaceful video session. However, the search functions on the website aren’t the best. 

Sadly, in the year 2017, 123movies changed its name to GoMovies and went back to its original name a year later. This resulted in several cloned 123Movies websites using similar domain names.

Is there a way to stream your movies online?

Yes, you can. With the help of a VPN, you can bypass the restrictions placed in some countries and view the content you want. We will talk about the usage of VPNs later in this post, as it is a crucial part of this discussion on the Putlocker alternative. 

We hope we have cleared all your doubts and queries regarding 12Movies. It is entirely safe and free from malware. Not to mention, you do not have to register on the website to view the movies. 

These features make it one of the best options for streaming service. 

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another excellent Putlocker alternative. This is an on-demand streaming service, which does not charge any service fee. Probably, that might be enough to get your attention.

Best Putlocker Alternative

But, the main reason we have ranked it higher is that it works fantastic with smartphones. These days, millions of users are comfortable using their smartphones. 

From sunrise to sunset, you can find users with their smartphones. Free streaming service firms have taken note of that and are designing services compatible with smartphones. This streaming does not require registration for use. 

It is no surprise that Popcornflix contains a massive library of famous movies, films, and some other classics. Sadly, there are no TV shows on this streaming service. On the bright side, you can find a wide range of your favorite movies. 

You can find something that you probably loved watching during your childhood. We were pleasantly surprised to note that the site is easy to move around. You can browse through the different categories and then choose your movie. 

We highly recommend this streaming service for those of you who are hooked on your smartphones. Whether you use android or iOS, you won’t be disappointed using this site. 

At the same time, Popcornflix is suitable for PC use too. The layout is straightforward to browse and use. 

We all like to save money in some way or the other. It makes sense, too, in today’s gloomy market conditions. The free streaming service is an excellent way to avail your entertainment without spending a dime. 

We loved the fact that this streaming service was able to provide you with movies that are dated for free. Its TV catalog is also massive, and the signup process is simple. 

However, TV shows are pretty weak, and there are frequent commercial interruptions that can ruin your TV experience. 

This streaming service may not be able to compete with premium versions of Tubi TV or Vudu. But, when it is free of cost, and there is an extensive catalog, you do not have much to complain about. 

Please note that all free streaming services are not designed for the same purpose. While some like Popcornflix come genuine, there are tons of other fake sites and only gift you viruses and malware.  

3. SolarMovie 

We were quite surprised by this gem. It is not surprising to note that not many are familiar with this kind of streaming service. We could have ranked it higher, but its content was not that impressive. 

You can view your favorite movies as well as TV shows using this streaming service. There is no need for registration on the site. That is a good thing because you know it is genuine, and the website does not come with malware. 

The categories were extraordinarily organized, and so was the search function. We were able to find what we were searching for almost instantly. 

The website design is quite neat and clean. Unlike some streaming services, it does not come with too much clutter. 

The content can be filtered by what is viewed, what is trending, and the highest rating. You can also see them based on the IMDb rating. 

On the registered version, you get to save your favorite content and save your preferences. 

Unlike what you hear and hear outside, that people are signing up because it is cheap, there are other good reasons also. It provides you with a beautiful viewing experience. 

The navigation is one of a kind, probably the best in this list of Putlocker alternative sites. Perhaps the only flaw that we found in this service was that the catalog is not very vast and does not provide you with ample flexibility. 

If you are alright with that, then it is okay. But as always, you have other alternatives, just in case. 

So, do you want to download SolarMovie? Yes, you should. You can go ahead and enjoy the streaming service peacefully.  

4. Los Movies 

Los Movies is next on our list. It offers you an extensive range of movies. You can also find some exciting new TV shows. Well, that is not the impressive part of this streaming service. 

11 Of The Best Putlocker Alternative Options To Try

You can find an epic collection of movies based on international languages. The content and style are awesome. There are literally tons of pages you can find on movies as well as TV shows. 

If you are a fan of a foreign language, then this Putlocker alternative site is the best option. You can sort your content using the release date and other data. The homepage of the site is elementary to browse through. 

To get you warmed up, you can read all about the latest trending content. It also comes with a functional search bar for easy content search. 

However, we were not too pleased about the advertisements and the pop-ups that keep continually showing on the site. Of course, you can get rid of them using an excellent VPN service on your device. 

If you are looking for international content, then your best option would be Los Movies. Just go for it.  

At the time of our research on Best Putlocker Alternative, we found a video about “98% Can’t Guess the Movie in 5 Seconds” which is worth watching. 🤴😎

98% Can't Guess the Movie in 5 Seconds

5. FMovies 

Next on our list of the best Putlocker alternative, we have FMovies. If you are a movie lover, then you would adore this streaming site. It comes with a unique interface and a friendly user interface. 

