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Rip DVD 2018 with Hardware Acceleration | WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Review


WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a professional DVD ripping software which is proficient of converting DVD disc to digital files and making backup copies to avoid losing your information and data on the hard disc. What caught our attention is that it is the only DVD Ripper in the market that supports Level-3 hardware acceleration tech to boost DVD ripping speed to a new level. Why it matters to rip DVDs with hardware acceleration in 2018? Continue reading, you’ll find the answer.

Reasons to use a hardware accelerated DVD Ripper in 2018

1.Easy and fast way to convert

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is dramatically fast to convert disc to digital within couples of minutes. It is fast and faultless hardware accelerated DVD ripper which will protect your DVD ROM for a longer life. The importance of hardware acceleration is to boost the performance of gaming, rendering, and image algorithm that works significantly. It is a tested DVD ripper, and the result is, its ripping process was completed in 8:45 minutes with up to 385 FPS, etc.

2.Encoding and decoding software

It is a complete decoding of DVDs and best DVD to MP4 converter. This is a number one hardware encoder for general Intel, AMD hardware, and NVidia. It is faster than CPU encoding. It also increases the speed of raw data through buffing. This is best in three ways that are hardware encoder, hardware decoder, and hardware processing.

3.Provide different software support

This will support two hardware acceleration processes which are GPUs and CPUs. In GPUs it will support encoding into Kepler, Maxwell (Gen1, 2, 3), Pascal and Volta. Whereas in CPUs it quickly supports the sandy bridge, Ivy Bridge, Broadwell, Skylate, Kaby Lake, Haswell, and so on. It enhances the output quality and never provides you with any other problem. It is able to make the gentle balance among processing speed, image quality, and optimizing the speed. It is fast, enable and best technology to decode your data, and save for prolonging.

3.No compromise with quality and output

 It will optimize the file size and video quality which is better than your other hardware DVD Ripping. It provides fully accelerated hardware-based video encoding.

4.Bonus features of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Except being an unique hardware accelerated DVD Ripper, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is full of useful features.

DVD Copy Modes

The built-in DVD copy feature supports 1:1 clone full DVD disc to ISO image and DVD folder. It also allows you to copy main/full title content of DVD to MPEG2 file with lossless video quality and 5.1 Channel AC3/DTS Dolby audio.

Tons of Ready-made Profiles

No matter your DVDs are made by yourself, or purchased from stores (from other countries), you can make perfect backup by using the powerful DVD ripper. Uniquely, with the new title checking mechanism, it can access and rip 99-title DVDs, workout DVDs, music DVDs, movie and TV series DVDs. Even if your DVDs are scratched, damaged or unplayable, the software is here to offer a solution.


Final Verdict

Unlike other devices, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum does not provide low quality or any other issue with your hardware. It is the strongest and best DVD ripping software in 2018 that would always digitize your discs easily to make it protective and prolonged. It is the one and only level 3 hardware acceleration and that makes it a must buy. The use is simple and easy to understand and anyone can use it.


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