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19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

A face says a lot about your mental and physical state. However, do you even know that a smile can also hide the truth? A smiling face will not always be the happiest one.

There is some pain buried behind the eyes or their smile. Emotion is something associated with the lifestyle and inner feeling that a person has. Now talking about sad anime girls, their eyes can express everything that illustrates if they are smiling or sad. 

There could be many reasons for their sadness. Some of them could have a dark past that is inexpressible, and they are carrying it inside. They might be struggling to get off such a painful past and trying to smile.

However, one day comes when it is more than enough, and they burst into tears. No matter what, they have an outside appearance; these girls have something inside that could be depressing anyway. Here is the display for such saddest girls from anime that are depressed but never show up their emotions. 

Top Sad Anime Girls Of All Time: Our Pick 👌👌

1. Yuki Nagato

In our list of sad anime girls, we have placed Yuki Nagato from the Haruhi franchise, who is believed to be Artificial Intelligence of Alien Origin.

The fact is people believe being an AI; she might be off of emotions. But that’s not true. There are various examples where you will find Yuki presenting her emotions. 

Top Sad Anime Girls Of All Time

You can find a good illustration of emotions in Yuki in the movie “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.” She has always kept her memories intact, and she is the only character that has been seen experiencing “endless eight.”

Thus it is very obvious that you will understand what kind of emotions Yuki is experiencing and her state of mind. Yuki has never been very open to everyone.

Her character describes her to be introverted, emotional, quiet, and a bookworm. She loves reading books and cracking. You will rarely find the same, but she never shows up anything like loneliness and her inner sad feelings. 

Her character seems to be an ordinary North High student. However, she appears to be one of the sad anime girls with emotions who have low social abilities.

She likes showing some gestures instead of speaking up. Yuki will nod her head instead of speaking up yes. Even if she is saying she enjoys this, there is something that makes her unhappy. But the fact is she never speaks up for that. 

2. Kikyo- Inuyasha

The character of Kikyo has not always been among the saddest ones. After her revival from death, she has a complete 360 change in her behavior.

Kikyo falls among sad anime girls because of her cold and ruthless behavior. She has only one aim to destroy her enemy and her murderer Naraku. However, you will also find her plain sight, which states she is very sad. 

Sad Anime Girls

You can precisely get how much pain she is enduring and plan to start back her relationship with Inuyasha. Sometimes she also wonders how she has been revived and her matter of living her life back again. Thus it clearly states how depressed she is throughout her life. 

Not only this, but one more attack by Naraku also states how it has affected her morally. It caused a deep wound in her life. Kikyo is famous as a shrine maiden who always adores Inuyasha to be her life partner. But the wounds caused by Naraku to her life made her appear to be very deceiving.

Naraku is a half-demon who first tries to pretend like she is his beloved. This hurt her the most that she never planned to express her feelings again to anyone and simply adores Inuyasha. 

Her beloved caused her deep pain, but she always pretended to remain calm and calculating. But the fact is everyone knows she is under deep sadness.

She can see the person she has loved but feels sad that she cannot be with him. Her story simultaneously turns to be tragic, which is why she put Kikyo on the list of sad anime girls. 

3. Mizore Shirayuki

Mizore Shirayuki’s character seems to be very frustrating on the mind. She lives her life out of loneliness with never-ending sorrows.

She has always been through misfortune for her love life, who has tons of examples to state the same. Her love turns to be unrequited, and this turns to be the biggest sorrow in her life. 

Top Sad Anime Girls Of All Time 1

She is a protagonist from Rosario and Vampire who is feeling sad like other sad anime girls. The complete series reveals how unlucky it was for her to fall in love and expect a simple and happy life. 

Mizore has powers to manipulate snow and f, which is why she is a yuki-onna. She has a cold temperament no matter what her love life did with her. Her magical lonely character is sad, quiet, calm, and introverted. She keeps things to herself and never expresses them to anyone. 

You will hardly find Shirayuki smiling in some of the parts. However, she seems to be expressionless and thus falls on the list of sad anime girls. She is unsuccessful in keeping up her companionship at the Yokai Academy.

Many people rumor her to be the craziest one, while others think that she is pretty harsh through her nature. But the reality is her inappropriate surroundings and conditions, which makes people think of her in such a manner. She has even put herself in many horrible situations.

However, in many cases, Mizore has tried to overcome her sadness, and she opens up, but that was also extremely limited. Her reserved nature depicts that she is emotionless, but that was not so. People called her Psycho a cold-blooded creature. 

