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How to Remove Ads Using LuckyPatcher


Just imagine if you are playing your favorite game, and you’re almost there to win the game, but the app ask you to view the ad to process further, won’t that be irritating?

Well, in this article we’ll be showing you a solution for the same so that you can play your favorite games on your mobile phones and ads don’t irritate you!

The solution comes via a tool called LuckyPatcher, one may not be able to crack/hack the games entirely but use the tool to customize, remove ads, and earn unlimited coins and points, and a lot more.

Before we deep dive into the topic of ‘How to Remove Ads using LuckyPaytcher’, let us give you more information on LuckyPatcher.

LuckyPatcher is a tool that is not intended for hacking purposes, but instead offers a progression of highlights to manipulate apps that, illegalities aside, let you do specific tasks which in particular situations may be of incredible help (notwithstanding how much the idea of the application appears to point the other way).

Here is the process of removing ads from apps using lucky patcher tool:

1)    The initial step would be to Root/reboot your device (only android) to start the process. Rooting would mean losing all your installed apps and software in the plot. You can surf the Internet to know the process of rooting android device; you can also watch YouTube and another video tutorial on how to root an android device. But remember, the root process can be different in different methods, and thus, we recommend you to search with your phone model for root tutorial.

2)    The second step would be installing Lucky Patcher Apk and integrating it among all of the apps by giving necessary permissions.

3)    Choose your favorite app and go the bottom to see the image on which you can click and remove ads.

4)    Open LuckyPatcher app and confirm the removal.

Note – Rooting of your device can make your machine go out of warranty and also give an illegal status to your phone. Do it on your own, and we don’t recommend you the same. Thus, any loss that happens by rooting the device and we won’t be responsible for any of the same.

Final Words –

In this article, we have talked about Lucky Patcher tool and its features, and also displayed out the process of removing ads using Luckypatcher on your favorite apps. Thank you for reading and let us know if we have missed anything via the comments section.



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