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Re-install Windows 10 without Data Loss


Re-install Windows 10 without Data Loss

There are situations where only a complete reinstallation is the only remedy to get control of Windows. The good thing is that this process is a lot easier in Win10 than
older Windows versions.

A fresh start may be necessary if Windows 10 does not work as you want it to, if the
system is corrupted, or a new computer has a lot of pre-installed software which you do
not need at all. For this, Microsoft has developed the free Windows 10 Refresh Tool. It not only does a fresh installation for Windows, but it also keeps the personal data intact during the system refurbishing process.

We recommend you to make a backup of all your important data on an external drive
in advance. Then, download the program

Then, download the program from http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=808750 and launch it.

Re-install Windows 10 without Data Loss

Next, select “Keep personal files only” and click on “Install” to restart your PC. That’s it.

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Hope my article “Re-install Windows 10 without Data Loss” helps you to re-install windows 10 without data loss.


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