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Facebook Monitoring App: Remotely Track All Facebook Activity Online

Predominantly, Facebook is an incredible way to remotely keep in touch with your friends and family via picture and video sharing, commenting, and chatting.  No wonder more than 2.6 billion Facebook users are active on this most engaging social media every month.

  Moreover, Facebook’s expanding potential has diversified to live streaming, gaming, promoting businesses, scheduling a virtual vacation, and the list is endless.  However, you may not have the vaguest idea that someone is secretly keeping an eye on all your activities on Facebook to prevent misuse of freedom on social media.  Learning how to track someone’s Facebook activity remotely is elementary. 

Facebook Monitoring App: Remotely Track All Facebook Activity Online

What is Facebook Monitoring App Online?

A Facebook Monitoring App can track your browsing activities online.  It traces your footprints on social networking with the help of your Facebook calls, chats, images, and messages. Before we discuss how Facebook monitoring apps work, let us clarify certain apprehensions that would be worrying you. 

If you are anxious about the legal consequences of using the monitoring apps or spy apps, then you must first check your state law before pursuing it.  Usually, it is the parent’s right to keep a check on their children.  Employers can also operate social media monitoring apps by informing their employees and receiving their signature, confirming their permission.

The Facebook monitoring app aids parents to safeguard their children who can be easily swayed.  Furthermore, the app is useful for employers to cap the employees’ social media usage during office hours.  The Facebook monitoring app helps the government’s surveillance prevent cybercrime or hurt a community’s feelings via posts that target a section of people.

How does Facebook Monitoring Apps work Online?

The tracking app cracks open the Facebook personal and group messages.  It also reveals the date, time, and leaks information about the sender and the receiver of the given chat messages.  You can even peek into other people’s Facebook account by surveilling the images they share or post. 

Several tools can oversee Facebook users’ actions despite the manifold layers of security systems and protocols.  Some apps are reliable and embedded with advanced features.   If you presume that monitoring apps are highly technical and challenging to install, you are in for a pleasant surprise.  Installing and using Facebook monitoring apps is as easy as 1, 2, 3, because it does not require a complex module path.  

You can become eligible to access your child’s or employees’ Facebook account in three simple steps.  Primarily, you need to have a login account with the monitoring app.  In the second stage, you need to download the tracking app.  Voila! You can now monitor activities on Facebook in your account.  If you have an Android phone, your work becomes much simpler, as you may not need to do any additional settings.   You can automatically save Facebook messages with the help of installation on an Android device, provided you have the correct roots.

Step-by Step Method

Here is a step-by-step method of how Facebook monitoring apps work. 

  1. You need to choose the best Facebook monitoring app after going through its features.
  2. There are two types of Facebook monitoring apps – paid and free.
  3. Go to the official site to register yourself and gain access.
  4. Using your existing email identity, you can create your account on the chosen Facebook monitoring app.
  5. Create a confidential password.
  6. Once you cover the formalities, the free Facebook monitoring website will allow you to download the app.
  7. If you choose a paid Facebook monitoring app with additional features and advanced software, you will first need to select your subscription plan.  The charges vary depending on the duration of your subscription.
  8. Before installing the tool or app, you should ensure that your device is compatible with the software you are installing.  Primarily, your device should be either an Android smartphone with OS4 or later.  Alternatively, you can download the app on iOS7, which is also equally compatible.   Furthermore, all Android phones need to be rooted, whereas the iPhone may require jailbreaking. 
  9. Upon subscription of the paid Facebook monitoring app, you will be eligible to install the tool on your device.  While downloading the software, you should ensure that the targeted account is not in operation at that particular moment.

Keeping an eye on your children or someone on the most popular social media of the century does not require too much effort if you brief yourself with the application of the Facebook monitoring app.