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9 Of The Best Tools To Remotely Control Android Devices

Android owners must be proud to have such gadgets with them every time. These devices help us in our daily routine. However, sometimes, you must have felt the need to access remote devices.

The best option for those proud android owners is to control their PC with the android phones. But what if you can use your PC to control your android phones? Do you want to enjoy android games on the big screens?

The way you use makes it much easier for you to use and enjoy a reliable experience. However, the present applications and other tools have helped in accessing androids remotely. 

Hence the readout different Remotely control Android devices that help you perform different tasks when you don’t have them. So get started with the listing of useful applications that help in managing the android devices by sitting remotely. 

Tools To Remotely Control Android Devices 👌👌

1. Join

Bring your devices together with Join and do stuff like SMS, notifications, and much more remotely on your Android and PC devices. Not only file sharing, but this app also allows you to set the wallpaper of your phone or PC while browsing. The convenience this remotely control android app provides is worth it.

Features of Join:-

SMS from any web browser: Whether it’s PC, Android, or iOS, you can send MMS, SMS, and group messages from any web browser with this app. 

Receive Notifications: Enable the notification sync settings in your smartphone and receive it on any device you want. Even you can reply to a Whatsapp message or text message from your PC with this app.

Clipboard Sharing: Now, you can automatically share your clipboard between different devices using this remotely control app. For hassle-free sharing, you get an accessible clipboard bubble on Android devices.

Remote Writing: From your PC or any other device, you can write stuff directly in any Android app.

Send Files: You can send numerous files from one device to another. Even you can automatically open the file on any device when it arrives on your phone. Additionally, you can get a rapid screenshot from your phone on other devices. 

Find your device location: You can increase your phone ring or get its location through any other device using this app. 

How Is The Join App Beneficial?

Join is a chrome app that allows you to pair two or more devices together. Using it, you can send the tab you are reading to your phone, write text in any app, paste the clipboard, send files, and take screenshots.

The best part is that the app follows end-to-end encryption and thus enhances productivity and media consumption. It would not slow down your device or crash on you. 

Click here to add Join to your chrome.

2. Pushbullet

Connect your mobile phone, laptop, or any other device and make them feel like one with this remotely control android.

It allows you to share files and links with friends or between your devices conveniently. Additionally, you can reply to messages from any app like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or any other.

What does Pushbullet do?

Features of Pushbullet:-

Save time: Instead of seizing your smartphone, you can text from your computer by using a keyboard. It’s not only hassle-free but also a time-saving app. 

Send pictures: Moving files or any pictures between different devices has never been easier. The app enables automatic file downloads that you can directly open from the notifications.

Chatting: It works on all of your devices, making it trouble-free to share data or chat with friends more conveniently.

Send multiple links: Now, you can share links instantly between any of the devices by using this app. There is no need to email yourself a link again to save it somewhere else.

Deal with notifications: While working at your computer, never miss a text or call again with this app. It notifies you with texts, WhatsApp messages, phone calls, and more as they arrive.

The best part is that you can dismiss a notification on whatever device you are working on, and it goes away on your phone as well.

Subscribe: It allows you to subscribe to timely notifications about certain things you most care about using Pushbullet Channels.  

How Is The Pushbullet App Beneficial?

Pushbullet brings an amazing world to you where you can have rapid access to notifications, texts, files, and links. It offers a minimalist workspace with all the required updates at your fingertips.

It lets you leave your smartphone elsewhere, allowing you to concentrate on your work effortlessly. The plus part is that without any restrictions, this app is available for all users.

Click here to download Pushbullet on android.

3. AirDroid

Get rapid access and manage your tablet or Android from Windows, Mac, and Linux wirelessly with AirDroid. Initially started as a wireless device, the app becomes much more for the users. By scanning a QR Code, you can connect your phone to any PC, transfer files, backup, or more. 

Tools To Remotely Control Android Devices

Features of AirDroid:-

Answer and make calls through PC: It provides an incoming call review function that permits you to accept or reject phone calls by just clicking the mouse. Even the Dialpad feature allows you to make calls through your computer.

Mirror phone notifications: Being one of the best remotely control android, this app lets you mirror your phone notifications from any allowed apps to your PC. Additionally, you can reply to mobile messages on Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Line, and WhatsApp from the desktop. 

Files Transferring: The app supports transferring different files in multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac, or any other device remotely. You can send video, music, apk, image, link, or any other kind of kind you would like to transfer.

Back-up and Sync option: From your phone to your computer, you can backup videos and photos effortlessly through this app. You can share a clipboard between your phone and computer to ensure device management. 