Mizore Shirayuki Funny moment

4. Rei Ayanami

We always call an emotionless character to be a robot or a doll in the case of girls. Here is one such example of sad anime girls- Rei Ayanami. At the beginning of her series, we will find Rei to be so quiet that she is emotionally detached from others.

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

She does not like speaking with others. This character and nature are from her birth time. This emotionless character shows cold nature towards others. 

Her nature is the reason why her classmates stay away from her and do not talk to her. She remains alone and sad throughout the series. Many can also say that she is another example of sad anime girls who never smiles or who never shows up her emotions to anyone. 

However, her birth nature does not mean she is emotionless, or she is not hurt being avoided. The reason behind such behavior is she is expendable. She is not a real human whose body can be destroyed.

The fact is Rei’s soul is transferable from one body to another after one is killed. She begins entering the new host. The process of this soul transfer continues until it is about Rei III. She clearly says if she dies, she will get replaced with a new body. 

The character seems to be very tragic, and thus the storyline is. Even if Rei tries to form a good bond with others, her past never lets her live happily.

She is a socially withdrawn woman who interacts with Gendo only. However, later she can express her genuine emotions in the series Evangelion. Her story and existence prove why we have shifted her in the list of sad anime girls. 

5. Princess Sirahoshi

You will find Princess Sirahoshi crying throughout the series over small matters. Thus people always claim her to be a crying princess. For the slightest reason, she starts crying, and this is the fact to list her on the sad anime girls.

Top Sad Anime Girls Of All Time 2

No doubt, Sirahoshi is a beautiful mermaid, and this beauty is a rival to Boa Hancock’s beauty. In the series, Boa is considered one piece in the entire universe because of her adoring beauty. 

On the other hand, Sirahoshi has a fragile personality, but her being a rival to Boa, breaks into tears very often. These tears stop her upbringing, and she is facing many problems because of that. She is way too much in her crying matters that she shed her tears for the dumbest thing. Her tears make her lose something every day. 

However, people love to see this cry baby on the list of sad anime girls because of her breaking nature. Because of this, she spends most of her time on herself.

A single pin drop can also let her fall into tears. Her leaky eyes are the most important part, which let her list in the saddest anime girls. She is very emotional who needs to cheer up anyhow. 

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6. Hayami Kohinata

You would have never seen a doctor unkind to his patient. But here is an example for you with Hayami Kohinata’s family.

Placing this character on the sad anime girls’ list is that Hayami falls from unkind doctors’ families towards their parents. They were never good to the people who were unable to pay complete medical expenses for their treatment. 

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

Burst into anger, people finally burnt the doctor’s family’s mansion, and hence Hayami was left alone. She was the only survivor from the family who had faced many challenges.

The very first of them was losing a family and facing the people’s rude behavior. Hayami was only left with some of the belongings. By the harsh situations, she had to live with only those belongings of her family. 

The tragic accident of the mansion burning had completely changed Hayami’s lifestyle. Due to her parents, Hayami gained a bad reputation in the eyes of people. She is under sad anime girls because she had to live alone and homeless.

This trauma left her completely depressed and felt alone always as she could not stand against enemies for herself. However, as we know, time heals everything, and the same was with Hayami.

Hayami’s time has changed with the help of Takuma, who was a protagonist. Town people stopped harassing her anymore. But still seeing her situation, people list her under sad anime girls. It was all because of injustice done to her.

Hayami Kohinata x Takuma Hirose - Crush on You AMV

7. Sakura Matou

Sakura Matou was introduced as a fictional character in the Fate series. She gets her role as a friend of the leading character Shirou Emiya. However, her role was not significant in the very first two novel routes. She was born as the younger sister of Rin Tohsaka. 

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

However, in the third route of the series, she plays a lead role, and here, she starts revealing her dark past. She had a crush on her friend Shirou, and thus, she starts revealing her bonds with him later. Her mysterious story is associated with her passion, which is in a dilemma if he should kill Sakura or not. 

Sakura had dealt with poor situations throughout her lifetime. Matou’s family adopted her after her birth, but she had gone through cruel and harsh training. With this, she has forgotten to live happily ever.

The family mistreated her, and she even had gone through a sexual assault by her step-brother. These all changes to her life made her emotionless and speechless. She tried to keep her distance from others. 

She is an active heroine who is very popular among audiences. Makers made her character dark Sakura, who is corrupted with shadow. Her tragic nature makes her popular among all the people.

No doubt Sakura faced everything and lived enduring it. She had a horrifying story throughout, which made her of such a nature. It is the reason to list her among sad anime girls. 

