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Top 8 Reasons to Switch to Linux


Are you unhappy with how Windows 10 is sending your data to Microsoft and not obeying your settings when you instruct it not to do so? Or are you completely done with waiting for updates to install in the middle of work?
Today, we’re not just giving you reasons to switch to Linux but a helping you do it NOW! And we mean it.

Reasons to switch to Linux:-

1. It’s free

Micro$oft’s Windows 10 costs $120 for Home edition and $200 for Pro. Use Linux instead, and enjoy pizza for the whole month with that money. Isn’t that a sweet deal?
It doesn’t stop here.

2. More Secure

While Windows 10 does not need third-party antivirus, because the built-in Windows Defender defends the viruses quite well, the Linux is on whole other level of security. The use of root access (sudo), only when required and be a standard user at all other times, is the beauty of Linux.
Talking about malware’s, and viruses. Linux does have few but none of them affects the system with latest updates. With the popularity, it might get some more but it should still be more secure than Windows.

3. Runs on old PC

Does your old PC lag on Windows? We’ve Linux for you. Generally, Linux runs smoother than Windows on any hardware. Some distributions are specifically made for low-end hardware. You don’t have to worry when you’ve got Linux.

4. Easy to use

There’s a misconception floating around. These people should be the ones who haven’t tried Linux since the early 90s and are throwing their opinions in 2017. Linux is no more for geeks only, many offices run Linux.

5. Drivers!

You don’t have to search your Network driver after you install Linux. Not even your printer driver. Most of the drivers are supported directly by the Linux Kernel, which means it’s a plug and play. Trust me; it’s a lot of conveniences.

6. Linux is Beautiful

This is a completely new option if you’re switching to Linux. Unlike Windows, you don’t have to stick to boring desktop UI. You don’t have to be satisfied with themes that change a few things. Looks and Linux go together. Linux Desktop Environments open a whole new world to explore. You’ve Cinnamon, KDE, and Gnome… If you’ve low-end PC then you’ve Xfce and Lxde. Every DE has a ton of options to customize.

7. Better Updates

Windows updates are not only annoying, they’re disturbing. They make you wait while shutting down and again to configure at start up. All installed software provide update separately and some need more reboots. Can it get annoying? On Linux, you’ll be notified of updates available and it includes all applications’, and operating system updates.

8. Community Support

You’re not alone. If you’re stuck somewhere there’s always some solution on forums or how-to blogs. If you don’t find there, ask your question and you should get help quickly.

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