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9 Best QuickTime Alternatives To Stream Media in HD Quality

Streaming media is one of the best forms of entertainment. People love to watch movies, web series, and other things, and with newer technologies, they prefer watching them on their phones, laptops, and personal computers as per their wills and whims rather than being stuck with whatever is shown on the television.

Having said that, every mobile, laptop, or desktop user relies on some of the other multimedia players. Now, when it comes to Apple users, the best for them could be the in-built application in their device, i.e., QuickTime.

QuickTime is a media player developed by Apple to allow its users to stream media easily. However, that’s not it. Not only can you easily watch movies, web series, and other media files, but it’s a complete architecture for multimedia management.

You can organize your media files on this software, even the photographs, and audio files. Additionally, you can use this tool for photo and video editing, screen recording, and taking screenshots as well.

So, it’s the perfect package for managing your media files and having the entertainment through streaming media in perfect HD quality at all times. However, there are still some issues with QuickTime.

Although Apple rolled out a QuickTime version for Windows, it ended the support for it after some time. Moreover, the application doesn’t support macOS either.

Now, this may not seem like a very big problem because even without the support, the application runs, with fewer features and functionalities, of course. And if the application starts acting up, there’s nothing you could do.

But besides that, the application is too bulky and can take up a lot of space on your system. Moreover, it doesn’t support all media files and formats either.

Considering all these issues with the application, you’d definitely want to look for some QuickTime alternatives. Luckily enough for you, we have compiled the perfect list of some of the best QuickTime alternatives.

Read on and have a look at the best applications you can put to use for managing and streaming multimedia files.

Best QuickTime Alternatives – Our Pick👌

As good as it feels to stream any movie or video of your choice on your devices, you need to have the perfect media player to fully enjoy the show.

Now, QuickTime is one of the best media players out there, especially for Mac users; however, we’ve talked enough about the issues that you may face with it. So, it’s necessary that you look for alternatives.

Well, we’ve made the job easier for you by compiling a list of the best QuickTime Alternatives that you can try.

1. MX Player

Who hasn’t heard about this application? There may hardly be anyone who might not have used the MX Player. It’s the perfect application for streaming media in the best quality on your mobile phone.

You can search for movies and web series online and watch them in HD quality. The media player also has amazing functionalities to make your viewing experience beyond phenomenal.

Best QuickTime Alternatives

You can zoom in and zoom out the videos just by pinching on your mobile screen. The same goes for the subtitle texts as well. As you zoom in and zoom out, the font sizes change.

Moreover, you have multiple options for subtitles considering that the player supports almost all file formats. Also, there are no language barriers. You can watch in any language that you’re comfortable with.

Additionally, you can download the movies and series on the player to watch them offline and even sync your offline files and videos to play on the media player.

Besides that, the player also has some original shows named MX Original that you can watch over it. There may not be many options in the free version of the player as such for the same, but if you go premium, you open yourself up to a whole new lot of content.

Overall, it’s the perfect player to help you stream the best quality media online as well as offline, and you’d love the experience it creates for you. 

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2. VLC Media Player

If you’re looking for a complete media architecture for your Windows device, then you need to look no further than VLC Media Player.

Just like QuickTime, it allows you to watch videos and other media along with helping you edit the videos and perform other activities like screen capture and recording, etc.

You can play the videos online or offline on this media player and even use it to play your audio files. The advanced features and functionalities of the player make it possible to have better viewing experiences.

Best QuickTime Alternatives 1

You can speed up or slow down the videos and audio that you’re playing. This way, you have the liberty to watch the videos at your own speed, and it really helps when you’re trying to watch some lectures or tutorial videos.

Not only could you adjust the speed of the video, but you can even adjust how the subtitles show with your videos. If you feel like subtitles are not matching the audio, you can adjust them accordingly and make sure that the subtitles coordinate well with the dialogues.

Also, you can rotate the videos on your device at your convenience. So, if you prefer watching things from different angles, this media player is going to help you with that.

Besides these functionalities, there are normal and regular functionalities as volume and brightness control as well.

Moreover, you can manage your offline files on this media player and even download the files from online sources if you like.

Furthermore, it has multiple video editing features and options. You can crop the videos, add text to them, and do a lot of other things. You can even record the videos directly from the screen and even capture a part of them.

