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Role of Instagram in Growing Your Email Subscribers


Role of Instagram in Growing Your Email Subscribers

Instagram is a tremendously popular and appealing social networking site. It is a very powerful social media platform that is being effectively leveraged by most email marketers for yielding top results via effective Instagram marketing. Most of the businesses do not have any idea regarding how to utilize the platform commercially. The fundamental process is to gain a few potential leads via effective Instagram marketing. These leads would be nurtured until conversion takes place. Brands have an active presence on Instagram as it boosts their visibility and pumps up the sales.

An Optimized Instagram Profile Does the Trick

The first thing, you must do is to get your Instagram profile optimized. To ensure smooth flow of email subscribers from your Instagram account, you must incorporate a robust signup form into your bio where there is some space for URL. These signup forms could be helpful in gathering quality leads for any brand. You may contact professional email marketing services for customizing these signup forms that could be used across all platforms. You need to focus on doing an in-depth study and analysis of your leads so that you could fathom their buying patterns and overall behavior. Moreover, it is a good idea to provide the right incentives for alluring your potential customers so that they fill in the signup forms. Your incentives must include promo codes, free downloads, product samples, discounts etc. Consider using tools such as Gramista for boosting your Instagram followers.

A Good Experience Does the Magic

You must do a meticulous research and learn about the slightest details relating to the leads at the starting stage itself. You must consider factors such as location, gender, interests, buying pattern, buying history, interests, recent purchases etc. before you nudge your new leads into buying. Even though, your prime goal is to make a sale, but you must realize the importance of giving your potential customers a good experience all the way. A good experience is enough to keep your existing consumers satisfied and engaged and it would also impress and lure fresh new leads. Remember there is nothing more powerful than the word of mouth.

Email Subscriptions Are Great For Driving Sales

Once you see that there is a rise in the number of signups, you may consider sending deals and enticing offers to your subscribers’ inboxes. As they have subscribed to you through Instagram, they would be expecting interactive, amazing, and fascinating content. You must understand exactly what they are looking for and what is actually relevant to them. You must treat your leads with a lot of care to keep them engaged. You must give them their due value. You could consider making your profit flow flawless, smooth, and simple. Keep sending important offer emails and newsletters to your subscribers and pave the way for conversions.


Now you know that Instagram could really work wonders for your email marketing campaigns. However, you must also, remember to incorporate an alluring CTA or call-to-action into your Instagram bio, and Instagram posts. You could use effective Instagram automation tools for streamlining the entire lead generation, as well as, email list creation process.



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