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Reasons why Apple devices are costlier than others


Everyone on this earth surely feels for Apple devices, be it a good feeling or bad. Apple products have always been topping the list when it comes to criticism. Some use it as a status symbol, while others prefer it for its credibility. Its devices provides quality and performance irrespective of pricing. Premium built, flawless UI, smooth performance, amazing screen, splendid camera performance. Basically all you can complain about is the pricing of Apple products, so let me clear that out for you.


If you are a die hard hater and in mood to leave, please stay tight, this might change your perception. Apple provides much more workforce and hard work compared to most of the device manufacturers out there. From designing its premium hardware, camera module, processor to crafting its own software, lets see this in much more detail.


Apple products have one of the most premium built products in the market, be it Iphones, I pads, Macbooks, watches,everything is just off the charts when it comes to hardware. No issues regarding over-heating, over-weightiness, cheap material, brittleness shows the real craftsmanship. While companies like Samsung, Lg, Google, Dell do make sturdy gadgets but they more or less reach the same price range. People may compare Oneplus in case of phones. Oneplus 6 comes with a water resistant hardware while Iphones come with IP67 water and dust resistant technology, validating the hardware area price validation. If you started comparing Oneplus already, slide to the next point.


Most fascinating perk of Apple product is its vivid software. There’s a reason why programmers, designers, developers, music producers prefer Mac, why IOS users don’t click with android. Ease of usage and smooth functioning are basically key to all the love. While android and windows may lag, be prone to every type of virus attacks, hacking, cracking, Mac and IOS stay nearly out of it. Hardly any kind of virus is developed to exploit Apple software. While its easy to hack Windows or Android, it’ll take a heck lot of skill and experience to even penetrate half the security of Mac or IOS. Lagging is not an option in Apple’s software while Samsung rules the industry of mobile phone lagging while Asus for laptops. Basically, software makes a good deal of price difference, because it is developed in house other than asking Microsoft for Windows and Google for Android.


In the department of processors, we can only talk about Iphones and I Pads, because they use Apple’s A series processor instead of asking Qualcomm for microchips. Apple designs its own processor for phone and I Pad unlike any other company which takes their part in need from other companies and assemble them together to make a device. “A series” chips can’t be underestimated as they provide lightning fast processing speed, speed tests on youtube are clear witnesses. Macbooks share the same intel processor just like other laptop computers.


Camera’s of Iphones, I pad and Macbooks are generally way better than their competitor. Iphone is said to have one of the best mobiles camera’s whereas phones like Oneplus feature EIS, good for the price range but certainly not the best. Camera’s offered on Iphones may have less megapixels but are surely comparable to any higher megapixel phone camera. Portrait mode is just flawless and the picture doesn’t seems like to be blurred by an app. Apple’s camera is something you can’t argue about.

Now lets get to the display, most of the Apple devices feature “Retina Display”. Just another name for IPS or OLED panels with higher pixel density. Be it Macbook or Iphone, the display stands out from the rest. Iphone X features an AMOLED screen, with 458ppi, making it super AMOLED display comparable to best display manufacturers, Samsung. Macbook offers retina display, which is really sharp and vibrant for a laptop and computer device. Although best display award in case of PCs goes to Dell because of infinity edge AMOLED screens.

The war still goes on, Apple will always be a disputed subject. Its products are costly but do provide class and performance. At the end its all about preference and bank balance.

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