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11 Best Receipt Scanner Apps To Organizing Your Receipts

Do you feel your wallet or purse might give way one day because it is packed with receipts? Sounds like your typical mother or grandmother with all the grocery shopping lists and the receipts.

Well, having receipts with you is a sign of a responsible individual. It shows that you are serious about keeping track of your expenses. In this gloomy market due to the pandemic, having your receipts comes handy when you prepare the billing or invoice at the end of the month.

This does not have to limit only to families, individuals, small businesses, and firms. As we said, the pandemic has worsened survival, and only the fittest can remain open. Thanks to technological developments, you no longer have to retain those receipts in your wallet or purse.

Instead, you can keep them secure more conveniently. That is right. We are talking about receipt scanner apps. They are also known as receipt tracker apps. These apps can quickly scan your bills and store them safely.

Most of the apps discussed in our post are first-rate and are extremely popular among the masses. Doesn’t it sound fun and exciting? You no longer have to worry about that lost receipt or bill you needed to exchange some products or goods.

As a small business, you can easily prepare your invoice for your clients. The bills can be quickly scanned and uploaded when and where you want. Hence, manual entry is not needed. It immensely aids your small business in scanning and managing your expenses.

Besides, when you use a suitable app, it can automate simple tasks that otherwise only waste your time, money, and effort. They translate into money saved for your small business or firm.

That is because the need to employ individuals for these mundane tasks is no longer required. You can complete them yourself with the help of these top-notch receipt scanner apps. Before we delve into the list we have prepared for you, let us look at how they can help you.

This is how the receipt scanner app can help your business:-

  • You can easily track the receipt even when you are traveling.
  • All your bills and related data are stored digitally.
  • This is a paperless form of documenting and recording.
  • The chance of losing your receipts is not there.
  • Your business expenses are now centralized.
  • As the owner, you gain insights into the expenditures. It helps you take cost-effective measures.
  • Managing a bundle of receipts every month is no longer needed.
  • Efficiency and productivity are drastically increased.
  • It incredibly makes the reimbursement process simple.
  • You can save time automating the process of your expense management.

When you want to keep track of your business expenditure done by your employees, then it can undoubtedly become strenuous. It becomes a demanding task when you manage several expenses for your business.

Some expenses can be utilities, invoices, client meetings, etc. To put an end to this issue, firms are now making use of receipt scanner apps.

Suitable features on an excellent receipt scanner app

The requirement for the receipt scanner apps might vary from business to business. As an individual, you may want to use a feature-rich app. While some firms need it for keeping track of only the expenses, others might want to use a flexible scanner app.

The chosen app must meet your requirement and blend with your business model. Only then will it be useful for your needs. We have made a list of some features that must be present in your receipt tracker app.

  • The app should have a perfect OCR.
  • It must be able to detect duplicate expenses, if any.
  • The information about the business and segment must be done automatically.
  • The app must save time and offer the right information.
  • It should have sufficient cloud storage for scanning digital receipts.
  • The app must be able to offer insights into your spending, patterns, and others.
  • It should be able to integrate with other accounting tools.
  • It must be able to automate the requirements of your business needs.
  • The app must offer you access for use on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • The maker should provide you with 24/7 customer support.

The above were some of the notable features of a sublime receipt scanner app.

Best Receipt Scanner Apps – Our Top Pick👌

Finding the best receipt tracker app from millions of tools is no joke. It is frustrating as well as annoying when your search ends up fruitless. There is nothing for you to worry about because we have given you a list of some of the best apps that can manage your expenses.

1. Expensify

First on our list is Expensify, which is highly rated among clients worldwide. That is because it comes with a simple user interface and has some distinct features that make it top-notch. The app comes with expense submission and the ability to create a financial report.

Best Receipt Scanner Apps

Using the tool, you can take images of the receipts, import credit cards, and generate mileage reports. These reports can then be submitted through the app. You must enter the email id for sending those reports.

It is as simple as that. The tool uses a professional look and can track expenses for the business trips you make. The base app comes for free and has a limit of 5 scans a month. However, you can always update your plan for more features.

You can upload your expenses on SAP if you want for 12 reports in a year, and they are free. When you want to use this feature, then, as we said before, use the premium version.

A user based in California, he finds this app incredibly flawless as it has helped him keep track of his business expenses.