8. Lala-Ru

Though we are listing it among sad anime girls, Lala-Ru is the soberest character you will ever find anywhere. Also, we can say she lives with sober nature, which is emotional but never shows up.

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

She never talks or communicates with other people. Introduction to Lala-Ru is done by the lead character Shu who finds her standing on the large chimney. 

Her nature of not uttering a single word describes her complete sadness. She depicts her sadness through her sullen eyes. However, you will not get right through her character with the very first look of her.

You get to understand her slowly with time. Shu always tries to interrogate her and keeps asking questions so that he could find her truth of being quiet. 

Lala-Ru always tries to convey her message and answer someone by pointing to the sunset. It states that she only likes sunset, which was very strange on her part. In the entire series, she had the same nature. You may find only a small change in her behavior.

She likes to be alone, but she would always remain quiet if she is accompanying someone. The reason begins listing her among sad anime girls is the sadness that her eyes depict. 

Only a few people could identify why she is so calm. She has some powers to control flowing water with her pendant. It was like a curse that none should be using that pendant. She always tried to use powers to benefit others, but people always raised violence against her. They get angry with her for the same. 

9. Homura Akemi

You will always find Homura Akemi to be a magical character. She can quickly bear the burden on her shoulders for suffering.

People know this character due to her superior intellect and mysterious prowess. However, she has a cool personality who likes to remain away from others. 

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

However, time heals and changes human nature. Homura is very friendly to those who knew her and to those she knows. But before that, she has also faced constant bullying from others. It was their physical inabilities that made people cruel towards her.

With such pressure, a person will naturally turn to his cold behavior. She was traumatized completely, but eventually, she couldn’t save herself. 

All these factors had put an emotional weight over her, and she was trying to project the pain that she was carrying in her mind and heart. The world’s suffering has entirely sucked her emotions, and also she is trying to adapt to harshness. 

Homura is anyhow trying to overcome this problem with inside crying out for the same. Because of her fearful nature, Homura Akemi has become the one whom everyone hates.

She had become the topic of discussion with ridicule. Moreover, she felt like a useless creature with magical powers. It made her once think about why she is even living on this earth.

Also, many believe that if Nico Kanna were included in the series, then without any doubt, she would be surely listed on the sad anime girls. 

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10. Misuzu Kamio

Misuzu Kamio has undoubtedly another name as sadness. When you first see her playing the character, you will see her as a quirky girl of a high school.

She has been making struggles to become friends with her classmates. People believe that she is a terrible curse if she comes close to them. Thus she remains away from them.  

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

The fact is true. The curse will activate itself as Kamio will get close to them. The after-effects of the curse are so cruel that she ultimately falls sick and might even die.

She can only go close to them, costing her health. It is the reason why her father abandons her. Later her aunt Haruka adopted her, who takes care of her like her daughters. 

However, the curse ruined her life in the end. Though she knew about the same, the fact was odd for everyone to believe in the same. It was an eternal pain that cost directly to her mental and physical conditions.

Despite knowing everything, she fell in love with Yukito. It was not knowingly, but love never asks before happening. However, it cost her life, and she ended up in the arms of Yukito while they were on a beach.

It even proved that the curse to her life was real as she found true love. Ultimately she is listed for being one among sad anime girls. Another reason for death could be the love of Misuzu for her aunt Haruko.

The good ending illustrates that Misuzu’s cursed life finally ends. Kannabi gave the curse. Anyhow it has ended up one day. It ended up without more suffering. 

11. Iwakura Lain

Whenever it is about Iwakura Lain, one would always think emo. Also, another nature for this girl is described as being unstable. Some people say she is a timid personality who does not talk to anyone around her.

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

She faces reluctance when it is about checking emails. Have you ever thought of a girl wearing a bear suit without reason? Iwakura did it because she felt comfortable in that outfit. 

Being shy, she would always love something that will help her facing different situations. People felt a little strange in such outfits and carrying child toys to talk with anyone. She used child-themed objects that helped her face this world. 

Her reluctance to answer emails depicts how difficult it was to communicate with someone around or sitting far. Her situation slowly turns to be very depressing as she has to face different people throughout the world every day.

It was impossible for her to make eye contact with someone and to participate in the conversations. However, sometimes she managed to talk online with people, but the situation turned depressing with people around her.

She was obsessed with how people would think of her even though she is their friend. She loved making friends, but that turns into a fear of losing them because of her depressing nature. 

