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Recommended Data Recovery Software to Get Deleted Data from Portable External Hard Drive


Getting back corrupted data in your portable hard drive is hard to do. Mostly, you have to let the data gone because it seems impossible to get it back. The good news is that there is a chance to recover those data and use it just like before.

What you have to do is downloading portable hard drive recovery software. The list below is the list of data recovery software you can use along with its strengths and drawbacks.

Recover It

The next data recovery software is Recover It. What makes this software special and listed in the recommended software? The software is able to recover all types of files or data including video, email, audio, graphic, document, and many others.

You can also scan any types of media such as Micro SD, memory card, laptop, desktop, camera, music player, iPod, and including your portable external hard drive. The software can also handle any kind of lost data because of a variety of causes such as deleted files, recycle bin, formatted drive, lost partitions, virus attack, system crash, and also external device data. Recover It is also easy to use, and you just need to follow several simple steps to get all the deleted or lost data from your portable external hard drive.

The point is that you finally know how to recover the deleted or lost data from your beloved portable external hard drive. The most important thing, you also know the best software to use to recover data from external hard drive.

Prosoft Data Rescue

You can use Prosoft Data Rescue to recover the important data in the portable hard drive. Some people love to use the software because the system helps them to preview the previously lost data after the scanning process.

Moreover, the software is easy to use along with friendly features. Because of that, the software can be used by anyone including first-time users or beginners. There is an integrated button on it, so you can continue the process fast without doing something complicated. The best part is that you can use the software to access raw, non-mounting, and corrupted partitions.

The drawback of this software is on its scanning system. The problem is that it is difficult to filter the scanning result. As the result, you will see all the lost data even those which you don’t need anymore.

Another problem is that you can only preview the previous scanning result, but you are unable to preview the files. It will be a little bit difficult to decide which one of the data you want to recover. At least, it takes more time to complete the process.


You can also use a data recovery software namely Easeus. The software is a flexible technology because it can be used for Windows and Mac users. You just need to download the software and install it on the computer.

Due to its flexibility, the data recovery software whether for personal and business use. As the result, you can keep your important data safe. Even if you suddenly lost the data, you can take it back fast and use it normally. Just like the first reference, Easeus is also able to use for raw, non-mounting and corrupted partitions.

What data recovery software users a little bit disappointed about the software is on the way Easeus scans their external hard drive. The problem is that the software can’t scan the portable hard drive completely. The software provider needs to consider this problem.


Another data recovery software you can use to take the deleted data in the portable external hard drive is Stellar. Stellar has a good performance because the system helps to scan the hard drive completely with a more accurate result.

Moreover, the hard drive is able to use not only to scan and recover data from the portable external hard drive but also from any kind of media. It helps you to scan the hard drive fast because you can only scan the selected data. It means you can choose the place where you save the data and leave the unnecessary drive.

You can also decide the type of data you want to scan so the software will only scan that kind of data. Indeed, it is an efficient data recovery software. You don’t need to get confused if there is something happen because you can just use the live chat feature to ask the problem to the professional customer service. So, what makes people a little bit unsatisfied with this software?

The problem is that the software is not supported by RAID recovery. Furthermore, you also need to spend extra money if you want to scan or recover data from CD. The users are a little bit confused because there is no thumbnail review on it.

Summary: You can take deleted data from the portable external hard drive by using data recovery software. This article shows the recommended data recovery software to use.


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