Also, if you like a certain portion of a video that you’d like to keep revisiting, then you can bookmark that part and see it as many times as you like.

With all these features and functionalities, it’s the perfect alternative to QuickTime, matching all the functionalities and providing features even beyond what you might have with QuickTime.

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3. PotPlayer

Another amazing alternative to QuickTime is PotPlayer which is one of its kind. It has multiple features and functionalities, including audio and video playback, screen recording, and capturing.

9 Best QuickTime Alternatives To Stream Media in HD Quality

The tool provides immersive watching experiences with features like adjusting playback speed, controlling volume and brightness, and a lot more. You can even capture and save your favorite scenes and parts from the videos on this application. All you need to do is bookmark them.

The best part about this application is that you’re never constrained by the video, audio, and other media file formats. The same goes for the subtitles files as well. So, you can watch anything you like on PotPlayer. Moreover, you can watch them on any device you like as the application is compatible with multiple device types.

One of the major highlights of this application is its support for 3D viewing. You can wear any kind of 3D glasses and enjoy 3D movies and shows on this application just like it’s a theatre.

Besides providing such amazing viewing and listening experiences, this application also has support for a webcam that you can use for live broadcasting, etc.

So, it’s a great media player, much better than the regular ones, and you’d love to have it as an alternative to QuickTime.

4. Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player

Aiseesoft Blu-ray is another alternative to QuickTime that will provide you with amazing viewing experiences with its support for multiple audio and video file formats.

Whatever be the file format, it will play on this media player. So, you won’t have to worry about a favorite video or audio file not playing just because it’s in an unsupported format.

Moreover, you never have to worry about the quality of the video and audio when you’re streaming on Blu-ray Player, as the application allows you to adjust the audio and video quality as per your preferences.

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Moreover, you can even add effects to the audio and listen to the music and dialogues as you prefer. Additionally, you never have to worry that the dialogues are gibberish as there will always be subtitles to help you understand everything.

Besides these immersive viewing experiences, you can even capture your favorite parts of the videos that you’re watching so that you can go back and watch them at any point in time.

Additionally, the application supports media files management by helping you create playlists for your audio and video so that you can play them as you like.

Furthermore, the application also has video and audio editing features and functionalities. You can crop the videos and do other settings such as changing the aspect ratio, controlling brightness, colors, saturation, and a lot more.

The only issue with the application is that you need to pay for it, which is not the case with QuickTime. So, you may not want to use this application.

However, if you’re a video and music enthusiast and love to stream a lot, then this is going to be the perfect application for you, and a little money wouldn’t hurt your pocket at all.

5. RealPlayer

Another great QuickTime Alternative is RealPlayer which goes on a whole another level to provide you with excellent video and music streaming experiences.

Moreover, you can even manage and watch your photos on this application. It connects with larger screens too, so you can watch on big screens in the perfect HD quality.

Also, it supports a variety of audio, video, and image formats and even automatically converts your files to compatible formats when you upload them over the RealPlayer Cloud.

9 Best QuickTime Alternatives To Stream Media in HD Quality

So, you never have to worry about seeing a message like “Unsupported File Format” and be upset about not being able to watch your favorite videos.

You can stream from a range of online videos, and the player also provides you the option to download all the videos and audio files that you like. Not only can you download these files, but you can even manage them as per dates, file names, and locations so that you can easily search for them on your device. 

It can also serve as a video vault as it helps keep your private files safe and secure by providing you with an option to assign a pin to the files.

With all of this, you can have the perfect video and audio streaming experiences. Moreover, the ability to delete some parts or crop the videos as per your preference also adds to the experiences. So, you’ll have a great time using RealPlayer, just like you have with QuickTime.

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6. Kodi

Kodi is one of the best media streaming applications you can find. Not only does it help you stream media on your mobile and laptop, but it is also compatible with televisions.

So, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and videos on larger screens as well. Moreover, it’s not just an application for streaming your video and music, but it’s a complete media management architecture.

Best QuickTime Alternatives 4

In addition to streaming your videos and music online, you can upload your offline and local files in the tool and enjoy them in better quality. You can even find subtitles for your videos.

Moreover, you can even manage your pictures and other graphics on this tool. Additionally, the tool supports multiple plugins and comes with in-built add-ons that you can use to extend the functionalities of the tool and enhance your viewing experience by many times.