Does it come with a drawback? We noticed a flaw in this otherwise matchless app. The time taken to generate the data can be lengthy. On some occasions, the scans can take quite a while.

The maker has claimed to have worked on it and found the answer. Besides, they have claimed that speed is not important, but the quality of the data is. We agree with them on this one. But a quick scan speed will do wonders for users.

Expensify is one of the best options you can make use of for a small business. It costs only a frugal $5 a month. When you run and operate a small business and search for a robust receipt scanner app, this is your best option.

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2. Abukai

Abukai is next on our list of receipt scanner apps. The maker is popular among the segment because of its knack for designing receipt apps. We will see another of their products on the list.

This is a fantastic app that can save you time immensely for your business. Using the receipt scanner app, you now do not have to input your information manually from receipts. Users would also be delighted to know that the exchange rates can be categorized.

Expense Reporting with ABUKAI Expenses - Expense Tracker and Receipt Tracker (Excel spreadsheet)

You need to take a picture of your receipt and then press submit. The app completes the remaining chore. Information like date, category, vendor, and receipt image is sorted.

It is a familiar name among users across the globe because of its flawless interface. Even foreign receipts can be scanned and used. You are provided with up-to-date currency conversion. We felt that the app was the right choice for those who used it for the first time.

A distinct feature of the app is that it works seamlessly on all platforms. You can now use the receipt tracker app on Android, iOS, and BlackBerry smartphones. Users can use the free and paid versions, which are priced at $99 a year.

You can make use of the setup fee of $49. If you are searching for a popular, admirable, simple-to-use receipt tracker app, then Abukai is your ideal choice. The app can integrate with your accounting software too.

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3. Evernote

Evernote is a common name in the receipt scanning world. That is because it has been around for a while. The app was originally designed for taking notes. Today, you can find this among the high-ranking receipt scanner apps in the industry.

That is because it is suitable for small and medium businesses. You can take notes, scan your receipts, store your receipts in a single location, and perform more. We did feel the lack of expense reports as it is not a complete accounting software-based app.

That does not mean it lags anywhere for those who are specific about the app’s capabilities. You will be delighted to know that the app can easily extract pictures of receipts.

When you want to keep track of your receipts, you wish expense reports. As we have mentioned, you can store the images in a single location on your smartphone. You will need to enable this function.

5 Evernote Tips Every User Should Know!

The app can notify you if you take images of the receipt on your device and then store them. Besides, you can also sort your receipts as you can filter them later on quickly. It helps smartphone users to even add labels for pictures.

This way, you can identify them quickly without hassle. It is an exceptional scanner app. Though this is not a dedicated receipt scanner app, it does a terrific job of helping you to keep track of images effortlessly.

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4. Shoeboxed – Receipt scanner app for business

You will be stunned to know that, as of now, Shoeboxed has more than a million users globally. The app enables you to keep control of the receipts or your bills flawlessly. Once you have taken an image of the bill, your job is more or less overusing the app.

That is because it effortlessly takes care of the rest. It stores the crucial details of the receipt image, including the store’s name, prices of the items purchased, and date of purchase.

Best Receipt Scanner Apps

All this is done merely using the image of the receipt. This app comes connected with the web version of the app. So, you can also make use of it on your PC, laptop, or even tablet. The flexibility it gives is good because you can use it for discussions with your colleagues or subordinates.

The app has a human verification system for the information stored on it. This enables users to consider the data and then use it safely. The app also is known for being accurate with numbers.

The information can be quickly exported on commonly used software, including Quickbooks, Wave accounting, and others. It is a matchless receipt scanner app that gets the job done. Besides, the app is often used by accounting firms.

It does not come with in-app purchases and no advertisements. The user interface has not been updated for some time now, but that does not mean it is not good, according to a user based in Houston who runs an accounting firm.

She claims that this app, by far, is one of the best free receipt scanner app 2022. The functionality and the powers of Shoeboxed are sublime. However, the user interface might be a bit lagging at times, but it is manageable.

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5. Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts is your best choice for apps when you search for expense tracking. It comes with a layout that is organized and has a barrage of functions. It can immensely help you keep track of the expenses in your firm.

