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How to Render 4K Videos in Camtasia 9


Camtasia Studio is one of the most used and Popular desktop recording software on both Windows and Mac platform. Most of the videos on my Youtube channel is rendered with Camtasia 8 and to make a 4K resolution, I used to use “Wondershare Video Converter” but with the release of Camtasia 9, you are directly able to render your video in 4k Resolution.

Step-by-Step Process to Render 4K Videos in Camtasia 9:-

Step1:- First add your media file on Timeline and Click on the “Local Files

Render 4K Videos in Camtasia 9

Step2:- In the Drop- down menu select “Add /Edit Preset

How to Render 4K Videos in Camtasia 9

Step3:- Here Select MP4 Only (Up to 1080) or either MP4 with Smart Player (Up to 1080)

and click on the New and enter your Preset name and Select your format.

Step 4:- In Profiles option, select “Camtasia Best Quality and File Size (Recommended) Option and click on the Next. And click on the “Custom and enter Width = 3840 and Height = 2160.

and if you want to add your Watermark, Provide you path and click on the Finish.

Now in the production wizard select your custom wizard. That’s it.

Even if rendered with Smart Player, it will choose a 4K resolution.

To view your Fram Width, Select the View option and Select the “Detailed View”. In Windows explorer. As you see in below image rendered video is in 3840 * 2160 Frame.

Hope my article “How to Render 4K Videos in Camtasia 9” helps. If you have any query, feel free to comment.

Video Tutorial:-

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