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Ring vs Nest: Ultimate Guide For Your Smart Home Doorbell


Do you have a doorbell at your house? Well, the answer from most of you would be Yes. 

Who does not have a doorbell at home, right? But the real question for today is with the advancement in technology and with new inventions being launched every day, the doorbells are no more just a bell that rings in your home with a press of a button.

You will find the most advanced DIY doorbells that act as a security system entirely. They have real-time alerts, video, and audio monitoring, etc.

The doorbell we are talking about is the two very popular DIY sets of smart devices i.e Ring and Nest. If you are all into tech, you will know that Ring has been designed by Amazon while Nest is owned by the tech giant Google.

While most of the smart doorbells require professional assistance to install them, however, these two are DIY projects and can be easily installed at your home all by yourself.

Home security has been one of the major concerns for everyone. A lot of residents choose to go for CCTV cameras on their porch. But all these methods are dated now, and the use of Smart Doorbells have become the new trend and the need of the hour as well.

It isn’t an easy task to choose between Ring and Nest, but we have made sure you get to choose whichever suits you the best.

Ring vs Nest Ultimate Guide For Your Smart Home Doorbell

Here is a detailed comparison of Ring vs Nest smart home doorbells with every aspect we can cover. Let us see what we have here.

Ring Doorbell – Overview

Ring Doorbell is one of the most advanced and amongst the best smart home automation devices that not only lets you know about the unwanted guest in your home but also secures your home.

Ring vs Nest

The brand is owned by Amazon and has been leading amongst the names for its home security and smart home products. You will find multiple versions of the Ring Doorbell project that has added features as it advances forward.

We are here talking about the most basic version i.e Ring Video Doorbell. Other than this you can also check out the Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Video Doorbell 3 Pro, etc. All of these share the same concept with multiple added features.

The basic version has an amazing design and pretty simple for anyone to set up. It has been preferred because of its low cost overall than any other doorbells.

It has the ability to detect any motion arriving on your porch area or entering your property, receive real-time notifications on your device connected to the doorbell, and you can watch, hear, as well as talk to the person on the door.

All these are available on all the versions of the Ring Video Doorbell. Furthermore, there is a lot of customization that can take place with these video doorbells based on your home and what all you are looking for.

The Power of Whole-Home Security Packed Into an Affordable Security System | Ring Video Doorbells

Other than this, you can also get access to a special software i.e. Ring Protect with the help of which you can capture images and record videos so that it can be reviewed later in need of emergency. However, this service is paid and you may have to take the subscription at an affordable price.

Nest Doorbell – Overview

Nest Doorbell is another company by Google and has been founded in the year 2010. It is popularly known for its home security products and devices such as thermostats, smoke detectors, routers, security systems, speakers, etc.

Nest Hello is the doorbell you have been waiting for. The design is impeccable and the features are stunning. With a very compact structure, it helps you to provide HD videos and capture images.

Ring vs Nest: Ultimate Guide For Your Smart Home Doorbell

Whether you are concerned about your child coming home or having to receive a package, you can easily talk or hear the person on your porch with the help of the smart home doorbell. It is very useful in keeping your home safe from any kind of burglary.

There have been hundreds of cases of packages being stolen from the door itself. With the help of these doorbells, the burglar can be immediately warned and the crime might be stopped.

You can either check the history of about 3-hour shots or look for 24/7 streaming on the app. It even has a night vision so that nothing goes wrong for you no matter what.

Instead of checking your phone for a package to arrive, you can make changes and the app will give you alerts when the package arrives.

Meet Google Nest Cam Outdoor

It even looks cool on the wall as compared to other video doorbells. Similar to what we saw in Ring, this too has multiple aspects such as it detects person, motion, and sound.

Furthermore, using the app you can pre-record certain messages for your children on the door or even the package.

Ring vs Nest – Design

Ring vs Nest comparison has been going on for a decade now and with more and more models coming up, it can get a little competitive.

To start with the very basic visual idea about both these devices. Ring Video Doorbell has a rather rectangular-shaped structure that you can either mount it on the wall beside your door or on the wooden plank made for the doorbell.

Ring vs Nest

It has a small camera in the doorbell itself that monitors and records every action outside the door. Well, no one can suspect the presence of the camera since the design has been made to make it look like a bell.

On the other hand, we have a Nest home security system that has a pretty compact design and looks stunning all the way. It has an oval structure and the installation is pretty side on the side of the wall.

Ring vs Nest: Ultimate Guide For Your Smart Home Doorbell

The doorbell has been designed with perfect ease and made in a way that covers anyone coming on the door and records the video on the go.

It weighs pretty light which is about 122g and also smaller in size than the Ring doorbell. As compared to both in terms of design, we would surely say both are incredibly good, but in terms of overall appearance, you can go for Nest.

Ring vs Nest- Installation

Both these allow you to install the device in your home by yourself. It does not require any professional assistance, rather with only a few steps on the way, you can do it all by yourself within minutes.

