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React Native’s outlook: Jobs, salaries, and market needs

In simpler words, React Native is an open-source JavaScript-based framework that helps to build a mobile application user interface ( UI). The framework is used for creating applications for both Android and iOS. This famous JavaScript platform was launched to the intensely competitive market in 2015. It was eventually deemed a game-changer. Many prominent business leaders are opting to develop their mobile applications to React Native in the current market.

During the last 20 years smart devices replaced computers and became the major devices for most users. The growth of the smart devices market can be seen with the help of monitoring generated by applications revenues growth. In 2019, Google Play Store and Apple App Store had combined profit of $39 billion. It is 15% higher than their income in 2018. Due to the growing demand of mobile apps and tools, you can forecast even higher growth. The ever increasing need for mobile applications for business, healthcare, fitness and other niches will boost the need of scalable cross-platform frameworks, like React Native.

Suppose you are following the applications dev trends and interested what’s new is on the market. In that case, you should know that some popular development frameworks and platforms are experiencing sudden fall. It happened because they cannot adapt to the continuously changing technology. React Native is different since this platform is maintained by Facebook. Moreover, React Native has a vast programmer community. Again, JavaScript is a unique language providing tools for front-end, back-end and cross-platform development, so it looks like React Native is here to stay.  


React Native’s outlook: Jobs, salaries, and market needs

Being one of the most commonly used cross-platform systems globally, React Native with 42% of programmers claims that they know and sometimes use it. The organization wants to employ a remote developer for its web projects and top coders as a react-native developer. It also wants to hire the top coders to improve and expand their demand for their company. Nowadays, individuals love to work remotely. And the organization also uses this method to recruit native developers for remote work to cover a developer’s demand. When the world advances technologically, application developers, and web developers, are increasingly needed in the market.


The react native developer salary depends on various factors. It varies on the market need in the area where the developer is located and the skills and expertise of the individual or freelancer being hired. React Native developers are now popular, and even remote employment includes fair compensation for his job. This is a suitable choice for a person who doesn’t want to stick with one company. Fair compensation is also offered for in-house employees, including medical insurance, paid sick leaves, and vacations. 

At the US and Western European companies, React Native Developers get up to $ 500 for an hour. The salary for a react native developer in the developed countries is between is up to $111,671/per year.

Market Needs

Because of significant benefits React Native framework has the future. It is so because of the increase in the number of smart devices (these are not limited to smartphones and tablets) users. Such a growth leads to the growing need of various mobile apps to manage, use and enjoy these devices. Various Market Researchers report that in 2020 there will be 3.5 billion mobile devices users, or it even can be 3.8 billion. As a result, the mobile applications market is growing rapidly.

This advantage of mobile market expansion, creates a bright future for the React Native framework as a cost-effective solution. It is essential to note that the React Native team is about to enter the market with a  large-scale product called Fabric. The first priority of the team is to make React Native more compliant and easy to manage. That’s why Fabric is aimed to help this popular framework fit a hybrid JavaScript-based foundation.

It is still a popular trend in mobile development to create apps for each platform separately. In this case, Android and iOS apps might be developed by different departments and sometimes by different companies. This may lead to the inconsistency of the process and difference in functionality.

React Native developers can create more than 90% of the application for both OSes using almost the same code. As a result, the mobile application development becomes cost-effective and fast, and you are overcoming major issues of native development. According to recent study, the React Native framework can save up to 50%-80% of time needed for mobile application development, if you compare it with classical native development. This is an excellent feature that makes the React Native too good to be true, but still a working solution for the mobile app development.