Best Putlocker Alternative

At times, you can get annoyed with those screens that come with too much clutter. Unlike them, this streaming site comes with a simple design. The search function on the website is simple to go through and find your particular movie. 

Apart from that, you can also find what you are looking for using the categories. There is also the recently added, most-watched, and the genre. Yes, we did run into some advertisements that were not a huge nuisance.

FMovies is almost like a clone of Netflix. So, is FMovies legal, and do you want to use it today? It is a legitimate streaming site that you can use. You need to be careful and not click on the windows that appear once in a while when you open the streaming site. 

We will be tilted towards this streaming service due to its seamless search function. FMovies is a legitimate streaming site that you can browse on. 

The website is clear-cut on the services that they offer. Unlike other free streaming sites that look for ways to steal money from you, this one does not. This seems to be the case with FMovies.

6. GoMovies  

We were able to find another gem of a site that is worthy of being a Putlocker alternative. GoMovies has it all. You can choose the layout of the homepage. Depending on your preference, you can do so. 

Unlike other free streaming sites that come with an unorganized homepage, this site does not come with clutter at all. The search function on the homepage is well designed and simple to go through. 

11 Of The Best Putlocker Alternative Options To Try

You can also make use of a button that gives you the option of visiting the previous layout of the site. It is a classic layout, but we found it to be the best. 

You can find what you are looking for quickly by sorting movies based on the most viewed, trending, and popular IMDb rating. 

No, you do not have to register to make use of their streaming service. There is also a night mode that enables you to switch to a dark theme. 

This is ideal if you plan on doing those long movie marathons. We want you to be safe, so we recommend using a VPN that can operate the site. 

You can always make use of a premium site like Netflix or Amazon Prime, but when you have a Putlocker alternative that is almost good enough, for free, why not use it at least once.  

7. MoviesJoy 

Here is your ideal option if you are residing in the United States of America and are peeved by the lack of choice you have when watching movies. 

Perhaps, the name is aptly titled MoviesJoy because there is nothing but joy when you can watch your favorite content for free on your PC or smartphone. You do not have to register to use this free streaming site. 

11 Of The Best Putlocker Alternative Options To Try

It comes with a search bar at the top that enables you to search for your favorite movie. They keep updating the site with new films. You will be delighted to see very few advertisements and pop-ups. 

The layout is simple, and you can also use your mobile to view movies. You have options like comedy, horror, crime, and sci-fi movies. Depending on your preference, you can choose from them. 

We felt that the collection was a tad less when compared to others on the list. According to data, visitors spend more than 5 minutes on the streaming site, which is good enough for several thousands of them, worldwide. 

That is because it also lets you download from the site. How good is that?

Need we say more about MoviesJoy?

You are doing a favor if you see what it has to offer you.

8. AZMovies 

Eighth on our list of the best Putlocker alternative would be AZMovies. We were amazed by the loading ability of this streaming site. We were almost immediately to the homepage once we clicked on the link. 

Best Putlocker Alternative

The user interface is also quite simple, and you can watch your movies in HD. Here is your best bet for those of you who prefer watching movies, films, and TV shows on high definition. 

Unfortunately, like most free streaming sites, this one comes with too many pop-ups. Not to mention, we found the homepage slightly unorganized. It takes some time to get used to these things and then proceed. 

There is no registration required for using this streaming site. So, why do you want to use AZMovies? You want to use it for the simple reason that it provides you with tons of links. Not to mention, you have several clones on the internet. 

So, you can come across a link that works and provides you with content to view. You are not left in the lurch at all. 

However, we always want our readers to be on the safe side. Please be careful and do not click on any of the tabs or windows that keep popping up once in a way.  

9. Yes! Movies 

Are you somebody who adores those documentaries on medical science and animals? Then, you can thank your stars today. We have perhaps found just the streaming service for you. 

Yes! Movies are another fantastic Putlocker alternative for those of you who love to view documentaries. 

Best Putlocker Alternative

Yes, it does not come with an extensive collection compared to some of the other streaming sites on the list. But, you can find some exciting new movies and classic TV series. You do not have to register to use the site. 

This is a good sign that the streaming site is not fake. You will be stunned to see the number of unique categories present on this streaming site. 

Few documentaries may not be available on premium streaming sites. So, this is a must-see if you are keen on viewing documentaries. There is an exciting website design, as well as options for going through the categories. 

Searching for the streaming site should not be hard because you can use the IMDb ratings or categories. 

Can we recommend this streaming service for our readers? Definitely, we would do. 

You do not have to be a fan of watching documentaries to use this streaming series. You will be delighted to find some exciting movies, TV shows as well.  

10. Watch Series Online

Watch Series Online is our final Putlocker alternative in this list. We found that this streaming service is suitable for TV shows. If you are somebody who prefers watching TV shows to movies, then you have found your service. 

