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RYL – A Revolutionary Tool to Record The Most Significant Moments


Unless you’re a radio producer, the days of needing dedicated voice recorders are long behind us. Mobile phones and tablets have built-in microphones that are perfectly acceptable for private use in listening back on interviews, meetings, lectures, or random musings. And they even tend to do alright nowadays with music at concerts.

But to get good-quality audio, you still need to do some tweaking. And there are apps for that. We’ve searched high and low for the best advanced audio recording apps, all of which include powerful features that help you get the sound just right, and came up with only one – our favorite so far!

RYL – Record Your Life project general features

We’re talking about RYL – Record Your Life project, a modern and groundbreaking way to record anything you want with your Android device. As said, the app is designed for Android users – it’s here to help them make their phones record any significant life moment. It is created with friendly user interface and a wide range of free features. Let’s see what it offers!

Why it’s great

RYL – Record Your Life project is a “Time Shifting” machine that lets you save those precious moments in life with the use of your phone, to save the past 2/15/60 minutes or at any point from your last 7 days. Everything recorded is stored locally, it launches automatically at startup and always runs in the background. Easily pause the recording, delete unwanted records of your history, sync calendar meetings, hear and share calendar meetings with other users, etc. Each saved audio recording is with crystal clear sound, high quality and small size. Your storage space and battery life will be almost untouched with one of the best apps in the productivity section on Google Play!

Stop other apps from recording & breaching your privacy
Moreover, RYL provides with a great option that blocks other apps from using your microphone (it turns off microphone and prevents Facebook listening, Amazon Alexa, Google, and so on). It works pretty much as a shield and keeps everything safe, secure and private.

The app comes in 2 different versions: free and paid. Click the Google Play Store link below and read the more useful information before you download it. Also, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones if you like it.

Google Play Download Link: RYL – Record Your Life project


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