With all of this, Kodi would be the perfect alternative to QuickTime. However, there’s one small problem with this tool, and that’s its navigation.

While the tool supports all media formats and can run on multiple operating systems, including Linux, it’s not very user-friendly when it comes to its interface.

However, once you get the hang of the tool, you’ll love to stream videos and media on it. So, you can definitely give it a try. It doesn’t cost you anything, after all, considering the fact that Kodi is a free and open-source application.

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7. KM Player

KM Player is another great alternative to QuickTime with almost every feature and functionality that any other media player may offer.

Although it used to be available only for mobile earlier, now it has a version for PC as well, which makes it all the more perfect tool for use.

9 Best QuickTime Alternatives To Stream Media in HD Quality

The player supports multiple varieties of audio and video formats, and you can enjoy streaming all your video and music files on this tool in high quality.

The media player further enhances your experience with its support for subtitles that you can manage as you like. Be it the font type, font size, or color of the text in the subtitles; you can change and adjust it all as you like it to be.

Moreover, you can adjust the quality and color of the videos you’re playing on the application. So, the tool will provide you with very immersive watching experiences that you’re going to love.

Additionally, the tool has some editing features too. You can trim the videos and audio using this tool. This way, you can have some special clips and music that you can watch and listen to or even add to some of your reels and videos that you edit.

The best part is that it’s compatible with all devices, be it iOS, Android, or Windows, and is even free. With all of that, it’s a great alternative to QuickTime, and you’d love to try it out.

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8. GPlayer

Although GPlayer can run only on your mobile phones and browser, it’s still a good alternative to QuickTime with multiple features and functionalities.

It supports all kinds of video and audio formats. So, you can play any of the video and audio you like without even noticing what format it is in. Also, you can stream video and music online without even waiting for them to load. The application has such amazing performance.

Another great highlight of this tool is the multiple windows functionality that it supports. So, you can do other things on your phone while enjoying the videos on this application. This makes it easier to multitask.

Besides that, you can also customize themes on the application. So, there are more colors and designs, and it’s altogether a more immersive experience on the application.

With all of that, you’ll love to use the application, and it will serve as a good alternative to QuickTime. But there are some drawbacks to it as well. For starters, it’s not a free application, but the cost you need to bear is less than $3, so that’s not a big issue either.

However, if you’re a fan of watching and streaming videos on a larger screen, you’d better look for another application because this one constrains you from small mobile screens. Except that it’s a fairly good application and worth a try, especially if you’re okay with smaller screens and don’t mind loosening your pockets a bit.

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✅ Frequently Asked Questions

Now, you know the applications that you can use as an alternative to QuickTime. However, you may still have some questions. So, here we are, answering some of the most asked questions for you. Have a read and get the answers to everything you need to know.

1. Will QuickTime still work on Windows?

Yes, the tool will work on Windows, even though Apple has ended the support for that version of the application. However, you might not be able to access all the features and functionalities.

Moreover, there will be no new updates or upgrades. Also, if you face any problem with the application, you won’t be able to get any help and will have to figure out the solution all by yourself.

It’s for these reasons that you must better look for an alternative.

2. QuickTime is not working on my Mac device. What can I do?

Well, your Mac device wouldn’t support an older version of the QuickTime application. So, you just need to check for an update and perform the same so that your device has the latest version of the application.

Alternatively, you can choose any application from our list of the best QuickTime alternatives. They’ll work as well as QuickTime, and some of them even better.

3. What’s the best QuickTime alternative to check out?

Well, all the alternatives on our list are one of a kind. They’re all best in their own special and unique way. But if you ask our favorites, we would say MXPlayer and VLC Media Player.

They have the most amazing set of features and functionalities and are even better than QuickTime in some areas. Moreover, they’re free and open-source and will support all kinds of devices.

So, if you’re looking for the better among the best, then these are the two tools you must definitely check out.

Final Words

Having the perfect application to stream media, videos, audio, and other files is important as far as your entertainment is concerned. Now, devices have their in-built applications, but you never know when you may need an alternative.

QuickTime has been an amazing application, but it’s not free from drawbacks. So, you definitely need some QuickTime alternatives to overcome the restraints that the tool is putting you through.

In this list, we have attempted to help you with eight of the best QuickTime alternatives and even answered some questions that you may have. We hope this has all been helpful to you, and you’re happy checking out these applications and tools.

Happy Streaming!