11 Best Receipt Scanner Apps To Organizing Your Receipts

The app lets you type in the expense, and your device is a receipt scanner. Using its top-notch features, you can use its mileage tracker, report generator, and receipt scanner. Multiple features come along with the Smart receipts app.

Using the remarkable app, you can improve your business expenses. The app comes free of cost, and it is open source. The need for you to pay money buying in-apps is not required. The customization option helps you to customize the format that you want to use it.

We also liked the OCR on the app; it worked magnificently. You can capture the images efficiently on the app. During the scan, when the text is not exact, then there is no need to panic. It does a fantastic job.

When you want to sync the receipt along with Google Drive, then you can use the option. We highly recommend Smart Receipts for small businesses because you can create folders for your expenses, have a breakdown of your expenses, and other admirable functions.

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6. Clear Scanner 

The Clear Scanner is a peerless receipt scanner app. You can call it a workhorse. This app can easily store tons of data flawlessly. It is suitable for medium to large organizations. However, small-time entrepreneurs can consider it too.

The app helps you to organize the receipts effortlessly. Besides, you can use a wide range of formats for using it. The OCR feature was flawless and provided you with crystal-clear images.

11 Best Receipt Scanner Apps To Organizing Your Receipts

We liked that particular feature in it and commended the feature. Even some of the receipts with poorly visible text were magnificently scanned. You can connect the receipt scanner app with other tools like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Cloud tools keep your information safe and secure. You can retrieve them whenever you want. We also would like to mention the edit option feature in the app. You can easily edit the receipt in the app. The app can be used when traveling.

It lets you know when the item is a receipt. This makes sure that you are only saving the receipt. Nothing else is saved when you are scanning the image. It helps in saving space on the device. Can we recommend this app for your business?

There is no doubt that Clear Scanner is one of those best receipt scanner app for personal use that is a suitable recipient of a receipt manager. The app’s features, the OCR function, and the outstanding ability to copy only the text from the receipt makes it truly remarkable.

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7. Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

Next on the list is another smashing app. It is known as an Office lens and lives up to its word. This is a product from the software giant Microsoft. You understand that the need to spend money is not there when you are using this app.

It comes with several terrific features. We found the receipt scanner app useful in many ways. For example, it can trim the image to the perfect shape it wants before the scan. This feature is not found in most receipt scanner apps.

11 Best Receipt Scanner Apps To Organizing Your Receipts

We also saw that the data on the receipt is written clearly. Sometimes the text on most receipts might not be visible due to damage or other factors. That is not a problem for this app, as it can take flawless pictures.

Once your image is done and ready, you can then export it to other tools. You can work using the text on Word and PowerPoint and have it in PDF format. The pictures can be forwarded to your OneDrive account.

We found the app’s safety tremendous, and you can store any data you want. A wide range of documents can be stored using this app.

Office lenses are suitable for scanning many different types of documents that can enable you to work productively with your papers.

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8. Zoho Expense – Expense Reporting and Approval

The receipt scanner and organizer app list would have felt empty without the name Zoho. Why Zoho, and what is so special about it? The receipt scanner app is popular because it supports cloud storage. That means you can store more data safely up there.

The chances of your data getting lost, damaged, or stolen are highly unlikely. It provides users with an exciting feature called expenses. When you utilize the feature, you can upload the receipts flawlessly.

All you need is to capture the receipt using your smartphone. The OCR scanning is done using your device, and other information is filled out on the expense form. It helps you to save time because you can use them to keep an eye on your expenses.

Thankfully, there have been minor advancements in image recognition on the receipt scanner app, and you can keep track of them on your smartphone. Your expenses include business management, tax-related, personal budget, and others.

Zoho Expense - Effortless Expense Reporting

We want to mention that you might consider Zoho Expense if you are particular about only using a specific account app. This is Zoho’s younger brother, that features only an expense tracking app.

But it is not as flexible as Zoho. On that note, this is one of the most specialized apps that are much more than just a receipt scanner. This can be your choice when you want to access the entire list of products sold on Zoho.

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9. FitFin: Shopping Tracker, Receipt Manager, Scanner

Ninth on our list is the Fitfin Budget app. This is a unique tracker app, and hence we decided to put it up on the list. You instantly think about travel and your business-related expenses when you hear the word receipts.

How many of you think about your money expenses and budget? After all, they are also crucial to any individual or family. Whether running a small or large business, keeping track of your overall monthly expenses enables you to make cost-effective decisions.

