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9 reasons you can’t stop using Android


9 reasons you can’t stop using android

In the last 15 years, operating systems have evolved a lot, especially for mobile devices. Completely flipping the technology industry upside down. The most popular and used operating system in the world is currently Android. Android has been specially developed for mobile and touchscreen devices. Founded in Palo Alto from California in the year 2003, Android has been dominating the market for many years. Many applications have been developed for Android by thousands of developers from all over the world. It is an open source operating system that means it can be modified by anyone. Android smartphones users make up 85% of total mobile users in the world. This is a staggering number which reaches billions of devices worldwide.

So how did Android become the market leader in mobile devices? Following are some of the biggest reasons Android has become wildly popular and we just can’t stop using it!


There are so many applications which have been developed for Android. Plus, there are so many mobile devices to choose from that you end up scratching your head. Every mobile has something new, innovative to offer. And android based mobiles will give some new and improved features regularly. It wouldn’t be wrong if one says there is an Android phone for everyone. You can accessorize your mobile with choosing your choice of headphones, or even use the same charger for every android family mobile. Plus, thousands of free applications to choose from makes the Android consumer favorite.

2.Third party inclusion:-

9 reasons you can’t stop using Android

Innovation always thrives in an inclusive environment. By being open and free for people to develop software, Android has innovative inclusions by the third party developers and companies. So many ideas are taken every year to improve the software. Also, the big number of Android users always push the industry to bring something useful and new every month. There are numerous kinds of users who constantly strive for innovation and then there are companies that cater to their needs. So the ecosystem developed around Android makes it one of the most dynamic software platforms in history.

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3.Freedom for customization:-

9 reasons you cant stop using Android

The Android operating system allows a lot of freedom for customizing your phone. Even with billions of Android devices in the world, every phone seems different. This is the beauty of Android that allows so much customization of your phones. Compared to Android, other mobile OS do not provide the freedom to customize even the home screens. This makes Android a much better option.

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4. Affordable devices:

The variety of Android-based phone is unparalleled. With thousands of devices, ranging from the most expensive to the cheapest, Android will cater for anyone. This is the main reason why Android has become the market leader. And once you become an expert user of Android buying a new phone becomes an easier decision. You will know the basics of Android and hence switching to a new phone will be a much smoother transition for you. From a $50 phone to a $1500 phone, there will be a device running Android.

5. Data back up and transfer:

Data backup and transfer are much easier on Android than any other operating system. For example, if you turn on a blue tooth Android will detect almost any device. Data transfer through blue tooth is easy. Even using a USB port to transfer data to your PC is easier. Recently UBUNTU a powerful operating system for PC has developed Ubuntu for Android so that the Android mobiles are easily connected to desktops. This will help the users transferring data from desktop to your Android device as well as your Android data to your desktop.

6. Wow Factor:-

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With so many mobile device manufactures working to make Android devices, the best and most innovative devices are bound to appear for Android before they become available on other OS. Smart watches and incredibly unique designs for mobile phone are coming up for Android platform in a much quicker pace than the rival iOS and other smaller mobile operating systems. Hence flexible screens, foldable phone and other stylish new devices will become available on Android much quicker.

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7. Constant updates and improvements:

Android is constantly being upgraded and newer features are added to it every year. So you never run out of new features to explore when you are using Android phones. The manufactures of mobile devices are challenging each other with new hardware and software features and this means that Android users can sit back and enjoy new features. As the mobile industry innovates in a bid to win the competition, Android users are the real beneficiaries!

8. Future scope

With an 85% share of the mobile industry, Android is here to stay. The future projections keep Android as the market leader for many years to come. For Android there is simply no rival OS and this means if you are an Android user, you will always have new and cutting-edge Android devices for your consumption. Why choose any other OS when you are already a user of the world best and most widely used operating system.

9. Say no to monopoly

reasons you cant stop using Android

Android was made open-source and this contributed to its popularity over the years. With so many flavors of Android and so many company developing it, Android OS stands against monopoly of a single company over the mobile industry. Say no to monopolistic practices and adopt Android which takes everyone onboard!


In the last quarter of 2016, 432 million smart phones were sold and 352 million of them ran Android. That means more than 80% of the new phones market is currently dominated by Android alone. And with hundreds of smart phone manufacturers using Android as their choice of operating system, the future of Android seems extremely solid. The best devices, the most unique devices and the most cutting-edge features are all available on Android so there is simply no reason for people to switch to any other mobile OS. Why we can’t stop using Android? Well the answer is quiet simple, it is the best available mobile OS and it seems it will stay that way for a very long time.