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Top 5 Reasons Why Xbox is Better Than PS4

Gaming has become exceedingly popular in this generation. PS4 is a good console however according to me Xbox one console is a better option than PS4.

If you are still not very sure about whether Xbox One is a good option, going through the points mentioned below will definitely be helpful to know why Xbox is better than PS4.

Here are the reasons why Xbox is better than ps4

1. Cloud

why Xbox is better than PS4

Xbox one console uses Cloud which is definitely one of the best gaming options today.

The biggest reason for its growing popularity is the fact that it continues to use the resources of Microsoft which is even today considered to be one of the biggest technology companies in the world.

Xbox one uses a 700$ million dollar data center called Project Mountain and it is believed that more and more video games will make use of this power in the future. If the video games use the Microsoft Cloud services they will surely be able to become much bigger and better.

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2. Kinect

5 reasons to consider Xbox One a better option as compared to PS4

Microsoft believes in the Kinect technology which is a camera that has all the features that are required to sense the depth.

This technology is used in the Xbox One gaming, which according to me is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons for me to consider the Xbox. Xbox One allows you to give commands using your voice as well.

This technology allows you to play the old video games with some of the latest technologies. Kinect actually has the capability of changing the gamer’s way of interacting with the games that is definitely worth exploring.

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3. Controller

The controller that Xbox one uses does not fix anything that is not broken but it is definitely a great improvement on the controller design that was used previously.

Here the offset camera sticks as well as the rumbling triggers improve the ways of playing your games and also provides you with exceptionally good gaming experience.

The Xbox one controller game is especially suitable for the shooter games. The gaming industry today is dominated by the cross-platform titles and so the biggest differences between the different consoles are not visible on the screen but it is there in your hands.

Controllers have a very big role to play; in fact, it is much bigger than it actually appears.

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4. Exclusive

Top 5 Reasons Why Xbox is Better Than PS4

Titan Fall is one game that is extremely popular these days and it has created a lot of buzz among the gamers. This game is only coming to Xbox One and not PS4.

Like this game, there are also other popular games that are exclusively available in the Xbox One. On the very first day, Titan Fall provides you with Dead Rising, Lococycle, Fighter Within, Crimson Dragon and Forza.

It is true that Sony provided some exclusive games in the previous generation. However this year Xbox One is all set to come up with some of its exclusive games.

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5. Entertainment

Earlier Microsoft chose TV over video games which annoyed the gamers. However, it is not so anymore because now we are all aware that Xbox One not only has some of the best games but it also provides the gamer with some of the most exclusive gaming options.

It has games with the best Kinect controls and is an expansion of the features that were there in the Xbox 360 previously. Microsoft today has partnered with some of the biggest companies like that of Time Warner Cable, Comcast, NFL and Xfinity and it is for this reason that today Xbox One is considered to be a very attractive option for the gamers.

Xbox one can actually be a very handy option for the living room if you add audio CDs, DLNA streaming and MP3 to the Xbox One.

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Xbox One is undoubtedly the best gaming options available today. If you are a true gamer and love to spend time in gaming for hours Xbox One is certainly the best choice.