FitFin Promo Video

You can do that by having all the receipts with you using the Fitfin Budget app. It also helps you update your family or business budget when you eventually decide to do it. The interface is simple, and users can add files to the app.

You can then take the receipts that apply to the segment of your budget. A notable feature of the scanner app is that it aids in the creation of updating your budget.

Users have claimed that this app has helped them reduce their expenses drastically in areas where they do not need to spend their cash.

The tracker app can run flawlessly on both the Android and iOS platforms. You will prefer this receipt scanner app over others because of its simple interface, its abundance of features, and the receipt summary provided.

Using the Fitfin budget app, you can now keep track of your expenses with the multiple folders presented to them.

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10. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is your best option when you are searching for scanner apps. That is because it is the only thing it can do. It makes your smartphone into a scanner. We liked the lightweight feature of the app on the device.

The app does not take any space on the smartphone. All the receipts are saved efficiently as PDF documents on your smartphone. We also preferred the speed of the app.

It is lightning quick. You can store the images in folders and share them through email and your cloud account.

TinyScan for Android by Appxy

You can also share it using Wi-Fi on your PC or laptop. Users can work with it using their tablets also if they want. When the receipt scanner app’s speed and size matter to you, then the Tiny Scanner is your answer.

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📗FAQ on Receipt scanner apps

What is the best app for collecting receipts?

Some of the best receipt scanning apps are QuickBooks, Receipt Bank, Expensify, Bench, The Kodak Alaris, etc.

Is there a free receipt scanner app?

You can use Expensify to scan photos of the receipts. Many people use it to track business and personal expenses. You can easily sort and categorize your receipts via this app.

Is there an app to organize my receipts?

Shoeboxed makes it easier to organize the receipts via the automation process. You can scan the receipts and send them to Shoeboxed electronically. The app will help you organize and store them.

How do you scan a receipt with your phone?

Open the Google Drive app and click on ‘Add’ in the bottom right. Click on scan and click a picture of the document that needs to be scanned. Adjust the scan area, take photos, and re-scan. Tap on done to save.

What is the easiest way to keep track of receipts?

Some easiest ways to track receipts are saving them to Google Drive, using WellyBox, Evernote, and scanning or downloading them to your personal computer.

Which app is better, fetch or Ibotta?

The fetch rewards are easier to use and take lesser time. However, you will receive a more generous bonus with Ibotta. They are free and used by people to upload their retail receipts.

Are photos of receipts acceptable for IRS?

If you are bad at keeping the papers organized, IRS will help you accept scanned receipts for tax purposes. You can snap photos of your receipts using a smartphone.

Is the Expensify app free?

You can scan up to 25 receipts per month for free using Expensify. After the free six-week trial, the cost range from $4.99/per month for individual users. For groups or companies, it is $5 per user.

How do I organize a scanned receipt?

You can use a scanner or a mobile photo scanning application like Adobe Scan to store receipts digitally. Ensure saving the scans as PDFs to share them easily through any device.

What app do you scan your receipts and get your money back?

Fetch Rewards offer opportunities like cash back and free gift rewards. You can scan receipts and later redeem the points to earn rewards.

Conclusion on receipt scanner apps

With the help of the receipt scanner apps that we just read above, dealing with your personal or business has now become effortless. You do not have to be always present around in your business or firm for things to move ahead.

Now, your partner or employee can manage things seamlessly. After all, that is the primary purpose of using the receipt tracker apps. They can easily track and manage your receipts. You no longer have to search or keep an eye on them always.

Of course, you have an abundance of choices to make now on the play store and the iOS platform. We leave that up to you. We can assure you that something in the above list can meet your requirements.

They can help you seamlessly manage all your billings in one go. Moreover, you can focus and concentrate your time and efforts on other important aspects of your business.

Not only is this a cost-effective measure, but it helps you move ahead quickly for filing your taxes when the time comes.

On that note, we also would suggest you can spend time online before finalizing your apps. You never know what you would have missed out on in the list. Though we have done our best to cover most of the popular scanner apps in 2020, we might have, in hindsight, lost one or two.

However, if you have used something else better, please bring it to our attention. We would love to know all about it. We cannot stress how useful and significant scanner apps can have for a small firm or business.