Lain would become emotionally upset when something terrible and unexpected occurs with her. She likes to be till herself as talking with others turned depressing for her at the end. Her nature was the reason for irony in her life.

In one way, she loves making friends and talking to people, but on the other hand, she feels shy even to make eye contact with them. 

12. Mamimi Samejima

Who wants to get dumped? Suppose you are in a relationship and the person dumped you. It is not only dumping from a single person but his family and his friends too. Some even call it murder to a relationship that might have taken years or months to form.

Top Sad Anime Girls Of All Time 8

The case is very common, which Mamimi Samejima has been facing of being dumped by her ex. Along with her ex-boyfriend Tasuku, this 17 years old lost his ex’s brother Naota. 

Many characters turn emotionless when they face some terrible ending. However, Mamimi didn’t go through the same. She was trying to cope up with such a sorrowful life span.

It made her fall into depression. Tasuku became sad and upset all the time. Eventually, she has turned like a crazy pet lady. She was like a cat lady as she has not only lost one person but two in a go. 

She lent her further life like an incessant chain-smoker. To anyone whom she finds around her, she writes, “Never Knows Best.” People thought of her as being a crazy sad girl.

The thing was, she was in search of a true companion who will never leave her side. It was like losing everyone around with whom she used to share everything. 

Mamimi further started washing her clothes in the river. Her loneliness turned her to be on the list of sad anime girls. Considering the past of Mamimi, her parents separated, which was even more depressing for this poor girl. Hence she was in search of true love and escaped from such bad happenings. 

13. Tomoko Kuroki

Tomoko always looked for being popular in the entire school. However, she wanted to do it through sexual acts. She was knowingly doing all this, and everything was going well as she wanted.

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

Tomoko always formed a morbid perception in her life. However, everything does not always go right as life brings ups and downs. It was like a daydream for Tomoko to feel everything right for her. 

You will always find success in your daydreams. However, nothing goes the same. Beginnings might be good, but ends were disasters for Tomoko. She had miserable looks, and you can get this through the giant bags under her eyes. She always loved watching anime, and for that, she will always stay up throughout the night. 

The uprooted nights of sleep brought a depressing mood and sadness, which is very natural. On the other hand, the satisfaction that she gets after watching anime movies didn’t bring the right results for her.

She would spend time playing games but this brought misery eventually to her life. These all turned her look as emo and miserable. Thus her life turned into a misery which she never dreamt of. 

The fact is what we believe or what we dream does not always turn outright. We should not forget that it’s an obsession with something awful for our real life. This hilariously brought depression for Tomoko. However, her thinking didn’t make us put her on the top because she thought like a human daydreamer. 

14. Izumi Takanashi

Izumi Takanashi is a famous romance writer with misery in her life. This misery turned her sad for a lifetime. However, she is trying to get through it through her writing. She always loved black. But others say emo will never say this. But her face depicts she is emo. 

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

Izumi writes, or she is trying to write out her heart, she always remains in her room. With this, she turned sickly, which made her look miserable. Usually, people believe that being bed-ridden, a person will form depression eventually. Izumi also felt the same.

She remained to herself because of this. But why did she feel like living alone? The reason being a writer needs quietness around her. They needed silence to think, but it turned to be overthinking eventually. She thought hiding in silence would be effective for her writing. 

Whenever Izumi gets, she locks herself in a room. But that was not right on her part, which brought her depressing life. She was not very well at maintaining herself.

Her body and clothes were full of ink stains because Izumi always thought of writing with a pen. All the signs which Izumi showed through her character let people think that she is depressed with something. 

However, constant poor health will go with an effective mind to think good. It even brought many physical changes to her body, which would eventually cause a lot of pain even if she tried to move.

It was a drastic change to her life that brought a 360-degree turn to her. She made writing worse for her as being a romance writer; she lacked having a romantic life. 

15. Hotaru Tomoe

Another famous name for Hotaru Tomoe is Sailor Saturn. The basic sadness in her life is unable to find true friends. The fact is she liked to live into her.

This loneliness ruined her smile and happiness. She always kept herself in isolation to meet other people around. Her life turned mysterious for the people around her. 

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

Strangers would think of her of cold nature, who does not like to talk to anyone. But later, in the series, you will find her character sickly, which made her live alone. It was not because of her self interest.

Her classmates used to be away from her and didn’t accept her to be their friends. Though she was a sweet-natured girl, none likes to be with her. She forcibly lived her life in solitude. However, everything was good except this sadness in her eyes, which brought lifetime effects on her. 