Contact management: AirDroid computer desktop client plus Web AirDroid lets you receive, answer, and even send SMS messages fluently. It becomes hassle-free to manage all your contacts and messages stored on your mobile phone.

How Is The AirDroid App Beneficial?

AirDroid not only allows you to transfer videos, photos, or other files accessible, but also to manage ringtones, upload, install, or uninstall apps remotely.

Moreover, you can locate your phone if it gets lost using this app. You can send or receive SMS, copy and paste files, or more without picking up your mobile phone.

Click here to download The AirDroid App on android.

Click here to download The AirDroid App on iPhone.

4. Mobizen Mirroring 

The intuitive design of Mobizeb allows you to control your smartphone with a mouse as if it was in your hands. The free app lets you control all your Android applications from Windows.

Best Tools To Remotely Control Android Devices

If your laptop has a touch screen, then you can also use it to control your phone media. You can share files, photos, or any other content using a mouse and keyboard.

Features of Mobizeb:-

Share photos on a larger screen: This app instantly streams your photos, videos, or any other files and allows you to share different files on a larger screen. Use the keyboard to type, view images stored on your phone, and use different mobile apps. 

Perfect phone mirroring: Control your android phone with your computer by using this remotely control android app. Now, it’s easier to tap, swipe, or even drag with your mouse and get a tremendous mobile and desktop experience perfectly with one app.

Receive notifications: If your phone is not in your hand, you can still receive all the notifications and alerts through this app. It accesses files on the phone so that you can enjoy your mobile screen in a big way.

Connect in any way: The app supports Wi-Fo, USB, LTE, and 3G. So, you have a choice to connect it with either of these options. 

Connect your phone anywhere: Connect your phone from either a PC application or a browser with Mobizen Mirroring. Get rapid access to multimedia content and expand your Android experience comfortably. 

How Is The Mobizen Mirroring App Beneficial?

Mobizen permits you to mirror your Android device screen on a large screen of your Windows computer.

You can control multimedia content and other phone applications using the comfortable mouse and keyboard. Even you can record the phone from your PC. Moreover, with two-step verification, it can securely remotely control devices.

Click here to download Mobizen Mirroring on android.

5. LogMeln Rescue

Securely connect to any mobile device, PC, or MAC through LogMeln Rescue on any network from anywhere you want.

9 Of The Best Tools To Remotely Control Android Devices

Mainly designed for large teams and customer care with complex workflows, its optimum features and security allow you to share your data safely. With remotely control android app, support technicians can gain rapid access to Android devices. 

Features of LogMeln Rescue:-

View and Control: You can view your phone’s entire multimedia collection on a large screen through this app. It allows access to data, files, and applications and lets you control your PC or MACs. 

Communicate: It lets you access your home as well as home computers on the go. You can share data with your friends or anyone with just a click. 

Launch URLs Automatically: You can automatically launch URLs in the default browser and push web shortcuts to the home screen on any device. 

Configure devices: Organize your data on different devices with certain tools. It allows you to change connection, network, email settings, and even battery through a single interface. 

Editing: Not only sharing, but you can also edit multiple files on a big screen by using this app. Additionally, the file manager permits you to save files directly on your device so that you can work on them even when offline. 

Remote Sound: It lets you get notifications and hear remote alerts during remote control sessions. 

How Is LogMeln Rescue Beneficial?

The app offers a spontaneous interface that enables access to a diverse variety of remote desktop tools to communicate with others, diagnose issues, and resolve them quickly.

Rather than relying on your mobile phones, you can transfer files or share any kind of data as if the device was sitting on your worktable. With such remote-control access, you can work faster as well as more productively. 

Click here to download LogMeIn Rescue on android.

6. TeamViewer

Manage, control, and monitor your mobile or other devices from anywhere and at any time with TeamViewer. You can access your office desktop with all of your applications and documents and share files effortlessly from one device to another.

This app offers rapid, easy, and secure remote access of your Android device to any other device. With a range of powerful features, this app offers you can control media, contacts, or anything wirelessly.

TeamViewer QuickSupport

Features of TeamViewer:-

Screen Sharing: Not every app lets you share your mobile screen with other devices. However, with TeamViewer, you can enjoy the option of screen sharing with your own devices or others.

Transfer Files in both directions: You can transfer files from one Android device to another Android or from Android to PC. The process is straightforward and effortless to share data, files, media photos, and so on.

Contact Management: Being the best remotely control android app allows you to manage your phone contacts from any device. 

Chat Support: You can reply to any messages from any app by using TeamViewer. Even you can chat on any app through this software.

Android Mirroring: With rapid access to all your media files, you can mirror your phone through your desktop screen. 