Ring doorbells are a perfect replacement when it comes to getting rid of the old boring bell in your home. You can simply remove the old one and disconnect the wires carefully.

The package contains a circuit board that you need to screw in it first and connect the wires to the screws as instructed in the manual.

You can check out several videos on YouTube to know the step-by-step idea of how it’s done. Once you installed the back panel. Now, firstly you need to download their app and connect the app to the main panel before installing it. 

How to Install Ring Video Doorbell 2 | Connect to Existing Doorbell

Next up, make sure you have a stable wifi connection since it will work on it. Choose the right wifi connection and connect your doorbell cum security system to the network. Once you are done, you can check out the tutorial as well on how you can mount the bell. After this, put up the panel on the wall where it belongs.

Nest Hello is another perfect representation of the smart home doorbell that you need the most. Here the installation and the setup are pretty straightforward which you can check out once you open the package.

There has been proper instruction on how you can install the doorbell. Make sure to check the compatibility from their site since these doorbells require low voltage.

How to set up and install the Google Nest Hello video doorbell

Here the main criteria will be explained by using the Nest app every step of the way. Simply download the app and it will guide you through to installing the Nest Chime and then the doorbell outside.

🤴Winner- Nest Hello 

Ring vs Nest – Video Recording and Quality

One of the most important aspects of this comparison truly determines which one you can go for. The main purpose of going with a smart home doorbell is to also have a good security system. Every security system must have good video quality, hence this has a good weightage.

Ring Video Doorbell has a superb 1080p HD Video quality with 155° Field of View. Whereas the Nest doorbell has a resolution of HD UXGA 1600 x 1200 and up to 30 frames/sec.

This is only about the resolution where clearly Nest has an upper hand. Speaking of the other properties when it comes to recording videos and capturing images. 

Ring vs Nest: Ultimate Guide For Your Smart Home Doorbell

Ring provides services such as Ring Protect where you will have to buy a subscription to record videos and take images. On the other hand, with Nest Hello you can enjoy 24/7 streaming and continuous video recording.

Here as well you can get the Nest Aware Subscription that gives an intelligent alert, activity zones, video history, etc.

🤴 Winner- Nest Hello

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Ring vs Nest – Smart Home functionalities

When we say Smart Doorbell it is bound to have smart home compatibilities. You might have come across other smart home gadgets as well and understand how the concept works.

Ring is owned by Amazon that makes it compatible with Alex, a voice assistant by the tech giant itself. You can connect multiple smart home devices and make them even more desirable.

For example, add security cameras, sensors, thermostats, In-Wall Toggle Dimmer, different kinds of floodlights, etc.

Ring vs Nest

All of this is very useful especially when you do not wish to get out of the bed and you can command Alexa or even Google Assistant to view the activity on the front door. As we know, Amazon has way more options to add or connect to your doorbell than any other company.

On the other hand, Nest Hello is compatible with Google Assistant. You can connect other devices as well to this but have fewer options directly provided by Google so you may have to get hold of other third-party options. Hence this particular option has more options for Ring as compared to Nest.

🤴 Winner- Ring

Ring vs Nest- Other Features

There is no doubt that both Ring and Nest have a massive collection of features apart from just doorbell functions and video integration. Well, here is everything you can know about them.

Customizable Privacy Zone:- Both the devices have customizable privacy zones that they can set up using the app. You can choose the zone that you would like to view on your devices and hide the areas which you do not wish to see so that particular areas are visibly better.

Customizable Motion Zone:- We also have a motion Zone that can also be set up for both Nest and Ring through their apps. This is needed so that you can choose the area where you would like the device to monitor using the motion sensors.

However, Nest has a wider approach and broader area to select from as compared to Ring with limited zones.

Person Alert:- Both the devices send alerts to your smartphones whenever a person is at your door. It can even send a customized message to the delivery guys which you can set up using the app.

However, Nest takes this feature up a notch, since it can detect a particular person and packages too and send an alert as notifications based on it.

Video Recording:- We know for a fact that both devices enable video recording features that can be best assessed with a subscription.

However, with Ring, you can only take a live view of the video and check the recorded ones later. With Nest Hello, it records video 24/7 even during the dark.

Package Recognition:- Nest Hello has a special interface that can recognize packages and familiar faces. It will immediately send you an alert as soon as the package is dropped on your front door. In fact, it sends you to alert if someone has picked up the package as well.

Pre-recorded Messages:- Nest Hello also has a feature where you can pre-record some messages such as “Thank You” or anything else for particular people or even the package delivery people. As soon as the camera detects the package, it will deliver your message on the door.

With all the features mentioned above, we are quite convinced if we have a comparison for Rings vs Nest, then Nest Hello has a lot more to offer than the latter.

The ring is not left behind in terms of features and security, however, extra added features in the same price range do give Nest Hello the edge.

🤴Winner- Nest Hello

Ring vs Nest – Pricing and Subscription

There are multiple models of the Ring Video Doorbell as compared to Nest Hello and hence the price varies on a massive scale. Still, we can make sure you get the price for each one and choose for yourself. Also, we have subscription costs as well for both Nest and Ring devices. 

