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The Best Way to Recover Deleted Partitions on Windows


Data loss events can range from a single file going missing to your computer being stolen and all of its data becoming inaccessible. While not as severe as a lost computer, a deleted partition presents the user with a potentially critical situation that demands the use of specialized software to Recover Deleted Partitions. Using the right tool, you should be able to recover a deleted partition on Windows.

There are some steps you need to take immediately upon discovering that you are missing a disk partition. Based on how the Windows OS handles deleted data, the files that were resident on the lost partition are still, in all likelihood, physically present on the disk. The problem is that they have been made inaccessible to the operating system and so appear to have totally disappeared. Until they have been overwritten by Windows, many or all of your files can be restored.

First Steps When Attempting a Partition Data Recovery

In order to prevent potential corruption of the files you want to recover by having the OS overwrite them, you need to stop using the hard drive as soon as possible. You need to minimize or eliminate all disk activity except for the data recovery procedure. If possible, connect the drive to an external docking station.

Disk Drill is a full-featured data recovery tool that will allow you to recover all or most of your files from a deleted partition. When downloading, installing, and executing the application, you will achieve the best results if you do not use the disk that contained your deleted partition. If you do not have another internal disk available, you can download, install, and run Disk Drill on a USB drive to avoid further damage to the deleted partition.

Using Disk Drill Partition Data Recovery Software for Windows

Follow these steps to allow Disk Drill to recover files from your deleted partition. You can download the application for free and use it to preview the files you can recover and actually recover 500 MB before purchasing the fully licensed app.

1. Download and install Disk Drill for Windows. As previously stated, use another disk if possible.

2. Launch the application. You will be presented with a list of disks and partitions that are visible to the tool. Since we are recovering a deleted partition, it should not show up in the list.

3. Select the hard drive that contained the deleted partition.

4. Click the “Recover” button to initiate Disk Drill’s quick scanning procedure.

Recover Deleted Partitions

5. Preview the files that are returned by Disk Drill and determine which ones you want to recover. The list can be extensive if your deleted partition contained many files.

6. Select a location where you would like to store the recovered files. Do not use their original location as this can cause further file corruption during the restore process.

7. Click the “Recover” button a second time to perform the file recovery on your lost drive partition.

Recover Deleted Partitions

Verify your files are intact by navigating to your recovery location when the restore is complete.

In some cases, you may need to utilize the more extensive scanning provided by Disk Drill’s Deep Scanning feature. This is a more time-consuming procedure but will recover files not found during the quick scan. Drawing on its knowledge of over 350 different file formats, the deep scan searches your disk sector by sector for fragments of files that the application can reconstruct.

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When faced with a deleted or missing partition on your Windows system, Disk Drill is your best choice in partition recovery software. It can be just the tool you need to recover your precious data.


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