This is a genuine streaming site because you do not have to register on it. You may not run into too many movies or films on this streaming site. 

But, when you could not find your favorite TV shows on the other streaming sites listed here, you will most likely find it on this site. 

The best part about the streaming site is that you can find full episodes of the TV shows that are shown in HD. There are complete seasons of many TV shows, and you can watch them nonstop. 

Unfortunately, there are several mirrors of the same streaming service, but you can find a genuine link, and more importantly, that works. 

We especially liked the content at random feeds found on the homepage. You can find your favorite TV shows without wasting any time. 

Sadly, we cannot place this streaming website higher because you will find plenty of advertisements. Not to mention, that affects your streaming capabilities immensely. You might want to log in on this site only if you have a fast internet connection. 

Of course, you always have plenty of other options. But, when it comes to TV shows, there is only Watch Series Online.

Why should you use a VPN? 

Using free streaming sites without VPNs comes with its risks. Throughout this post, you might have read on the significance of using a VPN. The main problem with streaming sites is that most of them are free. 

Some sites are designed for spreading malice and corrupting devices. In other words, they are fake sites that can damage your PC or smartphone, and cause trouble if used. Hence, even legitimate free streaming sites are getting taken down by authorities. 

You can get redirected at times to another site. This leaves you in a vulnerable position where your data is almost out in the open. If any hacker is able to sniff you out, then you are done for. 

Not to mention, fake sites also come with too many pop-ups and ads. They can be extremely annoying and ruin your viewing experience. Probably, you would have experienced it beforehand itself. 

How a VPN protects you:

Keeps you in private 

Most of the free streaming sites come with no security features whatsoever. That means anybody can view your location, activity, and your IP address. You do not want that to happen, once too often. 

Using a VPN protects your location and other details from unwanted eyes and hands. 

Helps you from legal action

In many countries viewing on some free streaming sites can land you in trouble. Even at this moment, we are not sure which site is safe and which is not. That is because the laws vary from country to country. 

A VPN can protect by giving you a new IP address. Your truest identity is prevented from spying eyes. 

You can access restricted streaming content

Using a VPN, you can access restricted streaming content in your home, office, and even your university. 

Ensures that devices do not get virus and malware 

Few VPNs come with extensive security measures that ensure malware and virus do not attack your device. 

It is helpful during navigation of these sites. You can now make use of VPNs to watch your favorite movies and shows. As you read in the above sentences, they use powerful encryption features that do not allow several internet service providers to view your activities online. 

Not to mention, these VPNs come with malware and excellent virus protection, so your PC or device is safe from attacks. You can avoid those annoying malware and pop-ups from the streaming websites. 

We normally do not recommend visiting these streaming service websites, without VPN protection. Using a secure VPN, you can now enjoy what the above-mentioned Putlocker alternative sites have to offer for your entertainment.

📗FAQ’s on Putlocker Alternative

Below are a couple of queries on Putlocker Alternative that everyone is expecting to answer and I did include the same for my readers.

(Q) Can you use the above sites? 

Yes, each of the alternatives to Putlocker that have been mentioned above is safe. They have been researched thoroughly for the safety of our readers to ensure that they come with no malware or virus. 

You do not want to visit a weak virus-filled streaming site and ruin your PC or device. They are mostly unusable. So, the best method to ensure that you are not going to infect your PC or device would be to use a premium VPN service.

(Q) Can you use streaming sites that come free?

Yes, you can use the above Putlocker alternative sites. They are good and provide you with immense entertainment. More importantly, they are safe to visit. Having said that, readers must also consider the region and locality where they want to log in from.

You will want to know that some of the sites mentioned in our list have actually been banned in some countries due to licensing laws. In countries like America and the UK, you can watch and view content from free streaming sites. 

You are not breaking any law here. 

(Q) How to identify a fake streaming website? 

Users can be able to identify fake streaming sites with the number of advertisements or pop-ups. It does mean, genuine free streaming sites do not come with them.

Common signs of a phony site are slow loading time, poorly designed websites, and poor search functions. 

They may ask you to make payments for viewing their content. You do want to know that there are plenty of fantastic options if you are willing to use a premium streaming service. 

Genuine free streaming sites do not require you to register on them.

In conclusion 

These were some of the best Putlocker alternative sites for you at the moment in the market. We felt that 123Movies was the best among the Putlocker alternative sites. 

The free streaming site is just awesome and comes with features that enhances your binge watching. 

Get some snacks ready in the oven because it is going to be a long streaming marathon now. 

Time to make yourself comfortable on a lazy weekend. You can now use a VPN to unblock those sites that you want when you stream. This helps your device and protects your sensitive information securely. 

Enjoy your live streaming session!