Ring Video Doorbell has multiple options to go for in terms of pricing (Check Latest Price on Amazon). It is as listed below.

  • Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) – $79
  • Video Doorbell 3- $149
  • Video Doorbell 3 Plus- $179
  • Video Doorbell Pro- $189
  • Video Doorbell Elite- $349

Other than this, you will find multiple other package options as well. They have different price ranges too which you can check out on their official site.

The subscription cost of Ring Protect has basically two versions that you can check out. Both have to offer different features and you can choose one based on the money you have.

  • Basic (Activate video recording for one device): $3/month or $30/year
  • Plus (Activate video recording for all devices): $10/month or $100/year

Nest Hello has a rather simple yet intrusive price range. Since there aren’t a lot of models of this current version so it has only a fixed price of $229. Check Latest Price on Amazon

You can get a subscription to Nest Aware and with an annual plan the company is giving out a free Nest Mini. Here is the Nest Aware plan you can select from.

  • Nest Aware (30 days of event video history): $6/month or $60/year
  • Nest Aware Plus (60 days of event video history + 10 days of 24/7 video history): $12/month or $120/year

With more options and price range to choose from, we can clearly say that Ring has a lot more to offer in this domain as compared to Nest Hello.

🤴Winner- Ring

Ring vs Nest- Home Security System (Bonus Comparison)

Well, we have clearly discussed everything we knew or you should know about the Ring Video Doorbell and Nest Hello.

However, both the brands or companies have major in-home security systems, and not comparing them with each other for their flagship devices will not be fair. Hence here is a small comparison between both of them so that you can know more about what they have to offer.

Ring Home Security System:-

Ring offers a variety of alarm systems pre-built just for you. You will find a number of devices that you can add to your package to cover up your entire home in every aspect. As of now, you have three kits to choose from marked as S, L, M. Here is how it has been made.

  • 5-Piece Kit ($159.99): This kit covers 1 window or door, adds motion detection to 1 room, and ~1,000 sq. ft.
  • 10-Piece Kit ($209.99): This kit covers 5 windows or doors, adds motion detection to 2 rooms, and ~1,000-2,000 sq. ft (1-2 bedrooms).
  • 14-Piece Kit ($259.99): This kit covers 8 windows or doors, adds motion detection to 2 rooms, and ~2,000+ sq. ft (3+ bedrooms).

Each of the kits contains Base Station, Keypad, Contact Sensor, Motion Detector, and Range Extender. These are easy to set up and also customizable based on your needs. Simply look over the instructions and within minutes you can set up your security system, without any professional help.

Once you have set everything, download the app from the store and get all the alerts and control all from it. Furthermore, you can add other devices as well and pair it with doorbells, security cams, and enable Alexa.

Some other security devices that you can add to your kit includes Smoke detectors, Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensors, Panic Button, and others. With the app, you can easily enable and disable alarms and sensors to move around easily.

Nest Home Security System:-

Nest Home Security System is equally amazing as that of Ring, however, it does not have a selection of kits for better understanding. You have different products that you can collect together and install in your home. In the base package, you will get the below devices.

  • Nest Guard: Alarm, keypad, and motion sensor with Google Assistant built-in.
  • Nest Detect: Motion-activated sensors to look out for any movement.
  • Nest Tag: Arm and Disarm without any need for a passcode.

That is all you will be getting with this system. Everything is too simple to understand yet it does not have a wide variety of options as Ring provides its users. This home security system helps you to arm or disarm using the app from anywhere.

Also, you need not rush in or out to be careful with the alarm, it has the option to set a timer that you can set on your most used door such as for 5 minutes. 

During an emergency situation, if your alarm goes off, the system will immediately send an alert to your device. You can then check what caused the alert and take necessary action. Other than this, you can add on other devices such as Nest Hello, Nest Hub Max, Nest Wifi, and a lot more.

Ring vs Nest Doorbell – Who is the Winner? 🤔

After taking everything into consideration such as Design, prices, automation, security, and other features, we have come to the conclusion that Nest Hello is the ultimate winner.

Well, there were multiple instances where Nest took over RIng and there is no doubt about it. In terms of installation, design, videos, and all the other added features, Nest clearly stood out to be outstanding.

However, Ring video doorbell isn’t at all bad instead has multiple ranges and variety to choose from especially when it comes to price range. Whereas for Nest, you have only a single option along with the subscription.

Either way, you can go for anyone you would like. It need not be what we have decided to be better among them. Since there are multiple models available for Ring with a smaller price range and affordability, you can celery choose Ring Video Doorbell.

However, if the budget is no bar, Nest Hello is not far behind and is a lot better when seen in multiple aspects.

Furthermore, we did compare the Ring vs Nest security system as well. And to our surprise Ring was a clear winner.

It has a lot more to offer to its users than what Nest has to offer, It surely is simple and easy to understand, but Ring gives multiple kits with a much better price range. If you are stuck with any of the options, do let us know in the comment section. Or share your experience with these devices.