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How to Build Distance Sensor with Raspberry Pi using IR Sensor Module

In this article, I will describe how to connect the infrared sensor to the Raspberry Pi. These sensors are most commonly used for small robots such as linear following robots and edge avoidance robots.

In short, it detects objects that exist before and distinguishes between white and black. We have covered many raspberry pie projects with many sensors in this article we will cover Raspberry Pi IR Distance Sensor. The raspberry pie is also a boon to the IoT project because it is a pocket-sized built-in Wi-Fi computer with microcontroller capabilities.

What is IR Sensor Module?

Raspberry Pi IR Distance Sensor

Infrared sensors (infrared sensors) are modules that detect the presence of objects in front of them. If the object exists, it gives an output of 3.3V, or 0V if it does not exist.

This is achieved by using a pair of infrared (emitter and receiver) emitters (infrared light-emitting diodes) that emit infrared and reflect infrared light if there is an object in front of it. This infrared light will be received by the receiver (photodiode) and the output will be amplified after amplification with the op-amp link LM358.

Collect Hardware to Build Distance Sensor with Raspberry Pi using IR Sensor Module

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The circuit diagram for connecting the infrared sensor to the raspberry pie is shown below. As you can see the circuit diagram is very simple. We’ve powered the IR module directly from the Raspberry Pi’s 5V and ground pins. The output pin of the IR module is connected to GPIO14. We also use two LEDs (green and red) to indicate the status of the object. These two LEDs are connected to GPIO3 and GPIO2, respectively.

Raspberry Pi IR Distance Sensor

Programming of Raspberry Pi

Here we use the Python programming language to program RPi. There are many ways to program your raspberry pie. In this tutorial, we are using the Python 3 IDE because it is the most commonly used one.

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Run Source Code

import RPi.GPIO as IO

import time



IO.setup(2,IO.OUT) #GPIO 2 -> Red LED as output

IO.setup(3,IO.OUT) #GPIO 3 -> Green LED as output

IO.setup(14,IO.IN) #GPIO 14 -> IR sensor as input

while 1:

if(IO.input(14)==True): #object is far away

IO.output(2,True) #Red led ON

IO.output(3,False) # Green led OFF


if(IO.input(14)==False): #object is near

IO.output(3,True) #Green led ON

IO.output(2,False) # Red led OFF

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Compiled program

Once you have created the Python code, execute it using the run command. If the program is executed without any errors, you should get the screen below.

Raspberry Pi IR Distance Sensor

Raspberry Pi IR Distance Sensor

Here is the test video


it will work just great if you face any problem with then please do comment write below!

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