The reason behind such sickly life is her association with death, rebirth, and destruction. Thus it was important to mention her on the list of sad anime girls. Her name has a connection to powers which she had, which were very sickly. 

The author for this Sailor Saturn tried to bring up a backstory that relates you to understand her role in a better way. Her entire story went through sadness, which also illustrates she lost her mother in an accident.

But her father turned her mother into a cyborg by introducing robotic parts into her mother’s body. In the anime series, Hotaru’s father lives, and he raised this character. 

16. Enma Ai

The entire series of Jigoku Shoujo revolves around Enma Ai.her outfit was the same as black Serafuku and a red bow. But she will put on black clothes with flower-patterned kimono when it is to send someone into hell. She will bring up red eyes and straighten her hair. 

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

As the character is described, she seems to be very scary in our imaginations. 

Talking about her personality,  she is very famous for the same. People believed that she was buried alive, and now she is planning the same with her enemies. Though she was mighty, she has a sad and vacant expression. However, her main job was to torture those who took her life and other evil people around. 

She would torture them and take their souls to hell. However, the job was very depressing. She was not of a kind. Enma never thought of taking someone’s life and putting them to live a hell life. However, she was assigned to do the same.

It was all about taking revenge for her sins. Her sins were darker than you could ever imagine. Enma Ai had a dear friend, but he also caused her damage eventually.

It was emotional damage to her life. Her character is very introverted. But she has a sweet inside for those who were good to her.  

Her past never left her move ahead and didn’t encourage her to deal with that sorrow. It was a truly tragic story one could not resist knowing. 

17. Tsubaki

Do you ever find any Priestess with scary eyes? Here is an example for you with Tsubaki. Her followers were aware of her eyes, but they believe it was some powers that she had.

However, she showed her character in such a way but eventually turned right when she found a future diary for her. 

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

Her red eyes make her very attractive and slender. She had poor vision because of dull luster in her irises. Her blue hair was pinned up with a red butterfly hairpiece.

In all, we can say she was also the villain for the series Mirai Nikki. People made her the leader of a religious sect with wicked nature. The character for Tsubaki is very tragic who knows to get sympathy from the viewers very well. 

Talking about her past, she did have a vision when she was born. Her family used and exploited her in the very young times of her life. Thus the character shows sadness on her face.

Though she showed her evil behavior, it was because the past never left her way and formed obstacles. She seemed to be very intelligent who loves to live life as she wants.

In between, she became friends with Yukiteru. Tsubaki believed him to be cute and harmless for her. You will get through her true colors while seeing her backstory.

It was her bitter, emotional, and angry past that made her villain for others eventually. She shows tricky behavior and manipulative nature. 

18. Shirley Fenette

Shirley is a light brown girl, for which she is noticeable. She is from Ashford Academy who has a deep crush on Lelouch. She is known for her personality, which is very remarkable and memorable.

Sad Anime Girls 4

You will generally find her to be very cheerful, extroverted, intelligent, and a caring character. She scores good grades in her class but has a deep concern for her crush since the series’s beginning. 

However, her deep crush for her loved one turned to bring sadness throughout her pending life. To save Lelouch, she shot Nu. Later, Shirley admits to her doings but also bad at mental health. Her mental state was not right when it comes to Lelouch. 

It was difficult for her to get Lelouch’s attention, and Mao called her “fishes for attention.” however, she didn’t do anything practical to the girls, but she was very jealous of seeing them with Lelouch. She tries to call him, but he hangs up Shirley’s phone.

These activities irked her, and Shirley was not stable for her mental health. She always kept discussing Lelouch with her friends and about his gambling habits. And her friends would always tease her for showing such an affection for him. 

The entire series plot was well made, but eventually, this affection brought up sadness as Shirley was obsessed with Lelouch and never paid attention, which made her sad. But she would never let anyone harm him for a bit. 

Wrapping Up

Either Sad Anime Girls have inherited the trait of sadness from their parents, or they have become because of some terrific events. The terrible stories of their lives always leave a dark spot forever, which never disappear. Their stories are very appealing.

You will also love to view once and know what the end of the series was. But only a few would try to figure out the real sadness that these girls have faced. These feelings of anime girls are similar to those we have within us. 

Anime girls have a sad mood, dark pasts but are innocent from the heart. Some of them are villains to the storyline while others are leading good roles. Whatever the case is, traumatic events have brought a bad ending for their physical, mental, and social lifestyle.

Above are the top 18 listed sad anime girls with a different storyline and tragic pasts. You would even get emotional listening to the challenges they have faced.