HD Video Transmission: This app allows you to enjoy sound and HD video transmission quickly. By just installing this app, you can share audio and video of HD quality. 

How Is The TeamViewer App Beneficial?

TeamViewer app follows the highest security standards and offers intuitive touch and control gestures to all its users. It offers spontaneous support or a chance to manage unattended computers smartly.

You can remotely control your smartphone or tablet while traveling anywhere. Not only Android, but you can also control Windows, Linux, Mac, or any other device as if you were sitting exactly in front of them. 

Click here to download TeamViewer on android.

Click here to download TeamViewer on iPhone.

7. Vysor

View and control your Android device on your PC conveniently. It lets you go wireless and mirror your mobile to your desktop screen and use it for great presentations in the office.

Additionally, it allows you to share your screen with others for wireless assistance. Download the app, connect your mobile through USB, and begin working your device from your computer or any other device.  

Features of Vysor:-

Use PC keyboard: Using your desktop keyboard, you can type different words on your phone with this remotely control android. It means once you install this app, you can chat or reply to a message from your laptop.

Share: It allows you to share your device with your friends locally or across the globe. With this remote control android, sharing your device has become as simple as transferring a file. 

Access installed apps: You can either share or enjoy the installed apps on your mobile on your desktop’s big screen. 

Play games: Vysor allows you to play your favorite games installed on your phone on the computer.

Audio Mirroring: This app allows audio mirroring from your mobile to desktop. You can change the audio settings like turning up the volume on the computer.

Debug: Working on Android devices for a long time is not suitable for many users. That’s why Vysor offers a chance to use different apps, debug codes, and mirror your phone to your desktop. 

How Is The Vysor App Beneficial?

Vysor offers you remote technical support for all your devices. It lets you remotely debug and test all your applications across a diverse range of devices effortlessly.

Once started, you can start playing games, share different files, show videos and presentations, and more. The best part is that the app allows multiple user support; that is, numerous users can see the screen simultaneously through Vysor. 

Click here to download Vysor on android.

8. Remote Control Collection

Control your laptop, media player, mouse, slideshows, and many more with Remote Control Collection. This remotely control android is an assembly of remotes that you can use to control your Windows PC wirelessly.

You can give your computer multiple commands or use this app to make your Android device a wireless mouse. Once you install it, you will be having fun while enjoying supreme control over your computer. 

Presenter Demo - Remote Control Collection

Features of Remote Control Collection:-

Keyboard Remote: You can use the virtual or physical keyboard of your mobile to type words, and they will appear on your computer screen. Additionally, crucial keys, such as escape, windows, and control, are also accessible.

Media Remote: With this app, you can control the media player according to your choice. It supports computer media players, applications, iTunes, VLC, and much more.

Mouse Remote: This remote control android supports multitouch gestures like zooming, scrolling, and more. It allows you to imagine your laptop’s touchpad right on your phone.

Slideshow Remote: Now, you can control your slideshows straightforwardly from your phone. The screen of your computer will get transmitted to your Android device. It works well with Adobe Reader, Powerpoint, Media Center, and more.

Shut down PC remotely: Once you are done with the installation process, you can do things such as shut down your computer remotely. So, if you forget to shut down your laptop while you are not right in front of it, you can shut it down using your phone. 

How Is Remote Control Collection Beneficial?

With an effortless setup process, you can monitor or manage your personal computers with your phone remotely. You can carry out various commands wirelessly.

Apart from controlling the mouse and keyboard, you can voice commands to control media like skip the track, increase the volume, and more. Thus, the combined remotes enable you to control your device beyond file sharing. 

Click here to download Remote Control Collection on android.

Click here to download Remote Control Collection on iPhone.

How Is Remote Accessing Beneficial For You?

What could be even better than accessing your mobile device with a single application? The connection of your mobile from your PC could be beneficial in case there are emergencies.

Also, many took over the benefits of playing their favorite mobile games on the big screen. On the other hm, many took the benefit of accessing their PCs from their android phones. Whatever the fact is, you will be always having the best benefits from these.

Also, it has somehow helped you in your professional tasks too. The listed apps with numerous and tons of features clearly depict everything.

The apps have clearly depicted that the mobile and android world is very vast and it has become easy to access and edit your documents that are in your mobile phones with the help of PCs and vice versa. Your life will surely move on a track with numerous benefits. 


With advancing technology, it has become very easy to manage to work remotely. You can now easily manage your mobile device or also manage your desktop using mobile applications. The end-users are facing the least problems.

However, many remotely control android applications might lack with the changing time, improvements have been made on good norms. The Internet is the major source of this and has added functionality and prominent features to the work.

However, this will change as the developers of android and PCs both have set up a robust platform and reduced your workload.